Tharntype The Series, Chapter 12: Misfortune comes out of the mouth

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Chapter 12: Misfortune comes out of the mouth

Tharn took his own shower, picked up the clothes Type had left on the floor and washed them, then he threw a towel around his waist and went back to his room, carrying all his stuff. He was prepared for Type to avoid him no matter what, because he couldn’t face what had happened in the bathroom and he was determined to get closer to Type. But just now, he only wanted to k-iss him… Type was reluctant.

   If Type hadn’t been on fire, he probably wouldn’t have been willing to do that.

   Tharn bobbed his head, remembering that when he was about to touch Type’s mouth, which had been yelling at him, Type ducked out of the way, albeit just a little but when he saw Type’s face, he gave up on Type.

   Some people might think he’s mean but the truth is, he thinks k-issing is something you should do with the person you love. Previously, Tharn only k-issed people he was in a relationship with. So this time, when Type was so disgusted by his k-issing, he didn’t mind. But, for now Type was reluctant… But he’ll do it later.

   Tharn stood at the door of his dorm room with the lights off, muttering under his breath, “I told you so!” , he was prepared for the fact that his roommate would be avoiding him. Type had probably put his problems aside and gone to sleep without a care in the world.


“Yeah~ “


When he went to turn the handle… Type had locked the door. With both hands full of stuff, Tharn, wearing only a towel, frowned.” You’ve done it well!” Tharn said in a low voice. He found out that Type wasn’t just a habitual evader. He’d locked him out on purpose. He was concerned for the occupants of the next room, so he knocked softly.

“Type, open the door for me.”




Tharn didn’t expect him to answer the door, he locked it on purpose to keep him out. But he was calm enough to pick up Type’s uniform pants and look for the key, which was in his pants pocket and Type must have never got it out but fortunately it was still there. And when he pulled it out, his face… He looked terrible.

   Who isn’t angry, Type was teasing him, trying to get him to feed the mosquitoes outside all night.


   The bedroom door was slammed shut with a loud bang. Tharn turned around and slapped the switch with his hand but before he could turn to see the man lying on the bed, he noticed his wet clothes in a heap on his bed. He frowned in puzzlement. Well, even though he was wrong to do what he did to him, he took his clothes and put them on, so couldn’t he put them in the basket properly?!

   Now, having planned not to tease him after the bathroom today, Tharn turned his head to see the man lying with his back to him and then walked his long legs over to the side of the bed where he had wrapped himself in the blanket. Tharn had watched him many a night and he’d kicked the covers aside when he was asleep. So… he’s not asleep. He wasn’t asleep. So Tharn silently pondered, what he should do with the reclining man and he came to this conclusion  


“Goodnight Oh! Type”


If whispering in your ear doesn’t help, try a different phrase, which made Type, who was pretending to be sleeping, react.

“By the way… You had an org-sm!”

Boom! Boo!


And then he was hit by a punch in the stomach. Tharn, who wanted to retaliate against Type, screamed out in pain. Tharn almost crumpled to the floor in pain. And Type who was lying on the bed, lifted the covers, got up, sat up, smiled brightly and said, with great satisfaction.

“Don’t ever offend me again, because next time it won’t be just a punch.” Not just kidding, he raised his fist. As much as Tharn wanted to hit back, he had to grind his teeth and swallow due to the physical pain. This should be a punishment for forgetting what a vengeful man Type was. Before it was all about form but if Type was in a normal situation like this… It’s hard to get close to him, it seems.

Tharn was sitting on the floor in pain and saw Type lying on the bed again and I pulled the blanket over him, Tharn didn’t even have time to see my face. Tharn had no choice but to gently rub his stomach to ease the pain, after a while he felt better, then he said in a raspy voice.

“Then next time don’t come begging me to help you unwind.”

“Who asked you!”  came the exasperated voice from under the covers.

“Don’t you say what you don’t mean, you were in it too.”

“Bastrd!” Type couldn’t resist the temptation to speak sarcastically again. But he kept himself under the covers. Tharn gave up looking for trouble, quietly went to clean himself up and sat down on his stomach as if he was uncomfortable. Tharn don’t know if he was angry or amused but his eyes stared at him, still curled up in a little ball on the bed and round. His mind must have been racing.

