Tharntype The Series, Chapter 9: Late night

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Chapter 9: Late night

After the last sickness, the waves in his heart gradually subsided but Type felt that he couldn’t fight with his powerful roommate, so he gradually gave up, no longer struggling to fight with him, every time he came back to the dormitory he just closed his eyes and slept like a dead man, so in the past week he didn’t have to face that face that he hated so much (although his heart hated him).

(Somehow it’s slowly decreasing).

   At first, he thought it was because the nightmare that had been haunting him for more than 10 years hadn’t come back but in the past two or three days……it was really weird!

   It was a weird dream.

   That’s right, the bearded, disgusting man from my childhood is no longer in my dreams.

   Lately, Type has been having the feeling of someone accompanying him in his sleep, feeling someone touching his cheeks, lips, hair and he should have hated this kind of unknown person’s touch.

   Worst of all, he also felt – well – fine.

“That guy’s got a strong hand but it felt so soft.” Type mumbled as he thought about it, wondering if it was a dream or not and then he turned his shoulders to the guy who was getting dressed in front of the closet mirror.

   This kid…?

“Thinking too much, it’s just a dream.”

“The cold is over, is the insanity back? Talking to yourself here.” Maybe it was the noise, or maybe it was the small size of the room but Tharn turned to meet Type’s eyes and with a smile on his lips he asked a question that made Type want to punch him.

“It’s none of your business if I’m crazy.”  Type said and Tharn laughed. Yeah and the other weird thing is that Tharn’s personality has suddenly changed so much, he used to have an icy face but now he’s laughing like an idiot.

“You’re just like me, you’re sick in the head.”

“What’s wrong with me? Where did you get that?” Tharn, who was wearing a belt, turned back to him, Type had to look back, Tharn’s eyes were shining and he looked… in a good mood.

The better this guy is, the worse I’m in.

“Yeah, I don’t have to tell you, I hate you.”  said Type, who was the first to look away but he hadn’t really been fighting lately, probably because he’d taken care of himself when he was sick.

“But I don’t hate you, boy.”


Tharn blurted out the words without saying a word, Type turned to look at him again in shock, Tharn started laughing again and even started repeating word for word what he had just said.

“I – do – not – hate – you.”

“But I hate you!” With Type still glaring at him for emphasis, Tharn froze for a moment and on closer inspection, it wasn’t hard to see that he was actually slightly disappointed and he turned back to fix his hair.

“Anyway, I don’t hate you.” Type watched, wide-eyed, as Tharn’s impression of Tharn improved but he couldn’t stop thinking.

“In the middle of the night, did you – did you do anything to me?”

   I’m sure I’m not just thinking about it, so is it this guy or not?

   It was Tharn himself who turned back to him and in a few moments, a smile grew on both sides of his mouth and his answer made Type feel even worse.

“What I do is my own business and it’s none of your business.”

“Hey, don’t you dare talk like me there!”

Type jumped up like a ball but the listeners paid no attention. Tharn walked out of the room, Type hurried after him, grabbing the door with one hand, while shouting questions to the guy in front, who was already a bit far away.

“Come back here, you son of a bi*tch and tell me exactly what you son of a bi*tch did first!”

That guy can’t be up half the night, I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it.

“Tharn!!!!Tharn you bastard!”

“Are you screaming so loud to find your dad!”

He was hesitating to go up to the house and ask him what was going on but at that moment, the door opened itself and Type, who was in front of the house, turned his eyes to the visitor and he opened his mouth to greet the unexpected visitor.

“Hey, Phii Klui.”

“I’d be better off if you’d stop making so much noise every morning.” Type smiled at the sophomore engineering senior who lived next door, in fact they’d known each other since they’d moved here but hadn’t seen the senior look so upset he wanted to be kicked out.

“I’m just asking, what’s the beef between you two and the nightmares that kept everyone awake, I live next door to you but every day I hear you and Tharn arguing, do you want to move out?

Don’t you have any self-consciousness at all? No matter how much you hate Tharn, you shouldn’t be yelling all the time. Every morning, I go to bed at 4 a.m. because you guys are fighting.” Phii Klui is always smiling and greeting us with a smile, so he’s been upset for a long time.

“I’m sorry, Phii.” Even though I’m still holding a grudge against the guy who got away with it, it’s important to apologize first, because I was really wrong.

“Yeah, I just wanted to tell you, the walls are thin, they’re not soundproof and I don’t care what you two are fighting about but please, keep your voice down and have mercy on the guy who lives next door to you.”

