Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Chapter 6: The man with the strong heart

At this moment, the whole room fell into silence, Type was too shocked to say anything, his face was red with shame and he opened his eyes wide and looked straight at this guy who came at the right time, not too early, not too late.


This was the only thought on Type’s mind at the moment, when his roommate walked in and stared at his hand, Type didn’t need to be reminded, he knew he must have seen his little brother!!



“What are you laughing at?” When Type regained consciousness, he immediately grabbed the blanket around him and covered his private parts in shame. Even if he hadn’t done anything to help but at this embarrassing moment, Type wanted to put himself in a jar and throw himself in the water.

How could such a mistake happen when you’ve been so careful for so long? Besides, it’s bad to make a fool of yourself in front of anyone but this bastard.


Tharn shrugged, like he didn’t care but he kept his eyes on Type’s private parts that were already covered with a blanket and Type couldn’t help but curse.

“What are you looking at, get the fu*ck out of here!”

“Why do I have to go out there, you son of a bi*tch? This is a public space. And what about the fact that you hate gay people? Or do you like me, too?”

“Fu*ck you! I’m sick of breathing the air in the same room with you. Well, why do I have to share a room with a gay guy like you, when there are so many people in the world, who like to fu*ck men like you. You lack love, your parents don’t love you, you lack discipline, that’s why you like men’s asses, or is it genetic, was your father too…”


“Don’t make this about my dad!!!”

Tharn turned around angrily, grabbing Type by the shoulders, his voice low as if he couldn’t stand it any longer.

“I’ve put up with that temper of yours long enough.”  Tharn said coldly and the next move made Type widen his eyes even more.


“Let go of me, ass- bleep-hole!”

“If you kick me, I’ll break your little brother in two.”

How could Type not be frightened when his little brother, swollen with desire, is being held by the other hand? Type raised his foot and was about to kick him, when his threatening voice rang out in his ears and the look in his eyes and his grip on his little brother’s hand, made Type know that he was serious.

“Let go… Let go of me!” The wide palm of his hand wrapped around his little brother in one hand, making Type clench his teeth as he tried to put on a fierce face, while large beads of sweat began to roll down his face, his heart beating so fast, not from excitement but from fear that his body began to shake.

“I don’t have to do what you say.” Tharn,” he said, pulling the blanket off, his hot hand coming into direct contact with Type’s little brother, Type’s teeth clenched even tighter.

“Let go of — me.”

Whoop whoop

Instead of releasing him as he had said, the big hard hand began to move up and down, its fingertips circling the end of his member, like an old hand which knew how to please, yet there was no lust in Tharn’s eyes as he did it, instead, the young man’s eyes were cold and frightening.

Such a move, it seems, is just making a point of saying it’s – for real.

“Let go of me there… Let go of… Ah!” Type clenched his lower lip, tasting blood from his bleeding lip and raised his hands to punch the other man to make him let go, not because he was threatening to cut his little brother in two but because the fear that had been lurking deep inside him for years was rising up and growing.

“Let go of me – let go of -”

Even though he wanted to shout out, to tell him not to do this to him, that he was not gay, his voice was pitifully small and his hands that were trying to push him away were gripping his shoulders tightly, Type’s whole body was drenched in sweat.

Fear… Yes, fear.

“Let go – aah – aah -”

   That was all Type could do to convince himself, he looked at the tall figure on top of him, his face as solid as a knife, Type looked at his little brother who was being held in his wide hands, he told himself that this was just the normal desire of a young man but despite his efforts to bring his desire down, his little brother was not obedient,  In response to the movement of the wide palm, I became even more aroused and desire swept over my body, followed by a flood of embarrassing memories.

“That’s a good boy, nothing to be afraid of, just a fun thing to do.” It’s a good boy, it’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s just fun.

   The beautiful cheeks of the mulatto were gradually replaced by a bearded face, the owner of which stared with lustful eyes at the defenseless body of the boy in front of him.

   I’m not that 12-year-old boy anymore, I can fight back, Type, fight back!

   I told myself that but the words that came out of my mouth were….

“Let go… let go… let go… let go… let go… I’m sorry… please… let go of me.” Only sobs, like a defenseless child begging a cruel adult to stop, startled Tharn, who was taking his anger out on his “good” roommate and he raised his head.

Type didn’t know what the other party was thinking, nor did he know what kind of pity he was looking at him with, at the moment all he could say was-….

“Ah – don’t do this to me – don’t -”

Leave me alone, leave me alone, don’t do anything to me.

“Isn’t it great? Why don’t you keep cursing my parents.”

