Tharntype The Series, Chapter 7: Doing good does not need one to wait for thanks

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Chapter 7: Doing good does not need one to wait for thanks

The next morning.

Two single beds were placed opposite to each other in the small room and the person sleeping on the bed with the singer’s poster on it and staring blankly at the ceiling was exposed by the sunlight, which was Tharn.

Don’t interfere with my business, even if I’m dead, I don’t need you to interfere, huh!

If it wasn’t for the dormitory’s restricted hours, Tharn would have wanted to take a shower and leave the dorm.

It’s morning, stop thinking about it, get up, eat, go to class.

The teenager told himself so and then turned to look at the guy sleeping across the street – who was sleeping soundly, not having nightmares like last night, why was he the only one there depressed, the culprit instead as if nothing had happened!

“Heh.”  Eventually, the handsome young man sighed, he turned and picked up his phone to check the time – 6:00 PM.

   Lifting the blanket from his body with one big hand, folding it up and placing it at the end of the bed and sweeping his eyes over Type’s rounded head, Tharn sighed again.

   Why worry about him when he’s yelling at himself?

   Thinking that, Tharn left the room quickly, it was right to leave quickly, because if we didn’t meet, we wouldn’t fight, we wouldn’t be soft on him.

   What’s the point of going soft on a guy like Type? All you get out of it is abuse and disgusting expressions, making yourself miserable for nothing.

   However, Tharn, who said he didn’t care, didn’t care and wouldn’t be nice to that unforgiving mouth of his, who had said he was going to take a shower, was still wandering around the dormitory after seven o’clock, with his long legs that should have taken the owner out long ago.

   I forgot my books, that’s all.

   After finding an excuse for himself, Tharn walked into the quiet room, unlike his roommates who had to wake up in the morning to take a shower and rush to class, Type was still sleeping soundly. After getting the book, Tharn not only did not come out from the room but also sat down on the bed.

   It’s too early to get there, so why rush there?

   Tharn made another excuse for himself, he picked up his MP3 and put on his headphones, playing loud music to calm his confused mind, his eyes – but couldn’t help but glance at the guy who had been sleeping in the same position since he woke up in the morning.

   How’s the kid?

   Tharn shook his head, desperately trying to get the thought out of his head, he always found peace listening to music but this time even the music didn’t work and after Tharn gave up trying to make excuses for himself, he finally realized–he’d been sitting here waiting, just to make sure the kid was okay so he could go to class.

   Well, I’m just a softy after all.

    tick, tick, tick

   The hands of the clock pointed to 7:30 – 7:40 – 7:45 – and Type still wasn’t awake.

   Tharn’s face was getting anxious, he looked down at his watch, took off his headphones and shoved them in his bag, knowing full well that if he didn’t get going he wouldn’t have time to eat and he might not make his 8:15 class and yet the guy who had a class in the morning wouldn’t get up yet.

   Is the kid really okay?

“To hell with him!”

Finally, the guy who said he didn’t care got up from the bed, took two steps and stopped at the side of the bed opposite the guy who was still in the same sleeping position.

“Type, it’s eight o’clock,” Tharn said aloud and he reached out to shake Type’s shoulder to wake him.

“Leave me alone!!!”

But as the harsh words of last night replayed in his mind, Tharn’s outstretched hand froze in mid-air, he clenched his hands and silently withdrew them, while, at the same time, he called out again to the man in the bed.

“It’s time to get up. How long do you want to sleep?” There was a lot of dissatisfaction in his voice but if one looked closely into Tharn’s eyes, it was easy to see that what was there, most clearly, was the worry.

“Type, wake up.”

“Um.” The murmur lifted Tharn’s heart and when he saw the other man’s body move, he went on.

“Wake up and get up, I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“Hmm.”  came the typical grunt from under the blankets of the newly awakened, emphasized again by Tharn, who had intended to go out at once.

“Get up, you’re going to be late…”

“Shut up.”

Tharn knew he wouldn’t be thanked but he didn’t think he’d be told to shut up. Afterwards, he even grabbed a blanket and covered himself tightly with it, raspy voice coming out of the blanket, “Leave me alone.”

