Tharntype The Series, Seven Years After, Chapter 10; If you don’t trust me

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Seven Years After, Chapter 10; If you don’t trust

   Tharn spent the whole afternoon preparing dinner for Type, took a long time to clean up the kitchen and the house, imagined Type coming back speechless at the sight and then grumbling at him for being so tired and doing all this for him but his eyes were full of him and full of joy, even though Type was… Always talking tough.

   So, after the young man had prepared the surprise for his wife and put the house in order, he drove to Type’s hospital, all the way with a smile on Tharn’s face and stars twinkling in his beautiful eyes, from home to the hospital where he sat in front of the departmental office waiting for his beloved, the light never diminished.

   Yes, Tharn had been sitting in the corner waiting for Type from the beginning, keeping his eyes on the door, waiting for his lover to appear there, then standing up and walking over to him, shouting his name in excitement when he saw him. But it was not to be, as Type did not go towards him but towards some young man in the other direction.

   It was a strange teenager, Tharn thought it was one of Type’s patients, so he sat down again, not wanting to interrupt his boyfriend’s work. He thought he’d wait for Type to finish talking to the patient and then walk towards him, then stand up and let him see him but… Type and the boy left straight away.

   At first, Tharn tried not to think about it but when he saw the look in the boy’s eyes, he lost it, because he’d seen that look in his boyfriend’s eyes many times before.

   Type never knew how attractive he was, no, he didn’t care how attractive he was, people wanted to meet him, people fell for his charisma but he was always the flower of the mountain, he didn’t give a shit about relationships, that’s why Tharn was always like that. Don’t worry, it didn’t matter but now, it does matter to him!

   He felt that the closeness Type showed to the teenager went beyond his relationship with his patient.

   Type may not hide his true feelings from others but since he started working, he has gradually learned how to show his feelings appropriately. Tharn knew his wife, so he knew that the relationship between Type and the boy was more than just a doctor-patient relationship and at the same time, a name popped into his mind.


   Being so far away, Tharn couldn’t hear either of them but the message Tar sent him to hurry back and the voice on the phone talking to Type entered his mind and he finally realized that, during Type’s illness… The child had been with Type the whole time.

   In the meantime, Tharn’s eyebrows clench, anger fills his chest but he keeps telling himself it’s nothing… There’s nothing between them.

   Tharn calmed himself down like he always did but this time he couldn’t, because he watched his wife go off with someone else.

   No, you have to calm down Tharn, you know Type’s personality, if you’re impulsive, he’ll be more impulsive than you.

   Tharn got up and sneaked up on them, he didn’t know why he was sneaking around, why he wasn’t running openly over to the boy and identifying himself to him and also to see what Type would do next, so he was sneaking around and following them.

   But are you really going to sneak around like this, Tharn? You’ve followed them to the parking lot!

   Tharn tried to calm himself down but the thought of Type getting into someone else’s car and following them set a fire in his chest and the point was, why was he sneaking around like an outsider? He was Type’s husband, for God’s sake! So Tharn tried to shout at them but   Bang!

   “Hey, Faires!”

   The sound of a body hitting an object and Type screaming the boy’s name sounded particularly jarring to Tharn, who knitted his brows and clenched his fists, certain of the boy’s identity and that Type sounded worried. He couldn’t see what was going on, so he walked around to see what was going on   “!!!!”

   Tharn froze in shock at what he saw.

   The one he loves the most is k-issing the other one.

   At that moment, Tharn’s rage was at its peak, a fire burning in his chest, his eyes wide in anger, the anger spreading throughout his body, feeling like his body wasn’t his own and all his sanity was falling apart.

At that moment, all he wanted to do was punch Type in the face and yell, “There’s your husband!!!!”

   At that moment, the only thing he felt was anger and apart from anger, his mind went blank.

   At that moment, Tharn didn’t know what he was doing, his body reacted before his mind, he rushed over to Type, yelling at him, not wanting to listen to any explanation, his youthful misfortunes suddenly came to his mind.

   In his life, he’s never met true love.

   From the moment he started liking men, except San, all his loves were shit, always cheated on, always chosen, always cuckolded, all the misfortunes that told Tharn he’d never meet true love in his life, until he met Type… He loved Type for seven years.

   Seven years in love, Tharn thought Type would never be like the people he’d met.

   He thought that Type only loved him, that Type wouldn’t get involved with anyone else, that he could trust Type’s feelings for him.

   Tharn didn’t know where his anger came from, or what he had done, he just wanted the other man to know how much his heart hurt when he saw the two of them k-issing, he didn’t care about Type’s personality anymore, he knew he should calm down if he didn’t want to fight but he couldn’t take it anymore, the painful memories were overwhelming him and this moment was… Tharn has completely lost his mind.

   The force of the punch from Type’s face wasn’t painful, nothing compared to his heartache.

