Tharntype The Series, Chapter 8: I’m aching all over.

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Chapter 8: I’m aching all over.

   Early morning. Type had been awake for a while but the after-effects of his illness had forced him to remain motionless in bed, his brow furrowed, not even bothering to move, thinking, he had to go to class today anyway.

   I haven’t been to class for two days and I’m not catching up with my classmates, Type.

   Despite telling himself this for the tenth time, the guy in bed wouldn’t get up, comforting himself with the fact that he had class in the afternoon, so he should be fine for another 2 or 3 hours of sleep.

   Tuk Tuk

   At that moment, the sound of his roommate looking for something and opening the door to take a shower came, Type guessed that he must have been up for a long time and despite the friction between them, deep down inside Type was grateful that he hadn’t bothered him in the past two days.

   Most importantly, however, what made Type say nothing, look for something, or do something to tell the other man he was awake was – that he was so ashamed he wanted to hide.

   Sickness aside, you can’t be ashamed of meeting your enemy and if you’re serious you won’t since the reason you’re lying so weak in bed is because of him.

   Well, isn’t it? If Tharn hadn’t grabbed his little brother, the terrible memories of years ago wouldn’t have resurfaced, he wouldn’t have been lured by that bast*rd again in his dreams, he wouldn’t have mistaken himself for that helpless 12-year-old boy and he wouldn’t be so sickly now.

   He’s the one responsible for the evocation of ancient memories, so he’s the one at fault!

   Type thought that, even though he knew in his heart that Tharn was not at fault, he didn’t know what he had been through and that he was the one who had provoked Tharn.

   I’m not going to give him the benefit of the doubt!

   The guy on the bed was just thinking to himself and didn’t hear the other guy’s footsteps moving towards his side of the bed.

   Type was shocked in his heart, just as he was thinking well, the warm hand suddenly covered his forehead, fortunately, his body was still in its original form, he couldn’t help but stiffen his whole body, he couldn’t help but ask out loud — Then what are you doing here pretending to be sleeping?

   I just want to see what you are up to.

   When the hand slid down to his cheeks, he had goose bumps all over his body and Type told himself that he would kick him awake if he dared to go any further.

But right now, the warm touch left, Type’s whole body stiffened, not knowing whether the other party was still standing there or had already left, he really didn’t know why he was still pretending to be asleep, right at that moment, a faint murmur sounded.

“As soon as you’re well.”

Is this kid checking to see if my fever’s gone down?

Type could only think of these words and when he heard the footsteps of the other party continuing to almost reach the door, he couldn’t help but raise his tightly furrowed eyebrows and his mouth, which was not completely closed, was also slightly raised but at that moment——-.

“Wake up and take a shower, I don’t want to be stuck with some guy who’s got a cold virus and is making the house look dirty.”


“Hey, you’re picking on me!” With the deep voice of the other side of the door slowly closed, at the same time Type pulled off the blanket covering his body to quickly get up, still hoarse as if looking for something to ask the air, he stared at the closed door, there is a strange emotion in his heart.

“You know I’m awake, why are you still touching my forehead to see if my fever is gone!” Type whispered, his brow furrowed even more than before, not because of the soreness of his illness but because he didn’t understand—-why his face was so hot.

“Because I’m still sick, not because I’m shy or anything.”

Even though Type desperately told himself so, there was no denying that his face was so hot that it was burning because he was shy and as for being shy because of what – it was just that – he was moving like a little princess and letting the other guy touch his forehead and show him if the fever was gone!

“Does that kid think I’m being pampered? fu*ck!!!”

However, in spite of that, the fact that he didn’t mention his illness made Type feel relieved — he didn’t know if he was talking nonsense or not.


“Strange, that you should come to my house.”

“I don’t want to stay in the dorm.”

 Even though it had been a few days, Type still had a nagging feeling that he didn’t say anything to Tharn while he was sick. So when Tharn, his “good” roommate, didn’t come home this weekend, he gave in and came over to his best friend’s place. He told himself that he wasn’t avoiding him on purpose but he was just saving himself for the future.

“Are you still having trouble with Tharn, boy?” The listening man’s nostrils heaved a sigh of relief.

“Did I ever make peace with him?”

“I feel sorry for that guy Tharn.” Techno looked tired, his friend was standing on the outside, Type looked a little upset but he went over and got on the motorcycle that the other guy brought to pick him up.

