Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Chapter 5: What you see with your own eyes

“Calm down, calm down, Type, you calm down.”

“Calm down and come on, No you’re dead!”

“Fu*ck, Type, you calm down, calm down, whoa! whoa! whoa!”

Today’s Sports Science College building seems noisier than usual, when Type walked in, an inch-headed boy was open mouth yawning, the tall one also ran and jumped in with him, probably because Type’s gaze on the prey was too “spiritual”, causing No to turn back to look, his eyes just and that When people meet him, he immediately gets up and runs away.

Well, you’ve got the SCUD, Type’s got the Hot Wheels and although No was running and yelling, “What’s going on in the house”, Type caught up to him and kicked him in the torso with a powerful kick but he ducked just in time or he’d have been killed but his scream still penetrated the building.

“Just because of you, just because of you, my so-called friend!” Now he doesn’t care who’s calling Type insolent, he just wants to take his anger out on a punching bag first.

“I didn’t do anything! Didn’t do anything!”

“Yesterday you left me and ran off on your own. You know what happened to me?” You know what happened to me?”


“Shit, don’t tell me, you’ve been…”

Hearing Type’s miserable cries, the best friend braked, turned back to look at Type with round eyes and the worst thing was that he was staring at Type’s bottom, although he left out a few words but the listeners still knew what he wanted to say.


“Oh, my God! It’s not my fault, you crawled into his bed!!!” Just before Type was about to scold him, No suddenly blurted out and put his hand on his head, afraid of being hit. After Type heard this, his hand stopped in the air and his body froze.

“Me? Me? I crawled into his bed on my own!”

That bast*rd Tharn isn’t lying!

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, you crawled into bed, I tried to get rid of you but you didn’t want to, you said you wanted to sleep, you wanted to sleep and I’m not to blame, the door was closing, my mom would have killed me if I didn’t go home, it’s your fault, you knew who you were with and you got drunk!” Once he was forced to confess, No confessed everything he knew, so, Type calmed down a bit.


“Hey, my head!” Slapping a hand on No’s head, Type gritted his teeth and said:

“Anyway, I’m in this mess this morning, because you left me! Friend!”

“What, you, uh, you guys driving?”  The face of the guy who got hit, I don’t know what he’s thinking, from head to toe, it’s like something’s wrong.

“Not yet!”

“Damn, how did you escape from a tiger?” If No hadn’t immediately bent down with both hands on his head, Type would have raised his hands to hit him a few more times.

“I wasn’t assaulted anyway!” Type fidgeted and swiped his hair, knowing that even hitting No wouldn’t help and No, still keeping his hands on his head, took a few steps back, looked at his friend with a spare glance and asked again:

“So… You?”


“That means Tharn is honest!”

“Honest your left butt!”

“Don’t get mad, just hear me out, last night I told him not to do anything to you, he said he wouldn’t do anything to a drunk, that’s why I said he was honest.” No hastened to explain to his friend and though the friend looked in disbelief, Type frowned and after a moment clenched his fists again.

“This son of a bi*tch!”

“Why are you angry again, you’re lucky to have survived the tiger’s mouth.” No answered at once and those who listened, hissed under their breath and said in a low voice:

“You don’t understand. He’s telling me this because he’s confident that whoever’s in his bed is willingly getting on it and will end up having s-xx with him. He’s telling you this because he’s scheming to let you know that if anything does happen, it’ll be because I’m willing, motherfu*cker and I’ll never have s-xx with a gay man!” Type roared, explaining the scourge’s words to his friend.

Who do you think you are, daring to be so bold!

“You, on the other hand, crawled into his bed!”

“Say what!”

“It’s nothing.” He’s a good friend but with Type pissed off like that, No wouldn’t really piss him off and seeing as how he won’t stop until he kills someone, he changes the subject:

“I have good news for you!”

“I never thought my life could get any better with Tharn in it.” See, he’s got such strong prejudices, it’s not like No can do anything about it, especially after watching Tharn in this tiger-goat fight and now he likes Tharn better, he thinks.

If they were really bad, or as vengeful as you are, you’d have been eaten clean by now, type fu*cker!

“Yeah, that’s really good news… I’ve found someone to switch dorms with.”


Type immediately turned his head to look at No, because No knew that if his friend couldn’t switch dormitories, his life would be in turmoil, so he personally asked the people around him if they were willing to switch dormitories with Type but it was only 5 minutes after he got the news.


“That’s, uh, that’s Champ!” Saying, No called out Champ’s name and the owner of that name, the boxer named Champ, came over.