   Tharn knew why Type didn’t say no to that kind of thing, which gave him the confidence to keep going and having come this far, he hadn’t thought about giving up. But every step that followed… Obviously, it’s going to be harder.

“Starting today, the team will be divided into groups……the freshmen will be split up and placed in three other groups.”

Now I’m thankful in my heart that Techno asked me to be on the football team, because after cheerleading practice, team practices became more and more frequent. Running, stretching. And all kinds of training for football, such as running and dodging, leg lifts, running over obstacles and other exercises. Every day was exhausting, so I could forget about Tharn for a while. Although he sometimes appears in front of me to remind me but I do not have the energy to care.

“So jealous of the seniors, I want to play ball!”

“If you want to play, you can still play but if you want to win, you need to have some basics, winning is not something as simple as what you are thinking for yourself with your small brain.” But it seems like Techno and I don’t see things the same way. Because ever since he found out there was no room for him to play, he’s been talking about it, so every day since I started training, I’ve heard him nagging at me so much that I’ve had to get mad at him.

“I understand that too but if you do that, you can say you’re not giving the new students a chance!”

“Yeah, that puts you on the field just playing around, wasting their time practicing for the game, the college football team, not junior high.”

“You’ll see, I’ll be captain from now on!”

“Do you want me to help you wake up from your dream?”

   This time he looked me in the eye and said in a muddy voice.

“You’ve been cussing at me since a while ago and what are you getting mad about.”

“…” Before the next words came out, I was silent for a moment.


“I’m sorry, this friend of yours is not an idiot, you’ve been silent for half a minute, that’s a lot of time to think… What happened between you and him?”

“No.”  I didn’t want to add to the trouble, so I chose to fool him and the image of a fragile hand in each other’s was in my mind again. But this time I asked myself very seriously… Why did I have feelings for him?

   I’m not gay, I don’t have feelings for guys and most importantly because I hate gay, that’s the most important reason of all.

   And, as I’d been telling myself over and over again since the s-xx, I was even more annoying than I’d been before, because it was so clear to me that I didn’t hate Tharn and I had to admit, it felt good to do it with him.

   But… I used to get this feeling of disgust when I saw gay and now that feeling has changed for everyone.

That’s what I’m afraid of… I have to consider that what has been happening all this time, what I’ve been believing for years, just because he alone has changed that, that Tharn has had an effect on me, an effect I don’t want to see at all.

   I never thought that this question, which had puzzled me so much, would be answered in the same afternoon.

   The question is… What’s different about my s-xuality now.

“Techno!! Oh my god! Oh my god, your friend is so handsome, looks delicious, oh my, his face is sweaty, he’s from the stadium, if I’m not mistaken!” I know Techno treats them as normal friends but Techno’s a very social person, he knows more than half the people in the school. So I wasn’t surprised that he knew people from other colleges. But one of them came and clung to his arm and looked at me with a little star in his eyes, which I really couldn’t appreciate.

I’m sorry but if a cute little girl had said that, or a pretty girl with a great body, no, if the person’s gender was female, I would have smiled back, because then they would have thought it was “handsome” and it would have made me arrogant. But now I can’t smile at all, because the person who tells me I’m handsome is… I’m gay.

   Stop! Don’t come judging me, calling me s-xist, because if I’m not allowed to call them gay, then what am I allowed to call them?

   I was disgusted to see two girls looking men in front of me who were wearing men’s uniforms but were wearing make-up, lipstick, chattering and speaking in shrill voices. To tell you the truth, the tone of her voice was really vulgar, she was touching Techno’s shoulder blades and legs very intimately and what’s worse, one of them was playing with Techno’s arm, which made me take two steps backwards.

   I ran away, I didn’t stop hating gays.

   To be honest, I don’t know what’s called a gay, a lesbian, or a transvestite, hmm! There’s no difference. But no matter what they are, as long as they’re all male. I just want to ask them to please leave me alone as someone who’s sick of gay. To put it bluntly, as long as they’re in plain sight, I don’t want to see them.

