Tharntype The Series, Chapter 14: The little sprout of awkward emotions!

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Chapter 14: The little sprout of awkward emotions!

“Is there anything little brother wants to say to his sisters, it’s that one’s best friend isn’t it?”

In a corner of the administration office, the two girls looked at the white and slender young man in front of them with their arms wrapped around their chests. The handsome face made the two of them feel at a loss for words, the situation was very awkward. But when they realized that the man in front of them must know Type, they looked at him with suspicious faces.

Yeah, well, for what it’s worth, I’m guessing that Type wants to beat them to a pulp.

Tharn said sincerely: “I would like to ask the seniors to listen to my thoughts first.”  In his heart, he wanted to catch up with that awkward guy and even though he didn’t do much, he still wanted to help him, which was better than letting things go on like this.

“What is it?”  the two sisters responded with a little provocation. But the good thing was that they still looked ready to listen to him, which made him take a deep breath.

“I’m gay.” That made the two of the sisters stare at each other in shock. In the next second, they nodded to each other to make sure they had heard correctly.

“Just… I see… So how do you manage to stay around that lunatic! He hates fags, he hates transvestites, right? Or doesn’t he hate gay.” Tharn listened and shook his head in denial and said sullenly.

“No, she doesn’t like any of the types that she’s talking about.” At this point the two sisters looked at each other, they now began to realize that Tarn was saying something very important. Tharn, who understood at once, went on to say, “So a gay like me and a Type who hates gay are in the same room together.”

“OMG! The sky is falling! Can you survive that, freshie?” The schoolgirls clapped their hands on their chests in surprise and walked towards him curiously and then Tharn relaxed and smiled when he saw that they were interested in what he was saying.

“It was almost like trying to get rid of him at first but if you tried to get to know him, you’d see that Type wasn’t a bad guy. He’s a very nice guy, even though he’s very prejudiced and he can be very bad sometimes. But if the sisters get to know him, they’ll see that he’s a good person to get to know. I’m not asking you to see his true feelings. It’s something else…” Tharn paused in silence as he was torn between his feelings.

“I like him!”

“Oops, like a bolt from the blue!!! What are you talking about, brother, you like that, that…”

What she said after that, she couldn’t say. She could only point her finger in the direction of Type’s disappearing figure, her eyes widening in shock. They all looked at Tharn, who had told them that he liked Type and Tharn then said.

“Yes, I liked him and I’m willing to admit that I forced myself on him.”


Before lowering his head, Tharn nodded in acknowledgment.

“The reason he hates gay so much is because of me. I know he doesn’t like gay, he’s not like us but I’m pushing myself on him anyway, because I can’t control how I feel about him. He didn’t feel that strongly about gay before but because of me, he was mocking the two sisters… Did you go up to Type that day?” The two girls looked at each other, then nodded.

“Yeah, yeah~ Parn pulled him the other day, looked like a friend of Techno’s, thought we’d have a little fun.”

They admitted to pulling Type, which made Tharn smile.

“Yeah, if the seniors hadn’t pulled him, just like I didn’t sneak up on him, he wouldn’t have said that. So if the seniors want to find the one who did it wrong, this thing should be my fault, not Type’s.”

“But you didn’t do anything wrong, you weren’t the one who mocked us!” The two schoolgirls argued.

Tharn immediately retorted, “Then if Type deliberately mocked the homophobic pervert who kept talking about it, when in fact it was I, not you two, who was yelling at him, then Type did nothing wrong.”


This time, both of them were silent and could not speak at all. Tharn immediately continued.

“Sister, we don’t want to be afraid of anything. So think about it, Type told me that the day you went to get him, was to get his picture, that should have pushed Type’s bottom line and without asking why he hates you so much, you put his picture on the website. We all have our own reasons, try to put yourself in his shoes…” Tharn listed all the reasons, so that the two seniors could understand. Because he knew how this would end and perhaps the key was these two girls.

