Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 74: Identity exposed

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 74: Identity exposed

Rong Xue’s two companions watched his back as he left and then, turning to look at each other, smiled evilly.

One of them raised his hand and held a white cell phone in front of the other, smiling smugly, “Got it from his pocket.”

“Check if there’s a phone number for Mr. Zhan.”

The two quickly opened a look, the phone even set a password, they had to take out the phone card, installed in their own phone.

Luckily, Zhan Beitian’s cell phone number was on the simcard and the number came up quickly on their cell phones.

They rushed to the third floor, pushed open the box and saw Rong Xue fixing her makeup in the mirror.

When Rong Xue saw her companions Liu Shan and Xia Xiaoxiao come in, she immediately put down the lipstick in her hand and asked anxiously, “How is it, has Zhan Beitian come?”

According to their previous plan, if Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan came together, Liu Shan and Xia Xiaoxiao would be responsible for luring Mu Yifan away so that she could spend some time alone with Zhan Beitian.

If only Mu Yifan comes, then she’s not free either and Liu Shan and Xia Xiaoxiao will entertain Mu Yifan.

“No.” Liu Shan shook her head.

Xia Xiaoxiao continued and said: “But, we got Mr. Zhan’s phone number.”

Rong Xue had expected that Zhan Beitian might not come but now that she has the phone number, she’s satisfied.

She held out her slender hand towards Xia Xiaoxiao and said: “Bring it.”

Xia Xiaoxiao immediately handed over his phone.

In the meantime, Rong Xue recognized that it was Xia Xiaoxiao’s cell phone and saw that the cell phone’s contact shows Zhan Beitian’s name, unpleasantly knitting her brows she asked: “Why did you put Zhan Beitian’s cell phone number in your cell phone, you don’t want to steal a man from me, do you?”

Xia Xiaoxiao quickly explained and said: “No, no, the phone card in my phone is not mine, it’s the pervert who took out the phone card and put it in my phone because he couldn’t unlock the password of that person’s phone.”

Rong Xue asked with a frown, “How did you get his phone?”

Xia Xiaoxiao looked embarrassed and said: “I stole it.”

Rong Xue was stunned and snorted, “Quite a tactic.”

The words were thick with sarcasm.

Xia Xiaoxiao lowered her eyelids, not making a sound.

Liu Shan looked at Rong Xue, who was concentrating on recording Zhan Beitian’s number onto her phone and whispered a curse, “Bitch.”

Xia Xiaoxiao, who was beside her, heard this and gave her a sidelong glance.

Liu Shan stuck her tongue out at her.

Rong Xue was so focused on her phone that she didn’t see their little moves.

She’s been thinking about whether to use my own phone to make the call, or that pervert card.

In the end, she chose to use Mu Yifan’s cell phone card to make the call, the only way to get Zhan Beitian to come over.

Rong Xue didn’t hesitate to dial Zhan Beitian’s number.

Zhan Beitian, who was arranging for his men’s families, heard his cell phone ringing, took it out and saw that it was Mumu on the caller ID and quickly picked up the phone and said: “Mumu?”

He thought that Mumu would make this call either from someone else’s phone or from an accident, so he sounded a little worried.

Sun Zihao and the others, who were beside him, looked over when they heard Boss calling Mumu.

“Mumu, finally, you’ve called the boss.” Sun Zihao breathed a sigh of relief.

In the meantime, Mao Yu looked at Zhan Beitian and sighed, “I hope this call isn’t some bad news.”

Sun Zihao was worried about Mu Yifan’s illness.

“Mr. Zhan, how are you.”

Zhan Beitian heard a woman’s voice, brow tightened and, sounding like Rong Xue, narrowed his eyes, “Who are you?”

“I don’t know if Mr. Zhan still remembers me, my name is Rong Xue, the one who mistook your friend for a pervert at the Xilanfa restaurant last time.” Rong Xue tried to speak in a very gentle voice.

The two sides of the Liu Shan and Xia Xiaoxiao heard and felt a bad chill because they have seen with their own eyes Rong Xue growl like a shrew but now pretend to be gentle, really disgusting.

“Why do you have Mumu’s phone?” Zhan Beitian’s voice went cold.

“I apologized for what happened last time and invited Mumu-san over for dinner today but before the meal was over, he suddenly left on urgent business and forgot his phone. Ask Mr. Zhan if he has time to come and get his phone now.”

