Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 71: My Little Ancestor.

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 71: My Little Ancestor.

The villa’s basement was pitch black and in the darkness, echoing like a monster’s ’ow’ roar, which sounded painful and excited, making people feel creepy.

Suddenly, a shout erupted from the darkness as if it had been released from its shackles and the cry of ’Ah’ echoed through the basement, lingering.

Then all the lights flickered on and off, as if the electricity had been turned on and finally they all came on, illuminating the entire basement.

In the doorway of the basement, a man with a bandaged face was staring at the ceiling with his eyes wide open and red, saying, “Damn, I’m alive.”

Finally, I don’t have to worry about turning into a mindless zombie or getting shot in the head so easily.

Then the little thing in his belly began to jump, as if it were celebrating something very happy.

Mu Yifan quickly covered his stomach and said: “My little ancestor, you can move if you want but, please, don’t summon that one in our house, if Zhan Beitian finds out I’m here, I’ll be dead.”

The Qingtian Pearl and his master have a bond that will allow them to find each other if they wish.

Mu Yifan’s stomach quickly regained its calmness and even Mu Yifan’s bloodshot eyes returned to their normal appearance, hiding all his zombie scent.

Mu Yifan stood up, waved his limbs like a normal human and he could talk, which is not something a low-level zombie can do.

However, he had drunk the spring water in Zhan Beitian’s space and Zhan Beitian had bathed him in it, so it was no wonder that he had crossed over to the lower zombie level and made it to the intermediate level and above, not knowing what level he was now.

Mu Yifan left the basement and went to the first floor.

The lobby was simply decorated but it still had all the necessary furniture but it was covered with dust.

Mu Yifan walked around the first floor before going up to his room on the second floor, which was dusty from being unoccupied for a long time but fortunately all the furniture was covered with transparent plastic so he didn’t have to clean it.

He went to the full-length mirror, slowly removed the gauze from his face and took a look at his current appearance, except for a pale face, bloodless lips, black and blue eyes, the inner orbits of the eyes, other than red, no different from ordinary people and, as a whole, seemed more elegant and gentle than before.

If he hadn’t used such foul language, he would have stood there as if he were a young lord from a noble family.

Uh, well, he was the young master.

Mu Yifan pulled his cell phone out of his belt to see what number it is.

The time he spent in the basement was without sunlight, sometimes he was awake, sometimes unconscious, he might not have survived at all if not for his strong obsession with not becoming a zombie and biting people.

Mu Yifan pressed the power on button but the phone’s battery was dead.

He frowned in frustration and wondered if Zhan Beitian had returned.

Then Mu Yifan remembered that this room had a view of the villa next door and immediately went to the window, picking up a slit in the curtain to look out.

From this angle, he could only see the gate of the nearby villa and outside the gate was a black SUV, soon after, a man in security clothing ran out of his villa in a panic, as if running for his life and ran back to the security room.

Mu Yifan fixed his eyes.

Isn’t that the security guard who delivered the pizza?

Why did he run away from his villa?

Could it be…?

Sun Zihao has found out he paid off security?

A moment later, Mu Yifan saw Lu Lin, Xiang Guo and Mao Yu walk out again and his heart jumped, it seems that the male protagonist has also returned.

His eyes darkened as he thought of Zhan Beitian. When they meet again, Zhan Beitian will see him as an enemy and they will never be the same again.

Mu Yifan felt sad just thinking about it.

He didn’t dare to stand by the window for too long, these soldiers had very good instincts, they could easily notice someone watching them.

Mu Yifan lowered the curtain and immediately smelled the scent of a living person wafting in through the gap in the window.

The delicious smell made him lick his lips and the red tinge appeared under his eyes in a bloodthirsty manner.

Mu Yifan couldn’t stop himself from going to the window and was about to open it and jump.

Suddenly, his abdomen throbbed violently and in an instant, he came back to his senses, forcing down the hunger in his brain for living flesh.

Mu Yifan scratched his head in boredom, after all, he is not an advanced zombie, he cannot be like the white-clothed man, that man can control himself very well to stop eating human flesh.