Tharn clenched his fists, he looked at the guy cowering under the blanket, turned around, grabbed his backpack and unlike the usual fights, he walked out of the room without a word.

   That alone was enough, enough to show him how much they hated him.


   However, soon after the door of the room was closed, Type’s cell phone, which was placed next to his pillow, rang and Type, who had just kicked out the guy who was doing him a favor, reached out his hand like he was going to die and felt for his cell phone.

“What the hell is that noise, I’ve got a fu*cking headache.” Type said as he searched for the culprit that had broken the silence in the room, when he found it he brought the phone down under the blanket and tried to open his eyes.


“Hey, Type, where the hell are you? I got to school early today, let’s go eat.”

“I’m not going to-”

“You sound weird, you just got up, huh? Hey, it’s time to get up, it’s almost class, don’t tell me you’re skipping class.”

My head hurts like hell.

He silently moved the phone farther away from his friend because his head hurt from the loud noise and even though he was sleeping, he felt dizzier than when he was on the roller coaster.

“I’ve got a headache.”

“Ow, are you sick? You’re not coming to class, are you? I’m coming up to see you.”


I don’t even have the strength to get up, so where’s the strength to open the door for you?

“It’ll be fine.” Finally Type ended the exchange himself and quickly hung up the phone, because any more disturbing noises, his brain might actually explode. He didn’t have to put his hand to his forehead but he knew from the heat coming from under the blanket that he had a fever.

“I’m really pathetic.” A second before he lost consciousness, Type told himself this – that he was once again trapped in the unpleasant memories that had haunted him throughout the night.

The nightmare of a helpless 12-year-old, Tharn who he could barely hold in his arms and the memories of his childhood, coupled with a high fever, was hell for Type.

“What’s wrong with this kid, could it be serious?”

Meanwhile, standing in the middle of the cafeteria, Techno tried to call his best friend again but the phone was switched off, not knowing if he was really very sick or if it was just an excuse to skip class. But Techno was a good guy and he was walking towards a shop on two legs.

“Auntie, a bowl of porridge, please.”

You should be grateful to have a friend like that, Type One.

Techno looks at his watch, if he goes up to give the porridge to Type, he’ll be late. He’s not in the same major as Type, he’s not in the same class today and the teacher is sickeningly strict.

Why don’t you buy it for yourself and see him later in the evening?

“Hey, Tharn, Tharn!!!” For good eyes (it’s none of the guy across the street’s business that he’s tall!!!), Techno saw his best friend’s enemy, Tharn, coming down from the second floor of the canteen with two bags, Techno shouted out, Tharn turned around and looked at him.

“Here, here, here.” Because Tharn’s a good guy, Techno’s just being nice to him.

“Can I help you? I’m late for class.”

“Hey aah aah, isn’t that Type kid feeling well?”

“Yes?” Hearing Tharn’s confused voice and appalled expression, Techno frowned, he understood immediately.

“Aw, you don’t know, does that mean the kid’s looking for an excuse not to go to class? I was so worried about him.”

“Why do you think he’s sick?”

“I just asked him to come down for lunch and he said he had a headache and he wasn’t going to class, uh but his voice sounded weak, like he had no energy, so I asked you if he was really sick or if he was just skipping class.” Tharn was stunned, he looked down at his watch, he might be really late.

“I have a class today too, the teacher is very strict, what should we do? I’ll go up and see him.” Techno sighed, it’s true that he was worried about his friend but he was more worried about himself. Right at that moment….

“Ah, the porridge is ready.”

“Yes?” Techno’s hand stopped as he was about to take the porridge but someone held out his hand before him and gave the porridge vendor his credit card and even said to him in a pushy voice:

“You go to class, I’ll go see him myself.”

“Aw, I thought you had a class…” Seeing the worried look on his friend’s annoying face, Techno, who was about to continue, immediately calmed down.

When did they get back together?

“Uh, please, just give me your number so I can call and ask about the kid.”

Finally, Techno got his new friend’s cell phone number. He watched with bewilderment as Tharn turned around and ran back to the dormitory, touching his hand to his chin.

“By the way, are these two really hating each other?”

