Tharntype The Series, Chapter 11: Under the icy waters

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Chapter 11: Under the icy waters

   Then I’ll let you know… I’m not just good with my mouth…

   I’m not just good with my mouth…

   There are more comfortable ways than that…

   Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Oh, shit! Shit!

“I want to die so badly!!! Shit!”

   For someone who hates gay, this is turning into a psychotic time for me.

   Because whether he’s sitting, lying down, eating, washing or playing ball, the person he hates…

   And his soft, deep voice and his longing eyes, all of it.

   It was always in the back of his mind.

   What happened to this! Since when did I think of Tharn?

   It was like I was a little girl, I was like a little girl who had all kinds of fantasies about a prince!


“I’m living my life backwards, I’m a failure, I’m done!” With my hands…

   Hold my head, it feels like I am losing strength. It’s like I’ve been having a brain fart lately.

   Like, before, I hated the guy who lived with me and now… I like it.

   I’m sick of it but I’m not sick of the mess I was in not so long ago.

   It’s all my father’s fault. He had to fight me. We have to keep doing this.

   There’s bound to be tension over Tharn. It won’t be a serious one, though.

   I’m conflicted but I’m weak and I’m going to fight for myself.

“What the hell am I thinking right now”! Just stop, stop thinking.

Yes. I’m so weak, thinking of all these nerve-wracking things, that I slumped over the table.

Go on… I want to hit a wall.

“No!” I didn’t want it to be that way. If I had a choice, whatever…

” Ho I’ll be on top!”


As soon as I said that, I got goosebumps and my eyes got big. Hurry up.

Change your mind and it won’t happen again anyway. But he has.

If you’re thinking about who’s going to be on top, that means you’re thinking about yourself.

The in the surface it is largely accepted, isn’t it!


“It’s all because of him!” This time I’ll just take it out on the bed with a pillow. I blamed…

Blame the roommate who hasn’t come back yet. It’s true! It’s not his fault. It’s nobody’s fault.

Knowing that’s what dicks do, even if it’s not a gay, he’s gonna get it up.

It’ll be released… Or won’t it?

Pow! Pah!! Pah! Pah!!

“All! Because! Him”!!! Until the end, I was going to yell at him. He’s tight.

Tightly clutching the pillow and ravaging it, venting his temper. Even though he’s talking quietly.

No, don’t, don’t like it. But he couldn’t fool his body,

His body told him how much he wanted it. He thought back to the last time, because Tharn…

He was able to free himself. It made him desperate.

So, his other mistake was… It’s so good at that.

“Why should I praise him!!!” I’m taking my head off…

He hit his bed, his whole body was hyperventilating. He was filled with guilt about his previous erection.

Guilty conscience. Even when he went to class on Monday, Lhong asked him straight out if he was crazy,

I’ve been hitting myself over the head with a book while sitting still, since many days ago.

It’s… I’m possessed.

That’s what he’ll think of day and night and that’s what he’ll keep coming back to.


‘Then I’ll let you know… I’m not just good with my mouth.’

Is the capital expecting him to do something more outrageous than use his mouth!

If he cries out and no one comes to pity him, he does cry out. Little.

His face scrunched up and he suddenly felt so sick of himself, because he had never wanted to be in his own life.

I’ve had feelings for gays in my life……and because I was hurt as a child.

   It’s a disgusting thing.

   Why does it feel like I’m a child again, that I’m so sick of it that I want to take it back?

   The fear of killing someone and making them disappear, the fear of being a little shrunken up.

   Suddenly, it disappeared, when it was… Tharn’s time.



A slight noise at the door made me turn to look at the door and see the doorknob.

Hands are spinning, knowing someone’s coming in.


“Ouch!!!” grabbed the pillow and threw it. And when the pillow in his hand, it hit…

   On the face of the man who came back to his room at 10:00. Tharn, who’d just come back, started freaking out,

   The free hand caught the pillow exactly as it hit the face and then saw a picture of a positive

   In an angry little face but Tharn also just yanked the pillow off his face.

“What’s the matter with you?” When he saw the face of the culprit who threw the pillow, Tharn…

   He didn’t sound angry, just a little disgruntled.

   The culprit’s face scrunched up in a little ball and his eyes looked at him with confusion. And

   The man’s lips are pursed and slightly pale. These are all indications that Type was in shock.

