Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Chapter 2: The war begins

“You have to move out. I can’t stand being in the same dorm as you! I can’t stand being in the same dorm as you!!!”

Type cussed the boy who was putting the earphones in his ears but he put his hands behind his neck and acted as if he didn’t care about the other guy but he didn’t open his eyes and turned his body to face the wall, causing Type to squeeze his fists tightly.

“Stand up while I am talking to you!”


The guy standing there was louder than before but, on the other side, he didn’t care, didn’t even glance and made Type furious.

  Type was a man of more brains than limbs, or at least a sports team planner, he was never rude to someone he’d just met but there was only one thing that could make him a slave to his emotions and that was the closeness of people of unknown gender, so, even though he’d known them for less than a week, he’d never been rude to someone he’d just met. Trying not to bother anyone and this time…


   Type’s big hand grabbed the headphone cord, causing the one lying down (Tharn) to immediately turn around and look at him angrily.

As soon as the man turned around, he said fiercely, “You must move to the dormitory!!!” This behavior is designed to elicit the following response…

“Heh, I’m not moving.” And with that answer, he’s itching to kick and Tharn’s grinning like he’s trying to piss Type off even more.


“Ass- bleep–hole Tharn!”

The headphone cord in his hand was thrown into the face of the man, although not particularly painful but the bouncing of the headphone cord still made Tharn let out a dull scream, he violently dragged Type to the bed, eyes burning with anger, the two seemed to be fighting.

“Me! Am! Not! Living! With! gay! In! the! Same! Dormitory!… Is it clear enough?”

Type wordlessly threw words in the retard’s face, causing Tharn’s eyes to suddenly go scary.

“You have no right to throw me out, I didn’t do anything to you!”

“Not now, what about in the future, I don’t feel comfortable with s-xxually disturbed people, I know you can eat and screw a man clean if you’re a man-butt-lover!”


“Bastard!!!” Type uttered the last word but his wrist was clamped down so hard that the dark-skinned young man couldn’t move, didn’t have time to scream, only his eyes were open asking what’s wrong with you, just… Hating to do the plunging, he was lying on a living thing.

“Damn Tharn, let go of me, bastard!” This time, as if he had a narrow escape, Type pushed and kicked but the other man still had his body locked, as if he knew how not to let him go and most importantly he… It’s over.

Tharn rolled him over and bent him over, his hands were restrained, his legs were clamped down, he was frozen for a while and felt breathless, a pair of cold eyes stared at him, said a few foul words and before leaning over, Type’s eyes panicked.

“What are you doing!! Get down! Get off, or I’ll kick your a*ss!” He could only threaten, his legs were pinned down and all he could do was stare at Tharn, who was about to attack, making him afraid. Type’s heart was filled with fear, cold sweat was breaking out, his brain was not functioning.

“Ah, Tharn, get out! Tharn, get out! Get out of here!!”

Type yells out, as if doing so will help him, Tharn bends down quickly with a smile on his face, causing Type to get annoyed and angry, wanting to kill him, stomping his foot and screaming in a deafening manner.

“Hate me that much, don’t you?…… good! Come try to be my wife.”


This time, Type’s eyes were wide as if he had seen the king of hell asking for his life and his body was as rigid as if he was about to die, knowing only one thing and that was – I was being k-issed by gay.

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!! No!!!!!!!!!! Anyone, help me! Help me! Help me! Help me! Help me!!!!!!!!

At the last moment, Type only remembered one thing…

Damn Tharn, I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you, bast*rd! You son of a bi*tch! You son of a bi*tch!!!!!! You son of a bi*tch!!!!!!!!!!




The dormitory was filled with Type’s screams, his hands pounding the air like he was trapped in something, until he opened his eyes, sweating more than a three-hour game, his mouth hanging open to let out cries of pain, as if there was more pain than anger.

“Ooh, my back!”

Yeah, now the pain is superimposed from his a*ss to his back, the eyes blinking, the mind just waking up and there’s a long, long shadow of something spilling down.

The master of the shadow was about to touch his mouth with his own lips.

“Fu*cking Tharn!!” Type’s voice is clearly looking for trouble, his mind not yet wrapped around what just happened and in his anger at getting the handsome boy shot with an arrow, a sarcastic voice:

“How many years old can you sleep and still fall out of bed, stupid!”

“Did you call me stupid, bi*tch…”

   Wait a minute? Falling out of bed? (GASPS)!

   The cursing stopped at the mouth and Type just realized what a state he was in.