Hey, can you still hear me? (LAUGHS)

The more he looked at this senior, the more uneasy he felt, worrying that he would spread the news and make everyone know that Tharn is gay.

I’m not worried about the kid, I’m just worried about my own reputation.

“Didn’t you hear us fighting about something?” In order to get a definite answer, Type asked out loud, Klui’s face getting worse from the sound of it.

“I don’t know, I just heard you two arguing like those couples next door to my son’s house, every day, every hour, will you be arguing like the couple next door to my house, will you have a big fat boy at the end of the year…”

“I don’t have any relationship with that Tharn guy!” Type had to force his voice, especially when he was compared to a husband, wife, and child, it was too strong, he couldn’t accept it, Klui looked a bit confused.

“So what are you shouting about, what, are you and him…?”

“It’s nothing, I’m sorry, we’ll keep our voices down and not bother the seniors.”

“Yeah, that’s for the best.” After Klui went to his room, Type went back the way he came but the guy who committed the crime with him had already escaped. Type walked into the room with a headache on his face, still thinking about what the Phii had said.

“What the hell is a couple? A past life enemy is more like it.”

But what Type is really upset about-even if he’s being taken with a gay man, he’s no longer repulsed to the point of vomiting like he used to be.


“This Saturday’s orientation show, I’m liberated and I can go to practice again.”

After tonight’s rehearsal, No turned to his best friend in a good mood, only to find that this Type kid — wasn’t listening to him.


“Ouch, no you son of a bi*tch!!!” At the sight of his dead face, No’s big hand slapped down towards his head, the guy who was still immersed in his own world and didn’t know what to think immediately came back to his senses and looked at him with an angry face, No took ten steps backwards, while still screaming.

“Are you trying to get that Tharn kid to move out again? I’m sick and tired of seeing you do this to a nice guy like Tharn.” No,” he said, taking a neutral stance, watching as his friend walked towards him, stroking his head. He backed away, fearing he’d get hit on the head as well.

“Are you his friend or my friend?”

Now you’re both my friends.

No said in his heart, he felt that this guy Type is not happy at all, if he didn’t take his side, he would act like his boyfriend chose his best friend instead of his wife.

“Tell me, what are you mad at him for? You should be grateful, Type, Tharn took care of you when you were sick.” He took care of you when you were sick.”

“Heh.” Type made a disdainful sound in his nose, No, who was trying to reason with him, looked down at him askance and waved his hand.

“Yeah, whatever, you don’t want to be friends with him just because he likes different things than most people, even if he’s a nice guy but don’t forget, there’s a lot of scum among straight guys like us and I’m not going to stop being friends with him just because he goes out with guys.” Today No suddenly talked too much, said he was there to teach someone a lesson, so he was also silently worried that the guy across the street would suddenly punch him in the jaw.

“I didn’t say the boy was a bad man.”

“Then you are going to throw someone out.”

“I didn’t even say a word and you’re just talking all by yourself, so I’m not going to throw him out.”

Hey, No’s still standing there and he’s still shocked by what Type’s buddy said.

Even though it’s 8:00 p.m., there are still a lot of students in the cafeteria who have just finished rehearsals and No can’t help but ask.

“So you made up with him?”

“Not yet!”

I’m confused, what’s going on, are we going to make up or not?

Type seemed to know what No was going to ask, because he had already given the answer in a hard tone.

“I’m a grateful man, too! Well, I don’t like him but he helped me and I’m trying to get rid of him like a retard and it seems like a shame and now I don’t want to see him but they’re fine, he’s doing his thing, I’m doing mine.” Type said and No just stared at him and nodded his head.

“Great! You’ll never have to bother me again.”

If Type would stop starting these retarded arguments, I’d be in peace for a few days.


It seems that God does not intend to let No this kid leisurely, the first thought in his head, the phone rang loudly, just put the bag on the chair No had to pick up the bag again, take out the phone from inside to look at, his action stalled.

“You’re a good roommate, boy.”

“How’d you get his number, kid?” Type this kid is looking at him askance again.

“Can’t I have it? I asked him for his number when you got sick, so wait a minute.”

How could Type not know that he had Tharn’s number? He came back to the dorm that evening because he knew who was taking care of him and then No betrayed Type by calling Tharn and telling him that Type knew everything. But it turned out better than expected, at least now that Type is no longer trying to get rid of Tharn.

“What is it?”

Thinking that, No turned his attention to the person on the phone.

“Are you square with Type?”

