Tharntype The Series, Chapter 15: The law of being genuine

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Chapter 15: The law of being genuine

“…I want you to have s-xx with me!”

“I’m not going to do it!”

   If you’re asking me how I’m feeling right now, it’s not hard to answer… Think I want to go up to him and punch him in the face and then kick him to death… But

   I can sum up what he did before. He helped me, he put up with me, he did it for me.

   Running backward and forwards, just to fu*ck me.

   Whoever said gays are separate people, they are all the same!!!

“You’re dreaming…”

“I’m just kidding!!”


I wanted to go up to him and punch him in the face with clear intent. While I was   When he’s determined, Tharn, who’s lying on his back, looks up and smiles… With a smile I said,

“The expressions are even better than I thought they would be!”

“Tharn, you don’t joke around too much. What do you want?”

I just stopped my attempt to rush, provokingly, and looked at him with a warning. And with a warning look on my face.

He, like, said that if he ever made a joke like that again, I wasn’t going to stop this time and also   He’ll be in the hospital for two or three nights. My seriousness has made Tharn   Close the textbook you’re reading.

“Actually, I was just kidding…” I take a deep breath and adjust myself, forgetting to think about it.

Why would I let myself believe that he’s not just a guy I thought I’d sleep with?

Relieved after the pass, before fired anything back, Tharn’s voice was sincerely hoarse as he continued.

“… But that’s what I really think.”

“What are you talking about?” I tried to keep myself calm when I heard that, because   I don’t want to be the little fool he teases. He was just about to jump out of his skin laughing.

“I want to sleep with you and that’s the truth… Don’t get mad, just hear me out.” Cool.

I take a deep breath, put my arms around my chest and act like I’m listening to the big guy.

“But not now.”


“I told you, didn’t I? I like you.” I looked him in the eye,

   The look on his face when he heard it was awkward but… The whole heartbeat was off by a beat.

“It’s because I like you that I’m talking to you directly, so you can watch I’ll do everything I can to get you to think of me. And you’re a guy, so you should know what as a man I wan tot do with someone we like… I’m just telling you in a nutshell, If you ever let your guard down against me… be careful.”

“I’m not going to sleep with you.”  I told him, screaming. And all of me was.

   He took a few steps back, put up a 10-meter wall between them.

   Tharn could only sigh.

“I knew it, that’s why I told you it was a joke.”

“So why did you help me.” Tharn looked me right in the eye and raised his eyebrows at me,

As if you didn’t know. Seeing him like this, gritting your teeth, feeling self-conscious   I’m being played for a fool like he just did. But I’m still confused, I’m still confused, I’m still confused.

Why would he come to help me when he’s such a terrible person? So ask him: “Tharn, why are you interfere with my business?”

“The same answer.”


“What’s the matter with you, if I answer, you get angry…  To be clear about one thing, I want you to have s-xx with me, which means I want to have s-xx with you.”

Question, what would people do together, because I’m not in some fantasy perfect world.

   A man in the middle will tell you that it’s enough just to be together, that there won’t be any xxx until you get married, just holding hands… And Thai law doesn’t officially allow man-to-man s-xx.

“So I’m not going to wait forever to see when we get together. I’d like to touch you here and there.” Tharn’s tone of voice grew more sincere. His honesty makes me feel   Words can be said.

   For what he said, there are a few other things I can accept and understand,

   But what I can’t understand… Mostly  is.

   Tharn told me that he did all this because he wanted to go out with me, he was trying to win my heart? Or does he really just want to sleep with me.

“You’re done, right? I’m going to read my book.” And then he left me with nothing else.

He was lying on his back, holding his heavy book and reading. I was going to dig

But his attitude was clear.

“Looking at me like that, are you fascinated by me?”

   Go to hell!

   I just thought about it and then I walked out of the room in a huff. I silently returned.

   Remembering the past that I don’t really want to remember.

   The bastard who gently hugged me and comforted me and apologized to me disappeared.

   Where did he go!

   Sometimes, I might prefer to see Tharn like that.

   I love you!

   I love you!

   I love you!

“Oops! Can’t read the book at all!”

It’s been two days since midterms at school and everyone is bowing down before them.

The children of the science faculty in particular, meanwhile, the gymnasium   The kids at the hospital are not immune. But I’m definitely one of the exceptions, not because   It’s too late to read but it’s because… I was distracted.

There’s always voices hovering in my head. Stop it!

“I must not be able to read if I’m distracted like this!” Finally I threw the textbook on the bed.