Zhan Beitian didn’t want to see Rong Xue at all, fearing that he might be tempted to make a move on her and end her completely but the thought that Mu Yifan’s phone is with her gives him other ideas.

“Where are you now?”

Rong Xue couldn’t stop being happy to hear this and said: “I’m at the Xilanfa restaurant right now, the place where we first met the last time, I’m in a private room on the third floor and when you arrived…”

Zhan Beitian didn’t bother to listen to her nonsense, directly hung up the phone and said to Mao Yu and the others, “I have something to go out, the rest of the matter is in your hands.”


Zhan Beitian drove away and arrived at the Xilanfa restaurant an hour later.

He asked the waiter where Rong Xue’s compartment was, went to the third floor and pushed open the door of Rong Xue’s compartment.

Rong Xue was originally upset that a waiter barged in without knocking but when she saw it was Zhan Beitian, she immediately smiled beautifully and said: “Mr. Zhan, you’re here, I didn’t know you had lunch yet? If not, let’s sit down together.”

Zhan Beitian single-handedly and said: “Where’s the phone.”

“Here it is.” Rong Xue gave him the phone on his desk without using it to blackmail him into sitting down for a meal.

It’s all about showing a mature and sensible woman in front of this man to win his affection.

“By the way, his calling card is still in my phone.”

Rong Xue handed him Mu Yifan’s phone again.

Zhan Beitian looked at her coldly, picked it up and removed the case from the outside of the phone.

Just then, the phone rang.

When Zhan Beitian looked, it showed the word ’Dad ‘.

He hesitated, picked up the phone and heard the other party say urgently in his familiar voice, “Yifan, where are you now? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do that but I’m sure I’ll be able to do that.”

Yifan? Yihang?

Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes abruptly, the caller called the owner of the phone number Yifan?

Mu Yuecheng couldn’t hear the other party’s response and asked in confusion, “Yifan, Yifan, are you listening?”

When Zhan Beitian heard the voice of the person in the phone, he couldn’t help but squeeze the phone with all his fingers and suddenly, the case cracked.

Rong Xue saw his face was cold and the veins on the back of his hands were protruding one by one and asked with concern, “Mr. Zhan, are you alright?”

At the sound of the voice, Zhan Beitian returned and swept her with a stern glance, scaring Rong Xue into silence.

He withdrew his eyes and mumbled, “Admiral Mu.”

Mu Yuecheng heard the other party shouting his military grade in a hoarse, deep baritone and was stunned, thinking it was his son in trouble, busy asking and said: “Who are you and why is Yifan’s phone in your place?”

Zhan Beitian’s eyes grew colder and more oozing and said: “I am Zhan Beitian, once Mu Yifan’s team Captain, I wonder if Admiral Mu remembers?”

Mu Yuecheng was suddenly relieved and said: “So it’s Major General Zhan, where’s Yifan? Is he at your place?”

“No. I wonder what Admiral Mu wants with him? When he comes back, I can tell him.”

Mu Yuecheng didn’t shy away from it either.” I sent a helicopter to pick him up at G City earlier, so he could rush to Mu-shi Group and take a helicopter back to B City with his brother Yihang but, I haven’t seen him yet.”

Zhan Beitian lied without blushing, “It’s especially chaotic in G City right now, must be stuck in traffic and may not be able to reach Mu-shi Group even tomorrow.”

Mu Yuecheng was shocked and said: “Is it already so chaotic over there in G City?”


“This…” Mu Yecheng was worried that something would happen to Mu Yifan.

“I’m going back to B City with my team in two days as well, Admiral Mu if you’re comfortable I can take Mu Yifan with me but until then you need to have someone from the Mu-shi group wait at the office after meeting Mu Yifan and you don’t tell him who’s picking him up.”

Mu Yuecheng was confused and asked: “Why?”

“I just made a joke and he got so angry that he forgot his phone and left, so I’m worried that if he hears that I was the one who picked him up, he might leave in a huff.”

Mu Yuecheng thought that his eldest son really can’t afford to make jokes and sighed and said: “Okay, Yifan, I’m counting on you.”

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to wait for his eldest son but his youngest son was also in G City, so for safety’s sake, it was better to pick up one of them first and with Zhan Beitian’s team here, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

After hanging up the phone, there was a sudden click and the expensive phone was crushed into pieces by Zhan Beitian and then the pieces were scattered on the ground with a cracking sound.

And Zhan Beitian’s hands also overflowed with blood, dripping drop after drop onto the ground, instantly staining the snow-white carpet, very dazzling.




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