Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Chapter 4: fighting back

“Thank you for today, for the free drinks and the delicious food.”

It’s almost eleven o’clock, all the guests are leaving, because the dorm is closing. Smoke?! The face under the frame looks drunk and happy, because there’s beer and movies to watch, while Oam’s eyes are red and ready to fall asleep.

“Uh, be careful back there, don’t get caught drinking in our place downstairs.”  Tharn replied and the new friends nodded and groped their way down the aisle, leaving Tharn to share a room with the other two.

“Hey, Type, wake up, that’s not your bed.”

“Hey, I want to sleep, leave me alone.”

The drummer is lying on the bed, he crawls over and looks at the poster of THE KILLER on the bed, No daze, it’s not over yet, moan in pain, deer!

So what if I push, a drunk clings to a pillow, a friend can’t help it:

“Oops, you know where you are and you’re drinking yourself to death, I wouldn’t be surprised if you get fu*cked here…”

“Did he tell you everything?”


At that time, No froze at Tharn’s question, he realized that Tharn was still here, standing in the doorway, so he could only smile awkwardly and his hand kept tapping Type’s shoulder, trying to wake him up.

“You know isn’t it?”

“Ah, know, know what? No, I don’t know anything.” No and keep playing dumb.

Tharn then said, “You know that I’m gay.”


“Yeah, now you know… what did he tell you?” That got No’s head bobbing, never thought he’d use that, now even if he didn’t know, Tharn wouldn’t believe him, he’d just admit he was gay, so No weighed it, gave up shaking Type up, turned back to Tharn and said:

“Just a little bit, he’s always hated gay, I don’t know why but ever since I’ve known him, he’s said he hates gay, someone said he’s been s-xxually assaulted by a gay guy before, he’s chased him around the classroom and beat him up, well, I don’t have anything against him, I have a lot of friends who are… Well, most of them are pussies but gay, I don’t know many.” Because Tharn asked and No didn’t beat around the bush, so he kept going:

“Anyway, I apologize for my friend, he’s not a bad guy, it’s just because, uh, that.”

Tharn just stood there, knowing he was good, or at least had been but now he wondered what Type’s reason was for hating gay so much.

No saw that Tharn was listening, so he asked, “So, you’re still not going to move out? Well, as a favor to me, you two make me nervous every day.”

“Not moving.”  Tharn replied coldly, “I’ve done nothing wrong, why should I move.”

“It’s good to move out, you won’t have to put up with him and he won’t bother you.” No said why and looked at his friend, who was already drunk, as if he was helpless – I can’t explain it to you.

Tharn shook his head and said, “I don’t care where your friend’s prejudices come from but I’m not moving out and just because I’m gay, me moving out would be like admitting that I’m wrong about not liking women but I’m not, so I’m not moving out.” No trying to keep up with Tharn.

It’s not just a matter of moving to the dorms, it’s a matter of dignity, no, social status, too but if Tharn moves out, it’s like he’s admitting that he was wrong about gay, that he’s running away and that’s why he’s not moving.

“Yeah, suit yourself, you can move or you can get tortured by Type and I just learned how much a smart guy like him can annoy people.” No shook it off, not wanting to be a part of this anymore.

Based on the conversation with Tharn, No thinks Tharn is okay, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so forthcoming with his identity but Type seems to have a lot of prejudices.

“Come and help me, I’m trying to get Type out of your bed.”

“Let him sleep there!”

“Huh? No!” No hurriedly and laboriously lifted his friend’s arm, who was still groggy and whimpering and rested it on his shoulder but the two did not get along. Why did Tharn agree to let Type sleep in his bed and what was the matter? What’s going on here?

No turned his head to look at him, only to have Tharn say briefly:

“I want to teach your friend a lesson.” No got a chill down my spine and, damn, that’s black.

“You’re not going to…”

“I don’t do anything to drunk people but you, it’s almost eleven.” Tharn said to No, looking at the clock hanging above the desk.


No stared, holy shit, turns his head, drops Type with both hands, grabs his bag.

“I’ll be off then, or I won’t be able to get out for a while, you won’t do anything to him will you?”

“Yeah…” Just that smile makes No swallow, damn, it’s not good, I’m worried about my friend but I’m also worried I won’t be able to go back…

“Your Excellency is merciful!”

It’s important to stay alive!

No bailed, he only left his friend this time, it was Type who brought it on himself, he had to get drunk, it wasn’t anyone’s fault but the Taoists have taught No one thing is that – don’t play with fire, if you play with fire but if it burns his ass, it’s not my fault.


After cleaning up his room like a typhoon, Tharn went to shower and change but there was a lamb at his mercy.

The man was still in his uniforms and pants at the moment but, well, he looks good.

Type’s eyelashes were long, his cheeks were red from drinking, he looked like a shy girl, his school uniform was unbuttoned and the sight of his toned body reminded Tharn of:

Type is a straight man with terminal cancer.

“But he will hate it when I fu*ck him in the a*ss!”  came the irritated voice and the events of the weekend caused Tharn to become even more irritated.

