Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 73: The end times are about to begin

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 73: The end times are about to begin

Sun Zihao said, “Lu Lin, you should stop selling yourself short.”

The boss was in a bad mood. This isn’t the time to ask him to take a guess.

Lu Lin also did not continue to whet their appetite, directly said and said: “It’s the president of Mu-shi Technology Group, Mu Yihang, Mu Yifan’s brother.”

Zhan Beitian snapped his eyes shut and chilled.

“That day, Mu Yihang invited his friends to a farmhouse near the Shui village to eat and because he drank wine, he accidentally hit the family’s child and he used many connections to cover up the matter and he only compensated the family 100,000 yuan. This Mu Yihang is quite a beast, not only did he send people to monitor that family’s every move, not giving them a chance to sue him and not letting them leave Shui village.” Lu Lin was getting angrier and angrier as he spoke.

Sun Zihao scoffed, “Not bad for two brothers, neither of whom are any good.”

“Is there a picture of Mu Yihang?” Zhan Beitian snapped.

Lu Lin immediately used his mobile phone to look for the photo of the CEO of Mu-shi Technology Group, just a simple search, all of them are Mu Yihang’s photos.

He handed the phone to Zhan Beitian and said: “Boss, that’s him.”

Zhan Beitian glanced at it and the chill in his body was much less.

He was very sure that the person in the photo was not Mumu, Mumu’s eyes were very clear, unlike the person in the photo whose eyes were full of calculations and even if there was a disguise, it was impossible to make the eyes full of cloudy eyes so clear.

Zhan Beitian asked again, “Admiral Mu, does he have any illegitimate children?”

Lu Lin shook his head and said: “No, Admiral Mu only has two sons. Oh and that Li Qingtian, is the Mu family’s personal doctor, the Mu family also opened a private clinic for him in the East City, quite famous, for more than half a year, he has been in charge of checking Mu Yifan’s bone cancer.”

When Zhan Beitian heard the word Mu Yifan, his narrowed eyes flashed with coldness but he was startled when he heard the word bone cancer, then he pursed his lips and didn’t speak.

Mao Yu and the others noticed that Zhan Beitian’s air pressure was not right, they did not dare to make a sound and quietly looked at each other without saying anything, so they remained silent.

They had never seen such a Zhan Beitian before, the whole person emitted a very frightening atmosphere, which made people tremble and even feel like they couldn’t breathe.

Zhan Beitian suddenly stood up and walked up to the room on the second floor.

Mao Yu and Lu Lin and the others breathed a sigh of relief and said: “Boss just looked really scary and scared my little heart out all the time.”

Su Zihao said, “I’ve never seen a boss like this before, even if he was angry before, he wasn’t as terrifying as before.”

“I’ve seen it.” Xiang Guo said suddenly.

Mao Yu and the others looked curiously at Xiang Guo and said: “When?”

“It was about ten days ago when we met Mu Yifan and the boss saw the look in his eyes like he just did, it was like he wanted to kill someone.”

Mao Yu asked curiously, “Have you met Mu Yifan? No, the boss used to ignore Mu Yifan no matter what he did, so why do you suddenly hate him so much? Has Mu Yifan done something unforgivable again?”

Xiang Guo shrugged and said: “Who knows, Mu Yifan is a lesson to be learned anyway, if I can get him, I will beat him up.”

He’s vicious.

Mao Yu laughed, “I’m all for it but why didn’t you beat him up when you saw him before?”

“I was going to hit him but when I saw the boss trying to kill him, I had to stop him first.”

Lu Lin said and said: “Actually, I’m curious about what the boss has been asking us to do lately and who can guess what he wants.”

The other three look at each other and remain silent.

Upstairs, Zhan Beitian didn’t turn on the lights but went straight to the window and lifted the curtain, looking silently at the lit-up room on the second floor opposite.

From the reflection in the window on the second floor, the man seemed to be making a bed and his movements seemed clumsy, then he fell down, not knowing whether he had stepped on the sheet or not.

Zhan Beitian’s heart immediately lifted but he couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he saw the man opposite him quickly get up and throw the sheets away in anger.

He then schooled a smile on his face and pursed his thin lips, his eyes flashed with confusion and gradually became clearer and clearer and finally, he shot out a cold and stern gaze that made his heart tremble.

That evening, a light rain fell from the sky.

The rain was not big but the light dripping sound somehow made people feel bored, the mood, such as the gray sky, gloomy.

Mu Yifan stayed in the villa for two days, not daring to leave the house for fear that the sight of a living person would make him nibble on the food, especially when he was so hungry that it was as if he hadn’t eaten for a year.

Secondly, he is worried that Zhan Beitian and the others will recognize him, those who are special forces men, their eyes are sharper than a hawk, they will look at you as if they are wearing a lens, scanning you 360 degrees.

Thinking of Zhan Beitian, Mu Yifan felt that in the past two days, the villa next door was too quiet, which made him panic, very worried that something bad was waiting for him.

And why is Zhan Beitian still living in his villa when he’s already left it? Is he waiting for him to come back to take out the Qingtian Pearl?

Mu Yifan suddenly remembered the security guard running out of the villa in a panic two days ago.

 He thought that Zhan Beitian and the others must have figured out that he was in collusion with the security guards since they found him and then they asked the security guards some questions and found out that he was still hiding in the villa.

 If that’s the case, there are two reasons why the male protagonist didn’t come looking for him. the male protagonist either doesn’t care about him or the Qingtian Pearl, or the male protagonist already knows exactly where he is.

 And with the male protagonist’s intelligence, it won’t be hard to locate him.