“From what I can tell from talking to Tharn, he’s a good guy, he’s got a good personality and aside from the fact that he’s gay, I think he’s a good guy to hang out with. No, in fact, I’ve made him my friend now…”


“Here you go, my dad gave it to you.”

“TMD, what if it falls and break!”

As soon as he saw that his friend was talking too much, Type reached forward and put the bag with something in it between his friend’s legs, Techno shouted, let go of the handlebars and grabbed it with one hand, almost missed it, then he started to complain softly.

“You didn’t even check if I had my hands free when I handed it over, or they’d both fall to their deaths. What’s this?”

“Hammy, my dad gave this to you, the other day I told him I was sick, so he sent this to you, to thank you for taking care of his precious son.” Dad says it’s nothing but according to mom, he almost came from the provinces to Bangkok to see if he’s okay and that makes Type laugh.

“But I don’t like salted eggs.”

“Take it and eat it anyway.”

“No, it’s not good with salted eggs.”


Type was stunned, if not for the fact that Techno was still driving the car, he would have cracked him on the head, said Type, tiredly,


“Yeah, I’m just joking and you don’t even hold it up – by the way, why don’t you take it to that Tharn kid?”

“That Tharn kid? What for? Waste of stuff.” The guy in the back turns around at the red light, Techno hangs the bag of salted eggs on the handlebars, then turns around and looks at Type with a stupid look on his face.

“Aw, don’t you know?”

“Know what?” Seeing that his friend is still talking about Tharn, the guy in the back gets a little upset and Techno sounds even more confused.

“Tharn is the one who took care of you when you were sick.”

“Not you?!!!” But in one sentence, Type shouted out, his eyes widened and he looked at Techno like he couldn’t believe it, Techno also shouted out in shock.

“Hey, I didn’t take care of your boy, you don’t know that? It was Tharn who took care of your boy for the whole day, feeding, watering and medication were all taken care of by him.”


   Type stared at Techno with an incredulous look on his face, Techno finally realized that he didn’t know the truth, so he pulled over to the side of the road as soon as the light turned green, afraid that if he continued driving, they would both fall out of the car if the guy behind him started a fight.

“All right, you listen up, Tharn, you so-called rival was willingly skipping class just to take care of your boy–”

   It’s bad enough to let your enemy see your weak side but it’s even worse to know that your enemy is the one who took care of you when you were sick.

   But it’s too bad–because, it seems that the hatred that you’ve always had for each other, is slowly turning into something else.


   In the evening, Tharn was sitting alone in his room, tapping his fingers on the table to the beat of the music. Just then, the door burst open and the guy who was supposed to go out with a big backpack and never come back was back. Tharn looked over his shoulder and saw that Type looked like he was going to eat his flesh and drink his blood to get rid of his hatred.

   What did I do to piss him off again?

   Even though he hadn’t been bothered in the past few days, it was probably because he was still sick but Tharn didn’t think he’d be okay until the end of the semester. So when he saw Type staring at him angrily, Tharn thought he was going to start a new war.

“Heh.” Tharn exhaled deeply, he turned off the music and stood up from the bed.

“Where to?” Tharn didn’t want to start a fight with him but as he was about to go out of the room, Type called out to him and Tharn had to turn back and their eyes met.

“Get out of your sight.” Seeing that his words had stunned the other man, Tharn himself froze but he had no illusions that he would be able to make peace with him once he was sick, so he continued on two feet towards the door.


Type’s call stopped Tharn in his tracks and he turned his head to look at him. Tharn’s eyes shifted downward and what he thought would never happen, happened – Type’s face turned red.

The other’s dodging, reluctant face was turning red but not a nice red like the others and Tharn was so confused that he had to ask.

“What can I do for you?”

The guy who’s never been nice before stumbled over his words, dodging his eyes like a new person and Tharn narrowed his eyes as he watched.


“What’s the matter with you, boy, you got a fever again?”

Type immediately threw an exasperated look and then took a deep breath.

“If you haven’t eaten yet, take it.” Tharn froze and the nice guy took his hand, stuffed a bag of food into it, then the angry but red-faced guy turned towards the bed, threw everything on the bed, then rushed to get something for the shower and rushed out of the room as if he had run away.

“What’s the matter with you, boy?” But no sooner had Type rushed out of the room, than Tharn grabbed him by the arm and he looked incredulous, no, he was beginning to wonder if the other man had put laxatives in what he was eating.

I thought that if I grabbed his hand, he would yell at me, he would find it disgusting but instead Type….