“I apologize… don’t… don’t do this to me, don’t…” Type didn’t know what to say except to keep apologizing. His whole body was shaking, drenched in sweat… Tharn couldn’t help but slow down his hands but instead of… Intending to stop there, the hand went down instead.

“Don’t be afraid – be at ease, I just want to give you a good time.”

Type listened, looking tearfully at Tharn and he found that Tharn’s eyes were much gentler than they had been, his cold, hard, violent movements became softer than before, his large hand cupping Type’s little brother, eliciting a shudder from Type, while he slowly took hold of that part of Type’s body.

whoop whoop

“Don’t worry, it’s all right… It’s all right.” The voice was close to the ear, the hot lips touched the earlobe, Type shuddered again and Tharn was thinking that the other man might have no more desire, when, unexpectedly, the man beneath him responded unconsciously to the movement of his hand.

“That’s it. That’s a good boy.” Tharn whispered and as he felt the warm c*um that continued to flow, Tharn’s fingertips began to make circles around the sticky end of Type’s little brother, the one beneath him fearing for his life.


“By the way, don’t worry, I won’t let you feel any pain.”

The sound made Type afraid but the other feeling was more pronounced than fear – and it felt good.

whoop whoop

“Hey-hey-ahhhh!!!” So, after just a few strokes of his big hand, Type’s body let go of all its desires, he breathed deeply, his body collapsed in one piece but he didn’t look like he had just let go of his desires with the help of someone else, which made Tharn, who was letting go, ask questions.

This guy looks like he’s more than just a gay hater.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Boom! Boo! Boo!

But before Tharn could finish his question, the guy who was shivering on the bed raised his foot and kicked him straight and fell off the bed himself and the guy who was shivering in his arms and breathing heavily, stood up, his eyes red, his body still shaking and he was breathing heavily.

“I hate you, fa*ggot!” So different, that Tharn couldn’t believe it was the same guy who was crying for him to leave him alone.

So, Tharn slowly got up, looked at the guy who was staring back at him with a fierce look in his eyes, like he was going to eat himself, his mouth slowly turned up and he raised his cum-soaked hand.

“But a dead fa*ggot like me also helps a fa*ggot with a mouth like yours – and you’re quite fond of my services, aren’t you.”

“Fu*ck you!”  Type cursed, half in anger, half in shame, at the sight of his own semen on the other man’s hand. And this made Tharn snicker.

“Looks like I’m such a starving gay but I’m much more powerful than you, I who can serve your little brother very comfortably. Well, that’s pathetic.” Tharn said as he bent down to pick up the cell phone that had fallen on the floor, the bed was still playing pornography, the body of a very good actress was screaming, Tharn grabbed his bag and walked out of the room again.

Bang Plop!

As soon as the door closed, the guy who had just been so hard-headed immediately clutched his chest, curled up on the bed, took a deep breath and shook his body into a ball.

“Hey aah aah, no, it’s okay, it’s in the past, don’t think about that, don’t think about that Type— No! No!!”

At this moment, Type can only comfort himself in terrible memories.


“What’s that kid up to again?”

He washed his face to calm his raging mind but instead of calming down, he became even more depressed, putting his hand to the cool water, which splashed around the sink.

Afterwards, Tharn gripped the edge of the wash basin with both hands, took a deep breath and found no relief from his depression and most of all–he didn’t know what he was depressed about.

Because the boy cursed his own parents.

Because the kid is acting like a chicken and he was still there.

Because he was scared to death before and now he’s calling himself names.

Or, in fact, because…..he made the boy cry.


Tharn cursed again, his hands gripping the washbasin with more force, he looked up at the mirror, his face was covered in water, now he really didn’t know himself at all. Although he was angry and disgusted with Type’s thoughts and wanted to get back at him, to make him remember not to mess with people like him but everything disappeared because of the other guy’s tears.

“You tears don’t mean shit to me.”

Tharn reiterated, even though he knew he was just fooling himself. He was so angry, so angry that he wanted to strangle him, because he had dared to curse his parents like that and no matter how much of an ass- bleep–hole he was, it was his own choice, not his parents’ and he was so angry that he wanted to teach him a lesson, to help him with his desires and then tease him until he gave in and begged himself but…. But with a whimper, unbelievably, all the anger you had inside you vanished in an instant.

Tharn closed his eyes, never expecting the image to be so hauntingly present in his mind.

The angular man beneath him, his face full of clear tears, his eyes glittering and slightly red, his long, dense eyelashes wet with tears, his upper and lower lips bitten and slightly white, his tall body trembling like a little bird that fell from a nest.

