Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 72: Playing with Me

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 72: Playing with Me

Two hours later, Mu Yifan’s phone was finally fully charged.

 He opened his phone and immediately saw a missed call and a text message, both from Zhan Beitian.

 Mu Yifan even opened the message, although it was only six words but it made him feel very happy, showing that the male protagonist is thinking of him.

 But he couldn’t laugh at the thought of their future relationship.

 Fortunately, the original Mu Yifan had stored a lot of dress-up clothes and wigs in the villa earlier in the day.

 He chose a short, red hairpiece to wear on his head and a fashionable suit that covered his stomach, then he put on clip-on earrings and sunglasses with white frames.

 In just half an hour, you look like a new person, you look very trendy.

 He could barely recognize himself in front of the mirror and I’m sure Zhan Beitian and his men would have a hard time recognizing him as Mu Yifan.

 Finally, she added a little lipstick to her pale lips before picking up her keys and purse and leaving the villa.

 At the door of the shell, Mu Yifan found his shoelaces untied.

 He bent down but because his trousers were too tight and he had a belly, he couldn’t bend his waist completely to tie his shoelaces, so he lifted his foot up to the wall.

 But then, with a pop, his crotch burst.

 Mu Yifan’s face darkened.

 He tried to feel under his pants and saw that they were just a little threadbare, not much wide.

 As he was withdrawing my hand, his sharp fingernails accidentally grazed my crotch.

 Immediately, he felt a chill in his *ss.

 Mu Yifan’s eyes flashed with suspicion and he felt behind his back again and found that his crotch, which was only a little stitched up, was actually bursting into his buttocks and his underwear was also cracked open, exposing his thighs.

“Oh, shit.” His eyes snapped open and he ran for the front door with his hands on his hips.

At that moment, two patrol guards passed by the main gate.

When Mu Yifan saw someone walking by, his hunger came back and he turned around to face the security guard.

One of the security guards outside quickly noticed that Mu Yifan’s strange behavior was very problematic and immediately stopped and shouted, “Gentleman, please wait.”

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes speechlessly.

Oh, shit.

Why did these two security guards have to pick on us now?

The two security guards approached Mu Yifan and saw that he kept his hands behind his back and felt very suspicious, so they said, “Sir, please extend your hand.”

Mu Yifan tightened his legs, trying not to split his trousers too wide in the back and then, with great coordination, held out his hands with nothing but a set of keys in them.

The security guard noticed the movement of his legs and frowned, thinking he must be hiding something behind his back and said, “Please turn around.”

“No, I can’t turn around.” Mu Yifan won’t turn around. He’ll get his *ss watched.

“…” the security guard was even more sure he had a problem, his eyes stern and said: “Sir, our job is for the safety of the community, please cooperate with our inspection.”

The other security guard walked directly behind him, took a quick glance, and quickly noticed the rip in his pants.

“….” The security guard suppressed a smile from the corner of his mouth, busy pulling the security guard who was asking questions to leave and when he walked out of the front door, he couldn’t help but giggle and said: “Haha, his pants are bursting, no wonder he won’t turn around, it’s like wearing crotch-less pants.”

Mu Yifan, who was in the villa, could hear the laughter outside and run back inside with a black face covering his *ss to change his pants.

But he didn’t know that there was a man standing in front of the window of the room on the second floor of the villa next door, who was watching the scene just now.

Zhan Beitian’s cold eyes flashed with amusement, finding the handsome young man’s behavior like that of the Mumu he knew so amusing.

Thinking of Mumu, he suddenly felt that the young man’s lips resembled Mumu’s, as well as his body shape, height and energetic temperament.

Could it be…?

Oh yeah and this guy, even though he’s wearing big sunglasses that cover half of his face, he still feels familiar, like he’s seen him before.

Zhan Beitian squinted at the opposite building and didn’t move for a long time.

On the other hand, Mu Yifan changed his clothes and went to the garage again to get his car.