“Yeah, aah, don’t tell me you two don’t have each other’s phone numbers–” Type had the phone in his hand and didn’t look back at the guy next to him, Type trailed off, shook his head and then said quietly–.

Why do you need a phone number?

“No, tried to ask him for it but got into a fight before I did – where are you now?”


“Uh, that’s perfect, please ask Type to bring me a meal, I’m still over here at the academy, I won’t be able to eat later-”

“Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Talk to him yourself.” No was the first to interrupt Tharn, seeing his friend with his hands clasped in front of his chest and his evil eyes, if he said yes, he would be the one who would suffer but Tharn didn’t care – not at all, because he said…

“Just tell him as a reward for my kindness, buy whatever you want, I’m not picky – Tharn how long are you going to talk boy?”

At that moment, there was another voice on the phone, it should be Tharn’s friend calling him, Tharn had to hang up first to deal with it, No was scratching his head and could only look helplessly at his friend.

“What did he say?”

“You want to know?”

“Hey! Don’t mess with me there, I haven’t asked how you became good friends with that kid yet, don’t forget you is my friend!”

You’re such a kid sometimes.

No wanted to answer his question straight away.

“He said to ask you to buy him some food for when you get back later, he’s still over at the academy and he’s worried there won’t be anything to eat later-”

“Trouble!” Well, with a simple tone of voice back from his friend, No had to keep talking.

“It’s you problem anyway and Tharn said it’s your way of repaying his kindness…” Stop. If you want to yell at him, I’m not gonna do it. I’m hungry. I’m going to get food. Your job is to get him food, okay? Well, that’s good, because I’m hungry.”

Without giving Type time to reply, No quickly gathered his things and turned to look for food, all the while wondering to himself.

Tharn this kid is not easy to get mad at now and for more than a month and not bothered with Type this kid, I do not know whether it is his own thinking too much, always feel —— he is deliberately looking for excuses to engage in relations with Type, could it be that he really fancy Type this kid?

“You’re like a woman going through menopause lately, last week you were depressed and this week you’re in such a good mood.”

Tharn laughed out loud at his best friend Lhong’s description of himself, a man with a grin like his found himself in a good mood these days and there was no denying that his mood had been closely linked to that man lately.

   There hasn’t been much fighting lately —— a lot, even though Type still says he hates himself, at least now he doesn’t have to worry about going back to his messy room every day, or worry about a burglar breaking into his room, or about finding food scraps in his bed, all he sees is the fu*cking face of the guy sleeping across the hall and the guy who glares at him from time to time! Big eyes glare but at least—- he’s not looking for trouble anymore.

   All of this made Tharn feel like they were – one step closer to each other.

   That’s why Tharn had asked him to help with dinner today, knowing that–if he’d spoken to Type directly he’d have refused outright but if he’d relayed it this way he might have said yes.

   Even if other people would think it was a small thing but since Type hated him so much, there was no reason to bring food to someone you hated, so if he was willing to buy food for him, that might mean that… his dislike of himself had diminished and that they were almost at a point where they could be friends again.

   Little things can always turn into milestones.

Gobble gobble.

“Here’s your meal, 20 baht, pay up.” As soon as I opened the door to my room, the question of whether he still hated me was answered. The guy who was half sitting, half lying on the bed reading comics said these words in a stiff tone and looked at himself out of the corner of his eye and yet – the packed rice was prominently displayed on the Japanese table between the two beds.

   And… a drink.

“I didn’t say I was going to buy–”

“Drink too, No said you wanted me to buy you a drink to save you the trouble of having to go buy it and I don’t want to hear anything else about it.” Type rolled over and put his back to Tharn, who had just come in and stared at the bottle, then laughed quietly.


“Why thank me? You want to repay me for what I’ve done for you? I can’t not do that.” The guy in the comic book said that, Tharn listened and quietly went to the table to pick up the rice and drinks on top, he opened the bag and poured the rice into the plate, his eyes looked at the guy who was sleeping with his back to him. Soon, the guy on the bed is laughing out loud.

   Maybe you said it because you didn’t want him to say it? Because I made it contingent on taking care of you? But you…..remembered what I like to eat, even if it’s because you stole something from me but you remembered…..and I’m happy that you did.

   Thinking about it, tonight’s meal seems to be tasty somehow.

   Tonight I won’t sleep. I’ll keep my eyes open. I’ll see if this kid Tharn has done anything to me or not!

   Type told himself that, trying to fight against the sleepiness, thinking about what was going to happen next in the unfinished manga and trying to resist the sleepiness but… it didn’t seem to have any effect.