   Tharn was at a loss for words. Type’s face was incredible, Tharn.

   He can’t help but feel better.

   If Type is angry, he will come to kill himself; if Type is in a bad mood,

   He’ll come to dislike himself but if he’s as quiet as he is now and he turns his face away…

   The direction. He’s behaving in such a… It’s kind of cute.


“My pillow!” That’s it! When he saw the others take the pillows out of his bed,

   he would have screamed at once. Type run and grab his pillow back. Two.

   One leg back, standing still, looking frightened that someone might have something to say to him.

   Like doing something. And then I felt like I didn’t want to be on the same ground as him and I ran to…

   The bed’s gone.

   Such an attitude, if it had been just now, Type might have gotten the cold eye, he…

   He’d mock him and call him narrow-minded. But now Type’s attitude is…

   You could say… Tharn, standing in the middle of the living room, laughed out loud.

“What are you laughing at?”

“My mouth, I laugh when I want to laugh.”

“Bugger!” I watched as he was putting the stuff on the bed and then heput the snack tray on the bed.

The bag was on the table and Tharn, who took the stuff out of the bag, sounded fierce.

“Wanna have some?”

Tharn put the fishcake in front of me and I, who had stolen it before, answered with a loud voice.

He: “No! Don’t tease me with food. I can’t trust you. What if you put something in it?

If any weird stuff goes in there, I’ll be in trouble. I don’t want to get too close to you…”

   Tharn rubbed his head. But he put the box of goodies on my side of the bed,

   I don’t think Tharn is going to be able to hold on to that.

   And to keep talking to him.

   Well, I don’t want to get any closer to him than we are now.

     … Coo-coo! The man who was taking a drink of water, stopped and said, “I won’t…

get you with the food”. After that, Tharn took another drink of water.

   Gulp. I saw his long, beautiful body, coveted by girls, swallowing sparkling water.

   The neck. Let God kill him! The way Tharn wipes his lips with the back of his hand, makes me…

   Understood one word… S-xxy man.

   Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, my God! Ahhhhh!

   It’s not that I’m dying and by dying, I mean my whole life isn’t dying.

   I’ve seen s-xxy guys before but right now, I’m looking at this guy drinking water.

   Man, he’s got a look that you might call an art… S-xxy as hell.

   I must be out of my mind!

   While I was struggling inside, Tharn, the half-breed, turned his head and looked at me with warm eyes.

   Looked him in the eye. And then I just… Slow, longing, deep gulps.



“Because just my mouth… You’re already in over your head.”


“Bastard! I hate you”! And then, unable to think of anything else to say… he got up quickly, his face flushed, angry or self-conscious or shy, it was hard to tell. And then he walked out the door with a heavy step on his legs.

Go to.

“I’m going to take a shower”!!!


And then he slammed the door, making a loud noise. Tharn was still eating.

Tharn’s brow furrowed and then he burst out laughing, because he had just seen such a lovely…

Type, I was almost out of control then and now I’m even more out of control.

Because… Type, he’s really cute.

Tharn whispered again, “What are you manic about, telling me you’re going to take a bath? Y ou took a shower but I didn’t bring any toiletries.” And look at the clothes Type was wearing,

He should have already washed up. So Tharn got up and quickly grabbed the washcloth and the toiletries, followed after Type.

Sometimes the word “shower”… can be seen as an invitation.


In the bathroom of the dormitory, Type had just put the shower head in his hand when he saw the mirror. Tharn’s face was reflected in the mirror next to his own. There’s someone in the bathroom now. He didn’t want the others to bother him or ask him what happened. He’s not in the mood, he answered them but he couldn’t stop myself from cursing. You can see how he was feeling right now.

How can he not be nervous!


He looked down, at the culprit in his pants making his nervous,

Uh… It’s getting bigger and bigger.

“I want to die,” I whispered again. Because if you ask if this is about Tharn, then I will say yes.

What makes me so h-rny down there? It’s not hard for him to answer… Tharn should…

It’s time to find out.

I don’t know why, myself, hearing myself mutter, I remembered again the shame.

A night of shame. If I’d heard that kind of shame, I’d have hated myself for it. I’d turned into an earthworm and burrowed into the ground. But when it happened to me, I thought about that night.

Up… Little Type, its hard and it hurts like hell.