To make sure Type wasn’t ridiculed and insulted and to make sure everyone looked at him in a friendly way.

“For example, those who like to take pictures of passengers who lean on poles on trains and post them on their website so they can be cussed. Do the people who took the pictures to know why those people are leaning on the pole, they might have been working all day, or maybe the whole carriage is empty, isn’t it the same with Type and the two seniors? You’re angry, you’re angry, I understand but if Type really wanted to bother you, he could have filed a complaint and asked for compensation for his mental anguish.”

The two girls who were listening bit their lips, then asked.

“Are you going to say this whole thing is our fault?”

“I’m not saying who’s at fault, I’m just trying to let the sisters know my point of view and I know you didn’t think it would come to this but I’m saying that the people who are at fault are the ones who didn’t know any better and they’re the ones who made it worse… Let’s end this and I apologize on behalf of Type, because the reason you want to punish him is because of me, not him.”

Tharn said sincerely. He didn’t know if he could change his sister’s mind, it wasn’t right or wrong in this case. Because in his opinion, both of them are at fault. Type was too impatient, Tharn understood him but the two girls did it out of anger. The real wrongdoers were the keyboard players who came in and let the two sides fight it out.

Then, Tharn put his hands together in a pleading pose.

“I apologize for him, I’m begging you both, not to continue. Your school life is no better now.” After that, Tharn turned around and left.

Tharn doesn’t know if he’s got it all together but he’s done what he can. And there was no mention of Type’s past.

“What did you go and say to those two?”

Back in the dorm room, I don’t know if it’s because he went to talk to the two girls or what. Tharn sensed that Type was angry with him. But Type looked at him with an aggressive look and a look that wanted to come up and grab him by the neck, so Tharn knew that Type was angry with him but a few hours later, Type came to his bedside and said in a heavy voice.

“What?” Tharn is confused, takes off one side of his headset. Looks up at the person standing over his bed and hands him the phone screen.

“Why would they apologize to me?”

“Eh?” Tharn, who was lying down listening to music, sat up in a flash, took off his earphones and tossed them aside. Puts the phone on, looks at the screen.

   For what has happened, we swear by the heavens, the earth and the sea, that we will apologize to the student.

   “Techno sent it to me, I can’t believe it, what kind of drama is this. Before that he insulted me publicly, treated me like a murderer. And then apologized to me soon after. They’re calling for compassion and all that.” Type said in an irritated voice, while Tharn was going over the long, full statement on his phone.


     … People of goodwill, stop it, stop it. Our country is in chaos and if we continue to argue like this, our country will be too. Please stop. Don’t let the people behind this cause discord. They have a lot of ideas.

   I’d like to give you a full and complete answer to the recent drama. The two of us would like to apologize for letting it turn into a bloody idol drama, which started out as an attempt to spread the word but some people with bad intentions brought it into a mess. That’s why we’re publishing this article to let you know the truth.

   We communicated with the person we were criticizing (don’t name names, it was already a big problem for the students) and both of us were willing to admit our mistakes. What happened on that day is a matter of opinion (although some of us have the words that show the size of our brain, that’s all!) We shouldn’t have brought my brother’s case here, he was wrong for not being friendly, we both know the truth. It’s because he’s got something on his mind too and we just went along without looking at him. So that’s why we got it wrong. It’s like having a stomach ache and not being able to go to the bathroom. I want to poke and prod the person who’s holding me back. That’s normal. That’s why we both really want to apologize to him.


“It’s really working!” Seeing this, Tharn muttered to himself. Looking up at the creepy, staring Type, who was staring at him.

“What did you go and say to those two banshees!”  Type’s questioning tone grew brutal, causing Tharn to turn slightly pale as he listened.

“Be careful what you say too, you don’t care about what happened not long ago do you?”


“What the hell did you tell them, you told them about my childhood? Why else would those two mad dogs come to pity me!!!” Type grabbed Tharn by the collar, looking like he was going to give him a hard time. Tharn calmly took hold of Type’s hand.