“Oh ho, I’m so sorry, Techno~ your friend is handsome. Aren’t you going to compliment me on my beauty?” Techno wiggled his head like a small child who wants a compliment. After hearing that I looked down at the tip of my shoe.

“I’d like to compliment you too”… One didn’t say anything, the other one answered.

“….” But boast not!

“Uh-huh, I’ll take care of my sister later.”

“Oh aah, you don’t tell me if you like k-issing but I’ll let get a taste of the hard stuff but after that, I’ll k-iss you”… And then, like she was a beautiful woman, her lips were on one side of Techno’s cheek, which gave me goose bumps. I don’t know how my best friend could accept that.

”…But k-issing is responsible to the end, it will leave my sister unconscious in bed!” There was a loud scream from his side. As for Techno, he acted like he was flirting. As for Techno, he acted like he was flirting.


“Fu*ck you, don’t touch my tits!!!!”

“Here, protect your breasts, you’re acting like an innocent child!”

   Right now I want to run as far away as I can and one of them is screaming and it’s like… Well, don’t get me started on that but all I know is that my ears were filled with screams. And the other girl had her hand up to her chest and was biting her lip. I looked at them with nervous fear. The other one went even further, twisting and turning, raising her hand to tap Techno’s shoulder. But Techno cleverly pushed him away.

   It doesn’t get any more horrible than this.

The man girl looked like she was about to pull Techno’s neck and k-iss him and said in a sharp voice, “Since we’re on fire, let’s not just light a little bit but shall we talk about it together tonight?” .

 If it wasn’t for the pitiful look on her face, then… Oh, shit!

“Oh aah, why are you squeezing my boobs so roughly!” Techno squeezed and played with them, causing the originally teasing school girl to cry out in a sharp voice, the tall and thin school girl turned her head to meet Techno’s eyes and then asked with a soft and sincere voice.

“Is this a breast, I think it’s large from the hormones, I thought it was a board… I’m in a bad mood after squeezing them!” Techno said that but he was still moving his hands up and down, which made me want to raise my hands to my temples.

“Why are you pinching me if it’s going to affect your mood!”

“Ow, if you don’t want me to pinch you, why are you still seducing me like this?”

“Damn, damn, damn, damn, how can you talk like that? If you know what’s good for you, pretend you didn’t hear it!” Techno laughed so hard that his voice trembled and once again he rubbed her so hard that she made a noise (I could have sworn he liked it) Techno told her with a cheap smile that he thought he was handsome.

“If I’m going to waste my time with your fake one, I think it’s better to find a real one.”

“Bi*tch, there’s no ivory in a dog’s mouth and you’re mocking me when I’m about to lose my boobs! You’re mocking me!!!”

“Techno, I’m leaving now.” In the meantime, I don’t want to stay here and listen to Techno flirt with these two seniors, so it’s better if I leave, they can do whatever they want but I don’t know how many goose bumps I get, just thinking about him coming on my arm. So it’s better to leave, they can do whatever they want but I’m getting goose bumps, just the thought of him coming on my arm makes me want to retreat.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a homophobic freak anyway.


“Don’t go yet, little brother!”

   Before he could say that, the most terrifying thing happened, the man who had his hand up on his chest flashed in front of me, grabbed me with his 180 degrees Celsius hand and smiled, thinking he was sweet. He blinked his eyes and came closer and closer to me, causing me to lose control of my face.

“Yeah, brother, my sisters are in charge of the ad campaign for our school’s ‘Youth Speak’ and right now, would it be okay if you took my brother’s picture and put it on your website? Give me your name, the school and you’ll be cheered on by the girls… You’ll get the support of the girls… Oh, I’ll scream and cheer for you too.”

   I can’t stand to stand here and just listen to him talk and then he raises his hand and touches my arm, so I don’t have time to duck and my face gets more and more serious, until it looks horrible. Only these two women (?)  who were determined to get photos and information from me, didn’t notice and were still bombarding me to get my consent.

“Sis, you go find someone else.” With my impatient voice. I moved out of the way, because the awful feeling I had before was back again.

   I’m telling the truth.

