Tharntype The Series, Chapter 10: It’s all about lust.

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Chapter 10: It’s all about lust.

   It’s Tharn’s fault. It’s his fault. It’s all his fault!

   At this moment, Type was so frustrated that he thought the cold water flowing down from the shower would help relieve the heat but it was useless, not only did it not have any tendency to calm down but it became even hotter than before.

   After knowing what Tharn does to him every night, Type himself can’t sleep. That’s right, no straight man can sleep with a guy holding his face and wishing him a good night’s sleep!

   But – how there is a but?!

   Type thought depressingly because what was happening was that every night Tharn touched him – he was actually getting aroused.

   That’s right, Type had a bad mouth and a bad temperament and even called the other guy names -that he was lustful but now he himself was impulsive lustful towards him.


Type sighed and let the cold water pour over his body, thinking about the guy who was playing a game in the dormitory, because of which he ran away from his room to take a shower, even though he had finished taking a shower an hour before he came back.

“Don’t think about it Type, don’t think about it.”

   Type told himself that, he lowered his head, let the water fall on his face, he opened his mouth wide and breathed through his mouth instead of his nose but the situation was worse than before, because as soon as he closed his eyes, he couldn’t help imagining how that guy Tharn looked when he covered himself with the blanket.

   The guy with the handsome face and high nose went to the bed and sat down, pulled the blanket over his chest, his hand caressed his cheek and Type could feel the warmth. His hand gradually moved to his hair and rubbed it gently, no matter how much he tried to avoid it, it would not let go and finally —— his warm lips gently k-issed his cheek.


   The guy underneath the stream opened his eyes halfway and if it’s because he was touched by a guy, there must be something else, because just thinking about what that guy Tharn did to him, Type could feel a part of his body that was getting more and more excited.

“Calm down, calm down!”  said the mouth but in the end, Type couldn’t stop his body’s instincts and his whole body was screaming – I’m dying, I want his hands to help me like the last time!

“Ahhh!”  Finally Type closed his eyes again, hands clenched there, as he tried to think of all the hot babes that the damsels liked to send their way.

   It seemed to work well at first, especially when you think of the sweet cries of those sweet, soft bodies but….

“You’re a cute kid, Type.”

   Oh, shit! Think of a girl, think of a girl, think of a girl, big tits.

   However, the more I told myself that, the more that face that I wanted to beat up was in my head. Type quickened the speed of his hands and the more he stopped thinking about it, the more the face drifted in front of his eyes and worst of all, Type couldn’t help remembering the day Tharn had helped him.

“Tharn… um…” The voice spilled out of the corner of his mouth but Type didn’t react, he put one hand on the wall and at the last minute, instead of a naked, s-xxy woman, he heard a faint whisper in his ear….

“Sweet dreams.”


“Aah, Aah, Aah.”  Breathing heavily, Type unleashed his desire, standing under the cold water, leaning his head against the wall, feeling like his life had gone to shit.

   He’s done – because Tharn the man.

“At the end of the night, I’m free, Type, so have fun.”


The freshman assembly is coming up soon, the new students from various colleges will show their charisma to everyone today, after today the semester will be liberated but Type still has a face like a crying decrepit and sometimes shakes his head, as if to think of something that does not want to face.

Of course, with him being so dead, No, being his friend, had to worry about him.

“What’s wrong with you again?”


“Every time you brat says it’s nothing, our academy is about to perform, it’s fine to go back after it’s over, are you brat happy-”

“I’m not going back.” As soon as he said it, No guessed and moved to sit next to Type, looking at him with surprise, having heard that Type had given up on kicking Tharn out of the dorm.

“What’s the problem with Tharn again?”

“He —-”

“What’s wrong with him? Don’t talk in half-truths, I’m not an immortal who can’t figure out what you’ve done to him.” No shook his head as he said it and Type, who was about to say what his roommate had done to him, shook his head and said, tiredly.

“I want to move to off-campus.”

“I thought your father wouldn’t let you?”

“He’s the reason I’m sitting here!” Type raised his voice and in response raised his hand to apologize, he was so angry because he called his dad and after repeatedly asking him to do so, his dad rejected his request and even yelled back at him, saying that…

“You can’t stand living like this alone, what if you go out earning money to support yourself!”

   He wanted to say back, can’t I eat old people but he knew he’d be cussed for it, so he said whatever and then Type hung up the phone and went to sit with his friends, alone, wondering what was wrong with him that he would do this kind of masturbation, no, it’s normal for guys but why? The object of fantasy would be him!

“If you don’t like Tharn, if you don’t see him as gay, then everything will be fine. That’s the same thing. Even if you don’t like him right now, you can just let it go…”

“You make it sound like it’s all my fault.” Type turned to the guy who was laughing so hard.

“Yeah, you’ve got some sense.”

“Next time I go swimming, I’ll drown you in the water!” Type’s voice said unhappily, he turned back and continued to sit alone with his thoughts, recalling his friend’s words.

   Yeah, why didn’t I think of that, if the only reason I feel that way is because that guy k-isses me every night, then it’s just as simple as beating him up and warning him to leave me alone and then the desire won’t come back.

   That’s right, it’s not because of a change in s-xxual preference for a man, it’s just that young people aren’t teasing, so if that guy doesn’t do that to himself again, it won’t happen to him either!

   From tonight, that Tharn must stop doing that to himself!

   But what Type may not realize, is that the so called stop – can also get out of hand.

“Won’t you stay and listen to the playing?”

“No, I have to go home and get ready.”