   It’s not surprising that Type would feel this way, Type has also asked for help to calm down the situation. After trying all kinds of methods, they are still convinced that they did nothing wrong but now they are willing to show him sympathy and even post a new post to show that they are willing to let him go, which means that they must have known something and that’s why they are saying this.

   It’s not surprising, then, that Type would assume that Tharn took the story of his childhood to them.

“I warned you, you should be careful what you say, too. You can yell at me, I’m not angry but not everyone can put up with your harsh words, Type… If you had kept your cool, this wouldn’t have happened.”  Tharn felt the grip on his collar tighten but looked up at Type with sincerity.

“It’s good that they’re willing to step in and sort this out and clear it up for you.”

Type was still struggling because he can still see that Tharn doesn’t want to tell him the whole story. The person who was talking to him a second ago is now looking down at his phone. The rest of the story is a long one – please have some compassion and make the whirlpool stop. The fact that they are not being pushed any further means that the two girls are willing to stop this.

   If those who lead will end it, those who follow will end it. There may be remnants of soldiers who like to bring pain to others who are struggling for sympathy but it’s slowly coming to an end.

   If those two schoolgirls remain silent and Type also chooses to remain silent, what else can those troublemakers talk about!

“Don’t worry, I didn’t tell them about you.”

“So what’s this about?”  asked Type in a gruff voice. Tharn pushed his hand away that was tugging at his collar and slowly looked up to meet his eyes.

“I told those two seniors that I liked you.”


The next moment, Type’s pupils dilated and he looked at Tharn as if shocked. Tharn smiled more realistically than before. Slowly leaning towards Type, he took his hand and pulled him towards him, as if they were k-issing.

   Boom! Boo!

   Type threw his hand away so hard that the reaction caused Type’s entire body to take a few steps backwards, his leg hitting the table behind him with a loud noise. But he still stared at Tharn defiantly.

“What are you talking about na!!” Tharn shrugged his shoulders after hearing his questioning and said with a relaxed look.

“I just told the girls that the reason you hate gay so much is because I’m gay and tried to force it on you and you don’t dislike us and you don’t dislike gay with make-up and I told them you’re lucky you didn’t go to the police. That’s all! The two seniors probably think you’re right, so let it go.”  Tharn unclasped his hands and told Type but Type just stared at him like he didn’t believe him.

“Is that all?”

“Yeah!”  he replied, slowly relaxing Type, who had been keeping his body tense. Now Type probably thought that his claim of liking him, was just a way to deceive someone so he could help him.

“How much better is that reason?”  until he heard Type’s murmur after taking a deep breath and Tharn, watching him, felt as happy as if the fog had lifted from his heart.

Anyway, Type’s frown was finally lowered.

“Let me ask you a question.” Tharn hesitated to ask. Type, who had opened up a little, sat on the bed and looked at him,

“Why don’t you report it to the police, because if anyone meets you, they won’t get away with it, they’ll make them pay?”

“….” Type became momentarily silent, not because he was trying to avoid the question, he was just organizing what he wanted to say.

“Because of what happened when I was 12 years old.”


   This time it’s Tharn who’s flummoxed. If the answer was going to open up Type’s wounds, Tharn didn’t want to know. But this time, Type didn’t look as desperate as before.

“That’s when my dad called the cops to see if the guy got his comeuppance but the press got wind of it. I didn’t want to report it just because I’d already tried, heh! That’s what the reporters said about me then, poor kid. They were asking a lot of questions, constantly bothering a 12-year-old kid who was already broken inside, just for a news article.” Type told him calmly about the situation.

“Because of all the damn reports, everyone in the country knew what I was going through and I didn’t want to go out for months, because I didn’t want anyone to keep asking – are you okay, kid? It’s really pathetic, yo, it’s really pathetic…” What am I supposed to do, you priests, if you want to ask how it feels why don’t you go and try it yourselves, so you don’t have to go on and on and on about me?