   He wanted to get back at Type, wanted to make Type hurt as much as he did but he couldn’t, he didn’t even have the strength to make a fist, all he could do was look at Type in pain and question him loudly.

   When he’s not home, is there someone else out there in this space all the time?

   He didn’t want to doubt Type, didn’t want to think about it but what he saw with his own eyes was enough to make him explode and he even wondered what would have happened to those two if he hadn’t stepped in to stop them. He was so angry, so angry that no one could stop him and now he had two choices, one was to stay there and fight until the sky broke, or to go home and face an empty house… and he didn’t know which was which. He doesn’t know which one to choose anymore.


   Tharn had returned home, slammed the door… The house is empty, there is no trace of the man who said he was going home.

“Where are you going!!!”

From past experience, he knew that Type had gone elsewhere to calm himself down first. Only now Tharn was drowning in anger and sadness, his roar of rage echoing through the room, his fists clattering as he stormed into the kitchen.

   Bang! BANG! BANG!!

“Fu*ck! Ass- bleep–hole! Type betrayed me!”

The pot he’d spent all afternoon meticulously cooking was swept to the floor, the soup spilled all over the floor, the pot hit the floor and bounced back with an ear-splitting noise, the table full of prepared food was swept to the floor, Tharn’s chest growled like a trapped animal and he put his hand over his heart.

“Type…” Tharn whispered his lover’s name, his heart aching to choke.

“You haven’t betrayed me, have you… You only have me, just as I only have you… Right?” You didn’t betray me, did you?

   I’m afraid there’s only one person who can answer that question.

   The question was too difficult for Tharn and his long body slumped on the chair.




“Calm down! You need to calm down now Type! Calm down, use your head, don’t get carried away!”

Type warned himself over and over again that he was sitting in the small garden next to the swimming pool and the gym, trying to control his emotions so that he wouldn’t explode and endanger the people around him and that he didn’t want to go home in anger, lest he would have another fight with Tharn.

Now that he’s pissed and Tharn’s pissed, they’re going to have a showdown.

“You calm down, you know Tharn didn’t mean it.”

   But Tharn’s words about not trusting him kept circling back to him and his hands shook with anger at the thought.

   Yes, Type’s hands were shaking so badly, he even looked pitiful, because his loved ones didn’t trust him.

   Type can’t remember how long it’s been since he experienced this kind of pain, probably not since the day he met Tharn, because at that time, even though they fought a lot, Tharn never said he didn’t trust him. But now, Tharn had made his years of hard work worthless with just a few words.

Even if Tharn didn’t mean it, he wouldn’t have said it if he didn’t feel that way.

“Do I seem so untouchable and unsteady?” Type raked his hair, clenched his back teeth, gnawed his cheeks, a fire burned in his chest, wanted to shout, wanted to yell at Tharn for the whole apartment to hear but always telling himself to be calm, to be calm, impulse was the devil, it would ruin everything.

   Reason told him that Faires was the one who was wrong and he was the one who was careless.

   He’s in the wrong but if you want to blame him, blame that immoral brat.

   If he hadn’t been concerned, worried about Faires getting hurt, he wouldn’t have ended up being called names and insulted by his own husband.

“It’s all because of you, you brat!”

Type cursed quietly and now he wanted to run back and kick that brat until he couldn’t stand up again, only now there were more important things… How’s that grumpy guy at home?

“It’s no good sitting here feeding the mosquitoes, you can’t escape the reality.” In the end, Type told himself the truth and stood up with a constipated face, ready for a tough fight, because in any case, it was not going to be over that easily.

Just tell him the k-iss was an accident.

Type took a deep breath, then inserted the key into the keyhole and gritted his teeth as he entered   “Tharn, you just have to push me like this don’t you!”

   The house was unlit and dark, as if no one was home but he knew Tharn must have come back and the other side had declared war on him, so he didn’t turn on the lights. So, Type slapped the switch on the wall and the house was instantly lit up and then, he saw,

“What are you doing!”

What happened to a normally neat and clean house that is now so full of messes!

The floor of the once-clean living room was littered with pillows and clothes, which he was sure had been thrown everywhere in the laundry basket. Tharn was sitting on the couch, two old beer cans at his feet… Yeah, he’s got a third one in his hand.

   As far as the eye can see and that’s just the living room, Type takes a quick look in the direction of the kitchen… It must have been a mess too. Upon hearing Tharn’s next reply, the already calmer crowd went ballistic.

“It’s my business what I do.”

“Tharn, you bastard! You had to be like this, didn’t you!”

Type thought Tharn would have calmed down too but he was still burning with rage and his eyes were not warm at all, never thought Tharn, who was always calm, would yell at Type, “What do you want from me? What do you want from me? What do you want me to do, after seeing you screwing around with someone else? You tell me! You tell me what do I do!!!!