“What’s up, Type, is everything back to normal?” When he saw that guy coming, he told No to shut up, Type narrowed his eyes and by the way, Champ was a classmate of No’s in his major but he didn’t know him well.

“Yeah, it’s back to normal,” he said through gritted teeth, so No hurriedly explained. he said through clenched teeth:

“Look, this guy who wants to switch dorms with you, it just so happens that I asked my classmates and they told me that Champ was the only one willing to switch dorms with you, so I didn’t bother to ask the nursing class but who knows, the ones who are willing to switch dorms are miles away.” And then, Champ nodded and said:

“Yeah, I’m looking for a new roommate too, it’s not that my roommate isn’t good, it’s just that he’s a medical student, he studies hard at night and I can’t sleep with the lights on, so I’d be happy if we could move.” No nodded gently, thinking that you’re amazing, you’ve solved it in just one day.

“Then you will go through the dorm exchange procedure!”

“But I don’t want to exchange.”

“Huh?! fu*ck!!!!!”

The guy who wanted to change dorms couldn’t believe his ears when Type said that and No was so shocked that he said “holy shit”.

“Ow!” Champ was speechless, scratching his head in confusion, turning his head to look at Type and lo and behold, it was No meddling again to get them to change dorms and Type’s face was changing so fast!

“Yeah, never mind, just let me know if you want to change dorms.” Hoping against hope, now shattered, No turned back to a grim-faced Type and asked quietly:

“What the hell is wrong with you, I tried so hard to help you.”

“Thank you for helping me but like I said, my revenge is still fresh and my business with Tharn isn’t over yet.” Except for a muffled voice, Type straightened his collar and said:

“If I move out, I lose, it’s him moving to the dorm, not me!” With that, Type bowed and str-ode away with an air of vengeance, leaving No scratching his head in his place.

“Shit, hatred has blinded your a*ss!” No sighed, muttered to himself.

That’s why I have to help him with the comeback!

Well, I just don’t get you, trying to get yourself killed when the situation is so bad, whatever, it’s your a*ss not mine!


He was crying.

Tharn thought to himself, as he recalled the image of the crying bag in his mind.

Tears welled up in his deep eyes, then they filled his eyes, they were filled with anger, they were sad as if he were a child asking why, they were hidden with fear and though outwardly calm, acting as if a man like him would never shed tears in the presence of his enemies, the drummer’s heart felt pity for him after his revenge.

No, he’s the one to be pitied, living with a roommate like that.

Tharn squeezed his fist at the thought, not that he’d overdone it this morning.

Compared to what he’s been doing the last few weeks, I’m no better, not even close, just scaring him a little.

“What are you staring at, Tharn.” his friend’s cry brought Tharn back to his senses and seeing Lhong’s open mouth asking interesting questions, Tharn held up something in his hand and said:

“What do you think of the taste of milk or cheese, which is better?”

“So you’re out of your mind because you don’t know what to eat,” Lhong replied as if he believed Tharn’s excuse.

Tharn nodded, “Yeah, I don’t know what to eat.” They’re at the convenience store in front of the school and they’re sick of eating lunch with the whole college crowd.

“Late night snacks, I don’t think that stuff is for you, it’s made of sugar, you need this!” Lhong handed him colorful dried shredded fish, all Popeye style.

“No fat, tasty and nutritious.” Lhong’s face made Tharn laugh.

“You’re retarded!”

“Oh, the worry’s gone now, eat what you want, put your coffin face on, your ex-boyfriend wants to get back together.” His friends also know that what they’re asking is not what’s bothering Tharn, mainly because one of the ex-boyfriends is also a fu*cking pain in the ass.

“No, I’m worried about the new band.” When he said that, Lhong sighed, shook his head heavily as if he understood and replied:

“Yeah, there’s still time to find a new partner and you and I are the only two guys left, so how hard can it be to take care of a bass player.” Tharn took a deep breath, remembering the band from high school, which now had to start a new one and which had broken up because of him.

He was once dating a younger brother in the band, then broke up with him and the younger brother got mad at him for doing something bad to him, even though the younger brother dumped him first and that’s why no one at school refused to join the band.

He’s the only drummer left and Lhong is the lead singer.

“Yeah, whatever, we’ll find it.” Tharn followed Lhong, then stuffed the basket with a bag of cheese-flavored and milk-flavored popcorn, grabbed two different flavors of dried shredded fish, then walked over and got a bottle of soda and looking at what he had, Lhong wanted to say you’re making yourself fat but he didn’t say it.

So you’re really crying.


Today, Type returned to the dormitory soon, because the shouting of the seniors has decreased and it’s already two weeks since the school started but some of the freshmen still can’t sing (college cheer song?), they got detention, so they had to learn a lesson (I don’t know how many), so they let them go.