   It’s not just that he was assaulted before that made him what he is, it’s that it was reported to the police afterwards that hurt him so much.

“If anyone wants to know what the press will say about going to the police, the injuries and nightmares that will follow… I should know better. It’s the same this time, if I go to the police, if it spreads, I might get the satisfaction of seeing them panic but then what happens…? I’d be caught in the middle of it, too. That’s enough! I’m going crazy just doing this.” Tharn was happy that Type was able to talk to him, even if he didn’t want to talk to anyone about his feelings now but only to Techno, Tharn didn’t dwell on it.

Then Type took a deep breath, rubbed his hair heavily with his lower hand and leaned his head back against the bed.

“Why does my life have to revolve around fu*cking homos-sxxuals.” Tharn would’ve been pissed off at Type for saying such a bigoted thing but knowing what he knew, he understood that Type was right to hate gay. Because he’d never been around a gay man who’d brought him any happiness in his life but   “I have something to tell you.” Tharn said slowly. He made Type, who was sitting on the bed, look up a little and wait for him to continue. Clenching his fists, Tharn only hesitated before making up his mind.”… I told those two that I liked you…”

“Uh, why!”

“I meant what I said.”


Leaning on his side with his neck craned up against the bed, Type instantly sat up straight, his eyes averted to his, disbelief in his eyes. Tharn merely smiled at him, his once cold eyes now as friendly as the first time they had met.

“You heard me right, I think I like you.” After that Tharn took the headphones and put them on, not caring about how serious Type was asking, because he knew very well that Type would not be able to reciprocate his feelings. Tharn just wanted to tell Type directly that he liked him and what he was going to do in the future… was not just cause he wanted to tease him.

   He really likes Type!


“Type… type… that is, Tharn likes you, right?”


“Cough, cough, cough, cough… Eggs… Cough cough…”

Type, who is sitting next to him, is having soup and instantly got scared and spewed soup all over the table. Techno runs up to him and asks this question, making him want to gag him with his own stinking foot. The person who asked the question sat right next to him and looked at him with an incredulous face.

“Ahem, you’ve got to be kidding me, ahem… I’m scared to death of this soup.”

“Don’t change the subject, I heard it from the two sisters.”

“What else did you hear?” Type wiped the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand, what his roommate told him yesterday, he had a lot of questions in his head that he didn’t say.

He likes me… That bastard Tharn, that’s impossible.

No matter how you think about it, Type thinks it’s impossible. Before that, I had cussed him so much, hated him so much. He’s done it so many times he’s been on his feet. Although Tharn likes guys, how can he be sure he doesn’t like every guy’s ass, so how can he say he likes me.

As a result, even Type didn’t believe in it and Techno didn’t believe in it any more.

“Just what the two seniors told me, they clarified that they weren’t afraid you’d go to the police, ask for damages or anything like that. It’s just that Tharn went to the seniors and asked them not to punish you. He also told them that he loves you very much, deep down in his bones and told them that it was his fault and not yours for mocking them.”

“What does he have to do with it?”  Type was puzzled after hearing that.

It’s none of Tharn’s business if I yell at them, since my mouth and his can’t be mixed up. Just think about it.

“Yeah but the seniors were convinced that Tharn said he liked you, and he tried to force himself on you, Type, so it’s not surprising that a straight guy like you would say you were afraid to get close to gay, even though you’d get back at them and you’d be sarcastic about it. Tharn sincerely said that it was his fault that you hate gay, so if you want to do something, if you want to vent your anger, please punish him.”  Type frowned at his friend, who immediately nodded and said that the information he had sent was true.

“Don’t look at me, I’m confused too. Why would Tharn go to such lengths for you? So it’s plausible. He really likes you. Hey! How could he like you, you’re the one who’s been yelling at him all the time and doing everything in your power to get him out of the dormitory….”

“So you’re here to mock me!” Type’s words immediately made his friend behave himself. Type picked up his bowl and went to the dishwasher. He looked like he didn’t want to talk to his friend, even though he was still talking to himself   “So how could it be!”