Oh, shit.

“You forgot your shower gel, Type.”

“Oh aah!”

Type was about to step into the bathroom when suddenly a hand grabbed him by the arm and before he knew it…

After that gasp, he got scared and he knew who it was. But before he knew what was happening, he was dragged by a force into a shower stall, followed by a clang.

“You’re crazy… Woo!!”

After finding himself dragged in, with Tharn crammed into the narrow shower stall,

If Tharn hadn’t been in control of him, reaching out to cover his mouth, Type would have yelled. Tharn’s eyes were sharp, his gaze slowly closing in on him, in a low, calm voice said to him.

“If you scream out, they’ll all know, you and me are together in a shower cubicle.”


Type went rigid for a moment, his eyes staring at Tharn with a slight smile on his lips.

Tharn removed his hand from his mouth, he knew that the fear of humiliation Type, is definitely not going to call out and let people know he’s gay.

Type was full of nervousness and he asked, “Then what’s wrong with you!”

Trying to push him away.

Tharn, who had put aside his toiletries saw Type plotting and looking for a way trying to escape before anyone found him. But he knows, Tharn won’t let him get away and that made him feel tormented. When Type looked at Tharn and saw him with a smile on his lips he’s never seen before.

Smiling like he’s supposed to be in control of everything.

“I told you no, I’m not just good with my mouth.”

“Bastard! Let go of me!” His face was full of rage and then he pushed Tharn away,

Then there was a loud noise, causing the person in the shower in the next stall to turn off the shower head and ask aloud, “Hey, what’s going on?”

The person sounded scared. I don’t know if he found us so, I instructed Tharn to answer him.

“No, no, it just slipped.”

“It’s me,”

Tharn laughed like crazy: “Hahahahahaha, um, it’s humans not ghost!” Tharn’s arms were tight around Type waist. As for the captive, Type looked like he wanted to eat him but he can’t do anything and if he hit him, he’ll bring that guy from the next stall here. And Tharn was looking him in the eye, he knew what would happen if anyone saw the two of them in this shower…

Tharn doesn’t care.

He was ready to come out of the closet but if he dragged me out of the closet with him for what!

In the end, I was so resentful, I tried to escape through the door. If it hadn’t been for

“… Hey, man, are you still in the bathroom?”

“Yes.” At the sound of the man outside asking, I instantly stiffened and Type knew he can’t get out now.” Well, then hurry up, they’re waiting at the 7/11.”

“I’ll wait for you in my room. I’ll go out with you.” Whoever he’s going down to see…

Type doesn’t even want to know, because the only thing he wants to know is what’s going on.


Type’s voice was urgent as I asked, “What are you holding me to!” .

When Tharn’s hand around his waist moved, it was moving to grasp him where he didn’t want to be grasped, Tharn laughed ambiguously in his ear lobe and then, although he was a boy, Tharn laughed in his ear.

The sound of laughter still made the hairs on Type’s back stand on end.

“You need to stop playing dumb now.”


“Ugh!” I bit down on my lip and when Tharn’s teeth gently nibbled on his earlobe, I looked pathetic, not because Tharn’s hand was wrapped around his waist from behind but it was the one in his trousers that made it possible for him to get out the narrow shower stall.

He can’t think straight with a hot r-od.



He could hear people outside still talking about bringing the TA teacher along or something. And when Type reacted, Tharn turned on the showerhead and the water flew off.

It splashed on his shirt. It made Type open his mouth again to yell at him.

He lowered his voice and cursed, “Bastard, I’m soaking wet!”

“Take it off. You want to go to the room dripping wet?”

“No!” In his heart, Type was sure Tharn would do what he said he would.

Tharn didn’t say a word, except… he backed away a little, then quickly removed his pants and shirt. Type turned around when he heard a noise behind him and Tharn walked closer with a wicked look on his face.

Near him!

Damn, that face looks oppressive! And his little Tharn’s getting all bulbous!

“Don’t you come near me!” When Tharn looked as if Type had to be put on the spot today…

Approaching him as if he were the law, now no matter how brave Type was, he became a wimp in an instant.

It made him forget about the showerhead that was running down and Ihekept going backwards, until his clothes all wet and there’ no room to step back.

“Hey… I’m really going to scream!”