So, now he’s freaking out about that fu*cking roommate and let’s just say, he hasn’t found a way to fight back yet.

Or should I just put his underwear on, uh, which is disgusting to think about.

Type made the sound of feeling sick to his stomach in his underwear, a pile of clothes on the side of the bed, because since the war, the small dormitory had been divided into two sides, a Japanese table in the middle, only last night he crossed the line and by No’s tone, he crossed the line himself.

“I’m starving. Let’s go out and get something to eat in front of the school.” The southern boy said to himself and thought it was time to ask his father for money for a bike, now that almost everyone in the dormitory had one and the dormitories were so far from the school gates, it would be a lot easier to get a bike.


“What the hell is that?” He looked around, preparing for how he was going to talk to his dad and then he saw a colored Post-it note taped to the opening of the bag that said:

   Don’t touch my stuff.

“I’m dying to touch them, thief!” After reading the paper, Type muttered as if he was out of his mind, because he felt it was rude to touch other people’s things but before he turned back to his bed, he suddenly changed his attention, he stared silently at the plastic bag and a voice rang in his ears.

 ‘I think it’s fine for people who don’t respect other people’s privacy to borrow my slippers but then I can’t stand to wear my underwear…’

   No’s voice rang in his ears, he stared at the plastic bag and if he couldn’t borrow his stuff without permission, what about eating his stuff and not returning it?

   Well, there it is! So he can’t get back at me, because I’m not stocking up on food in the dorm!

   Having come up with this bad plan, Type looked at the wall clock and was sure that the goods would not come back, so he opened the bag and saw a lot of snacks and a bottle of drink in the bag, which is tantamount to stealing!

“Consider it payback for what you did to me this morning, a few bites of food.” So, the Southern boy threw open the bag of snacks and ate it in peace, (if the aunt knew, she’d scold him to death) and he gulped it down and when he choked, he drank soda and drank it with his head held high like a bear, not caring about the shopper.

Until the last half of the bag of shredded fish was gone, he taped the original Post-it note to the other side of the bag, straightened the pen, pinned the bag up and dropped it in the middle of the table, not forgetting to leave the clean snack bag wide open and then… Shaking Tharn’s bed, scattering crumbs all over it and patting his bed to complete the ritual.

“I was worried you’d be hungry, so I threw it on your bed.” Then I grabbed the bag and threw it in the trash, burped to show that I was full and went to the bathroom in a good mood, crying out inside:

   I hope an army of ants visit your bed tonight!

   OK, I know it’s childish but I’m willing to be called childish if it’s the right thing to do to get back at him! I’ve got the hand of hatred stuck in my throat! (LAUGHS)!

   The more I thought about it, the happier I got but I also got angry, because when I saw those red marks on my neck, I rubbed my hands and they got redder and redder:

   I’m not moving, you’re the one who’s moving!

By the time Tharn got back to his room, it was almost closing time, so it wasn’t surprising that it was dark in there, not to mention that he didn’t expect the guy to leave a light on, so Tharn shined his cell phone light on him and saw that the guy across the bed was asleep.

I don’t know how he can sleep after what happened last night, huh?

But it wasn’t Type he was after, it was the food on the table.

Rustling, plastic bag sounds.

Lifting the bag, feeling light, he thought something was wrong, the light of the phone found a post-it note, he looked closer, the note was clearly written:

What can I do if I eat it!

Tharn froze, shook the bag and knew there was little food left, he roared:

“Don’t you know how to spell the word polite? I didn’t see the note on it!”  said the drummer as he picked up the snack bag on the table, mumbling:

“You can’t touch these, I’ll leave them alone.” Saying that, Tharn went straight to the wardrobe, picked up his pyjamas and smashed them against the door, turned and left the bedroom, the sleeper immediately straightened up.

“Go and get gone!” Looking at the darkened room, the man who had just returned went out again, Type got out of bed and judging from the noise the bag must be near the table and crept over to check… Jackpot! Jackpot!

Lots of bottles to drink, bags of snacks and shopping tickets, which you can only see in the light.

“Uh, sausage, basil scramble, milk, these must be in the fridge.” Type said, put everything back the way it was, then went back to bed and pretended to be asleep. Tomorrow I’ll check the common fridge in the dormitory and if there’s anything in there, I’ll eat it all, so he’ll think it’s stolen.

Then, the goody-goody food thief crawled into bed and slept happily, just imagining how furious he’d be at the loss of the food and thinking about it, Tharn laughed shamelessly.