All of this created a feeling in Tharn that shouldn’t have been there for someone like Type.

He’s trying to protect him.

“How can you feel sorry for that kid when he’s yelling at Mom and Dad like that?!” Tharn turned pale, exhaled deeply and moved his hand away from the edge of the sink, trying to purge his mind of all the emotions he thought were caused by the circumstances.


Tharn pulled his school uniform up, his bruises coming into view and shook his head.

“What do you get for being so soft on him, Tharn?” , says Tharn, splashing water on his face again and walks out of the bathroom, while he picks up his cell phone and dials his best friend’s number.

“Lhong, are you still in school? Let’s go to lunch.”

It’s a shame he can’t get into the dormitory, because otherwise they’d have been arguing. Tharn walked by the door, he glanced at the door a little, thought to himself and walked away, no need to pity the strong guy.

“Uncle, Uncle, is there really a court for me to play on?”

“Behind that house, there’s an abandoned field, it’s big, you’ll see with uncle.” It’s big. You’ll see.

Don’t go, Type, don’t go, don’t you go.

In a vague dream, Type dreamt that the bearded man with barely visible facial features was staring at the 12-year-old boy with an innocent smile like a vicious wolf. The boy doesn’t know how dangerous the outside world is, he is happy to have a field to play ball, he doesn’t know how disgustingly they are looking at him.

Don’t go, don’t go, don’t go with that animal.

Type cried out in the darkness, trying desperately to hold the boy but his arms were weak and even his words were muffled and he could only watch the boy follow the bastard with a trusting face.

That boy – that’s himself.

Spurred on by his own thoughts, Type tried to hold the child with his hands but the other man stepped farther and farther away.

“Where do you think you’re going? Kids.”


At that moment, a face with bearded cheeks and teeth exposed by a wicked smile suddenly appeared in front of him and the laughter of a madman sounded in his head and the fear that had been hidden in his heart swept over him in a moment like a storm.

Let go… Let go of me, ass- bleep–hole.

“Let Uncle Jun get off, just a little, a little, a little…”

Type struggled desperately, tears falling down his face, his body drenched in sweat, he tried to escape but found his body terrifyingly heavy.

“Let go of me, let go of me, don’t hurt me.” Let go of me, let go of me, don’t hurt me.”

The boy’s plea for mercy was not very loud, he tried to free his hands from the rope but in vain he was only bruised. He was trembling with fear, his whole body was shaking, he was pitiful.

But his pitiful appearance made the guy who was stroking him with his hand on his leg even more lecherous and the guy mouthed-…

“Good boy, don’t be afraid, let’s have some fun together.”

“No, I don’t want to, let go of me… Ah, let go of me.”

The boy was still crying and begging him to leave him alone but in return he was stroking his dirty hands up and down his legs, the boy’s trousers were being pulled down, disgusting hands were covering his body and the boy was gasping in fear.

Who can help me, help me, help me -….

“Wake up, Type!!”

Someone, someone, help me, help me.

“I’m going to wake you up, Type!”

That voice, Tharn you bastard, Tharn you bastard, help me, Tharn help me.

“I’m going to wake you up right now, you hear me, Type!!!”

The loud voice in his ears, that disgusting face finally disappeared from his mind and then Type woke up, he was struggling in fear and what he saw on the face of the guy who woke up, was not mocking, or hate to bite himself to death, what Type saw on the face of the person in front of him was……worry.

“Good thing you woke up, boy, good thing you woke up.” A strong embrace held Type’s sweat-soaked body tightly in his arms.

At the moment, Type really didn’t know what he should do, all he knew was- he was safe.

“I’d better get back.”

“I’m out of my mind!”

Tharn cursed to himself that he was the one who called his friend who had already gone home to have dinner with him but as soon as he finished ordering, he felt a bit uneasy.

   He cries, let him cry himself to death but he cries like a baby!

   Tharn’s mind was whirling with this thought, at first he thought Type was afraid that he was going to cut his little brother in two but when he calmed down and thought about it, Type looked like he was more than just afraid, if he hated the act enough to cry, he would’ve fought back but he didn’t, he didn’t fight back, he kept on…. I’m begging myself to let him go.

   The more he thought about it, the more Tharn fidgeted and then the guy who said he didn’t care if his roommate lived or died came back as fast as he could, his tear-stained face in front of him and Tharn’s steps got faster.


“Hmm? Unlocked?”

As soon as he reached the door to pick up the key to open the door, Tharn was surprised to find that the door was not locked.

Type, that guy never leaves his door unlocked.

At that moment, the whole house was dark, except for the guy on the bed, so Tharn was relieved and continued to walk towards the house.