And then, for a moment, I look at the old ceiling above me and then my eyes wander slowly… Look to the empty bed next to it.

   After our conversation that day, Tharn, everything was normal. Normal is not normal.

   It’s normal again. It’s like it’s back to the way it was before the dot-com crash, only it’s not.

   It’s just that… He doesn’t force me like he did before. I tried to convince myself that it was because it’s exam time but I’m worried about him anyway.

“I hate gays!” I told myself aloud but sighed a little later.

“But now I don’t hate him!”

   I knew all along that if I continued to be angry like this… it is as if I’m sick of something, I’m going to have a hard time with the hating. Because in any way you look at it, I can’t even ignore the existence of one of them, if I am still trying to make myself normalize…

   I hate, I hate gays, but with this hate not only will my student life be terrible but I’ll have a job and then I’ll have to go to the society and such people are many in the grown-up world, and if the department leader is gay, I will have a hard time.

   And it will just be me, not the people I hate.

“I want to be like Techno too!” Techno can be friends with anyone. No he gets along well with people of all genders. Sometimes I envy him but inside my heart rejects people who come into it.

“What do I have to do? So I can change… Go back in time and change that 12-year-old. Is that a thing? Heh!” I asked myself and got no answer that satisfied me,

Close my eyes and try not to think about the things that are bothering me and trying to concentrate on learning.

….but… Phew!

“Erase the past!” In the meantime, my lying self sits up in a flash my face scrunched up, reminiscing about the past few months.

“I have to erase the past!” I told myself aloud.

Yeah, for a few days after I stopped keeping it to myself and said I don’t want more nightmares. And most importantly… And most importantly… no more touching gay’s body and feeling sick to death of it.

   The answer to that question is that man… Tharn!

   Tharn has kept me from having nightmares, he’s allowed me to talk about the past,

   The most important thing was that I could be reach org-sm under his hands and lips. The answer is simple.

   Single and right next to you, the one you slept with.

“You like me, don’t you!” That’s when I smirked. I turned around and brought my textbook back to read,

   Because I know what I’m going to do.

   The answer is to like what my Tharn said!

   Afterwards, mid-term examinations were held for freshmen who were still unfamiliar with the school’s examination system.

   But for me, when contrasted with what I’m about to do.

   It doesn’t matter anymore.

“Don’t go home this Saturday, I have something to tell you.”

On the last day before the test, I told Tharn. Tharn had a question mark on his face.

   Turn around and look at me and all I’ll say is… We’ll talk after the exam.

   So, Saturday morning, after waking up from my nap, I got up as usual.

   Clean yourself up, take a shower, brush your teeth, go downstairs to buy a meal for my roommate who returned drunk last night.

“Get up and eat!” Back to the bedroom and with small steps I went to the still sleeping man and kicked him awake on the side, kicked him until he tilted his head up and asked.

“What time is it?”

“Ten o’clock.” I turned to open the rice onto a plate, Tharn frowned with a face like he wasnt fully awake.


“Mine?” Tharn couldn’t believe his ears,” he asked me. I had no choice but to shrug.

“If you don’t eat it, I’ll take it to the dogs outside.”

“Are you all right, Type!” Tharn took a deep breath. Got up and went to the small balcony to wash.

It was only when I touched the cold water and then heard the person behind me talking, that I felt the brain slowly waking up.

“This is the first time I saw you blind drunk.”

“The senior invited us to the restaurant where he’s singing… So he bought us drinks.” Tharn said and then he rinsed his mouth with water, wiped his face off and went back to his room and did it.

At his own side of the table, looking up at the man sitting diagonally across from him on the bed.

“You have something to tell me.”

“Let’s finish our food first.” I’m running away from what I’m going to say, because… I am starting to hesitate.

   Have you made up your mind? Type… I’ve been asking myself that a million times but deep down I knew that I had a clear answer.

   Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get rid of this problem once and for all?

   When I got the same answer again, I just sat back and watched as Tharn took the plate and put it on the table.

   I finished my meal. Afterward I sat down on the floor, staring at Tharn, who was faintly blue today.

   Whiskers on the chin.

   Being a hybrid, his beard grows much faster than mine.

“What’s the matter, you won’t let me go home.” Tharn was the first to speak after dinner.

Tharn couldn’t guess what Type was trying to say. Tharn’s words silenced him.

Once he confirmed the answer to your heart one last time and Type then take a deep breath.

“Make love to me!”