Tharn wanted to hit someone to release his frustration but he wanted to hit himself more and didn’t even notice that he was in bad shape.

Is that kid sleeping like that because he’s sick?

The moment he opened the door with the key and saw that the guy who shut himself up was still asleep in the same position and even had a blanket wrapped around his head, the young man cursed himself and immediately put down his porridge and knelt down by the bedside and reached out to pull the blanket off but his outstretched hand stopped.

“Leave me alone!!!”

I can’t leave him, I’m responsible if he dies.

Finding a reason, Tharn yanked off the blanket that was wrapped around Type’s head and face and the first thing he felt was the heat coming off Type’s body and he blurted out —-.


   He wasn’t scolding the man in the bed, he was scolding himself for not knowing anything. Tharn looked at the pale face, cracked lips, sweaty face and shaking body and immediately reached out his hand and touched the forehead.

“The body’s burning up like this.” After comparing his body temperature to his own, to make sure he was really burning up, Tharn grabbed Type’s shoulders and shook him.

“Type, can you stand up?”

This time, even though he was shaken, the unconscious guy with the hot breath in his nose only moved a little, with a pained expression and a frown on his face, as if Tharn’s voice was making his head hurt even more. Tharn, who was skipping class for him, immediately turned to his side of the table, to find the medicine that was always available in the room.

“Where are the fever pills?” Tharn did a quick check and found that he was out of fever pills and painkillers, no wonder, he’d been working against Type for weeks, he probably couldn’t sleep without painkillers. Tharn grabbed his keys and wallet and ran downstairs to buy the medication.

Tharn came back soon afterwards with a version of fever medicine, a bottle of mineral water and a fever reducing medicine.

“Type, Type–” As soon as he entered, Tharn patted the sick fellow, saw the other lift his eyelids he was a little relieved and asked at once:

“You have a fever, do you have the strength to get up and eat and take your medicine?”

“No…” the faint voice sounded and the other man’s brow furrowed even more, as if he had a terrible headache.

“Then just take the medicine.”

“No – don’t – heh – no -…”

Seeing the other man shaking his head vigorously back and forth, mumbling something vague, Tharn froze and he immediately sat down next to Type, seeing the other man’s body shaking even more than it was, mumbling something that kept coming out-no.

That’s not a conscious answer, he’s talking out of fever and nightmares.

“Type wake up, get up and take your pills–”

“Ho-ho-ho-ho” this time Tharn heard the cry clearly, the man in the eyes of the crowd was crying like a child, the tears kept flowing out of his closed eyes, the tears that always softened Tharn’s heart, the more pitiful the moment when he was so incapable of taking care of himself now,  Tharn’s heart ached unconsciously.

“If you don’t get up and take your medicine, you won’t get better.” The voice that was once cold and hard was now as soft as another person’s. Tharn’s large hand patted Type’s cheek and couldn’t help wiping the tears from his face, he wondered what he had dreamt of to be so scared.

   However, no matter how much Tharn screamed and roused him, the man in the bed had no intention of getting up and taking his medication and Tharn wondered if he should take him to the hospital downstairs but somehow he knew–he didn’t want anyone to know he was having a nightmare.

   Something told him that this nightmare was a wound that the other man didn’t want anyone to touch.

“Let him die.” Tharn’s third attempt to administer the medicine failed, he looked at the fever medicine and the water and raised his hand to his forehead.

“I don’t mean to do anything to you Type.” Tharn exhaled, he put the drug in his mouth, drank some water and then….

“Ugh!”  the beautifully shaped lips pressed against the other’s mouth, pale with fever, Type groaned in his throat, he tried to open his mouth to meet the tip of the t-ongue that carried the white tablets and water, the tip of the t-ongue went deep into his throat, the feverish fellow tried to block it, his whole body started shaking, his hands desperately tried to push the one on him away, his tears became more and more rampant.


However, Tharn held his opponent’s hands tightly with one hand, because his opponent was not strong enough to resist due to his illness and the other hand was holding his opponent’s mouth firmly, not giving him the opportunity to expel his t-ongue, while the tip of his t-ongue was trying to push the medicine in until his opponent swallowed it.