   Why am I sleeping on the floor?

   He’d just realized he hadn’t slept in the bed and the last thing he remembered was not being able to sleep with his eyes open, wondering if the one on the other side of the bed was going to do something nasty to him but now he’d rolled out of bed and was sleeping on the floor, blankets wrapped around his limbs and before he was finished, tied up in a crumpled, idiotic green frog pillow.

And a look at the other guy, already in his uniform, his backpack and his face turned back to him and said:

“See you tonight, roomie!”

Boom! Boo! Boo!

“Who’s your roommate? I said I’m moving! I’m moving out!!” The door slammed shut, leaving only Type cursing, he kicked off the blanket wrapped up like a saucer chrysalis in irritation, rolled over and sat up and instantly realized what had just happened.

“So I was dreaming!!!!”

Yeah, I must have fallen asleep last night. I thought I’d wake up and find someone who’d transfer but I dreamt I was being k-issed by gay. All those honeymoon scenes, like being dragged, pushed and grabbed, were just wrapped up in a blanket.

He’s relieved, sure but on the other hand… What a shame!

“Why did I have that dream? And why did that demon see me in such a miserable state, bast*rd!!!!!!!” The athlete scratched his head furiously, threw the old pillow he had been using since he came to Bangkok for school on the bed, jumped up, yanked the covers off the bed and kicked his feet.

“Damn blanket! Why did you embarrass me in front of that bastard, damn it! Now he’s laughing at me about the blanket. How am I going to get out of this damn dorm?” Type let off steam with the blanket and the bed, panting, then sighing heavily, he gathered up the blanket.

That’s what he is!

Once he was ready, Type sat on the edge of the bed, his hands clenched in his fists, his mind racing.

There must be a way to get Tharn out of the dorm!

“The war has begun, you wait here you bastard, I’ll make sure you can’t stay in this dorm!” I’m going to get you out of this dorm!”

I said it with confidence, my eyes bright but in my heart, I thought… I’d better talk to No about this but I can’t think of anything! I can’t think of anything right now! I can’t think of anything right now! I can’t think of anything right now!!!! Don’t worry, cheer up, if you dream about it, dream about it, I’m going to beat the person who made me dream about it, we’ll see!


“What’s wrong with you?”


“But the look on your face tells me something’s wrong, Tharn.”

Tharn remained silent, stepping into the music room, the students opened their mouths to greet him but he still looked at the ceiling of the classroom, the silly image of the man falling out of bed in his head.

“It’s a little thing.” The drummer answers, he’s not in the mood to tell anyone who asks and the one who asks snaps his fingers, smiles and says:

“You’ve met the wrong man this morning!”


“Was that… The train collision this morning?”


“Uh, well… They were fighting over robbing you…”

“No!” Tharn’s pitch got higher, the guessers laughed and kept asking questions.

“So… A senior is chasing you, a muscular guy… Please say Tharn brother, do it, na, na, just a second, Tharn brother.” Nah, just one, Tharn.”

“Is it really funny to tease me like that?” Tharn had a good look at his friend, both hands in defeat and approached slowly, smiling awkwardly.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you depressed, with a face like a dog’s ass. Tell me what’s wrong and I’ll help you.” Tharn knew his friend was worried about him, Lhong and he had been friends for almost 4 years, they had been through a lot together and even though everyone at the college called him ruthless, this friend always came over and said I was there for you.

Although Tharn doesn’t talk much, he always talks to Lhong when something happens but this time he’s not in the mood.

   I’ve only just met the right person who is just so annoying since birth.

“Nothing.” Tharn still insisted and Lhong had to shrug.

“Yeah, if it’s nothing, then it’s nothing but if you want to talk about it, then that’s fine.” After that, the teacher came in, so Tharn pretended to listen to her but in his mind he was thinking about his roommate.

If Type had talked to him, if he’d really asked him politely, he might have been willing to move out, he could understand some people’s prejudices but when he met someone as obnoxious and extreme as Type, he was inexplicably angry, so no matter what Type tried to do to get him out, he would have stayed, leaving Type depressed.

Tharn told himself it wasn’t wrong to say it was gay, that he wasn’t causing trouble, that he was the second oldest, that he wasn’t married, that he didn’t have kids, that it didn’t matter, that he wasn’t bothering anyone, that if he didn’t like it, he didn’t want to get involved, that he could stay away, that he appreciated it if it was acceptable but people always found people like Tharn annoying.