“What are you talking about?”

Tharn’s pupils widened in surprise at this and he asked in a low, and me having made up my mind, I spoke again.

“Go to bed with me… I don’t want to owe you.”

“You owe me something?” In response to my tempting offer, Tharn looked twice at me there and didn’t believe a word I said, which made me feel a little bad inside.

Why are you so nosy? Was it hard for you to accept my offer?

“You’ve helped me many times, haven’t you?” He was a nuisance but when he saw   When Tharn gave me an incredulous look, I spoke up anyway.

“I’ve thought about it and I don’t want to be in your debt but if you ever come to me with this out of nowhere what about me? So, I’ll sleep with you once and then its over.  I’ll pay you back what I owe you! I’m telling you now in no uncertain terms, no matter what you do. Try as you might, I’m not even going to be with you. It’s better to do this now than to worry about when you’re gonna fu*ck me, why don’t I just volunteer to sleep with you once and that’s the end of it… Isn’t that better?”

It’s a grand phrase that comes out of my mouth but I’m doing it all for myself.

   If I can cure my hatred of gay by sleeping with him, it’ll be worth it.

   I want to try it, I’m a man anyway, so there’s not much to lose. Even if I didn’t.

   It’s good to be able to cover up past traumas, too.

   Tharn has made me forget my nightmares several times. This time it must be okay.


“You told me yes, because… you want to pay me back for what I owe you!”

“Yeah.” My voice trailed off and Tharn looked at me with narrowed eyes.

“Who said he’d never sleep with me.”

“Bastard! I told you, just once, consider it a mercy.” Indeed,

It wouldn’t be me if I could answer properly, I smiled and asked proudly.

“Or don’t you.” I thought the man in front of me would say yes right away but Tharn   Looked at me with a pensive face, then asked again.


“Yeah, once, it won’t happen again!” I answered him firmly. Tharn nodded in agreement.

After that, he got up slowly to wash the dishes and asked by the way.

“So you top or I top.”

   After I heard that, I was confused and then my brain got it and I looked at the dishes.

   Tharn’s broad back, my head was thinking fast.

   If I top, I’ll have to k-iss him, top him and I’ll come in him.


   I feel like I have goosebumps all over my body, just thinking about my little Type entering a man’s posterior, a wave of nausea spurts out, hands drenched in sweat.

   Wet, can’t even ask me if I really want to do this but because it’s something that’s been going on since so I said and I had to say it through my teeth.

“You’re the top… I just want to lie down.”

   I said out loud, psychologically and with fear. It was the same fear as 12 years ago.

   Fear is the same, the heart beats hard. I keep telling myself, I’ve grown up and I have to keep your deepest fears at bay, to keep convincing yourself that it’s just s-xx,

   It’s only half an hour thing, just let him in. It’s no more than a small hour anyway.

   It got worse.

   The good result is that you enjoy it, the bad result is just… It’s disgusting.

   Only for half an hour.


   The plastic plates are placed on the rack, Tharn sets them down, turns around and holds the dishes with both hands.

   On the edge of the pool, with his hips resting on the plaster panel at the outer edge, Tharn’s mouth was full of smiles.

“Yeah, I was going to tell you, I… I’m only the one who leads….”

I asked myself again, Have you made up your mind?

“Are you ready?”

“Bastard, are you going to dwell on this for long? I’ve been waiting all day for your decision.

It’ll only take a second!” At the moment in my room with Tharn, the table has been moved to the door,

   The bedding was spread out and on the bedding there was a whole box of condoms and lube.

   Is that enough for one bottle? There’s ice in the bottle and we’re all sitting here in our underwear in bed.

   When Tharn asked again, I was impatient and dislike him.

   I told him this morning and I’ve been struggling with it ever since.

“I’ll be done in a minute. Most of the people in the dorm room have gone home by now. If we do not do it in this weekend and there won’t be any time that was good.” I can say I’ve given it a lot of thought and all I can say is it has to be today. Since everyone’s gone home after the exams, most of the dorm rooms are empty, tomorrow they will be coming back one by one. All this to keep a lid on things, we have to do it now

Yes! It’s perfect.

“You know, you can’t rush this kind of thing!”

“It’s like doing it with a girl… ramping through her insides over and over again, letting off steam then it’s over.” Tharn raised his eyebrows at that and put W1, the stubborn man on the bed.

“Is that what you did when you slept with your ex-girlfriend?”

“Yeah!”  my impatient reply made Tharn’s face darken a little.