“You fu*cking…”

Type really wanted to cuss Tharn but he restrained himself in time, he took a deep breath, “It was an accident, I didn’t k-iss the kid, he k-issed me by force!”

He wanted Tharn to understand that at an age like Faires’s one must be impulsive and ungrateful, that the boy had come to him of his own accord and that he simply wouldn’t accept the boy.

But Tharn just scoffed and laughed: “The Type I know wouldn’t be stupid enough to be k-issed!”

“Yes, I’m not stupid, not as stupid as you, like a big buffalo! Why don’t you listen to my explanation!!!!”

   Type felt that he was calm enough, his calmness had overshadowed his hot temper but when he heard Tharn talking about him like that, he couldn’t help but yell back, trying to get Tharn’s sanity back. It was his own fault, he was careless but the kid said he was in pain, as a doctor, of course he had to check the injury and he was an athlete once, when a kid on the team got hurt, he was the first one to help.

   Tharn completely ignored his explanations, which left Type feeling suddenly powerless, feeling that his good intentions as a human being were suddenly reduced to nothing.

“Listen to me, you stupid cow, he’s my patient, I saw him fall, I had to help him, you saw someone fall, how could you not help him? Besides the kid might never be an athlete again, that’s why I helped him, he pulled me down and k-issed me and I didn’t even realize it!”

Type said loudly and breathlessly, his chest heaving with anger, his eyes flashing with a terrible fury, looking at the person who was holding a beer can in his hand on the table, who looked like he was listening to him carefully.

Stupid cow, you’ll be smart for once, he saw Tharn take a deep breath: “You let him into our house didn’t you?”


   Tharn’s rhetorical question left Type speechless for a moment and he just watched the other man’s hand squeezing the beer can harder and harder.

“Why do you ask that?”

“Answer me!” Tharn’s tone was so serious, so terribly serious, Type had to answer seriously:

“When I was sick…”

Bang! BANG!!

“How could you let him into our home!!!”

Type couldn’t believe that Tharn just threw the beer can right in front of his eyes and hit the opposite wall, almost grazing him in the face.

“He came to visit me…”

“But you have no right to bring a concubine into this house!” (SCREAMS)!!!!!

Whatever mood Tharn was in when he said that, for Type… Well he blew up!

“How could you say such a thing to me!” Type fiercely grabbed Tharn by the collar and yanked him towards him, his composure all but exhausted, his eyes hurt, his eyes filled with disbelief, unable to believe that Tharn would say such a hurtful thing.

I didn’t realize Tharn was going to keep rubbing salt into his wounds: “Heh, I poked you where it hurts!”

“Son of a bi*tch!!!” Type raised his fist, wanting to smash Tharn’s face in.

Type’s eyes seemed to burn with a fire that could destroy everything and finally, he slumped his hand, gave the other man a hard shove and took a few steps backwards.

“If you don’t trust me that much…” Type clenched his fists, yelled fiercely, something he never thought he’d say but this time he really couldn’t bear it.

“I think it’s best if we take some time apart.”

Then Type took a few steps back, looking at Tharn as if he were dumbfounded.


“Since you don’t trust me, let’s separate, now… I don’t want to see you again.”

He dragged his heavy legs back to the bedroom, grabbed the change of clothes and stuffed them into his backpack, ignoring whether Tharn had followed him in or what, he just wanted to get out of here as fast as possible.

“Are you trying to go and be with that kid!!!!”

Tharn came in anyway and grabbed Type by the arm and Type looked back to see his furious face and his eyes were terrifying.

Type gritted his teeth, shouted, “Let go!”

“I won’t let go! I don’t agree to a breakup, Type and you listen to me, I don’t agree to a breakup! I don’t agree to a breakup!!!!!!!!”

Type pulled his arm back with all his might, not caring even if it had a long, bloody gash made by his opponent’s nail, a fire burning in his heart at the moment.

“I didn’t say we were breaking up, I just said we were taking a break…”

“I’m not stupid and don’t think I don’t know what you mean by a time apart!!!!! You want to go to that kid, just say so! You’re not sleeping with him already! You’re not sleeping with him!!!! Say it!!!”

Type thought his words would calm Tharn down but it didn’t work and Tharn was already so pissed off that he couldn’t say anything.

   You think I slept with Faires when you weren’t home?! You think I slept with Faires when you weren’t home?

He looked at the person he loved the most but hurt the most, he didn’t refute, didn’t admit, didn’t deny, he just looked at him speechlessly, because he was so disappointed, he tearfully replied: “If you think I’m such a womanizer, As you wish.”

   After Type said that, he also stuffed the last piece of clothing into his backpack and put it over his shoulder  


“I forbid you to abandon me. I forbid you to go to him!!!!”