“Cough cough.”

Despite the sick man’s efforts to spit out the medicine, not a single pill was spit out and Tharn pulled Type into his arms, feeling the warmth of his body and gently stroking his broad back as a comforting touch.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you.”  The deep voice in Type’s ear, Tharn kept his hand on Type’s back until the other man stopped coughing, he gently put Type back on the bed, pulled the blanket over him and tore off the fever patch and placed it on Type’s forehead.

   After all this Tharn sat down exhausted on the edge of the bed, his hands on his knees, his head hanging down, as if he was exhausted from caring for a patient whose tears made him distressed for no reason at all.

   In a few moments Tharn moved to see the patient, who was even quieter than before and he couldn’t help but touch his hand to the other’s pale lips and in a deep, worried voice that sounded like he was talking to himself, he seemed to be asking the person who was having a nightmare.

“What exactly did you dream about Type? Tell me what you dreamed about.”

So I can help you.

No answer.

“Good boy, open wide, open wide.”

   No! No! No! No! No! No!! Somebody help me, help me, uh, no.

   Type felt like he was drowning, he couldn’t breathe, he tried to get some fresh air but his body didn’t seem to listen to him, except for the pain in his jaw and the desire to puke, he could only cry and beg someone in his heart to be kind and help him.

   Help, help me, don’t, mommy and daddy, help me, help me….

“It’s okay, you just have a fever, take your medicine and you’ll be fine.”

“No… It’s hard…”

When his body was suffering and his heart was beating fast with fear, something suddenly sounded in Type’s head and he felt a large hand touching and comforting him, however, his eyes could only open a little and he could only see blurry images.

“Mum – help me – heh – I see that bastard – I see – that bastard -” fumbling with his hands to grab the person he felt safest staying with, Type no longer cared if anyone would say he hadn’t been weaned, because Right now all he wants is the warm embrace of his mother, to chase away the nightmares of his childhood.

   The good warm body leaned in – not the embrace of the sickening bastard from the dream but the embrace of someone who made the sickly Type feel safe.

   The warm, silent embrace, the large hand that has always been comforting with a gentle pat on the back and the face full of tears-…

Just as the embrace was about to move away, Type grabbed the other man by the corner with one hand and at the same time he struggled to open his eyes, to see the tall, vague figure.

“Daddy – don’t leave me behind – don’t -”

Type was so anxious that the nightmare would return and his petting voice seemed to make “Papa” sit back down again and patted himself on the back again, Type couldn’t even remember if his father had done these things before.

“Didn’t go anywhere, just wanted to give you a rubdown.”


“No, no, I’m not going anywhere, I’m here with you.”

    After “Papa” emphasized that he wasn’t going anywhere, Type let go of his coat, half asleep, he couldn’t remember that “Papa” had drugged him.” The things I do to comfort myself by rubbing my body and touching my head, all I feel is peace of mind, the nightmares of the past slowly fade away and my body finally gets a real rest.


   After closing his eyes for a few hours, he opened them again and found himself in the dormitory.

   Why is the thought always different from the reality?

   Type asked himself, he turned to the other side, found half a bottle of water, a glass of water, a plate of medicine and an empty box of fever-reducing patches on the Japanese table that served as a dividing line, he raised his hand to his forehead and touched it.

   “Whose is it?”

   The guy who noticed the sticker on his forehead and felt his symptoms improve frowned, because he was sure he didn’t have the strength to go downstairs and buy fever medicine by himself, so someone must have been taking care of him during his illness.


“No!” As soon as the name came to mind, Type flatly denied it, refusing to acknowledge the fact that Tharn alone could come into the room and take care of himself.

   It’s not him, it’s definitely not him. He’s gone to class. How could he come back to take care of my son?

   His mind ached at the thought of Type and he didn’t want to think about it any more but he kept finding reasons to lie to himself that it wasn’t Tharn, even though everything he saw in the room suggested that someone had been watching over him.

“Why are you so nice to me? You’re trying to get something out of me.” Type seems to be starting to accept the truth.

