Tharntype The Series, Chapter 3: Round 2

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Chapter 3: Round 2

“This way, come in, you guys, come in.”

“Why, Type, let us cheer you on and if we don’t get a free drink today, I’ll get my fist for free.”

“Of course there’s beer, No bought it.”

Now that the war was in its second week, the gay roommate went home last weekend, so Type had two days to figure out how to deal with him. At the start of Monday, Type had already worked out a plan with Vice Admiral No and the soldiers they were recruiting weren’t just anyone, they were high school friends.

At first, he hadn’t said a word about the fact that he and No were the only ones who’d gotten into the university but he’d gone to another school and there was a classmate and a non-classmate here and now they were sitting in the middle of the dorm.

“Here we go, here’s your drink. Ow, Oam, Team, you guys are fast.”

At that time, No opened the door and even though he wasn’t in the same class, he greeted the alumni intimately.

Oam, a science student, was on the same team as Type in high school, so it’s no surprise that No knows him as well, since they were on the same color team. As for the team, even though he was in the different classes, on different color teams, in different schools (the team was in math), he played on the same team, they played soccer together, kicked a*ss together. Now, these two ignore Type’s existence, as if he were in their own dorm.

“I’m here for the free booze.” Oam said as he flipped open the plastic bag of booze, soda and ice in No’s hand and Team frowned:

“You said you wanted help and if you didn’t, you’d kill yourself and you came come as fast as you could.”

“Are you here to help me, or are you here because of the free drinks?”

“Of course I’m here to help you, I’m here to find my best friend.” So, the pale boy, the team with the big dark glasses, was the first one to sit down at the Japanese table, reached for the bag in No’s hand and started talking:

“Where’s your glass, come on, I need a drink.”

Snap! Type immediately hit him on the head:

“Want some water or a drink, Koon-chai.” He brought the glasses and gave them to his friends.

Oam the sheep was still sitting at the Japanese table, whoever’s table it was and No came over and whispered to his friend:

“Is this going to work?”

“Yes!” Type answered loudly into his ear, eyes wide, just the thought of Tharn coming home and seeing him partying in his dorm, with booze, food, he’s gonna be pissed and don’t think it’s just for one day but as long as he doesn’t move out, I’m gonna party every day and make it unbearable for him, just wait and see.

“Oh, Type, you invited us here for a drink, does your roommate mind?”


No doesn’t think he’s afraid of Type but Type’s coercion and baiting of two people who don’t know what they’re doing, with his voice, is a real turn-on.

“No, my roommate’s got a heart as big as the ocean but he’s just meeting friends for drinks, so he won’t say anything.”

Irony, it must be irony, Type is so fu*cking ironic!

No swallowed, backed up a bit, was just trying to help his friend but when Type answered the question, he wanted to turn around and go home, as if the owner of the hostel was going to come and kill him in half an hour.

What the hell kind of question is that!

“Which bed is yours, Type?”  Oam asked and Type smiled, pointing to the bed with the poster of The Killer on it.

That’s not your bed, Type!

All No could do was scream inside, watch fellow alumni jump on the bed with a big bag of L’Occitane chips, eat like that on the bed, the ants might be visiting the owner of the bed tonight and cover his face.

“I thought that bed was yours, you like listening to this band!”

“Yeah, I like to listen to music these days.”

I won’t tell you if you’re lying but that smile of yours is terrible!

Sub-Commander No could only tell himself to let nature take its course, this job wasn’t about stretching a leg to help him, it was about dragging him into the fire!


“You remember Bank, now that he’s got a wife, that girl’s got some nerve, moving in together with him after just three days.”

“Shit, Bank na, the silent schoolboy?”

“Yeah, the same dorm.”

Tharn also thought that Type would be looking for something to kick him out of the dormitory, therefore, as soon as he reached the door, the noise in the room aroused his suspicion, thinking it was the computer playing something loud.

His room didn’t look like it had been ransacked, four people crammed into the small space and with a drink in each hand and the remains of a snack piled in the middle, don’t be surprised if someone still slept in his bed, Tharn’s eyebrows twisted into a twist.

“Hey, aah, your friend.” A friend poked a laughing Type and said.

Type doesn’t notice he’s back, glances sideways, acts like he’s not expecting it and he laughs:

“Aw, you’re back. Uh, my friend came to see me. I’m borrowing the dorm.” Normally, Type smiles with his gums hanging out, making friendly noises and Tharn thinks it’s a good idea but now he’s smiling with a dagger in his cheek and he’s raising his glass of beer in provocation and Tharn the drummer is making a fist.