“Shit! You can sleep so comfortably after all that?”

   Tharn cursed, he’d worked himself to death to get back and the guy he’d worried himself about was sleeping soundly and acting like he didn’t care how he’d just been treated. But just as he was about to go over and tell Type that he was back, his legs settled in place.

“Let go – let go of me – aah – aah – let go – please.”

The heavy breathing became clear, the man on the bed moved restlessly, Tharn immediately switched on the light and ran straight to Type.

“Type, what’s wrong with you!” Tharn rushed to the side of the bed, took a deep breath and found that the man, who had always been a hero, was now sweating, with his face turned to the right and to the left, as if he had been tortured and had to beg for mercy.


“Wake up Type!!!!” Tharn gripped Type’s shoulders with both hands and shook him gently, trying to wake him up from his nightmare but Type’s body trembled even more than before, tears falling from both cheeks, Tharn gripped his shoulders again and shook him even harder, the other hand gently patting Type’s face.

“Wake the fu*ck up, Type!!”

“Ahh.” Yet again, Type made an uneasy, frightened sound and Tharn watched, tormented by an unspoken fear.

“Help me – Tharn – Tharn -…”

“Wake the fu*ck up, Type!!!!!!!!!!”

   Having said that, Tharn grabbed Type’s shoulders with both hands and lifted him up, shaking him hard again and at the same time, his voice grew louder as he tried to wake up the other man.

   The sound finally made Type open his eyelids, his tear-filled eyes appeared and upon closer inspection, they were filled with fear.

   The fear was too much for Tharn, so his body went before his head.

   He hugged Type.

   He pulled Type into a tight hug and they held each other tightly.

“Thank God, thank God you’re awake.” There was a huge sigh of relief in his voice and at the same time, Tharn’s other hand was stroking and patting Type’s back.

“It’s okay, Type, it’s okay, you just had a nightmare.”

But what exactly did he dream about?

There must be a deeper reason for him to be shaking in fear, begging for mercy and doing something different from his strong character. Stroking, as if to soothe a child.

“It’s okay.”

Tharn’s heart stopped for a second as his opponent’s hands draped at his sides slowly lifted up to grip his school uniform tightly and then….


Tharn was sitting on the edge of the bed and almost fell to the floor but before he could say he’d been hit by this guy, Type’s voice rang out.

“Leave me alone!!”

That managed to ignite Tharn’s anger and he looked back at Type, his other hand on his aching jaw.

“What the fu*ck is wrong with you! I was kind enough to wake you up.”

“Who begged you?”

Type said, his teeth chattering and if his body wasn’t still shaking and his eyes still red and swollen, he would have been worse than this. At this “ungrateful” remark, Tharn immediately got up from the bed, he bowed his head and said in a cold voice.

“You didn’t beg me, I’m just compassionate, I can’t see a guy as strong as a bull still afraid of his own nightmares–”

“I’m not afraid of nightmares. You don’t know anything. Leave me alone! You don’t know anything. Leave me alone!!!” Type immediately snapped back and at the same time, he clenched his fists like he was going to punch Tharn, if he had the strength. As he did so, Tharn exhaled heavily.

“So what are you afraid of, boy?”

“I’m not afraid of anything, there’s nothing that can make a man like me afraid.”

“Oh, so you’re shivering and crying, so you’re not afraid of anything, huh, don’t show off there.”

“I’ll tell you, if I cry myself to death, I’ll never ask you for help! You remember that.”

The tough guy still had a hard mouth, even though the tears on his eyelashes hadn’t dried. His words drove the worried Tharn mad and he turned back immediately and though he had not eaten, he was in no mood to eat and he spoke again,

“How long are you going to be a brat?”

“That’s my own business!”

Tharn clenched his fists, trying to suppress his anger at the guy across the street who’d been fighting him, couldn’t believe it was the same guy who’d just begged him but on the other hand, he’d probably dreamt he’d done something bad to him.

Thinking that, Tharn calmed down a bit and at the same time, a feeling of disappointment came over him.

Maybe he’s not crying and begging him to help, he’s probably just running away from him.

“I’m sorry, it was none of my business.” Tharn said, threw the bag on the bed, he got the towel and pajamas from the closet, walked right past the guy sitting on the bed acting like nothing happened and walked out of the room.

The moment the door closed, Type clasped his head with both hands and closed his eyes, half in shame, half in fear.

“No, I didn’t ask for his help.”

Despite telling himself that desperately, the hands on his head knew very well that just now he was going to hug Tharn back.



~ TharnType The Series~


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