Tharntype The Series, Chapter 1. He said the more he hated it, the more he couldn’t escape.

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Chapter 1. He said the more he hated it, the more he couldn’t escape.



The transparent blue mirror of water scattered into white splashes, at this moment in the pool students open a waterway, the sound of professional teachers and freshmen playing sports science mixed with the sound of hip-hop, the weather is hot, with cold water, nothing can be used to describe its refreshing.

At the same time, Type, who is a Southerner (islanders living in the islands off the coast of Thailand), got into the water to get high after being allowed to move freely by the teacher.

Swimming is compulsory for everyone in the first year of Sports Science, those who can already swim are easy, those who don’t know how to swim have to work harder, they have to know how to swim by the end of the semester anyway, what do you say, Type is good at dog paddling. I don’t know…

“Type, when he learns basic stroke, he has to be the same standard as him!”

“If you don’t know how to swim, just say so, don’t act like you’re holding the edge of the pool with your hands.”

Since it’s a required course for every freshman, that’s why I met this high school classmate, No.

Type was in the science class and No was in the art class. In addition, it was a futsal school that organized color sports and there were ten classes in the first grade but the clothes were only five colors, so that year, they were divided into which classes and which colors.

So Type’s class is split with No’s class.

At first, he was not familiar with it but in the fifth grade (sophomore year of high school), there were not enough athletes, so the school called for volunteers, he had already played soccer, so he gave it a try and won.

Well, without further ado, he and No have been friends since high school.

The embarrassing thing is, he’s good with a ball but he can’t swim.

“It’s pathetic.” Type shakes his head, laughs and watches as he grabs the side of the pool and kicks in the water, the basics of swimming.

“You want to play soccer with me?” The easy loser’s invitation.

“Fu*ck you, why would I compete with you when I know I’m going to lose, don’t be stupid.” The dark-skinned boy joked, kicking over the edge of the pool, looking at the energetic man, just as the teacher had said.

“Silly or not, I’m still on the college team.”

“Having bigger muscles doesn’t means one has bigger brains, No.” Jokingly, I continued to pedal, not wanting to admit that I was really comfortable in the cool water under the hot sun and someone on the side asked:

“By the way, do you want to be on the team with me?”

“I don’t want to go, you know I can’t play, I’m just having fun.” Type answered seriously, to the amusement of his friend.

“Then you can be the instructor.”

“Aw, did you hear what I said or not, nag.”

“We won anyway.” And he’s saying, remembering this year’s Four Colours Games, that honestly, as soon as he entered the field, he grabbed the ball, Type’s position on the field was a fullback, defending the opposing team’s attacking backfield and the rest went to the forwards.

“Okay, I know you’re covering my back.” No began to pant, looking as if the daily workouts on the court weren’t helping in the water, gripping the edge of the pool with both hands until his friend nodded and his knuckles turned white.

“I won’t do it if I’m tired of it.”

“Trust me, it won’t bother you, go on in, let’s keep an eye on this year, I’ve got a management plan.” See, it’s pretty obvious when it comes to football, No is serious, so everyone wonders why he didn’t come in for football and it’s really hard to hear why.

‘When I picked the college, I pressed the wrong number. ‘

I can’t imagine the faces of all my friends, asking how No’s body is after meeting him.

That’s a stupid reason.

“By the way Type, what are we going to get after picking up the students this afternoon?”

“No, I’m taking it back to the dorm, bringing food to my roommate, rubbing off on him a few times.”

“Speaking of your roommate…”



“Ah… pfft… Type! Ah… help me!!!”

Before No said anything, the tall guy pushed away from the hand that was holding the poolside at first and instead used his legs to grab the poolside, the one with brains would only let go of his feet and sink a little, leaving his hands in the air and grabbing randomly, making a gurgling sound and drinking a lot of pool water until his eyes and ears are filled with water.



“Hey! No! No, don’t grab me, don’t move! No, don’t grab me, don’t move!!!”

“It’s sinking, it’s sinking! Cough, cough, cough!!!” The one holding T’s neck shouted that it was sinking but with his head still above the water, almost pushing his friend’s head into the water, the friend yelled:

“Don’t sink, don’t move, you idiot!”  Type yelled at him and then the one who heard him felt the class look at him and the teacher swam over nervously.

“What can I do for you?”

“There’s a fool, teacher.”

