Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 70: Beyond your imagination

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 70: Beyond your imagination

Mao Yu, Lu Lin and Xiang Guo saw that Zhan Beitian’s face was different and they were busy walking to his side and asked, “What’s wrong, Boss?”

They looked out the window and there wasn’t a bird in sight, except for a villa.

Zhan Beitian stared at the villa for a moment before withdrawing his gaze and saying in a deep voice, “I just…”

 He suddenly remembered that he hadn’t officially entered the End of Times yet, Mao Yu and the others wouldn’t be able to detect it, so, if he were to tell them, they wouldn’t believe that the fluctuation he just sensed was from the power emitted by the zombies when they were promoted and that the zombies’ abilities were at least intermediate.

 But it’s not the end of the world yet, so how can there be intermediate level zombies?

 Zhan Beitian was confused, the previous fluctuations came and went so suddenly and so quickly that he wasn’t sure if it was coming from the villa next to him, or from the back of the villa next to him.

Mao Yu saw that Zhan Beitian looked grave and asked, “Boss, what’s going on?”

When Zhan Beitian came back to his senses, he immediately commanded and said: “Mao Yu, you go down and ask the brothers to call home and ask their families to buy more rice and noodles to store at home, preferably for a year or two. Good for their accommodation.”

The three of them were stunned, Mao Yu immediately said, “Yes.”

Zhan Beitian looked to Lu Lin and said: “Lu Lin, you look into this matter of the last time a family’s child was run over and killed in the Shui village and check out the ancestors of the person who ran over the child and also, look into a private doctor named Li Qingming.”


“Xiang Guo, just find out if the buyer of this villa is Mumu or another buyer and then, find out if this buyer has bought another villa in the same neighborhood and by the way, find out who lives in the next villa.”


“Damn it, you get in here.” Sun Zihao’s angry voice suddenly sounded at the door.

The four people in the lobby looked at the door and saw Sun Zihao pushing a man in a security outfit in.

Sun Zihao said, “Boss, he’s the one who told me that he saw Mumu leaving the villa area that night.”

The security guard looked helpless and said, “I really don’t know where Mr. Mu has gone.”

Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes, said nothing, went to the sofa and sat down, folded the letter in his hands little by little, like a baby, folded very carefully and carefully, for fear of tearing.

Mao Yu, Lu Lin and Xiang Guo went to stand behind Zhan Beitian and looked fiercely at the security guard who acted as if he knew nothing.

The security guard swallowed his saliva when he saw that they were acting like gangsters.

He thinks he just heard the guy who arrested him call the guy across the street a boss.

If that’s the case, then no wonder Mr. Mu is trying to sneak away without anyone finding out where he is.

Mao Yu caught the fear that flashed in the security guard’s eyes and sneered, “Old Lin, when was the last time you killed someone?”

Lu Lin and Mao Yu have been comrades for many years, they have a good understanding, as soon as I heard this, I knew what he wanted to do.

He said carelessly, “It seems like just yesterday morning, those people were really disobedient, so I gave them a bullet each, otherwise, they thought I was easy to bully.”

Xiang Guo looked at Lu Lin with a puzzled face, why did they tell the things that they killed the foreigners yesterday morning, aren’t they afraid of being punished by the boss?

Mao Yu laughed, “You’re still the same, you just take a gun when you don’t like what you see, that’s really brutal.”

Lu Lin looked at him askance, “My murderousness is nothing compared to your interest in killing families.”

Mao Yu said with a nostalgic look on his face and said: “What I really like is to see them begging me for forgiveness, which, by the way, I haven’t done for so long that I can’t remember how they got down on their knees and begged me for forgiveness.”

Lu Lin looked to the security guard, “Don’t worry, you’ll remember soon enough, you can always take care of someone’s family if they don’t satisfy the boss.”

When Xiang Guo heard that, he knew they were trying to scare the security guards.

The security guard was slightly panicked, half-heartedly doubting their words, thinking that who would openly reveal that they had killed someone?

He’s really worried that they’ll do what they say they’re going to do and cause trouble for his family.