Type looked at his friend with his eyes and said in a deep, resentful voice.

“If you ever ask a question like that again without thinking, next time tell me in advance, I’ll gag you with a sock.” The way he was looking for trouble made Techno raise his hand and shrug his shoulders, indicating that he wouldn’t do it again. He took a deeper breath but soon he was muttering to himself.

“It’s unbelievable that Tharn would fall in love with you anyway. It’s impossible! He’s so scared every day. I really feel sorry for him!”

He’s implying to himself, that he can hear you pretty well with both ears. That’s what he thinks.

Or is it actually from when he got sick, that’s unlikely, I even yelled at his parents, is he looking for abuse, ha-ha!


Type keeps asking himself the same question, whether what his roommate told him is true or just a joke. Techno told himself that Tharn went to apologize and told them that it was all his fault, he never mentioned anything about his childhood, that’s why he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Why he got himself into this mess.

“It’s because you like me!”  Type whispered once more as he remembered what Tharn had said yesterday.

   And, whether it’s true or not, the two seniors have made their situation better by speaking out. Now I don’t hear people calling me mean anymore.


“How’d it go? You went to a group class today.”

When I walked into my room, someone who wasn’t supposed to be in my room started chatting with me and when I turned around, I saw Tharn lying on his side behind a thick textbook.

“It’s none of your business.” It wouldn’t be me if I could answer properly but I asked him anyway.

“Why have you been back so early lately?”

Since the fight, when did he come back so early? He stays late in the practice room every day, so why would he come back and disturb me now?

   After I asked that question, Tharn glanced at me and asked me back with a smack.

“Worried about me?”  Tharn asked me back with a flick of his eyebrows. I answered… I answered him very politely with a raised middle finger.

“Oh, it’s midterms. I don’t work hard enough and now I’m here on a whim.” Tharn’s a jerk who has the nerve to laugh at me, so I’m just saying that I’m mad at him. I don’t know if it’s just been on my mind lately, or if it’s just Tharn’s back. Because I don’t think he’s really mad at me right now when I’m mad at him.

   Why do you want to think that since you cried on his chest, that things changed? Why did you tell him that?

   And, as much as I tried to talk myself out of it, deep down, I knew why I was willing to tell him what had happened.

“I’m sure you’re not wrong.”

That’s what shook me up, even to the point of telling him everything and if he hadn’t stopped me first, I might have said everything… The last thing I wanted to talk about.

   When I had the answer in my mind, I put my things on the bed. I did what I do every day… First thing I did when I got back to my room was to take a shower.

“Yeah, I bought you dinner.”

“I ate.” Before I left the bedroom, I told him clearly in a low voice but Tharn just shook his head.

“It’ll be a midnight snack.” This time I turned and looked at Tharn, not quite understanding the question.

“Why are you doing this?”

   It’s goosebumps to say the least, even though after he told me he liked me, he didn’t force me and the things he did before, he didn’t do again after he found out about my past. But… Why is he treating himself so horribly!

   Tharn met my gaze and then his answer gave me goose bumps.

“Treat those you like with all your heart… What’s wrong with that?”

“Get out of here~!!!” Even though I asked him the question first, I couldn’t help but yell at him. After that, I left the room with small steps, my thoughts complicated.

   If I had heard that before, I would have thrown my fist at the guy who said he liked me. But now I’m worried too… I don’t like gay… but I don’t feel disgusted when I hear that.

   This should only work on Tharn, too, huh?


   So, the baby, who had already left the bedroom, I returned again and walked at a brisk pace over to Tharn, who was lying down.

“I’m asking you seriously, you must want something for helping me like this.” My serious tone took Tharn’s eyes off the book and gazed at me, then Tharn smiled.

“If I want something, will you give it to me?”

“Don’t joke with me.” When I finished my indignant speech, Tharn answered me seriously and sincerely.

“I want you to sleep with me.”




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