“Smells good. Is it not a crime to rob a patient of his food?” The door opened, someone’s familiar voice came with it and all Type could do was…


“Hey! Are you awake? How’s it going, I came all the way over here to see you.”

Type put the porridge on the table, immediately rushed to the bed, his voice full of concern, the other party’s relieved look made Type asked in a hoarse voice,

“Porridge – did you buy it?”

“Ah, mine, I bought it for you, since you called me early in the morning but you’ve been sleeping and not eating, so I reheated it, if you can’t eat it, I’ll eat it for you.” Type’s eyes darted back and forth between his friend’s face and the porridge, as if he was confused.

“It’s you.”

“Yeah, who do you do think it is then?”

“Nope.” Type whispered no, with a headache and soreness, all he wanted to do was sleep but he was glad that his best friend was the one taking care of him and he breathed a huge sigh of relief at the thought.

“Can you get up and have some porridge, boy? I’ll take my medicine later.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“At least eat something, you haven’t eaten anything since this morning.” So said Techno, helping Type to sit up and handing him the bowl of porridge, which Type had to reach for and taking a spoon, he took a bite into his mouth.

If we don’t eat, we won’t be able to fight that Tharn kid.

“Where did he – go – cough cough – “ Type asked this question to his friend’s face.

“Who are you talking about, kid? The Tharn kid? Oh, I don’t know where he’s gone. Why are you asking?”

“No – – I’m full.”

“Hey, you son of a bi*tch, eat some more.” The guy who’s sick at the moment gets a headache from the sound of his friend’s voice, so he has to raise his hand and tell his buddy.

“The medicine… cough cough.” So saying, Type, who had been trying to persuade him to take more, gave up and turned to take the medicine to Type, with another glass of water.

Despite the discomfort in his throat, Type swallowed the medicine and handed the glass of water back to his friend, after which he started to ask questions about his doubts, even though his body was still feverish and needed rest.

“You has been taking care of-”


“Tharn where have you been, boy? Type is awake…….what did you say just now?” Before he could finish his question, the door opened again, Techno turned around and greeted the new Techno, Type also turned back to the door, his enemy was coming in with a bag of food.

“Nope.”  Type was the first to answer and despite a deep desire to go back to sleep with a blanket over his head, he looked wide-eyed at the guy who had put the food in the middle of the table.


“Ah, the seniors called, I told the seniors that you are not feeling well but I didn’t know if I would be marked down for skipping class to take care of you, I’ll take the call first.” Good thing Techno still knows his headache and knows to go outside to talk. Techno took the phone and walked out of the room, leaving the two guys who had always been enemies in the same room.

Type spotted Tharn glancing at the bowl of porridge on the table. Tharn walked straight over to the table, grabbed a plate, put the food on it and made eye contact with Type, who was kind of thankful that he didn’t start a war right now, because he’s definitely on the losing side in this state.



He did not say anything and Type remained silent, he tried to fall asleep but his doubts persisted and he finally asked.

“Cough cough – who took care of me?”

Tharn paused for a second and turned to meet his eyes.

“You probably don’t want that to be me.”

“That’s right.” The sick man replied without thinking, he hated him and he certainly didn’t want to be taken care of by his enemy. Tharn stared blankly at Type, as if he wanted to say something but it didn’t come out.

In the past, Type would always ask questions to clear his mind and with that in mind, Tharn continued,

“You’re lucky I don’t have time for your childish crap.”

Despite wanting to slap him, Type just kept on asking.

“That No boy – cough cough.”

“A loud cough echoed throughout the room and Type took a deep, desperate breath, wondering if it was an illusion, as if the other man was about to help him but instead looked down at the food on the table and remained silent, before Tharn finally uttered the words that Type wanted to know the most.

“Your friend took care of you.”

That alone was enough to make Type breathe a sigh of relief and at last he slumbered peacefully but half asleep, half awake, he faintly heard a familiar voice in the distance-…

“If you knew it was me, you probably wouldn’t even want to accept that I’m worried about you, so let someone else be that person, it’s for the best.”

The only consciousness that remained told him that the voice… was Tharn’s.

After that the sound was like a spell to ward off nightmares and Type slept through the night.




~ TharnType The Series~


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