“Then I’ll show you today that there’s more to this than just constant aggression and lust.” As soon as the speech was over, Tharn slowly fell on top of me but I was now   The look in his face and the look in his eyes, it’s not even obvious that he’s having s-xx, because at this moment   I was the one with the little look of death on my face, urging Tharn to start. Until Tharn’s body came in closer.

“I don’t k-iss!” I made the offer but Tharn shot back as well.

“I’m not going to sleep with someone who won’t let me k-iss him.”



   Next, I, who had said no to k-issing, pulled Tharn’s neck down and I took the initiative, offered my lips to him. I’m not the type to keep my lips closed like an innocent girl. I opened my lips voluntarily and stretched out my t-ongue to seduce Tharn.

   This behavior made Tharn even more confused as to why I’m doing this willingly. But for the sake of not losing the wisdom of a veteran lover. He didn’t ask

   If Tharn is after someone……no one can escape from him.

   Take it in… flick… T-ongue in and the next thing you know, we were sucking on each other’s lips and what was once a fight is now a t-ongue-lashing.

   The sound of the voice is replaced. The staggered cheeks ensure basic breathing, exchanging in each other’s mouths.

   Their saliva was becoming sweeter by the second. The sound of their lips meeting teeth echoed in the quiet dorm room.



   Tharn ran his fingers through my dark hair, guiding them in a k-iss.

   I have to say, Tharn’s k-issing skills… Not bad!

“Heh! Are you satisfied?”

“That’s not even little enough!” When our lips parted, I asked.

   And there was Tharn’s mute reply. Tharn bowed his head and k-issed me again. The bedroom.

   The sound of lips and teeth getting louder and louder, the k-issing more and more intense, neither of usgiving in,

   In this k-iss, I really want to win against Tharn.

   I said it would be done in half an hour… But Tharn has never done it in half an hour.

   Tharn took a hand from his and stroked and caressed the man beneath him.

   The tight muscles of the back. I was content to caress the one I’d always wanted.

   The man… As if by magic, I lifted my arms and put them around Tharn’s back.

   It’s moving around. Sometimes he squeezes himself, makes himself feel a little pain, knows that it’s   The little guy’s picking a fight.

   I am now convinced that Type’s mind is not as calm as it appears.

   Tharn’s lips slowly traveled down to my neck, burying themselves in the nape of my neck. And in….

   I changed my mind about him and just lay still.

   I’m trying to prove to myself, that I don’t feel anything for men like him.

   This is crazy!

   Tharn cursed to himself, because with Type’s k-iss, his own body was waking up,

   He was pretty good at this kind of thing but had to admit, this is better than any time before.

   It’s not just that I can hug someone I like. It’s not just about hugging someone you like but most importantly the reason is, Tharn himself doesn’t have the confidence to get gay-hating Type to accept him.


   So… I’m going to show you what I’m made of.

“That tickles!” While Tharn’s lips and t-ongue were playing with the red bean on Type’s chest,

   Type took a deep breath, chastised Tharn in an icy tone.

   On the other side of the bean, gently knead, squeeze and tease Type.

   The red beans on his chest became red and swollen and his mouth didn’t stop sucking on them.

   The two small red beans on Type 2’s chest are getting red and swollen.

   Come on.

   Who says women only feel it when their nipples are teased on their chests and men get it?

   It’s as exciting as a woman’s.

“Yeah… I’m numb with pain, ass- bleep–hole!” Type’s voice was low and hoarse,” he said.

But the culprit’s hands and lips are still playing with the red beans on his chest.

Rolling back and forth, at this touch, Type trembled.

A light touch of the t-ongue!


Tharn slowly moved the tip of his t-ongue down towards the Type abdomen and Tharn hears Tharn.

The sound of clenched teeth. The hot t-ongue raining down. The sight of a man’s belly beneath him.

The muscles on his upper body curled into a ball and Tharn, with a wicked grin on his lips, reached down and strokes the part hidden under the under-wear. I have to say, Tharn felt the small type got hard, it’s easy.

   As the hot t-ongue k-issed the area next to the panties, the tip of the t-ongue gently swept   Tharn knew the man beneath him was tense. Tharn picked up the corner of his panties and pulled them down.

   He took his underpants and threw them to the side of the mattress. Then he looked up and saw the face of his servant,

   It’s almost unbearable… he wanted to laugh.

   Type was lying quietly with his eyes closed, clenching his teeth, as if he is hypnotizing himself,

   Out of sight out of mind


“You’re hard!”