Even if it’s the only way to get rid of you, I’ll drive you crazy!

Type thought about it and went to the meeting with the sleeping god.


Meanwhile, the guy who got his snack stolen is standing in front of the dormitory and the mulatto’s pretty eyes are looking at the scribbled paper in his hand, which looks like that nagging Type and his mouth is relaxed and his frustration disappears.

“I’m sorry I made you cry.”

All Tharn said was this, stuffing the note in his pants pocket, that it was indeed Type who had eaten the snacks, which was right because he did not to buy them for himself but to apologize for making him cry this morning.

If it’s just there, Type won’t eat it but if there’s a note, he’ll eat it, because he doesn’t know what to do with himself and as he expected, his sorry words seem to come out of nowhere.

He didn’t know that, since he was living together, before Type didn’t hate him, everything was still intact, like the older man said, he was buying things to please him, to be his friend but since Type was like this, he was always ready to fight him to the end.

It wasn’t that Tharn’s anger level at Type had dropped, it was just that he was confused by the pr-oduct’s tearfulness this morning.

I don’t want him to cry, I’ll let him play tough but I don’t want him to cry.

“Just think of it as food that disappears on its own.”

Tharn said to himself, if only Type would open his heart, he’d know he wasn’t bad at all.

Okay, it’s almost a week later and everything’s still the same, nothing’s changed, the plan to make Tharn explode in anger hasn’t been implemented, stealing a week’s worth of snacks, Tharn hasn’t made any progress except for a few nasty glares, Tharn has asked Type about it but with no evidence, it’s not working. No, Tharn still doesn’t want to move.

Although this morning his bed was crawling with tiny ants, which were basically making a nest in his bed.

‘Don’t let me catch you doing it na! ‘

He points at Type, Type just smiles and asks casually:

‘You find the evidence and I’ll look at it.’

Tharn is very tolerant, he just curses but he still doesn’t want to move. I don’t know if it’s because he’s deliberately avoiding it but Tharn always comes back to the dorm late, so there’s no conflict between them.

“Oooh, this is annoying!” Finally, Type threw the cushions off the bed, opened his eyes and looked at the old ceiling, trying to find a way to get rid of that fa*ggot on the other side of the bed.


When the phone rang, Type fidgeted and went to pick it up, seeing that Om had posted something on his high school MySpace page.

Oam: you guys, look, it’s gonna get crabbed.

The phone screen left these prompts and then sent another URL, it felt like it might be something abnormal, it did not excite Type’s curiosity, if not for the phone emitted a series of beeps, he would not be annoyed to pick up the phone to see and then saw the girls began to discuss in the group.

So Type clicked into the group to see.

– What are you posting in a group, you think the girls are ornamental plants!

– If you’re going to do it, do it for a living and you’ll never know.

– You know, when I clicked on it, my mom was sitting right next to me and I almost did but if my mom saw her daughter reading this, she’d kill me.

And the boys:

– Send another one, send another one.

– I’ll do it later. Put it away. It’s excellent, Tie!

Now Type’s curiosity is aroused, the group discussion is so heated, just click on it, so…

“Huh… Ah… Ha… Ahhh…”

   This kind of video is truly Oam’s style!

   He looked around the dormitory to make sure Tharn wasn’t coming back and after checking to make sure the door was locked, he boldly stared at his phone.

   At this moment, a beautiful woman is riding on a dark-skinned man, don’t get me wrong, Type is not interested in men, it doesn’t matter how dark the skin is, save 10,000 words, she is just fu*cking in various positions, which arouses Type’s desire.

“Good job Oam!” muttered Type, the little guy down there who hadn’t worked in almost three weeks was reacting, sure, he’d spent all his time fighting the guy in his dorm room, he didn’t have time to free himself, so when stimulated, a guy with Type’s energy would definitely get a hard-on. Oh, yeah.


   This time, Type sat up straight on the edge of the bed, the thing was very hot, he had a cell phone in one hand, gritted his teeth, one hand began to exercise, listening to the sweet voice of the girl.

   Now there is no time for a bathroom, just a bedroom!

   Type was in a state of self-pleasure, enjoying a beautiful video from a friend and he seemed to have forgotten something in his brain? Yes, he doesn’t live alone.


   It doesn’t seem to be from the video but how could Type, who was so focused on the sound of the actress’ “mmmmmmmmmmmm”, notice? He’s sprinting… He didn’t even realize the door was open.


“Fu*ck!”  the door opened and there was a yelp from the dormitory, Type looked at the doorway with his cat like eyes wide open… And he stiffened all over

This is awkward! My little brother is still upright in my hand!



~ TharnType The Series~


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