He touched his round belly, depressed, “I’m so hungry, huh?”

Mu Yifan quickly lowered his head and picked up his clothes to look at his bulging belly and he wondered if it was just an illusion but his belly seems bigger than before.

He touched it again but it didn’t seem to have changed much, so he must have been mistaken.

But here’s the big question.

He’s a real zombie now. All his muscles should tighten. How’s his stomach gas still here?


He doesn’t want to live with a big belly in the future. It’s so ugly. How is he going to find a woman in the future?


He’s a zombie now, so his little brother can’t get hard, right?

So what’s the point of him getting a woman?

Yeah, he remembers in his book, the zombies in his book become more or less normal when they become high level zombies but there’s no specific description of whether they can react down there or not.

Mu Yifan immediately pounded his chest, then, why didn’t he describe it in detail.

Now, if little brother can’t get it up, is he still a man?

“Mu Yifan, Mu Yifan, you’re such an idiot. You don’t write what you should write, you write what you shouldn’t write.” He was so annoyed when he thought of putting the names of his friends and relatives in his real-life novel.

Mu Yifan returned to the lobby of the first floor, took the charger out of his backpack, and charged his phone.

Then, pulling off the plastic sheet covering the TV and the couch, he sat down to watch TV and learned from the news that today was April 26, 12:08 p.m.

Mu Yifan switched channels several times and finally, a noon news item caught his attention, saying that recently several hospitals have been receiving patients who have been bitten and that the bitten patients will be in a coma for a few days for no apparent reason and when they wake up, they will bite people like a rabid dog.

At present, hospitals are unable to find the cause of the disease or treat it but they have found that the disease is transmitted from one patient to another through wounds and that if they bite, others will be infected as well.

The news anchor simply said that this was just the beginning and that the country was not yet taking it seriously.

After the afternoon news, Mu Yifan switched to another channel to watch a drama, then, putting down the remote control, he covered his stomach and exclaimed, “Little ancestor, don’t move, okay?”

The Qingtian Pearl in his stomach hasn’t stopped moving. He tried to eat human flesh just now but the beating isn’t as violent as before, nor is it too fast, just a little bit, like the frequency of a heart, with a hidden sense of sadness.

The Qingtian Pearl didn’t stop at Mu Yifan’s words but moved even more.

“What the hell do you want?” Mu Yifan asked helplessly.

The Qingtian Pearl was beating again at its original frequency and seemed to be upset.

Mu Yifan hadn’t wanted to pay any attention to him but the constant movement made him uncomfortable, so he asked, “You wouldn’t want to see Zhan Beitian, do you?”

The Qingtian Pearl didn’t have much of a reaction.

“Didn’t you want to see Zhan Beitian?” Mu Yifan thought and then asked, “Don’t you… you want to go out?”

The Qingtian Pearl still hasn’t had much of a reaction.

“Not again?” Mu Yifan really does not know what’s wrong with him,” he said, “If only you could talk, I don’t know what you’re trying to do if you can’t talk like this.”

He touched his stomach and said: “I’m so hungry.”

He wants to eat but he’s only interested in humans now.

As soon as he said that, his stomach started pounding.

Mu Yifan raised an eyebrow and said: “You’re not hungry too, are you?”

The Qingtian Pearl reacted more like it’s saying yes.

“But, I can’t go out now, I’m afraid if I do, I won’t be able to stop biting the others.”

The Qingtian Pearl didn’t care if he could go out or not, it kept pounding in his stomach until Mu Yifan couldn’t resist any longer and said: “Okay, okay, okay, please stop pounding, I can go out! But wait until my phone is fully charged before you go out and what can you eat?”

He remembered the Qingtian Pearl’s ability to absorb only jade and asked, “Is it jade?”

The Qingtian Pearl gave another little jump and after that, it never moved again.

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes and wondered why the Qingtian Pearl was hiding in his stomach and never left.


From that night on, he’s going to have to raise one more ancestor to live on.

Fortunately, the end times are coming. Otherwise, he’d have to be a billionaire but he’ll be ruined by this little ancestor hunger for jade.


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