“You take it and eat it!!!”

Though there was no hint of affection in his words, Tharn loosened his grip on the other man’s hand, watching the back of the fleeing man, the scene still replaying before his eyes.

The man’s face was flushed, his lips pursed and at that moment, Tharn didn’t want to admit it, he actually thought—Type was cute.

“I must have caught a cold from that boy.”

Is that Type guy still cute?

Tharn thought to himself as he looked at what appeared to be crispy pork rice, or duck rice and a bottle of juice, as well as a small note with two short words written on it….

   —Thanks —.

“Does this kid still do that?”

In fact, maybe he’s not really cute but maybe he’s overthinking it and he’s doing something so trivial that he thinks he’s cute, huh?


“—— He went and bought  you the correct medicine and made sure you took it, you eat those, these were bought by Tharn. I thought you know it, when I came into the room when I saw your kid awake, the symptoms did not look so serious, thought you knew it is Tharn who took care of you but did not think that you do not know at all, he wiped your body, feed the medicine, nursing these see are you annoyed Tharn him a person to do, Type you so is No, just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he’s not, if all gay people were bad, you’d still be in the hospital, or you’d be a corpse, stinking to high heaven.”

“He told me that your boy took care of me.”

“I don’t know about that, I went to see your kid on the evening of the first day he was sick, only stayed there for about an hour, once you fell asleep I went home.”

   Type thought of his conversation with Techno and thought he was so kind but he didn’t realize that he had been thanking the wrong person for so many days and that there was someone else who really deserved the credit.

   And most importantly, the one who takes care of himself is……the one he hates the most.

   Shame on you to the Pacific!

   Type clenched his fists, he shook his damp hair, which was freshly washed and stayed out of the room even though he had already showered.

   Imagine, he was scolding the other guy to death but he was feeding him medicine, food and water, how can you not be ashamed to know this? Also, for the past few days, I’ve been acting like I’m glad that he didn’t take care of me but the truth is, he’s been very kind to me.

“Oh, Type, why are you standing at the door, do you need to pray to the god before entering?” Just then, someone’s voice suddenly sounded, Type turned around and saw that it was his classmate, Champ.

“What, you got a problem with that? I’m trying to think of some kind of tribute that’ll make the door god promise not to close the door.” Type said and Champ laughed even louder.

“So powerful, you’re catching my pearls.” “

“I won’t take pearls, I’ll take diamonds.”

“I don’t want real diamonds, I want Cookierun diamonds.” Champ can go on and on and Type can’t help but laugh at that.

“This game is long overdue and you’re still playing it, kid?”

“Just killing time, by the way, why don’t you go in?” As soon as Champ asked about it, Type, who was trying to distract himself, let out a heavy breath and then said to the other guy — I’m afraid to go in.

“Or did you have another fight with you nemesis?”

“Who told you?”

“The Techno guy, he said you had some problems with him, well, I remember your rival, what’s his name, I don’t know, MS, the one the girls always scream at.”


“Yes, yes, yes, handsome face, nice name… What did you fight with him about? He’s a good-looking guy but he’s got a bad personality or something…” If it had been a week ago, Type would have followed suit and cussed Tharn without hesitation but… All he could respond to his friend at the moment was —-.

“No, he’s a nice guy.”


“He was nice – so nice that I felt it was wrong to hate him like that.”

Eventually Type spoke up, looking at Champ intently, while the answer to the question he had been asking himself all day seemed to be coming out.

“I’m going in first.”


After saying that, Type turned around and opened the door, someone was standing in the doorway, Type was shocked, his eyes widened in an instant.

Did you hear everything I said?

“Aw, there’s your nemesis and I’m talking out of turn, so I’m gonna go.” Champ whispered, feeling a little embarrassed, because he should have heard all the bad things he said about him. Type stood there, not knowing what to do and his eyes met with the same cold stare that had always been indifferent but now he was also startled.

“I……. I’m going in.” Uncomfortable as he was with the sudden stare-down, Type broke off, trying to get the other man to regain his senses and then went in on his own.

Type sat down on the bed, he looked at the Japanese table, on which there was an empty plate. Type didn’t know what to say, the silence in the room was oppressive.

   Tharn went and sat down on his bed and looked straight this way but didn’t say a word.

   Ask Type, you’re not such a coward.

“You-” But just by raising the other’s head after opening his mouth, Type unconsciously muffled his voice.


Well, it’s hard to say thank you right now.