“Yes, you’ll tell them that a man of your stature was seduced into the bath cubicle by me

… Who’d believe you?”

Go to hell!

And Type can only curse him silently, because he agrees with what Tharn said.

Yeah. He’s a big 180 and he’s not even a few centimeters shorter than Tharn. Everybody knows that a man of this size would only be comfortable in bed and the size is perfect!

They would think he didn’t get lured in even if he was dragged here by force!

“I won’t do anything to you.”  came his soft banter shortly afterwards and Tharn ice cold eyes that looked as if they were stalking interesting prey. Tharn approached him slowly.

Getting closer, until they’re intimately closer Letting the cold water run over them both  flowing down. But it didn’t relieve their warmness or quench the desire and the hunger in their bodies.

   Type can’t even look at an actress’s body and have such a powerful desire!

   Type whispered to himself. Because all this time he’s been watching porn and he was sure he wouldn’t even look at the man galloping on top but at the woman whispering beneath him,

   So that he could release himself. But right now, something must be going on in his head

because now he’s so horny, it’s swelling (?) Until it’s at an amazing size.


“Who said anything about not doing anything!”  Type said angrily. He just said “don’t do anything” but his hands don’t do what he says they do.

“Yeah! Just for the pleasure of your body.”

What did Tharn say after that?  He doesn’t know, his ears seem to have gone numb. Because Tharn’s whispered in his ear… Not knowing where his sensitive spot was, Type shuddered all over for a moment. When Tharn k-issed himself, Type bit his lips tightly and said.

“If it wasn’t for that guy outside, I’d have killed you.”

He answered him with a tone of voice that hates him more than anything, tell him he don’t want to…

“You can make all the excuses you want.”

I hate you!

Type roared inside, pursing his lips, afraid of the sound that might come out.

When the pants he was wearing were removed by Tharn in front of him, his heart was still silent.

He wanted to reward him, for not pulling down the last line of defense guarding Little Type. If even without it, he can say he’s really naked.

“Mmm!” When Tharn took hold of his whole fire and laughed softly, Type want to break his neck. All this suggests that he’s laughing because his place is the one that’s swelling up just like him.

“Hey, uh… Uh-huh”… Because Tharn’s fingertips were gently rubbing his genitals, which were already wet and Type was so easily aroused.

The only thing Type could do was moan with my throat at the sight of two roots that almost collided.

   A hot, hot r-od. Reason told Type that he should have struggled to escape but his body has surrendered to Tharn, craving for heavenly pleasure. Tharn will give him.

   He’s experienced more pleasure than that.

   I’m a man too. I want to feel, I want to know. It’s normal.

   At the same time, Tharn’s fingers were holding up his hot r-od, two fingers slowly…

   Rubbing gently, making my whole body spasm and tremble. With my other hand, he was moving against Type’s upper body. Two fingers moved gently, until the tip was red and swollen. Type lifted his hips as far as he could, following Tharn’s lead again and again.

“Hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo!” Type breathing was getting faster and heavier and Tharn was tugging his own clothes, his legs slumped weakly. Tharn saw him in this state and his mouth corners are rising. Tharn’s own body was turning red and he knew that the paler the skin man, when he’s in love, the redder his skin is.

“You know why it’s called fencing,” Tharn whispered in Tharn’s ear, the voice bullying makes Type wanted to scream at himself why I need to know.


“Ahh…” He moaned before yelling at him, as Tharn’s hot r-od approached rubbing against the sides of his legs, aroused, he unconsciously lifted his hips and both hot r-od rubbed together. That makes Type understand, why it’s called that.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

The cold water flows down, over both bodies and no one cares about it at the moment.

Because both of them are focused on the waist area that’s rubbing against each other in the middle. Please the gay-loathing me, I couldn’t help myself. I was getting close to Tharn’s hotness.

“Hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo!” Now my back was pressed against the wall behind him, Tharn was leaning in close to him, until the hot r-od was rubbing against his body,

Multiple closeness grinding and squeezing, releasing white slime that splashed on both men,

Then the water ran away. Both of them let out trembling gasps.

very numerous

“You… Ah… Uh”… Type stopped him when Tharn buried his head in his neck, gently k-issing and nibbling his neck, one hand caressing his chest. Beneath him Type bit his lip to suppress a moan and with one hand I tried to push Tharn away but the desire in his body took over, rendering him powerless.