I was just trying to be a friend, a roommate, just seeing each other but I got trampled on by him over and over again.

Tharn thought to himself, “I’m gay but I’m not happy about being treated differently, or being called names.

“You’re the one who started it.” Saying that, Tharn unbuttoned the drunken man’s remaining uniform and as he did so, he made an oohing and aahing sound and rolled over, giving the man above him the chance to rip off his sweaty, booze-stained clothes.

This time, the player’s exquisite flesh is in view.

“Ahh.” The drunken man made a disgruntled noise, Tharn squeezed into the cramped single bed and after a few moments of sleep they were so close that Tharn laughed:

“Do you know that you sleep like a child?” Whispering and flicking his long eyelashes with his fingers, the drunken man hummed and the drummer laughed even more but that was all.

“But when you wake up, you’ll be a brat.”

After saying that, he smiled, wrapped his arms around his waist and pressed his freshly bathed body against the hot one, causing the hot one to cool down as well and made a moaning sound as if he knew that someone had disturbed his sleep but he drank enough alcohol to finally just curl my neck and warm myself.

Tharn laughed and put his head in the space between them.


Warm… skin. skin, the sleeping man made an “eh” sound and scratched Tharn, who was leaving a mark on his neck, so that Tharn had to hold his hand.

Type gently nibbled the other hand with his teeth and immediately got goose bumps all over his body and let out a little cry:

“Uh, that hurts!”  He almost turned his face the other way, knowing for sure that it would form, before he wiped the drool away, satisfied with his masterpiece:

A bright red strawberry mark.

Then Tharn put his arm around the drunken man’s waist, pulled him into his arms, pulled the blanket over both of them and, with a gentle movement, leaned against his ear and said:

“If you knew you’d slept with gay all night, I’d be curious how freaked out you’d be, too.”

Tharn looked into Type’s eyes with venom, rubbed his nose against Type’s face, slid all the way across and stopped at his lips.

For a moment, Tharn hesitated but after seeing the mess the party left behind tonight, he put his lips on it, couldn’t believe it was the mouth of someone he hated, a mouth that had called him a bloody mess, k-issed it and before he left he whispered, “Good night, roomie.”

So I closed my eyes, tired of listening to the heartbeat of the person next to me, even though I had no music to listen to tonight and thought to myself, “It’s not bad to hug someone you hate.”

Fu*ck you, you’re depressing me to death!

A man who’s been drunk half the night thinks to himself but he’s not conscious, he just wants to go back to sleep, even if he feels why his bed is so narrow, win or lose, narrow or wide, he’s lying down anyway, go back to sleep.

“Can you wake up now?” As soon as Type had made his decision, he heard a voice talking, close, super close, like it was in his ear, strange, this voice was so familiar, like he’d heard it somewhere before.

My friend? No, it’s so low, cold and clean, it’s not my friend’s voice, it’s nobody’s voice, well, who cares, just go to sleep.

“You slept with my hand on your pillow all night.”

Pillow your hand, why would I want to pillow someone else’s hand, when I’m pillowing my pillow, yeah, a hard pillow, my neck hurts from sleeping.

Type only answered in his heart but not in his mouth and touched the ‘pillow’ under his head with his hand, as if to say, isn’t this my pillow?

Thinking and thinking, he woke up a little, tried to verify the pillow but the more he touched it, the more he scratched it and heard the pillow say:

“Don’t pull, my hand is numb.”

The pillow doesn’t go numb. It’s not my pillow. Then what am I putting it on?

Open your eyes.

And so, Type opened his eyes but the picture before him wasn’t the same as the one in his mind, now he was looking at a pair of cold eyes, a nose as high as a despised one and skin as white as vitiligo (as if he had a real disease).

This is… This is… It’s… it’s… I got a good look. fu*ck, it’s Tharn!

The newly awakened man can only be shocked in his heart, his mind full of questions, why his face is so close, yes, very close, so close you can see his hairs, which means…

Type immediately bent over his body in fear, remembering a voice in his ears:

“How long will it take you to be shocked, that last night you crawled into my bed by yourself?”

“Uh, bed, me and you… What’s that, porn.” Type snapped and if this were a cartoon, you’d see a white ghost flying out of his mouth,” Tharn snickered, pointing to his bed and then to his own.

“Last night you and I…” That was all Tharn said and then he raised his eyebrows.



“Aaaahhhh!!!!!!!! No way! Go to hell, XXXX!!!”

Type screamed as he retreated, fell off the bed, it didn’t matter if his a*ss hurt or not, he saw a ghost, he waved his arms and retreated so hard that his screams could be heard in the girls’ dormitory.

The reaction wasn’t what Tharn thought it would be and…

Pow pow pow!!!

“Shit, what’s wrong with you guys, is there a problem!!!” There was a loud knock on the door, this guy’s scream woke up the whole floor, there was a group of people buzzing outside the dormitory, Type turned around and looked at the door, lips trembling…

Ahhh… No… no… I didn’t sleep with gay, no, that’s not true, I didn’t sleep with gay, no, never! No. No way! No way!