“I’ve talked to Techno.”

The first to speak, Type clenched his fists in confusion, his mind ready for Tharn’s provocative words.

   I’m sure, if it was him, he would have laughed at himself for being such an idiot, he didn’t need to be so weak that he was waiting for him to take care of him and he was still acting like a lucky fool but what Type didn’t expect to hear was…….

“Apologize to your boy, I’m sorry, I lied to you about something.”

“Ha!” This time Type froze himself, he couldn’t believe what he heard.

“Hey, you’re wrong, you should be scolding me, I’ve been scolding you all along.”

“So what.”

Type really didn’t understand what Tharn was thinking and he looked at the other man and shrugged his shoulders, acting like it was no big deal to himself and said – so what.

“So what if I cussed you, kid? I’m not vicious enough to watch you die, if we don’t like each other, we don’t exist, can’t we do that?”

I can do it.

The more Type thought about it, the more he felt that he had done wrong, because if Tharn was sick, he would have hesitated to take care of him or kick him out of the room. This is a line that Type never thought would come out of Tharn’s mouth.

“You make me feel bad about myself.”

“Your boy was already.”

“Bastard, are you cursing at me again!!!” As soon as Tharn said that, Type stared at him with wide eyes, cursing viciously in his voice, at the same time, he looked like he was going to rush up and strangle him but Tharn, who was sitting on the bed opposite, laughed instead.

Idiot, laughing at being yelled at.

Type cursed under his breath.

“You’re good boy aren’t you?”

The greeting from the other side made Type – surprisingly – blush at such a man.

To sum up, Type’s appearance was different from his usual self at the moment. Tharn’s smile was so handsome, with a silent charm, that it tickled the heart of Type, who was still depressed.

“How much!”  therefore, Type’s voice asked unpleasantly and he wanted the fellow who had been laughing to stop laughing.

“How much is my medical bill? I don’t want to owe you any money.”

“You have already paid.”

“The money I gave you in my dream? How much? I don’t want to owe anyone money, especially not someone who’s a pain in the a*ss like you.” Type said with a little anger but strangely, instead of his usual indifference, Tharn smiled broadly, as if there was something to smile about and then he lifted his head towards the porridge on the table.

“This is what you pay for, crispy pork rice.”

“That was me who stole your dessert-”

When he almost said he did something good last week, Type shut his mouth but the other guy didn’t care, he just kept laughing and Type wanted to ask him what was so funny. If Tharn had been as aggressive as he was, Type felt he would have been able to handle it better.

“Forget it, I’m just grateful you didn’t spill dessert all over my bed.”

“I didn’t!”  With the tough guy still there emphatically saying he hadn’t done that, Tharn shrugged again, he got up, grabbed the empty plate and headed straight for the sink on the narrow balcony where the laundry was drying.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to treat this as some great kindness that I’m going to ask you to repay or anything like that, just think of it as a good deed to the pigs and dog days.”

“No matter what you do, I’ll still hate you. Don’t forget that, because I’m a mad dog that can bite you any time.” Type’s heart was filled with frustration and his voice was tinged with emotion, either because Tharn didn’t act the way he thought he would, or because he was so pissed off that he had to yell back, or because……he was too nice to hate him.

   No, I hate him, he’s a gay, he’s my least favorite species in the world.

   But anyway, in the end, the voice of the heart faded away.

   Meanwhile, Tharn was in a good mood and it was all because of this guy named Type.

   You say you hate him but your face and ears are so red.

   Tharn knew from talking to Techno on the phone that Type already knew he was the one looking out for him and he was very direct with Techno about his fears, that Type would be angry that he lied to him but Tharn didn’t expect Type to say he was a good person.

   Yes, every word Type and Champ said outside the door, Tharn heard.

“He was nice – so nice that I felt it was wrong to hate him like that.”

That means he doesn’t hate himself now, right.

   Tharn thought, his eyes scanned the room once, Type was still sitting there, he couldn’t help but laugh again, who would have thought that this guy, who had been scolding him all along, would admit his mistake like a child after knowing that he had taken care of him, it really made people wonder what kind of person he really was.

   Yes, curious – curious beyond my roommate’s natural curiosity.

“You better take care of yourself, boy, because I’m breaking the oath I made.”

Tharn muttered softly.

As for the vows?

   I – Not dating straight men.

   II – Rabbits don’t eat the grass around their nests.

   It seems, however, that Tharn may actually be about to break his oath.



~ TharnType The Series~


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