Oh, shit!

“Do what I just did,” Tharn grabbed him instead before he pushed him away. One of his hands went down, forcing him to hold both of them like he was holding the hot r-od. Let him do what he has been doing, hold the hot r-od and keep going with the rhythm.

Type wanted to tell him that he didn’t want to, just to be held by another man was too much for him.

It’s awful and for him to hold something that belongs to someone else… He’s determined not to.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

“It’s so hot!” But he was just thinking about it and Type was reaching out, he held them in his hands, then moved with the desire in his own body. He couldn’t deny it, when he was grinding with Tharn’s blade, he had an indescribable pleasure.

Tharn was k-issing my body and at the same time, one hand was moving over my chest,

And then he said “Hey! Don’t touch my boobs”! Type tried to keep his voice down. But the more he tried to stop it, the more he wanted it. When Tharn grabbed the two red dots with his fingers and squeezed them, he Tharn was pleased with this and lowered his head to the tip of his t-ongue.

Lick it.

“Man… It’s a man… Ah… I don’t feel anything… I don’t feel anything…”

It’s as if he’s lying to himself. Because when Tharn licked him back and forth with the tip of his breathing and the rise and fall of his chest became more and more rapid. Both of their lower parts were now completely wet and sticky, with semen and water mixed together.

At the same time, Tharn didn’t expect his body to react in such a sensitive way,

Because he just licked it and set his hands on fire all over Type body, and when his lips moved and he moved and looked at Type face, the breathless with pleasure at this s-xual encounter.

Tharn, it’s just the same with the mirror.

Type’s voice was low and hoarse and Tharn leaned in a little, wanting to k-iss him,

If it weren’t for


Type turned his head away for a second and said hoarsely, “No… Don’t.”

At first, Type thought he’d have to be violent to refuse Tharn’s k-iss. But Tharn gave up k-issing of his own accord and instead his face was buried in Type neck, his hand moving down, controlling his hand then moving faster.

“Uh… Ah, ah.” This caused a rapid rise in body heat between the two of them, towards the   close to each other. Both of them are breathing hard, Tharn. One of them is holding me by the hand.

The other hand was moving down, satisfying both of them.

Human desire.

“That one of yours is so moist!”

“Bastard! You too!” I turned on him. A blushing, humiliating sound.

The sound went out through the water running from the showerhead that was still on. Neither of them knew what was going on.

   Did someone else come in to take a shower? Did anyone else go out? All I know is   The fires of desire were rising inside of them and their waists were moving impatiently towards each other,

   Let’s maximize the friction between the hot r-ods.


“Yeah… I can’t… I am almost…”

“Same… I’m coming too”… When Type climaxed, his forehead was pressed against Tharn’s shoulder. Gulping in the fresh air, desiring a hot r-od.

As the body stiffens, with a ragged gasp, the body’s desire is released.

   Tharn’s grip quickens at the same time, until both hands are full of drenching relief.

   The slimy bodily fluids that come out.


   And within seconds, before he could even get his breath back, Type pushed hard.

   After Tharn’s body left him, his eyes were filled with a sense of anger, then sidled up behind the door, took off his wet clothes and threw them on the floor.

   “Wash my clothes while you’re at it!” Then took Tharn’s clean clothes quickly and put them and Type didn’t care if there was anyone out there, he just opened the door and went out. All Type wanted to do was to get out of Tharn space.

   Luckily no one was out there and he was still shaking from the s-xx.

   The chestnut’s body quickly returned to the dormitory. He didn’t look behind him, he didn’t care.

   Tharn was soaked to the skin. How does he get back?

   As soon as he stepped into the room, Type slumped to the floor and curled into a ball and then Tharn’s clothes were a little soaked, his hands were covering his cheeks, his knees were curled up.

“I’m fu*cked. I’m dead.”

Yeah, it’s really bad now.

   Type could only speak in a panicked voice, because he couldn’t deny the reality of what had just happened  

He was willing this time.

   “So sick of myself, so disgusting!”

   Yes, disgusting, I accepted Tharn touch and Tharn and I rubbed up against each other.

   The more Type followed my own inner thoughts, the more he hated myself and the more he thought about it the more he covered his cheeks with his your hands and kept telling yourself that.

   I’m not gay, I’m not! I’m not! I’m not!



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