“Ah, uh, your friend’s back, so I’ll be going.”

No said cheerfully that if Type hadn’t grabbed him by the shirt, he would have run away.

“What’s the rush, it’s not even 8:00, ho, early to bed, early to rise and my roommate didn’t say anything, did she?”  As Type turned back to Tharn with the last sentence, Tharn’s clenched fist gradually relaxed.

I can tell by his eyes what he wants.

“Yeah, I won’t say, it’s fine, it’s hilarious.”  Tharn’s provocative stare upon entering the room, changed when he didn’t see Type making a scene, put his bag on a chair and smiled at one of Type’s friends:

“Can I join?”

“Hey! You so can…”

“Yeah, come on, Type, do you have an extra glass?” And before Type could answer no, the friend who was leaning over his bed answered instantly and loudly, turned to him and smiled, and introduced himself.

“I, Oam, went to high school with Type.”

“My name is Team.”

“Uh, I’m No.” This friend looks like he knows about him and Type.

“What about you?”

“Tharn.”  Tharn replied in a friendly tone, not indifferent at all and asked in a joking tone:

“What were you doing in my bed, anyway?”

“Huh? Your bed? Didn’t you fu*cking say it was your bed, Type? Idiot, were you fu*cking with me?” Oam shouted as he immediately jumped out of bed, sat down on the floor and said to Tharn in an apologetic tone:

“Sorry, I thought this was Type’s bed, don’t be mad.”

“No, it’s nothing.” Despite Tharn’s grudge, showing it could make someone just as happy as showing it, so he shrugged his shoulders, pretending not to care.

“You really are as nice as Type says you are.”

“Hey, Type’s giving me a compliment?” Tharn turned his head to see his roommate’s fists clenched and his face turned green from the thought of how much Type wanted to crush him.

“I didn’t!!!”

“Hey, come on, Type, you were just praising him yourself, what did he say, Team, what did he just say?”

“He says you’re a good man and you have a big heart.”  Type now looks like he wants to kill everyone here, his face purple with anger, Tharn smiles and approaches him, as if to say be careful of hurting the peace, only to have another word come out of his mouth:

“Thank you, I didn’t think you’d give me such a compliment.” The voice was friendly but the eyes were so full of mockery, it made Type want to turn under the ground,” he said angrily:

“I’m going to get some more food!”

“Hey, you brought me some beans.” Oam shouted but before he could finish, the door to the dormitory slammed shut and the people in the room looked at each other.

“What’s he mad about?” Team asked.

Tharn now scans the dormitory, thinking:

It’s extremely stupid but it’s okay to leave him alone.

“I’ll go help Type with his stuff.”  Tharn said.



“Ahhhhhhh, I’m going crazy!!!!”

Within 5 minutes after Tharn left the dormitory, No, who had been sitting quietly eating, stretched out his legs, lay down on the floor and stomped on the floor:

“What the fu*ck are you doing?”

“I’m nervous, I’m nervous! I’m nervous!” The other two didn’t know what he was talking about, only No kicked his legs in irritation and they had no idea how scary Type Tharn’s eyes were.

If eyes could kill, they’d be dead by now.

Why, why do I have to get in the middle of something flammable or explosive!

“I think we need to talk.”


Downstairs, Tharn ran to catch up with Type, who had just left the dormitory and said in a cold voice, so short that the only thing he could do was make an impatient “aha” sound that stuck in his throat, Type didn’t seem to want to talk to him, so Tharn continued:

“You’re such a kindergartener!”


“No, you and he are both finger-eating babies!” You’re not weaned.” No, you and he are both still finger-eating babies!


This time the man walking in front stopped, finally turned back and stared at him fiercely, Tharn clasped his hands in front of his chest:

“What do you think you can do to me with this childish behavior?”

Type stared at him, who had slammed the door in his anger and now smiled and said in an overbearing manner:

“If what I did had no effect on you, you wouldn’t have followed me here, snake-oil!”


Tharn was gnashing his teeth at the scornful words of the man before him, he was only outwardly calm but deep down he was exploding and Type was invading his personal territory, like his bed but he had to be calm and if he acted angry, he’d lose now.

Don’t follow his lead. Don’t follow his lead, Tharn.

“So what, you think I’m gonna move out just because you asked some friends to wreck the dorm?” This was a question Type immediately wanted to educate him on. Don’t worry about who’d see them here now, because it’s the middle of the night and there’s no one downstairs in the boys’ dorm, so, naturally, don’t worry about the rumor that he and this fa*ggot are hanging out downstairs in the middle of the night.