   Come on, what are you doing to me? Come on.

   Type’s heart urged him on and when he was about to fall asleep again, he struggled to pick up his phone and sit up to play the game, maybe it was fate that he couldn’t catch Tharn.

   Or maybe he didn’t really do anything to himself? I’m probably over-thinking… No, every time I dream of someone grabbing me, it feels so good.

   Only the fan was whirring in the room and the sound of footsteps from time to time indicated that many people were still awake in the other rooms but the silence and the dark sky outside accelerated Type’s meeting with the Duke of Zhou.

   Tharn’s probably asleep.

   In the end, after holding on for an hour, Type told himself, because not only did he not hear any movement from the next bed, he himself was already sleepy, so as soon as he relaxed he fell asleep almost immediately.

    Then there was a sound of someone breathing.

   The only sound in the room was still the fan and the cool breeze made the guy sleeping on the bed feel comfortable. Type moved his body, trying to sleep more comfortably and kicked off the blanket that was covering his feet restlessly.

   Uh, why is it so hot?

   The half-awake guy wondered, feeling something annoying on his face, he tried to dodge it but the warm touch wouldn’t let go. If he had been in this situation before, he might not have felt anything but since he was already thinking about what had happened to him, Type’s sleepiness gradually dissipated.

   However, the sleepiness has just woken up and in fact, I’m still very sleepy, I don’t have much energy, I can’t even open my eyelids and when I try to move my arms and legs, I feel like I’m being grabbed.

   Did I get a ghost on my bed? No…

“I’m probably crazy to think you’re cute.”

   What kind of ghost can talk and still sound like his roommate…?

   The sleeping man’s body shook, something warm slowly patted his back, the sound was probably a less aggressive ghost, Type almost wanted to pull him over and see what kind of ghost it was but—–Type wanted to know what this ghost would do.

   I won’t give in but I’ll beat him and if he tries anything else, I’ll make sure he never leaves this room.

   Type’s nose should be quite close to Tharn’s cheeks, because when he exhaled, his warm breath, with an inexplicable aroma, broke into Type’s nose.

   Tharn, does this kid smell that good?

   Type was thinking about this for the first time in his life, he thought as he tried to pretend to be a mature sleeper but his one foot was ready to kick him if the guy sitting on the edge of the bed ever tried to do anything to him again….

   Oh, shit! He’s sitting on my bed.

   But before he could do anything, Type felt that the blanket he had carried away earlier was covering his chest again and the guy who thought he would do something to himself instead just…….raised his hand and touched his head.

   A light touch as if to lull himself to sleep, while the other hand remained on his face—Type’s heart was suddenly beating fast for some reason.

   Why do I get so excited, why do I start worrying that he’ll find out I’m pretending to be asleep? Hey, I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s the hungry fa*ggot who’s wrong!

   However, despite what I was thinking, the guy who was going to kick the other guy in the face instead stayed put, his mind was confused and he didn’t know whether he should make a sound or not.

   Oh, shit!

Type stiffened and he felt–the warm soft lips on his cheek.

“May you sleep well tonight.”

   But just as he was about to jump up and punch the guy who was harassing his cheek, Type stopped himself, his body and brain seemingly on strike, leaving only his heart still beating hard.

   Bang, bang, bang.

   It seemed to be so loud that it overpowered the whirring of the fan in the room and the owner of the heart maintained his rigid form, even when the other man left to go to bed and put on the blanket, Type didn’t hear the sound, all he heard was the thumping of the heart which was beating violently for some reason.

   He knows!

   That was the only voice left in Type’s head and he could feel himself sweating profusely but this time it wasn’t because of nausea but–he despised himself for warming to what Tharn was doing.

   He didn’t go to sleep, he… was taking care of himself (Type).

   Type couldn’t accept the fact but that was all he could think about, that every night he felt like someone was soothing him because that someone knew he was having a nightmare and that this someone had chased the nightmare away from his childhood and brought him to sleep every night.

   He must have heard something when he was sick but he didn’t ask and he didn’t say, he probably took care of himself every night, after all he hadn’t dreamed about it since he got sick.

   Type raised his hand to his cheek, in the darkness he opened his eyes and saw the person who was sleeping with his back to him, he clenched his hands and pulled the blanket over him, only one question remained in his mind.

   It wasn’t about why Tharn had come to reassure himself but why – – – he hadn’t stopped him.

   Although he thought he might not be able to sleep that night, Type actually had a good night’s sleep with the face of his enemy.



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