Type said sadly, teasing the person who was still holding his hair, grabbing the edge of the pool with one hand, causing No to laugh, laughing with embarrassment and slowly letting go of his friend’s hair that was already soaked in water, swiping his friend’s hair back and forth before letting go.

The lady teacher laughed:

“There’ll be a lesson on how to save a man in the water. I have an idea. If the man in the water won’t let go… What about you, you’re still awake, swimming is not a game!” Seeing that the students are fine, the teacher talks a lot, swim to another lane, No smiled.

“Sorry lah.”

“Yes, you should apologize to me! If a lock of my hair had been pulled out, I’d have kicked your spleen out.” Type said and bobbed his head, vowing to swim as far away from him as he could next time, never dreaming that the whirlwind on the ground would turn into a log in the water.

“What did you just ask me, by the way?”


“Great, chlorine made him Alzheimer’s.”  Type said with a bob of his head before watching the teacher tell each student, while No was scratching his head wondering what he was going to say that was so important that he didn’t see the first year students very often because they had most of their classes with the other years.

What am I going to tell Type, the words that stuck in my mouth, what, that it’s important that I can’t remember?

“Ooh, look at Champ’s body, I feel so skinny.”

“Hahaha, there’s a boxing camp near my house, so I went to kick around for fun, to get that body effect.”

“No wonder, just like those muscle guys at the gym.”

In the dressing room, Type stands wiping his hair, scratching the middle of his head to make sure it’s intact, his friends are making heated noises, some are talking about girls, some are talking about rascals and the group next to him hasn’t skipped over the subject of bodies and is looking at each other over their clothes but let’s talk about Champ.

Champ is a professional, not as tall as Type and No but he’s definitely heavier than them, no wonder he was in the boxing camp, if they got into a fight, they’d lose without a fight.

“Speaking of the gym, I’m definitely not going there.”


“I’m afraid of getting my a*ss touched.” When a friend asked, Champ answers, putting on a vest, responding half-truthfully.

“I’m not bragging, I’m handsome, suddenly everyone’s staring I will be the one who is sorry, when they’re in the shower, I can’t even bend down to pick up the soap, I’m going to end up sodomized, don’t fu*ck with me… I’m just scared to death.”

“Hahahahaha.” One of my friends couldn’t help but laugh, Type shook his head, not because it wasn’t funny but because he understood that being stared at in an unkind way, feeling a tiger’s torso, cold sweat, was worse than being assaulted by a girl.

What should I do? I don’t like it!

“Ugh!!!! I remember now!!!”

A lot of people were laughing and all of a sudden the guy with Alzheimer’s turned around and shouted, causing a lot of people to turn around to see what was going on and his friend next to him turned back to him in frustration.

“What did you do, drink too much chlorine or something?”

“No, no, no, this is important to you, Type.” No wasn’t kidding this time, shaking his head and almost blurting it out but seeing his friend’s curious face, he snapped Type’s head around and pulled him to the other corner of the room.

“What is it?”  the listener asked without understanding.

“I meant to ask if you haven’t moved your dorm yet?”

“Moving dorms? Why would I move to a dorm?” Type was confused, or was he coming to live with me but no, No’s house was nearby, he would never get himself into trouble, he would never move to a dorm, so it was even more suspicious, no one looked around to hear No whisper:

“Just your roommate, isn’t it Tharn?”

“Yeah, Tharn, what’s wrong with Tharn?”  Type nodded frequently, remembering that the guy’s handsome face didn’t look like there was anything wrong with him and listened as No continued.

“I heard in high school, he screwed the whole grade.”

“Hey, I thought what the matter is, we can still get along, he’s a drummer, haven’t you seen Seasons Change, the way he plays the drum alone attracts a lot of girls and don’t forget he’s mixed-race…”


“It’s not just that.”

No pulled his friend’s head closer, the air blew into his friend’s ears, the next words must be important and he could swear they were the last things he wanted to hear.

“Don’t you say…?” This time No nodded his head quickly, embarrassed to say:

“I heard he’s gay.”


And just like that, the listener is suddenly G-rated, eyes wide, mouth wide open, analyzing and repeating in his head what his friend just said, “He’s gay” but this gay is a living, breathing creature in his own dorm room and Tharn is gay, so…

“I’m moving dorms!”


There were only a few people left in the locker room, looking back to see where this grumpy voice was coming from, if anyone saw Type’s face right now, they’d be thinking…. Why is this simpleton so angry?