“Uh huh, sis, is Type handsome, go find someone else!” And Techno was trying to help me out, because he was probably the only one who saw that I hated gay and my face wasn’t right anymore.


“What, brother, don’t think too much… it’s just a picture… a picture!” Just, at that moment, the person who was holding Techno’s arm let go of him and came to hold my arm, so that Techno, who knew how much I hated gay and transvestites, was wide-eyed in shock.

“Sis, I wanted to say…”


“Get off me, you fa*ggot!!!!”

   The force with which I shook off the girl was the same as the force with which Techno raised his hand and slapped himself on the forehead. Techno came running as fast as he could to pull me to the side but the second she grabbed my arm, my patience was exhausted.

“Get away from me, you pervert, I’m sick of you, a good man who can’t be a man and a pervert who wants to be a woman, have pity on your parents, for having such a perverted child! You’re disgusting. I hate you with all my heart!” I turned to them and shouted at them. My expression was sharp and my eyes were fierce, it was scary. I didn’t care about their colorful, frightened faces, I only knew what I felt inside… It was disgusting.


“Ah… It’s the… Oh gee, what am I going to do”! Techno wailed out weakly.

“I’m a transvestite, so you think just because I am one I will just go on riding on your head, you idiot!” In an instant, she got angry and came at me. He looked like he was going to fight with me but Techno stopped him with his hand and separated me from her.

“Sis, sis, calm down. Calm down. I’ll apologize on behalf of my friend. He always says the same thing…”

“Fu*ck you Type!” Despite Techno’s efforts to help me, the guys behind him jumped up and cursed at me loudly. I turned around and left in the other direction but if it wasn’t for the fact that Techno was holding them in a tight circle, they would have wanted to come up again.

“Sis, calm down, calm down, calm down! Calm down! Calm down!!”

“I can’t calm down! You see your friend is s-xist, he’s an ass- bleep–hole and he calls me names. Why! You think I want to be like this! Even though I’m a transvestite, I’m a transvestite with dignity!”

“Sis, I apologize on behalf of my friend, calm down, sis.”

When no matter what, Techno couldn’t get out of the way, one of the seniors put down the tough words.

“Please tell your annoying friend, this won’t end like this, Techno!”

   I’m still bummed about Tharn and then the two sisters get in the middle of it.

   Techno is going crazy but before he does, Techno wants to file a petition to dispose of his relative first!!!

“Type, I’m begging you, go apologize to those two ladies, I’m begging you.”

“What’s going on in that tofu-head of yours, that I have to apologize to them for what I did wrong.”

In the dormitory room of the student hostel, Techno was pleading with his best friend to apologize to the two students I cussed yesterday afternoon and I’m sure he refused.

“I’m really worried about you, Type, I know you’re right but those two are famous in school and if they spread the word about this, you’re going to get your a*ss kicked by some demon inside the school.”

“Huh! If you think I’m scared, they can hit me and I’ll hit them back. Meh! I’m about to puke standing so close to me and they’re pulling my arm, damn, I’m getting goose bumps!” My disdain for them was evident and although my friends were worried sick, pulling my head around as much as they could, I wasn’t worried at all.

“Type, you’re at fault for this, what did the two sisters do to you, she’s right, what she did is her own business, did she bully you, if you’re going to mock her like that, although I’m your friend, I can’t take your side in this matter.” Despite Techno’s efforts to convince me, in this matter, I don’t want to hear any opinion.

“You don’t have to be on my side and where I went wrong, it was the two of them who came after me in the first place.”

“But they go and grab your arm and look and see that they’re just playing around!”

“But I feel disgusted!”

“Oh gee, why does an old capital have such a jerk of a friend like you, so many questions, prejudices, narrow-minded, it’s ridiculous, why does an old capital come to worry so much about you! Why should I be so worried about you!!”.

Techno really wanted to stop worrying about this friend.

   Yes, I didn’t know the impact of those two sisters would be so severe.


As soon as that thought occurs, Techno picked up the ringing phone and answered it.

“What do you want, I’m busy right now.” Techno picked up the phone impatiently, looking at his relative who was sitting on the computer but his attention was more focused on the voice coming from the phone, incredibly wanting to confirm again,.