As I mentioned before, Type is super straight and as Tharn himself said a few days ago, it would be nice to be friends with Type, not to depress him, not to make him unhappy but after seeing what he did last night and yesterday, Tharn changed his mind.

You hate me so much, I’m telling you, I’m not moving out either!

At this moment, the two boys were making up their minds but the ideas coincided.


“Look at your face, it didn’t work out with him!”

Type hated it so much that he punched himself on the head and said unpleasantly.

“Yeah, he’s not moving.”

“I knew.”

“What do you mean?”  Type asked angrily, prompting his friend to speak his mind.

“Who would move out? He hasn’t done anything wrong, he just doesn’t like women. He’s not a murderer or a rapist. He lives in his room, you live in yours. Like you said yesterday, he shares his meals and snacks with you. What reason did he have to move out, I ask you?” No said a lot of reasons but none that Type could hear.

“But he’s gay!”

“But he didn’t fu*ck you either, or…”

“Don’t you dare say anything obscene, I’ll put my foot in your mouth!”

No glared at me and then my voice dropped and I saw my friend’s murderous face, so I thought I’d shut up.

Last night, No wondered if it was right or wrong to tell Type about this.

So, No changed the subject, “So what do you do?”

Type listened to it and thought quietly, took a deep breath to adjust his mood, took out his notebook and pen, opened the pen holder and turned around to look at No.

“All right, let me ask you… In your eyes, what kind of roommate is pathetic?” No scratched his head, looked at his friend’s face, looked at the pen in his hand and really didn’t want to answer.

Type, why are you acting like an eight-year-old!

“Don’t tell you’re going to make a list of bad roommate qualities, then use that to get Tharn out!”

“Ugh!!!” And the answer is one word?! It makes me want to scratch my chin.

“Just use it, I’m your friend!” That’s what No replied before he said what kind of roommate he didn’t want.

“I don’t think people who don’t respect their privacy should be allowed to borrow my slippers but not my underwear…”

“Ha, I should have brought Tharn’s panties to wear, then but never mind.”

“Yeah, I just said one thing. Ask me… And even if you take my computer, how can I look like if I accidentally get into a folder I shouldn’t?” The answer is not that he doesn’t like people using his computer but that he’s afraid the secret will be made public.

“But I don’t think I can stand the filth!”

“I’m okay with that!” Before Type could finish, my friend cut in and laughed.

“You don’t remember I left my socks in my backpack?”  Type suddenly trailed off, remembering back to high school when he’d gone to pick up his schedule from a friend and No had said he’d left it in his bag, because it was so ripe and his trash was barely acceptable but a sock that smelled like it was afraid it would be thrown three meters away, sticking up all over his hands in a disgusting smell and No had even said:

‘Well, I was wondering last month where my socks had gone, thanks, friend! ‘

Speaking of which, Type vowed to never have anything to do with No.

“Which reminds me, if you live in a dorm, don’t be my roommate!” Type rolls his eyes, looks confidently at the paper in his hand and takes careful notes to find out what his roommate won’t accept.

Anyone who says I’m a finger-sucking kid doesn’t matter. I’m going to get Tharn!


It took almost a day but Type finally put together his childish plan, so if you want to be discouraged, just come back and do it. Although it was a bit unkind (the notes were visible but not unintelligible), Type had planned it so well that Tharn was sure to be fuming as soon as he returned to the dorm.

He’s impatient with his drawers but Type will do anything to get gay out of the dorm.

So let’s go back and see how the roommate reacts.

Today, Tharn went back to his dorm a little quicker than usual, whether it was a hunch or if he was just a little tired from last night and when he pushed open the door to his dorm…



“What’s happening!!!”

  Before he went out to class, everything in the room was still neatly organized, maybe because boys like to throw things around but not this picture… It was hell in front of him!

   Meanwhile, Tharn’s textbooks were piled on the floor, blankets were ripped off and hung on the balcony door, neatly arranged shoes were thrown everywhere, heavy literature with music sheets and other things were scattered everywhere, even a powerful fan was pointed at his bed, blowing things around… It was like being robbed over and over again!

   Once calm, Tharn balled up his fists, took a deep breath, went straight to a red piece of paper taped to the bedside table, pulled it down and read it, saying:

   Get out of here, fa*ggot!


   The paper in his hand was crumpled up in a ball, the light in his eyes was terrifying, he knew without a doubt who had destroyed his room, his anger welled up, he went to the drawer to check if the valuables were still there, then he walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge of it, looking at the ball of paper in his hand angrily.