It’s been hours since Type and No had that conversation, after which Type parted ways with his underdog, returning to the dorm to plan his capture of Tharn, the guy who’s made himself into a protective little girl.

He had to put a stop to this before it went any further, because he was already getting jumpy just by doing that and if he got that kind of desire just by putting himself to sleep, if he touched him, he’d have to pull him over and k-iss him.

“If he k-isses me today, I’ll punch him. If he touches me, I’ll kick him.” Type swore to himself, because come to think of it, he was willing to let Tharn do that to him because he was afraid the nightmare would come back but based on the past few days, he’d been sleeping soundly all week, so no matter what Tharn did tonight, he’d have the energy to be with him. The struggle.

Type was pleased with his plan but after the shower, after dinner, the guy who’d been sleep-deprived with trepidation all week turned on himself–and fell asleep.

That’s what they say about plans not changing.


“What’s the matter with you, smiling like a good boy, are you tired and stupid?”

After 10:30, the music academy’s performance ended, the freshmen, no, all the students who came to the freshmen activities went back, some went straight to the dormitory and some went to celebrate. As for Tharn, he was walking out of the building with his friends, smiling and laughing as he did so and his friends couldn’t help but wonder.

“No, I just thought of something funny.” Tharn waved his hand, telling his friends there was nothing funny and Lhong shrugged his shoulders.

“Want to go find something to eat?”

“No, I’m not hungry. I’m going back to the dorm.” Tharn,” he said and he soon left his friends and hurried back to the dormitory, in a hurry to find the guy who had been making him laugh since morning and no, he’d been laughing at himself for days.

Type, this kid already knows what he (Tharn) has done.

   At first Tharn wasn’t sure if he knew it or not but since he had been putting Type to sleep for the past week since he got sick, Tharn knew very well that Type’s sleeping habits were so bad, he would push his hands away and hide his face. It’s fine but sleeping position is still a pain.

   And yet – not only has he been sleeping so soundly and motionlessly these last few days but when Tharn touched his face himself – it was very hot on his face as well.

   Tharn was hesitant at first, fearing he’d be upset and things seemed to have gone so far off the rails that they might have a falling out but… the Type guy was playing dead himself.

   Sleeping so stiffly, having your face touched and k-issed, having your blanket tucked in, those are all signs of reconciliation.” You’re too cute for your own good.” Tharn muttered to himself and laughed softly at the thought of the guy who’d been calling him names all along.

   If you do something besides putting him to sleep like you did before – how will he react?

“You never know until you try.” Tharn thought about opening the door to the room, the whole room was lit up and his roommate — was asleep against the wall.

   Tharn put the stuff on the table and he walked over to Type, whose angular face was rubbing against the pillow, so much so that–Tharn couldn’t help but reach out and touch it.

   Type’s face wasn’t as soft as other guys Tharn had dated but it felt good to touch Tharn like this and he lowered himself down, sitting on the edge of the bed like he always did.



   The guy who was sleeping so soundly left Tharn’s hand behind and his face ducked, so that the guy who had been watching him for a long time could see that he was really asleep.

   Tharn stopped thinking what was on his mind, he looked to the man who was now powerless to attack and then — bowed his head.

   The light in the room made it clear to Tharn that the man beneath him was so handsome that he wanted to pull his eyelashes.

   Even though they didn’t like themselves, even though they hated themselves, they were more attracted to them than anyone else.

   But the more he dodged, the more Tharn stalked him, Tharn laughed quietly, his lips shifting again from the tip of his nose to his cheek and nibbling lightly on the other man’s chin, his body pushing down unconsciously, almost on top of the guy who was sleeping under a blanket.

   He’s not wrong to say he’s satisfied.


“It’s hot!”

   However, Tharn’s action made the sleeping guy underneath him turn around, Type pushed away the unknown object that was pressed on him like an unnecessary blanket and kicked the blanket to the foot of the bed without stopping. The clothes he was wearing shrank to his chest and his beautiful abs were revealed to Tharn, who had a glimpse of the perfection of his own taste!

“What the hell?”  Type said to himself in a daze, slowly opening his eyes as the warm, wet touch hit him again…




“You don’t want me to stop, kid.”

“I told you to stop!!!” But instead of stopping, as Type expected, Tharn did this.


“Wanna- If you do that, I’ll kick your a*ss!”

“You want to die, let go of me, huh?” I cursed but my strength was gone in an instant and I couldn’t wait for more. But my dignity….

“Tharn you bastard, I’m not gay!!”

Tharn was stunned, he looked up at the guy who was breathing heavily and the look on his face revealed how hard he was feeling. Type was still talking reluctantly but for Tharn, at the moment — he couldn’t stop, so he said in a hard tone.

“Close your eyes!”


“I told you would like it.”


The pillow was yanked up by Type and thrown at the speaker, Tharn reached out to block it and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Like it, my a*ss!” The guy who said he didn’t like it made like he was going to kill himself but the satisfaction on his face after all the fun he’d had let Tharn know – here’s his chance.

But now we may have to appease Type first.

“Oh, I’ll just wait and see!”

“What are you waiting for? Don’t even think about touching me again!” Type shouted and Tharn, who was about to walk off to the shower, laughed, because “don’t even think about it” sounded like an invitation and it looks like the next opportunity will come sooner than he thought.

   Because if Type wasn’t happy, a guy like him wouldn’t just throw pillows at himself, he’d have made a mess of everyone else’s lives.

   In the end Tharn could only talk to himself into the air and although Type wanted to cut out his t-ongue and throw it away, he couldn’t do anything about it, because he didn’t have the strength to fight with him anymore.



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