“I think it’s good, heh, I should tell them you’re gay and I was wondering how Oam and Team would react to that…”

“You go!”

No sooner had Type finished speaking, than Tharn intervened, acting fearless, as if to say, “Don’t think this kind of threat will work on me”, Type narrowed his eyes and Tharn said forcefully:

“But think of it this way. What would your friends think if they knew you were staying with gay for a week…”

Type yelled:

“I am not like you!!!!”

Type grabbed the other man’s collar, he didn’t need anyone to translate the words, he knew what Tharn was trying to say, if he told others that Tharn was gay, he would be suspected of having an unusual relationship with him.

“I’m not gay, not ever!!!” Type picked up Tharn by the collar, said coldly and the Southern boy, Type, with his sharp, fierce eyes, seemed to lose his patience and Tharn laughed.

Tharn’s laugh was not amused, it was cold and dreadful, he pushed his hands away from his collar, put his face close to Type’s, looked at him and said:

“Then you better be careful and don’t forget, you’re with… gay… gay…! gay…!!!”

“Shit, motherfu*cker!”

After that, the one who was unsteady yelled, when the handsome one swung his fist, even though Type’s neck dodged back a bit, the high bridge of his nose like the Great Wall was still bruised, leaving a burning pain but within a few seconds, the gay-hating Type fought back.


“Shit, what the fu*ck!!!” Type roared, his fist was caught, he was still angry, he was about to punch with his other hand but he was interrupted:

“So close to me, watch out for homos-xxuality virus!”

After hearing this, Type took a few steps backward, freed himself from the little arm that was holding him, looked fiercely, dried his face with the back of his hand and said with disgust on his lips:

“If you do, I’ll kick you to the ground!!!” The drummer looks calm but he doesn’t look weak in return:

“You said I could screw any hole there was but you have holes too…” Tharn raises his lips, lowers a nod of his head to survey Type’s body and turns his eyes up to look at Type:

“….. Even if I wanted to poke holes in you, what’s wrong with that?”

“Fu*ck me xx!!”  Type was speechless, he rushes over, one hand on his shirt, the other hand ready to beat the shit out of him, when a voice comes out.

“Hey, what are you doing, which dorm are you from?!”

Type suppressed his anger and swung his fist back, only to give Tharn a shove, causing him to take a few steps back, knowing that if he fought now, there would only be an endless stream of problems to deal with and even though he hated him, he couldn’t ruin his college life.

“It’s okay, man, we’re friends saying hello.”  Tharn replied, he reached out and smoothed his clothes, the security guard still looked at them in disbelief:

“What just happened?”

“Nothing really, brother, just friends with… Friends… A customary greeting.” Saying the word ‘friend’, Type gritted his teeth, sick to the stomach, I’m not friends with him, enemy from a previous life is more appropriate, those nasty words really make people angry, so angry that they can’t even pretend to be friends.


“Sure, man, I’m just going to the 7-11,” he replied firmly, looking in the direction of the convenience store.”  Type replied firmly, looking in the direction of the convenience store, as he thought: before turning around and heading the other way, before lecturing this roommate, let him explain himself to the security guard.

If you don’t stop bothering me, it’s time for me to kick your ass, ass- bleep–hole Type!

Tharn bought a lot of food, stepped through the door of the dormitory in peace but the first one who came back started to make trouble again.

“Ah, ah, ah, kimochii.”

I can tell by the moaning that those four guys are watching something on their laptops in the dorm.

“Hey, your roommate’s back, ask him if we can watch the AV, Tharn?” asked Team, who was sitting there peeling roasted peanut beans back mindfully, when Type chimed in:

“Why ask him, I said I’d show it, here it is, here it is, I’ll show it to you.” I said I could read it, here it is, here it is.

“Can’t you spell ‘mind’, Type?” The speaker, the unsuspecting one, looks back at Type and can’t believe he’s this guy. But Type just shrugged his shoulders, sarcastic, tough-minded:

“I told you he’s a good guy and no matter what I do, he’s not moving out.”

“Have you become such a man now, I tell you, to live together you must learn to ‘mind’…”

“Is that what a dog sleeping in my bed would say? Oam?” Oam didn’t have a chance to get down, he was shot in the head by Type, he was grimacing from ear to ear, he reached out his hand and said look at the screen, stop it, when Oam saw the man standing in the doorway, he said:

“Why don’t you come and watch it, Type says it’s beautiful.”