“I thought I wouldn’t touch you as long as you didn’t piss me off!” Tharn, with a voice colder than ice, unfolded the wad of paper in his hand and looked at the words of insult, contempt and disgust.

Anyone else would have moved out of the dorm because of Type’s prank but not Tharn.

“It has to be played like this, yes!”

The boy growls at himself, then gets up and starts collecting the scattered files, the separated items will be collected later, picking up his own stuff is enough, who let him play this way… You can’t just be the one who gets teased!


“Hahahahaha, you really did it, next time Phii will definitely fu*ck you up!”

After welcoming the new students today, Type is walking and laughing with his friends, he is in a good mood, sure, he is in a bad mood because someone dares to bargain with the seniors, he is in a good mood because he thinks about what it would be like if his roommate wasn’t invited, he is laughing till he can’t stand up just thinking about the slippers he threw in the toilet.

I’ll open it tomorrow when you put it away!

Type laughs as he separates from his friends who live on different floors, then goes to his own floor and opens the door with the key with a smile…



Shutting the door to the dormitory, this time, a man in a good mood opens his mouth, when he sees this image… His bed.

At the moment, the small dormitory was divided into two sides, one side was the neat Tharn area, it was unthinkable not to know that an hour ago it was a mess, his side was completely different from when he was out.

The quilt that was folded in the morning was thrown on the floor, the textbooks were scattered all over the bed, shower gel, soap, and shampoo were scattered all over the house, the clothes in the closet were thrown everywhere, my eyes spied the underwear on the edge of the drawer and when I was about to move my foot, I mentioned something and looked down.

Seeing that thing was like coming back from the dead.

Durex play


“Oh, it’s been a long search looking for it but I thought I’d put it somewhere.” Before Type could finish, a cold voice came. Tharn was sitting on his elbow, looking at the book, when he stood up, so Type turned around and cursed.

“It’s a lubricating gel, bast*rd!”

“I didn’t say it was toilet cleaner.”

“Fu*ckin’ Tharn!” yelled Type and it was hard enough just seeing the room but the guy was pushing on as if nothing had happened and just as Type was about to kick the stinking bottle back, he spoke up.

“It’s okay, fa*ggots like me have plenty of bottles, I’ll give you that one as a welcome gift for your roommate.”

“I doesn’t care!!!”

“I’ve already given you your present but what you do with it is up to you…” Tharn acted as if nothing had happened, crushing the other man with an icy glare as he reached into his pocket, locked eyes with Type and held up something with a smile.

“Plus this.”


The condom box is thrown on the Japanese table and as if challenging the limits of his patience, Type kicks the gel away.


The gel bottle rattles against the edge of the bed, followed by a yelp.

“I’m not your little friend, thief. Take your loot back. I don’t need it. I’m disgusting to look at, fa*ggot! Fa*ggot! Fa*ggot!” Tharn’s eyes were wide with rage, his body not yet offensive but his voice angry.

“I’m not your little friend either, shameless, didn’t your parents teach you not to touch other people’s things?”

“You tore down my stuff too!”  Type questioned loudly, angry but not too angry to say more, after all, he was the one who tore down other people’s things in the first place, which made Tharn snort.

“I’m trying to tell you that you’re not the only one who can open things. I can open things too. I’ll tell you first!” The reply made the listener shake his fist and want to punch him but he was afraid of last night’s dream, so all he could do was pick up the condom box from the table and return it to him but his eyes caught a glimpse of writing in red magic marker and he bent down to read it.

I’m not moving out, fagginess.

   I want to kill you!

   Just like he did with the guy, the guy gave it back to him just the same, Type clenched his fist as he watched and the condom box he was holding in his hand got deformed and he threw it away.

“Oh-ho!” The result was a quarter of the drummer’s handsome face but the man who threw it laughed, didn’t think he was at fault and said:

I hate Tharn as much as all the gays in the world put together!

“I’m going to make you move out!” Type’s tone was serious but Tharn wasn’t scared either, just looked him dead in the eye, then Type grabbed a towel, grabbed the washcloth and walked out with his head held high.


   The floor rattled with the sound of the door slamming but the man in the bed was quiet and though his eyes were filled with displeasure, he wanted to win, so he swore in his heart.

“I didn’t want to do anything to you in the first place, so you hate me so much…” That’s all Tharn said, turned his head to look at the bed he’d made a mess of when he’d first walked in and lay down to sleep.

From now on, this room is a battlefield.

One wants to evict, one wants to stay



~ TharnType The Series~


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