Type put on his vest and uniform with his right hand and rushed out as soon as he finished putting them on, students were asking No what was going on.

This time Type is going to make a mess.


“I’m moving to a dorm, no matter what!”

“Yeah, I told you not to move, why are the students so naughty this year, do you have any idea how lucky the freshmen are to get dorm rooms and how many of the older students have to move out of the house just to give the freshmen the right to live there first.”

At the student dormitory service center, Type was arguing with the dormitory lady who was half covered with loess, he was struggling with his face and fists and he was still watching the afternoon TV drama but he explained with a conscience.

“But I’m moving, doesn’t anyone want to change dorms, ma’am?”

“Yeah, change it yourself if you have any, who’s standing here yelling.”

“But this is the Student Services Center, isn’t it, ma’am?” And Type’s like, for better or worse, just stay out of the area, with whoever you want, just no gays!” “Yeah, transvestites too, I don’t want either one!

“Type you calm down.”

“Can’t calm down, huh? I think he was normal since he flirted with girls. Who’d have thought…”

Type can only gnash his teeth but he won’t let go, so he started talking again:

“But if there’s a real conflict you can move.”

“I’m having trouble with my roommate!”  Just like that, the listener’s eyes light up, his voice low and he asks with a sad frown.

“If there’s a contradiction, it has to be serious, otherwise it won’t work.”

“He’s human…”


But the moment Type was about to blurt out the truth, he stopped, his mind racing, just as he wasn’t dirty enough to reveal that his roommate hadn’t actually done anything wrong, wondering if he’d ever gone public with it, seeing as how he’d been acting like he was hiding it.

“Nah, ma’am, I can’t stand him.”

“If you can’t move without a reason, oh, just because you don’t clean, don’t help clean the dormitory, blah, blah, blah, blah, I don’t want to hear it either, the two people who live together need to understand each other.”

When the lady said that, the people listening to her clenched their fists, knowing that moving out wasn’t going to work.

“What about me?”

“The easiest thing to do is to find someone who’s willing to change dorms, report back, and then change the dorms.” After that, she turned around and went back to watching her stupid TV show, making the person standing in front of her want to give her a smack.

“Hey, I said calm down, he didn’t do anything to you, so you’ll have to live with it.”

“Forget it! I can’t stand the thought of living in the same dorm with him!” In the meantime, Type’s obvious prejudice has gotten on No’s nerves.

“Let me ask you, why do you hate people like that so much, it’s understandable that I don’t like that kind of thing, it’s creepy but it’s not so hard to be gay!” No still doesn’t get it, because he also has a lot of friends who are pussies and he used to pinch their nipples and make them scream like women, so it’s not surprising that he thinks he has friends who are gay.

If you don’t like gay, you’re gonna have a hard time getting anywhere in life and you’re gonna have a lot of restrictions and you’re gonna have a lot of male lovers.

The question stunned those who heard it and their eyes flickered.

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t be in the same dorm with Brokeback anyway.” After saying that, Type turned around and went into the dormitory, decided to go from room to room, knocking on all the doors to ask if they want to change dormitory, even though he was thinking that if he didn’t have a problem with his roommate, who would change dormitory easily!


After knocking on the door of the dormitory for an hour (most of them were in class), Type was dragged to class by his friends and he even went to the orientation and by the end of the hour, it was already after 8 pm.

The new friends moved around and the seniors lived with their best friends, so the whole business of changing dormitories was aborted.

By 9 o’clock, Type was so tired that he was falling asleep and had to sit and wait for his roommate who hadn’t shown up yet, determined to tell him that either I or you had to move out, because he had gone to high school here, so there must be some classmates in the dormitory building and he was sure he could handle just moving out.

Till the hour hand is turned to five…

Zee. Open the door.

“Oh, you just got back, have you eaten yet? I have food.” Tharn opened the door to the dormitory, raised his eyebrows, saw that his roommate was still in his school uniform, judging from the facial expression he looked like he had been waiting for a long time, he put a bag with food from the convenience store and convenience box lunch on the Japanese table.

The owner of the other half of the room felt slightly uncomfortable with that.

Well, he’s a nice guy but what if he’s being nice for a reason.

“Tharn, I have a question for you.” Type tried to disguise his disinterest in being in your dorm, so the musician lowered his high eyebrows.