At that moment, Sun Zihao, who was behind him, kicked the security guard in the popliteal fossa behind his right knee and the guard staggered and fell to the ground, confessing to everything.

“Gentlemen, I really don’t know where Mr. Mu went. That day he gave me 70,000 dollars just to turn off the security cameras for ten minutes but, I was afraid that the other security guards would find out, so I just broke the surveillance equipment to create the illusion that the equipment was malfunctioning and the rest really don’t know anything.”

Zhan Beitian stopped folding the letter paper and stared at him coldly, “And did you actually see him leave the villa?”

The security guard said in a panic, “No, Mr. Mu told me to say he left the villa if anyone asks about it.”

“Fuck, you’re really lying to me.” Sun Zihao was so angry he reached out and slapped him on the head.” Tell me, did you really not see Mumu when I asked you to go to the Street Surveillance Department to look at the footage and identify him?”

The security guard was in a difficult position and said: “This… This…”

Sun Zihao said fiercely, “If you ever cheat on us again, we’ll kill you.”

“I don’t really know what Mr. Mu looks like, he rarely leaves the house since he moved into the villa, he usually has a takeaway delivered to his door and when he does, he wears sunglasses that cover most of his face or a mask, so I wouldn’t necessarily recognize him in person if he were standing in front of me.”

Zhan Beitian saw that he wasn’t lying and asked, “What do you know about his family?”

The security guard shook his head and said: “I don’t know, we only know that his family is very rich and the villa he lives in is the most expensive in the community and the luxury cars are particularly numerous and we know nothing else, nor have we seen his family come looking for him, he has lived here for more than half a year and we have only seen you and a gentleman surnamed Li come to his villa, the rest are all delivery people.”

Zhan Beitian looked at Sun Zihao and motioned for him to release the man.

The security guard got up in a panic and ran out of the villa.

Lu Lin sneered, “Not much of him but he’s so scared. With someone like that as a security guard, I’m really worried for the safety of the people in the villa.”

Mao Yu didn’t say anything, just walked out of the hall and went to make a phone call.

Lu Lin and Xiang Guo also left the hall to check on what the boss had told them.

The hall was quiet once again, Sun Zihao looked at Zhan Beitian not angry, his heart has been beating the drum, in fact, he quite hope that the boss scolded him, now nothing to say but make him feel even more guilty and said: “Boss, I’ll go ask the villa area people have seen Mumu.”

He left the hall, chased Lu Lin and the others and let out a big sigh of relief and said: “It’s worse when the boss is quiet than when he’s angry.”

Lu Lin, who was about to get into the car, laughed jokingly and said: “This kid of yours, let you take care of individuals but lost sight of people, the boss did not peel your skin now, has been considered a gift to you.”

Mao Yu and said: “Lu Lin, stop talking about pride, I think he’s feeling guilty by now.”

Sun Zihao sighed helplessly, “By the way, what mission did you guys do this time?”

Lu Lin and the others looked at each other and said: “It wasn’t much of a mission, just a trip to make a deal with the Y country people.”

Sun Zihao wondered and said: “What deal.”

Lu Lin said: “I can’t talk about it now but I’ll talk to you about it later but anyway, this deal is very exciting.”

Mao Yu added and said: “It’s also amazing, more than you can imagine.”

Xiang Guo also said and said: “It’s also particularly dangerous, you wouldn’t believe that we are being chased as soldiers.”

The more they said this, the more curious Sun Zihao became and said: “Are you trying to trick me? What’s the point of saying half the story, not half the story?”

Lu Lin and Xiang Guo got into the car and left and Mao Yu took out his cell phone to make a call.

When Sun Zihao saw nothing, he took out his cell phone and called back all the people he had sent to the villa to inquire about Mu Yifan’s whereabouts.

At the villa, Zhan Beitian also took out his cell phone and tried to call Mu Yifan but his phone was switched off.

He pursed his lips, hung up the phone, gripped the phone and stared at the names in the phone book on the top of the screen, one of which reads Mr. Mu.

Zhan Beitian quickly changed his name to Mumu and then, sent a message to the other side and said: Mumu, I’m back.


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