This was the first time in Type’s memory that Tharn had used violence against him. The drummer yanked him by the arm and slammed him against the closet door behind him and the other guy was clutching his hand.

“Let go of me!”

“I’ll never let you leave me alone!”

With that, Tharn lowered his head into Type’s neck, almost biting into his chocolate skin. Type gritted his teeth at the restless head beneath his eyes and normally, no, if this hadn’t happened today, he would have been happy to see Tharn treat him this way and would have been happy to treat him this way himself but now… He’d be more upset than anything else.


Type slammed the backpack down on Tharn’s head, Tharn stumbled backwards, Type didn’t care if he was in pain or not and roared:

“Go to hell, ass- bleep–hole!!!!”

He turned around and ran out of the room, not caring if Tharn was beaten to death or not, not caring if he was in pain or not, Type never wanted to see his face again, never wanting to see his furious face full of mistrust, never wanting to hear any disparaging remarks about his cheating. Come to think of it, what did Tharn do that a normal person could do?

   He’s trying to boss me around. He thinks he can solve all his problems in bed!!!!

   It more than tripled Type’s anger, except, what Type didn’t expect… He cried.

   Tears, where do they come from? Type did not know but why did they fall one by one, like beads with broken strings? He didn’t know why he was crying, he just stretched out his hand and wiped his face, his footsteps were hurried, he reached the door of the apartment building, he didn’t know where to go, he raised his hand and hailed a taxi, leaving this sad place as fast as possible. Why is he so sad? Why are you crying for that ass- bleep–hole who won’t listen to your explanations?

   Why, Type, why do you let this happen? Why!




“Kla, help me with my pants.”

“Phii No, just come out like this, it’s so s-xxy!”

“I don’t think it’s s-xxy, I think it’s erotic.”

In the luxurious apartment where the heir of a pharmaceutical company lives, Techno was covering his sensitive parts with both hands, blushing with shame and feeling annoyed at his own stupidity. Can’t he make it up to Kla when he complains that they haven’t done anything for a week? Techno always goes soft.

   No, are you out of your mind? You’re so soft that you’d wear a thong for each other!

    It’s a bit chilly down there.

   Kiki and his balls were barely covered from the front but it was hard to explain the rest… Techno cursed Kla for coming up with such a stupid idea… Are you crazy? I’ll show my a*ss to no one!

   Of course, no matter how much Techno asked Kla to give him a pair of normal pants, the guy sitting on the couch was indifferent, admiring his beauty with a fiercely impetuous smile, finding the hair on No’s calves s-xxy as hell, the look in his eyes… It’s like he’s on top of him.

   Are you trying to run me through with your eyes?!

“Phii No, come here, let me hug you.”

Honestly, No didn’t want to walk up to him like this but he didn’t want to do it anyway   Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring   Oh, shit!

Just when everything was going in the direction Kengkla had imagined, the doorbell suddenly rang and Kla cursed, saying who came at the wrong time. Instead, Techno smiled, he took three quick steps backwards, then turned and walked into the bedroom.

“You have a visitor, so I’ll go put on my pants.”

The cooked duck flew away and Kengkla, the big bad wolf, greeted the people at the door in his heart.

“Who, if it’s nothing important, I promise to curse you until you doubt your life!”

Although he was unforgiving, Kla got up to open the door, thinking that even if it was his own parents, he would get rid of them in 2 minutes and go back to molest his wife. However, when the door opened, Kla was instantly annoyed   “Why is my life so bitter!”

That’s right, standing in the doorway is his old enemy… Type.

He’s the one who got in the way of his love and because of him, he’s let No get away from the big bad wolf more times than I can count.

“Where is No?”

“Not here.”

“Okay, I’ll go in and get him.”

Damn it! He always know I’m lying!

Kengkla sighed and watched as the plague swaggered into his house. But… If Kengkla was right, Type was looking strange today.

“Are you alright?”

“Huh, you’re concerned about me?”

“If you weren’t my wife’s friend, I wouldn’t care about you.” Kla said sullenly, Type just laughed lowly, which sounded very strange to Kla’s ears.

“Yeah, then your wife’s friend was going to interrupt…”


“Aw, Type, what’s so important? I can’t believe you came to my door.” While Kla was trying to ask what was bothering him, No had blushed and walked out of the room and greeted his friend loudly, wondering why Type had suddenly come to his door. Type looked at his best friend and said the last thing the owner of the apartment wanted to hear.

“No, can I stay here for a couple of nights?”


“Yes, of course, you can stay as many nights as you want… Right, Kla?”

Kengkla’s “no” was swallowed but his wife agreed too fast and looked at him with hope, how could he say no to his wife who loves her and obeys her in everything? He could only gnash his teeth and say the words with Mars: “Phii Type, as you wish…”

There’s a little man inside who’s throwing things around the house and growling   Type, I hate you! I hate you!!!!






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