“You’re wasting your breath inviting him to watch it. He’s not interested!” Type interrupted his friend again, his eyes looked at Tharn with pity and Tharn, who had put the food safely on the Japanese table, came and sat down next to Type and said:

“Who says I’m not interested?”

“Just you…”

“What’s wrong with me?” Tharn stared at Type, who was about to speak but before he could change his words, Type choked on his dissatisfaction, turned his head and said to his friend:

“Nothing, No pressed play. Why are you just sitting there?” No startled, looked at Tharn, who was staring at him too, No mumbled why me, then jumped up and pressed play.

After that, all eyes were on the screen, no matter how full the woman was, Type didn’t feel a thing, because it was so clear that the guy next to him didn’t know what he was doing! And he didn’t know!

“Type, is this your favorite film? I don’t think it’s very good.” Before the first ten minutes, Team shook his head, smacked his lips and said it wasn’t good but before Type could answer, Tharn spoke up:

“Does that have anything to do with me?”


As soon as Tharn said that, Type answered, looking at Tharn provocatively, this guy doesn’t watch AV, watch GV, he doesn’t like forest shrubs, wait, if he turns on that kind of video, Type is going to tear down the dormitory.

“But I’m interested.” Before the battle could begin again, Oam seemed interested and pushed Type’s head with his hand, causing him to fall forward. A guy as handsome as Tharn, what kind of guy does he like, he wants to see.

“But I don’t watch it, it makes me sick to think about it!”

“For gross?”

“Because he’s human…” Type shut up again, looking at Tim with a ‘if you get involved, I’ll kill you’ look on his face, his friend became more and more curious, his voice expectant and curious:

“Tell me, what’s disgusting, Tharn, do you like SM, or are you a pervert, Type can’t stand it, you’re so handsome but you like that stuff.” Tharn smiled and didn’t say anything, turned on his computer, clicked on a favorite and put it in front of the guests.

“You have to try it, you’ll be fascinated by it.”

“Fascinated, I’m not looking!!!” Type shouted, rushed out of the table, got goosebumps at the thought of the video he had on, sweating, got the fu*ck out of here but wondered what he was up to, so he stood next to the bed and watched.

At that moment, on the computer screen, there’s an office building and it looks like Japan and there’s a woman in a tight professional suit, with big breasts and nice hips and sunglasses, bending over to say hello to this and that and when she bends over, her panties are sticking out.

Just looking at this Oam makes me scream:

“This is nice, this is a must-see!”

“It’s going to be a fight, definitely!” The more the woman in the film was cussed by the boss, the more the two or three men in the room who were watching the movie made panting noises, staring at the screen like a 3-year-old watching a cartoon.

Type, sitting next to Tharn, frowned, his voice coming through his teeth:

“You’re bis-xxual?”

“No, I don’t like women.” The drummer sounded so sure, Type narrowed his eyes at the sound, trying to kick the dead guy sitting next to him, he asked confusedly:

“So how did you get that thing and don’t tell me you’re using it to fool some idiot.” Type shrugged, lifted his glass and took a sip, Tharn smiled up at Type with his handsome face and Type’s look went from puzzled to uneasy, so Tharn thought to himself:

Good, good, he’s worried about me!

“The question you just asked, yeah, I’m not interested in porn.” Tharn leaned in a little closer and he didn’t sound like he was joking:

“But I’m kind of interested in people who watch porn right now.” It didn’t take much to figure out who Tharn was talking about, Type’s hairs stood on end, his pupils dilated and his reaction startled his friends.

“What the fu*ck did he say?”

Yeah, what he just said, he’s gonna throw up just thinking about it.

“Yeah, just don’t make me lose my patience.” Tharn just said, lifted his glass and drained it.

“You threaten me?”  Type snapped.

“Hey, Type, be quiet, I’m watching it, I’m feeling it, if you can’t keep your mouth shut, pour some beer! I’m not going!!”  complained a friend, they didn’t even look back to see the two hosts of the dormitory about to have another fight, Type really wanted to kill them.

Snap! Type stretches out his leg hilariously and kicks Team in the back.

“Whoops!”  the Team screamed.

“What a pain in the a*ss you are!”  Type cussed him.

I asked you to help me, not yourself. Go to hell!

The more agitated he got, the more he drank, the more attention he got on the screen, the less time he had to worry about them. And the louder Tharn laughs, the more irritated Type gets but does he know that? He’s putting himself in danger…



~ TharnType The Series~


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