When the stiffening part was grasped, Type held the desire in his body and opened his mouth said, “Just do it fast!”

Tharn held and pulled it in a gentle back and forth motion.

The man beneath him was sweating with lust, breathing heavier and faster than before. Tharn followed the hand action with the heated lips moving back and forth on that hard shaft, the tip of his t-ongue licking back and forth from root to tip, hands on the legs of the person underneath him. When he saw the tip of the hard thing reddening, with a reddish tinged, the heated t-ongues licked up and at the touch, a shudder ran through Type body.


In the next second, Tharn opened his mouth and grabbed the tip, his lips sucking rhythmically.

The man lying with his eyes closed underneath was turning red and his skin was sweating. The sky outside the window was his reflected color.

The air and the light dimmed. Tharn lifted his lips, saw the hardness swell and swell,

Then he moved his lips. He teased the ball under the hardness again and again, until Type opened his eyes.

“You… Can’t you just do it and get it over with!”

“You don’t want it to end, do you! Your little Type told me, you like this slowness!” Tharn spoke in a low, hoarse voice. Type cursed Tharn in his heart,


“I’m not in the mood for this, just do it!” Type supported his legs and widened them. He was breathing hard, his whole body was shaking. Tharn was shaking his head but his eyes were tight.

Staring down at the narrow opening, he turned to the side and took out an ice cube from the canteen.


“It will help ease your pain.” Tharn answered and put the ice cubes in the hole, Type’s body would have gone rigid if Tharn hadn’t been holding his feet so tightly, Type doesn’t know how many times he would have to run it.


“Bastard, Ice!” Type wailed. But his wail was ignored by Tharn, followed by Tharn slowly pushing the ice into the hole until it melted, turn around and he held it over the hole.

A condom was pulled but not on his little Tharn but on his finger.

“You don’t have to ask. The back must be widened. You would want me to use my fingers before of the real thing!” Tharn spoke up before Type asked. It made Type’s face even paler, Tharn, whose mind was on Type’s back hole, didn’t see Type’s micro-expression.

“Yeah.” Type answered softly, indicating that he knew. Tharn looked down at that and he spread spreading the back and when he feel like the explanation part was done, he put some lubricant on his fingers with a condom on them.

Slip and then poke in slowly.

“Ah… Don’t… Don’t…”


The next moment, the man lying quietly beneath him was frightened, wiggling his hips to escape. Tharn looked up at Type when he heard the heartbreaking cries and saw Type pale with fear.

“Don’t… I’m not going to do it. I won’t do it, no…” This was not lusting.

Type has got a face but its a scared face.

Tharn immediately leaned in and grabbed Type’s face.

“Type, it’s me, calm down, you’re with me, not the ass- bleep–hole you were with once!”

“No, no, no… No, take it out, I’m not doing it… I’m not doing it… No!” The man beneath him does not.

Shaking his head, Tharn realized that Type had fallen back into his nightmare.

And then Tharn k-issed that little mouth that kept saying no and it was a very… It’s very… warm.

Slowly k-issing along the lips first, then slowly probing inside.

Soft, dense k-isses and Type began to k-iss back slowly. Tharn used one of his hands gently stroked Type’s back, comforting him. With the other hand, he slowly and carefully pushed through back, a little bit inside, so that Type can feel… he won’t let him hurt.

“Calm down, it’s okay… It’s me! It’s me!” Tharn whispered to Type. Tharn can’t stop himself, at the moment Type was looking pitifully short of breath and trembling all over.

Type’s cheeks, nose and forehead were covered with tender k-isses.

“Should we stop?”

“No!” When Tharn asked Type’s opinion, Type, who was trembling all over, he opened up his eyes, said it out loud.

“No, I’m going on… Just once… Let bygones be bygones…”

Type was breathing heavily with emotion. Although Tharn thought Type was unlikely to succeed he went on and he k-issed him again. Meanwhile, inside Type the fingers count increases to two, slowly advancing, then slowly withdrawing… Again and again.

All over.

“It hurts so much!”  Type’s hands tugged tightly at his neck, his face calm.

Tharn knew Type’s mood had calmed down,

“Will it be… For long?” Type’s question, made Tharn laugh out loud.

“Soon… It’s been half an hour since you were ready to accept me.

Tharn’s whispering in Type’s ear and said ‘half an hour and it’s not even half done’.

Type punched him in the face.

