Tharntype The Series, Chapter 0.1: Type

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Chapter 0.1: Type

“I hate gays!”

That’s what I tell every friend I’ve ever had, from junior high to high school, even in college, if someone asks me what I hate most, I’ll say, “I hate gay.”

   Uh, hold on, don’t yell at me yet, I’m not s-xxist, OK, it doesn’t matter which gender, “as long as he leaves me alone.”

   I just don’t understand why, after half a year since I was born, there’s always some gay guy who likes to ruin my life. Shit, by the way, you can’t even say hello, you’re twisting like a sea mollusk, like a shellfish, a conch, a razor clam and you’re touching my armpit, you bi*tch, you can’t touch your own armpit, you touch my armpit? You can’t touch my arm, can you?

   It’s annoying to talk about them, that’s enough, don’t make me talk about them, I won’t bother to call them shallow, mean and cowardly, because ‘annoying’ is ‘annoying’.

   So, every one of my friends sarcastically said, if it’s gay, don’t go near Type, or the easiest way is to not let Type know, or Type will not only yell at you, he’ll punch you.

   But I just can’t get into it! (Is it my fault?)

Now that I’m in college and I’m begging my dad to live outside the school, maybe I’ll be more comfortable, not only will I not have to live under the same roof with strangers but I’ll have the chance to bring a girl to my room and do something fun, just thinking about it is so satisfying that my dream is doomed to collapse just because my dad said:

“If you’re a boy, you should live in the school dormitory! You know how to get along with others, don’t get stuck in your own world, communicate more, you know how to socialize with others, next year.”

Ultimately, his dad said that Type had to live in school this year anyway and wait until next year to beg with your brother’s thighs, which is why I was on edge, what kind of roommate would I have but the reality is…

“Type, this snack is free and you can have some, i got it from my seniors.”

Uh-huh. How much better can you look?

I’m thinking and I’m turning around and I’m looking across the table at the guy I’m gonna spend the next year with, handsome, handsome, if you know what I mean, with a starring role, handsome, hatefully handsome.

It’s like being in the same dorm room as this one and I’m being overshadowed.

OK, I think I need to clarify my above description of him as being full of shit.

Tharn, music and art student, rumor has it he went to high school here, tall but I’m about the same height, he’s probably a drummer, he’s got muscles, he’s got a good face, he’s well defined, enough about that, I hear he’s mixed, he’s got a nose that sticks out at me and he’s whiter than me.

So that I wouldn’t admit how I was emotionally destroyed.

On the other hand, I’m relieved that he’s so popular with the ladies, which means he won’t care about my butt!

I’m alive this year, hooray!

Before he turned to hang up his school uniform and put on his vest, I thought as I looked at the big bag of snacks in the middle of his Japanese table, OK, he seemed nice but there was one thing I always hated about him – he had a conscience.

Tharn is good looking, not arrogant, that’s how nice he is, he’s only been here for 4 days and in the last 4 days he’s been giving me big bags of snacks, like yesterday, I was crawling back from the college, after picking up the students, he bought me food when I was too lazy to get anything to eat.

He’s also very quiet and all he does every day is put on his headphones, close his eyes in bed and wonder if he’s analyzing his voice, so, after living with this roommate, I’m very comfortable.

“Shit, it’s okay, I’ve been eating your stuff for days, sorry.”

I said and I turned to take off my pajamas and I heard him laughing.

“It’s too much for one person to eat, so help me eat.” Actually, I changed the honorific to a friend today but it’s closer.

“Ha ha ha, you have a lot of girls.” I tease but I don’t seem to know him that well, so I change, turn around, find him staring at me but as soon as my eyes meet his, he grabs his backpack and leaves.

“I’m going to class.”

Did he just give me a weird look? Oh, well, whatever, the gay-hating mind is acting up again.

I thought, grabbing my bag and going to class.

God forbid I spend a year with a fa*ggot.

It’s just my imagination, I don’t know what God wants to do with me but it’s not that simple!







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