 Mu Yifan suddenly got restless at the thought of this possibility.

 He’s no match for the male protagonist right now and he’s no match for a real zombie even if he was already a Zombie King.

 Even a top zombie like the Zombie King used all kinds of dirty tricks to kill the male protagonist in his last life.

 Mu Yifan recollected his thoughts and was about to leave this place when a breaking news suddenly came on the TV.

 The female anchor on the news acted very calmly, however, the flat tone was a little anxious and said: “Attention, viewers, the recent incidents of human bites increasingly five pieces of control of the situation, many of those bitten immediately infected with an unknown virus…”

 The host said a bunch of words and then cut to the hospital, where the reporters quickly report for everyone and show them a crazy scene of people biting each other.

 And there were a lot of cops with pitchforks, arresting people who were biting people.

 Then, a white figure suddenly rushed out of the camera and jumped on the reporter.

 Before the reporter could react, he was bitten by someone who jumped on him and the screams started.

 The screams were so harrowing that they sent shivers down the spines of the audience watching the TV.

 The news presenter turned pale and immediately called out the name of the journalist who was bitten, however, there was no response.

 The people who were filming, after seeing the journalist bitten, kicked the doctor who bit the journalist but the bitten journalist was already dead.

 The filming crew even picked up the camera and ran away, capturing many bloody scenes on the way and the audience felt particularly terrified as if they were watching a horror movie.

 The news anchor immediately had someone shut down the live connection, said a few words in a hurry and the television returned to the television series, as if what people just saw was a trick to play.

Mu Yifan looked at the TV and mumbled, “The end times are about to begin.”

Suddenly, the phone on the desktop rang, he saw that it was Mu Yuecheng calling, immediately picked up and said: “Dad.”

Mu Yuecheng said anxiously, “Yifan, did you see the news about the man-biters? The situation has become more and more serious, it has reached a situation beyond control, I have sent a helicopter to G City to pick you up, you now immediately rushed to the Mu-shi Group penthouse, with Yihang in a helicopter to B City.”

Mu Yifan was trying to avoid Zhan Beitian more and without even thinking about it, he agreed, “Okay.”

He hung up and then the phone rang again and it’s a strange number.

Mu Yifan ignored it, went upstairs to pack his things and when he came down, his phone was still ringing.

He picked up the phone and looked at the number, hesitant, worried that the male protagonist was calling from another number, and should have changed the number.

Mu Yifan saw that the caller was persistent and decided to pick up the phone and listen to who was calling.

If it’s Zhan Beitian calling, he’ll hang up immediately.

However, a female voice came out of the phone, “Hello, is this Mr. Zhan? I’m Rong Xue, I don’t know if you still remember me?”

Rong Xue?

 Isn’t that the female antagonist?

 The woman who looks like his own sister.

 But, how did she know her cell phone number and why did she call him Mr. Zhan?

 Then, Mu Yifan remembered the last time at the restaurant, Zhan Beitian wrote his name on a blank piece of paper but his cell phone number was his.

“Hello, Mr. Zhan?” Rong Xue called out again when there was no answer.

Mu Yifan said and said: “I’m not Mr. Zhan and this is not Mr. Zhan’s mobile number.”

Rong Xue was stunned, busy checking the phone number to make sure it was the right number and then asked in confusion, “And you are?”

“I was the one you thought was a pervert the other day.”

Rong Xue paused and smiled again, “So it’s you. I’m sorry about last time but I just want to apologize for the last time. How about this, it’s almost noon, how about having lunch with me now?”

“Miss Rong, I’m sorry but we’re temporarily…”

Rong Xue didn’t even give him a chance to finish his sentence before interrupting, “It’s a deal, I’ll be waiting for you at the last Xilanfa restaurant, see you soon.”

And then hung up the phone.


In the meantime, Mu Yifan took his backpack out of the lobby, went to the garage to get his car, left the villa area and drove directly to Mu-shi Group.

On the way, he saw several biting zombies, which caused a lot of chaos.

Mu Yifan suddenly thought of Rong Xue, the woman who looked like his sister and was waiting for him in the restaurant.

Somehow, he suddenly felt relieved knowing that she wasn’t his sister.

Mu Yifan quickly turned the car around and heard someone next to him ask, “May I ask who you are, sir?”

Mu Yifan turned his head, recognizing the person asking the question as Rong Xue’s companion and immediately said, “I’m the one you treated as a pervert last time.”

Rong Xue’s two companions looked at each other with a twinkle in their eyes and smiled, “So that’s how it is, Miss Rong is actually not free either, that’s why she asked us to accompany you.”

Mu Yifan raised an eyebrow and said: “Since Miss Rong isn’t available either, forget it, I have work to do, excuse me.”

Rong Xue’s two companions looked at each other, even busy stalking up, each of them hooked Mu Yifan’s arm, smiling and said: “Sir, you do not go, we are promised Miss Rong, to accompany you to have a good meal, you leave, how do we explain to Miss Rong.”

“I’ll make it clear to Miss Rong and you’d better get out of here and go home too.”

Rong Xue’s companion spilled the beans, “That’s no good, Rong Xue will scold us if you leave like that.”

Mu Yifan was impatient and said: “I told you I have work to do, ask her out for dinner next time you have time.”

“Okay, take care, I won’t see you off.” Rong Xue’s companion immediately let go of Mu Yifan and did not stick to him.

Mu Yifan was baffled by the change in attitude.

But he didn’t think too much about it and left the restaurant immediately and drove to Mu-shi Group.

Rong Xue’s two companions watched his back as he left and then turned to look at each other with a thieving smile.




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