“Then hurry up and get in here!” But the next moment, the tough guy got scared, cringed, grimaced and ducked.

“Uh… Yah… Don’t poke… There… You bastard… Tharn… Tharn… No.

Yes… Aah! – Aah!” But the more he tried to stop it, the more Tharn poked at it, finding his sensitive spots.

The touch was so heavy that Type’s whole body was shaking, breathing heavily and his legs were spread even wider than before.



“Tell me if it hurts!” Tharn spoke as he lifted his man’s leg up, pulling off his own pants off, put a c-ndom on and controlled his swollen c-ck.

Push in. Type clenches his fist.

“Once, just once…” Seeing Type whispering to himself, Tharn hesitated.


“Bastard!!!!!!” Type shrieked. But before he could escape, Tharn’s lips. The hard thing entered the narrow, tight unexplored tunnel.

The tender flesh of the hole was stretched open. Tharn asked in a low voice.

“Has that man… Ever been inside… Hoo-hoo-hoo…”

“Don’t… mention him!” Type opened his eyes, pupils widening. But Tharn didn’t stop.

“Did he do it like me… Being… Hoo… Doing it with you?”

Type was just biting his lip so hard he almost pierced them. But he was still silent, rigid and refusing to accept information from the outside world. Tharn spoke again.


“Uh… He couldn’t get in!! He couldn’t get in!!! You heard me, he couldn’t get in! Are you satisfied?!!!!”

After saying that, Type lifted his tear-filled face to look at Tharn and kept repeating   “He couldn’t get in… Eh…”

  Type… That means, the ass- bleep–hole was struggling to get into a body of a 12-year-old!

   Tharn was cursing in his heart, leaned over and held tightly to the weeping man beneath him.

He nibbled his earlobe with his lips and said   “It’s all in… No fear… Is it?”

Type didn’t respond but hugged Tharn’s back, which made Tharn happy.

Tharn’s head was buried in Type’s neck. One of his hand lifted Type’s hip, the other hand was on Type’s back. Slowly arousing the desire in both of them, feeling Type

When I breathe heavily, Type’s movements slow down but the fire in my body eats away at me.

With his senses, he slowly began to lose control of his desires and began to move.

At first, Type held Tharn by the shoulders, feeling like he was about to be hit and fall apart but there was no moaning, until that moment, “Ah… Tharn… Tharn… Tharn… It’s… right there…” Type voice was a slurred sound. As Tharn’s hardness penetrated deep inside him, it drew away, and kept hitting that sensitive spot again. Type looked up at Tharn, clasping the sheets in both hands.

“Don’t… Don’t… Right there… You… Ah… You… Not there!” Although Type spoke out.

But after a number of hard knocks, Tharn learned that Type’s sensitive spots, so he was able to time it.

Type’s face was so aroused that it caused Tharn to increase the force of the hard object inside Type’s body.

The red face made Tharn know he can do whatever he wants.

Hey, aah, aah, aah.

“Gulp… Tharn!” The louder Type moaned, the higher his legs were lifted. Type felt Tharn’s hardness thrusting into him again and again.

When the hard object was removed from his body, the mixture of lubricant and ice will also flow out,

Tharn was sweating all over and each time he was penetrated, Type groaned involuntarily.


Type, who once said he wouldn’t feel anything, is now coming and going out if his mind.

Jerking his hard-on, the force increased, causing Tharn to jerk himself to his feet according to Type and adjust the frequency of its thrusts.

“Once again… Tharn… I’m… I’m close… I’m almost there… One more time!”

“Yeah~!” Tharn replied. Watching Type’s hand move back and forth, Tharn felt Type should be coming and he’s at the tipping point.



“Ah, ha… I… I… I’m… I’m…”


The first time was over but it didn’t take long for Tharn to get back into him, Type closed his eyes with his hands on the sheets beneath his, feeling the tingling sensation throughout my body.


Soon he was lying down and Tharn, who was lying on top of him, had his eyes closed.

Breathing heavily.

The whole dorm room was panting heavily and Tharn lifted his head buried in Type, speak to Type.

I forgot to tell you one thing… I’ve never done it with anyone just once.

“It’s over!”


Type looked angry but Tharn thought it was a good sign, because Type didn’t say it’s over after one more time. And Tharn… didn’t want Type to end it after just this one time.

I wanted it more than once.




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  1. Hello I was wondering if you would consider taking all your content like the last few chapters of the first tharntype book to this site because you last site keeps on having pop ups


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