“What is it?”

“Are you gay?”


Type was the one who found it strange, Tharn turned his head and looked at him quietly, not surprised, not at all like someone caught doing something wrong, looking at him as if he was ready to be questioned one day, making the person who asked him anxious.

“Say what?”

The listener froze, quickly got out of bed and calmly replied.


The answer stunned the person who asked, looking at the person who was taking food out of the bag, as if the conversation was normal and made Type sink into silence:

“If you are, then I have to tell you straight up that I hate gays.”

There was sound of hard objects crashing.

Tharn stopped holding the plastic spoon, looked into the eyes of the pickpocket and asked:


Tharn wasn’t sure how quickly the other knew about it and didn’t expect to be hated so directly, so what if he didn’t like it, as long as the other wasn’t angry, he wouldn’t say it but he asked so bluntly, so Type answered bluntly too.

“It’s either you or me and one of us has to move out.” Replying to the obvious attitude that I don’t want to live with a s-xxual deviant, Tharn naturally looked at Type with displeasure.

“What, just because I’m gay, you hate me that much?”

“Yeah, I hate it.” The answer was exactly the same as when asked by his friends, he said he’d put up with anything but this and he turned his head seriously to look at Tharn, causing Tharn to reply coldly:

“I’m gay but what did I do to you?”

“You didn’t do anything but I don’t want to live with a gay!” That kind of fault-finding voice was very annoying to those who heard it and Tharn’s hand that was holding the spoon suddenly dropped it and turned back to say seriously:

“Then you move out, because it’s not my problem, it’s yours!”

“I would have moved if I could but no one wants to switch dorms with me.”

“Now that you know you can’t move, you’ll have to live in your own place.” At first I thought the roommate was nice but now I’ve changed my mind completely, because I didn’t realize he was so small-minded, so the person listening to me makes a fist and answers angrily.

“But you’ve got classmates studying here, so just go beg them to change dorms.”

“Why do I have to make things so complicated?”

“Bastard Tharn!” this time Type raised the volume, a pair of sharp eyes that looked like they wanted to rip each other to shreds and his voice turned fierce.

“I’m not gonna be in the same room with you. I hate gay to the bone. I’m not gonna be anywhere near your kind. I’m telling you, I’m sick of breathing the same air! I’m telling you, I’m sick of breathing the same air!!!”


This time, Tharn slammed the table, stood up sharply to meet Type face to face, eyes calm but with a murderous intent, as if he had gone from good to evil, the corners of his mouth turned up into a sneer.

“Then I’m sad for you, too, you are going to live with me for another year.”

“I told you I won’t live here!”

“But I’m not moving!!!”  Tharn’s voice got louder again, staring angrily at the other man.

“If you don’t live here, you move but I’ll put it this way, I’m fine here, I won’t move, even if I have to live with a narrow-minded person like you.”

“You have to move!!!” Type grabbed the other by the collar and said disgustedly, making Tharn furious.


Type’s collar was also lifted up, his handsome face forced close, his deep eyes were cold to the bone and he took a few steps forward before the icy voice was uttered.

“Who’s the ass- bleep–hole? You’re prejudiced! I don’t know what kind of fu*cking fa*ggot you’ve met but the people around you must be stupid to make you throw me out. If you’re still judging people by your bullshit logic, you can’t make it here!!! Just remember, I’m not wrong… I’m not moving! I’m not moving! I’m not moving!!”

It’s true, Tharn had never met anyone so bitter about gay people but he hadn’t thought of his former roommate as being so unbelievable, if he’d done anything at all but who could stand it when he discriminated against people like us?

So, Tharn brought his face closer, looked at the angry man and began to feel physically farther away.

“What are you doing?” Type snapped at once, tried to push the other man away, his hands were on his collar, his body stiffened and he began to feel insecure, so naturally the following results came out.


Fist after fist landed on half of Tharn’s face, the one who was punched reeled back but his eyes glanced back at him coldly:

“Congratulations, because you’re going to be living with this fa*ggot for another year.”

Falling sound!


Tharn hit Type hard in the chest, causing him to take several steps backwards, hitting the edge of the bed with a loud bang, Tharn grabbed the towel, which shuddered and stared at his opponent, who tried to hit him back.

“You son of a bi*tch, remember, I’ll make sure I leave the dorm!”



~ TharnType The Series~


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