“What are you talking about!!!”

I had a good look at him… Although Techno’s eyes were wide with shock… and he looked as if he was going to suffocate, I shrugged my shoulders   “Uh-uh-uh, thanks for calling to tell me.”


“Hey, I’m still playing.”

After Techno hangs up, he rushes over to me, grabs me by the shoulder and bullies me, then moves the laptop in front of him in a very unhappy mood, not caring about the owner’s little complaint.

“Hey, I already warned you.” It wasn’t long before Techno almost put his face to the screen, as if he was screaming with all his strength and then

Oh, shit.

“Oh aah, my head!”

“Ow, open your eyes and see what you’ve done!!!” I was still complaining about my head being pushed away from the computer and my friend was yelling at me angrily and I turned my head to yell back but also confused and I turned my head back to the computer screen to look at the page.

“This… What the hell!”

…just seeing it, I frowned and didn’t understand what my friend was saying but as I slowly scrolled down, I turned to look at Techno. As soon as I saw it, I frowned, I didn’t understand what my friend was saying but as I slowly scrolled down I couldn’t help but turn my head and look at Techno.

“Things are bad!!!”

“Yeah, shit, you’re screwed, I told you to go apologize to those two, how about it Type, it’s complicated!” Techno is complaining. Hand hammering at the computer, it’s almost broken and how can he not be so upset… The two schoolgirls have already made a pitiful and graphic description on the website.

     …The True Feelings Of The Two Transvestites…

The true feelings of the two transvestites… That’s the title.

   This is followed by the narrative of the past experiences of the two girls who started to realize that their bodies are male but their hearts are female. They are also miserable, asking questions like: what is wrong with them, what have they done to deserve such insults? At the end of the post there is a description of the reason for the post and a description of the victim, a man with a different s-sxxual orientation. I don’t know how many comments have been written but what is certain is that since it was posted an hour ago, the number of hits has skyrocketed and the number of shared times has reached 50%. Of the entire campus


“What’s up, Type, how do you feel now!!!! Did you see that? This post has 35,000 hits and I’m kindly reminding you that those hits are all from our school, so your life is going to be a disaster after this.” Again, Techno’s words of advice were very persuasive. But it just made me, a very calm person, shrug my shoulders.

“So what, it’s just two human demons biting at each other over a trivial matter and then it’s all over.” I didn’t even care about it, I didn’t feel the effect of what the two girls said. Techno, who was worried sick about me, couldn’t breathe.

“Yeah, if that’s what you want, be my guest and suffer for it but I’d like to give you a little warning, if they get out, with your intelligence, you should be able to see where this is going!!!” Finally, Techno gave up trying to persuade me to apologize. Then, he directly told me not to ask for his help if I encounter any difficulties in the future.

   After that, he couldn’t wait to get out of my dorm room and he ran into Tharn, who was going back to his room.

“What is up?”

“Idiot, I don’t know. Ask your roommate!!!”  Tharn frowned at the answer but when he entered the room, he saw his roommate staring at the computer screen with a sad look on his face. So he chose not to ask, because of the look on Type’s face… And he probably won’t answer properly, he’ll probably just ask in vain (like a fist on cotton)


   – So, who is that man, sister  

   – Sister, don’t think too much…

   – Sister, don’t think too much. You are not at fault. It’s that guy who’s at fault  

   – Sister, calm down… Sister, calm down, there are too many narrow-minded people nowadays, most of them have ugly faces, bad character, he might be a pervert, so sarcastic sisters, sisters support you, give you confidence    

   – Hey! To be honest, I’m straight too but I can’t accept when these bigots assault LGBT, he’s a real ass- bleep–hole. I’ve got friends who are gay and transgender and their temperaments are a lot better than mine  

   – Who is he, sis? Who is he, sis? I’ll beat him up for you.

   – Tell me who it is and I’ll go to the college and stomp his face in  

  – This is the opinion of some of the users on the page, after two days of the whirlpool controversy, someone dug up a picture of a boy in a school uniform with his eyes closed and uploaded it, with his college, grade and name. Needless to say, many of the Avengers already knew… Who it was.



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