The original owner boldly hid the car keys under the wheel and when Mu Yifan bent down to take out the keys, he opened the car door with great admiration, drove away from the villa and went to a jade shop to pick up jade.

The more expensive the jade is in the shop, the more excited the Qingtian Pearl got, which means that the jade is of a good variety and that it likes large pieces of jade but there are no large pieces of good variety in the shop.

In the end, because Mu Yifan really dares not to stay in the jade shop for too long, for fear that he will be unable to help but bite them and then, quickly bought two pieces of good variety of jade stone and left.

These two stones are not very big, only the size of two shoes but it cost him tens of millions of yuans, making him a little heartache.

However, the Qingtian Pearl wasn’t satisfied and wanted him to buy more jade.

Mu Yifan had to go to a jade shop and let the pearl suck in. He originally felt sorry for the shopkeepers and future buyers of wool but he didn’t feel so guilty when the end of the world came and the wool turned into broken stones.

He drove back to the villa after the Qingtian Pearl had sucked his fill and throbbed with excitement in his belly.

It was already eight o’clock in the evening when Mu Yifan returned to the villa and drove into the garage.

When he came out, he closed the garage door and just then, his cell phone rang and he took it out and saw that it was an unfamiliar number.

Mu Yifan hesitated and just as he was about to leave the phone alone, the caller hung up.

He had to put the phone back in his pants pocket, then the phone rang again, he took it out to see, the same phone number, the phone rang three times, the other party hung up again.

Mu Yifan raised his eyebrows, put his phone back in his pants pocket, took out his keys and walked to the front door.

As he opened the door, the phone rang again, he took a look at the depressed, it was the same phone number and, it also rang three times and hung up again.

“Shit, freaking bullshit!” Mu Yifan angrily stuffed his phone back into his pants pocket and opened the door into the hall.

Just as he closed the hall, a light came on in the second floor room of the villa next door and a tall man stood in front of the window, fiddling with his mobile phone.

Zhan Beitian looked at the number on his phone, which rang three times in a row and turned back to the lobby, returning the phone to Mao Yu.

Mao Yu took the phone back and said, “Boss, I informed all the brothers but, not many of my family members are willing to come to G City, so I told them to tell their families that they must prepare a large amount of rice and noodles at home.”

Zhan Beitian nodded, all of this was expected of him and asked quietly, “What about your families?”

Xiang Guo immediately said and said: “Of course they are coming but I’ve been trying to convince my parents and it worked, they immediately booked a flight tomorrow morning, I’ll pick them up tomorrow.”

“Mine too.” Mao Yu said.

He didn’t know what the boss was up to but he knew he was doing it for a reason.

Sun Zihao said, “I called too, they won’t be here until tomorrow afternoon.”

Mao Yu continued and said: “All the brothers here from that day’s party called their families here, the rest didn’t.”

These brothers believe in their boss, so they will do whatever he says, even if they have to cheat, they will lie to their families.

Zhan Beitian looked at Xiang Guo and said: “How are things going with your investigation?”

“I was going to tell the boss about it but the buyer was a wealthy businessman named Wang Tieqian and he sold it after only half a month but the transfer of ownership has been delayed, so there’s no way to find out who the buyer is. I asked the security guard later and he said that Mumu has been living there all this time. Then, I checked the list of other buyers in the neighborhood and there was no Mumu’s name on it.”

Zhan Beitian’s eyes moved and said: “Did you find out who bought the villa next door?”

“Yes, it was a rural man named Liu Dasan who suddenly one day became rich and bought a villa here but he left after two weeks and heard that he had also bought a house in B City.”

“Does this Liu Dasan have a son?”

“No, only three daughters.”

Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes, scanned the three in front of him and asked, “Where is Lu Lin?”

“Boss, I’m here.” Lu Lin rushed out of the kitchen toilet.” Boss, guess what I found out today. You’ll never guess who the kid that ran over that family was.”




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