“Do you want me to tell them what you and I are doing?”

“No!” Type answered instinctively, now delirious and instinctively moved back to his bed and lay down, covering his head with the blanket, his mind blank.

Don’t ask me, I haven’t found where my brain is flying!

Hearing the door, Type said to himself, leaving Tharn to face those who were about to break into the building.

“What’s going on?”

“Yeah, the whole floor heard it and it scared the shit out of me.”

“Nothing, Type had a nightmare.”

Ha, worse than a nightmare, a dream is acceptable but I woke up in his bed!

“Really? You guys had a fight and last week I saw him running around looking for someone to switch dorms with.” I don’t know who asked but someone cursed that he wouldn’t move with me.

“Really, ask him, Type, did you and I have a fight?” Dead fa*ggot threw the question at me, really wanted to tell a room full of people that it was, it was a fight, a fight that was killing each other but if they ask what it was about, what if the guy says he and he….

Shit, no, I don’t. I hate gay already, let alone sleeping with gay.

“No, there was no fight.”

“Can I look?”

Look at yourself, it’s because of you, it’s because of you, life is like this for me!

“Then why is he covered head to toe?”

“He is shy.” Tharn said deliberately, Type really wanted to run up and slap him but now he was hiding under the covers, hearing only the sound of the men retreating when they found out what was going on.

“Yeah, never mind, back to the dorms then.”

“Watch out for your roommate, is he crazy, screaming like he’s castrated.” People are complaining about Type but no one’s saying anything about the real bad guy!

“Next time don’t scream like that in a nightmare, man, my brother’s heart goes into cardiac arrest.”

Type is swallowing his pride, almost crying.

   I really slept with a gay man?

   Boom! The door slams.

   After the door closed, a voice came.

“You’re incredibly cowardly!”

   Type pulls off the blanket covering his head, stares at Tharn, who is talking and confuses him.

“Are you about to cry?”

“I didn’t. What did you do to me?” He looked like he was about to cry, Tharn couldn’t believe his eyes, his hands relaxed on his chest, Type was trying to hold back the tears that were about to come to his eyes.

“What are you thinking about?”

“There’s no way I would sleeping in your bed!” Type tried to avoid the subject, never imagining that a man like him could end up like that.

“You climbed up there yourself.”


“Ow, so you’re saying I lured you into bed.”

“I drank too much last night.” If that’s true, don’t drink for the rest of your life.

“If you’re drunk in your own bed, why should I waste my time getting you into my bed, when I can just fu*ck you in yours?”

“But you did it too!”  Type was really going to cry, tears were already welling up in his eyes and if he continued to cry like this wouldn’t it be Tharn’s own fault alone.

Here, Tharn looked at him with mocking eyes, as if to say, “Is that all you got?” but if he couldn’t answer, he’d have to watch him cry.

“How do you feel, that’s my answer.” Just like that, Tharn walks over, reaches for his uniform, passes Type with his toiletries and as he turns around, a middle finger flashes across his red neck. Type sobers up instantly, his heart drops to his knees, the guy’s not crazy enough to point at himself but he’s still in his pajamas.

Wait, pajamas. What about me…? What about me….boxer?

He bent over to check himself, probably because he’d just woken up from the shock, his mind still in the clouds but the thought of never letting that fa*ggot off the hook, brought it back.

My a*ss hurts… No, it doesn’t.

“No, no, I just fell out of bed, it’s not hurting from inside.” Type double-checked his a*ss to make sure it didn’t hurt from the inside.

Yeah, the smart guy with his head back jumped out of bed, checked the floor.

No condoms.

Unused toilet paper.

No traces of fluid of any color.

“My butt still fine!!!”  Type said with wide eyes, a thought running through his head: did he fool me?

He wiped the tears from his eyes with both hands, looked angrily at the other bed, rushed over to the other bed and threw the pillow out of the bed, that’s how angry children are, looked around the dormitory, stomped his feet in anger, his hands seemed to rip the other’s head off.

“Tharn, you fu*cking lied to me!!” The crybaby, wiping his tears with her hands, said in a strong voice.

“I want revenge!”  said Type angrily, going to open the wardrobe, pulling the uniform out roughly and closing his eyes.

Pow! Close the closet.

“Mosquito bites, mosquito bites, not strawberry marks!” Type examined himself with eyes wide open, couldn’t believe the teeth marks on his neck, checked several times that the ass- bleep–holes had not been violated and had to repeat the brainwashing to himself.

Mosquito bite, mosquito bite, yes, mosquito bite, what kind of mosquito has the same teeth as a human!

“I’ll kill him!!!!!!!!!!” Finally, Type couldn’t help but yell.

Then I heard the “bang! bang! Bang!” knock again!

“Hey, keep your voice down, if you’re going to have nightmares, do it in peace!”

“Ah!!!!!!!!!!” All Type could do was yell, it was so lame! He grabbed the blanket off the other side of the bed and ravaged it, almost tearing it to shreds.

   If there’s one thing in this world that could scare Type, it’s this. I won’t let you go.



~ TharnType The Series~


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