Tharntype The Series, Seven Years After, Chapter 11: The roof leaks unexpectedly and rain falls in the night

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Seven Years After, Chapter 11: The roof leaks unexpectedly and rain falls in the night

“Type, you have something to say to me……?”


“Oh f-ck, that makes me want to throw you out!”

Truth be told, Type had no appetite at dinner, especially with a repeater that kept asking, “When are you going to leave? I want to eat my wife…” Type only ate a couple of bites before putting down his chopsticks and then put the packed clothes into the wardrobe, the temporary room he was staying in was only for two nights and he didn’t want to bother his best friend too much.

But, he didn’t want to be asked what happened, so No crept after him and asked him the question he didn’t want to answer, so he just cursed “whore” and didn’t say anything else. He cursed “whore” and No cursed back but finally came in and sat down on the bed.

“Hey, what’s up with you and Tharn again?”

“Don’t use the word “again,” okay? At least I have less problems with him than I do with you and Kla, okay?”

“You leave me speechless.”

No scratched his head in embarrassment, still refusing to leave the room, he sighed, turning his head to look at his best friend who had witnessed his and Kla’s love story from the beginning to the end.

No had witnessed his and Tharn’s love story from beginning to end, from hating Tharn, to trusting Tharn, to becoming Tharn’s wife… he knew it all and he was with him every step of the way… But that doesn’t mean he has to tell No about everything.

“It was nothing, just a little fight.”

“If I’m not mistaken, the last time you and Tharn didn’t get along and came to live with me, was because of Lhong, if I’m not mistaken, you said it was a small problem but it wasn’t, it was…” The former football captain gestured that the last problem was a big one, so big that it was almost a breakup, so this time, when Type said it was a small problem, it couldn’t be a small problem.

“That’s why I called you.”

Type said irritably, “No you are a bit depressed but I’m still worried about my friend’s relationship problems,” he said.

“All right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right. How serious is your problem?” How serious is your problem?”

“It’s as serious as you just described.” Eventually, Type acknowledged the seriousness of the problem, sighed heavily, looked down at the socks on his feet that he’d been wearing all day and thought to himself: I’ll have to buy new socks in the morning.

He kept hypnotizing himself, what he was going to do next, just to distract himself from the unpleasant part of the evening.

“Huh? What’s going on? Is it because I went out drinking with you?” No asked, Type also remembered the fight with Tharn last week about going out for a drink with No but that was a small thing, nothing compared to this fu*cked up feeling and finally Type blurted out   “He misunderstood that I was screwing someone else.”

“Huh?! You’ve cuckolded Tharn!!!”


Type kicked No’s ass, looked over at him with a look of rage and looked at him with a horrified look on his face, as if he had committed some heinous crime.

“Fu*ck you! You think I cheated on him too?!”

“Hey! Calm down, man, I’m just repeating what you said!”

“Bast*rd, when I say fu*ck, you say cuckold, where’s the repetition?” No laughed, one hand kept touching the spanked ass, the other hand in a surrender position, saying that he was exaggerating.

Type raked his hair in irritation. :”He said I was screwing around while he was away at work, where the hell was I screwing around, when he was away at work I was so sick I was dying, I didn’t even have the energy to pee, I didn’t have the energy to screw around, damn it! He won’t listen to me, he won’t listen to reason, he won’t listen to anything I say. He just saw me k-issing someone’s kid and he’s making it up as I go along! He won’t even listen to me, he won’t listen to reason!”

“Hey, aah, aah, wait a minute, Type, what did you just say? K-issing! Who were you k-issing? Who did you k-iss?!”

No’s eyes widened at his friend’s words, incredulously questioned loudly and Type was irritated, because it was the dead kid who lied.

“A patient in the hospital, an annoying kid, a bad kid! He k-issed me, dragging me along and I thought he was really hurt… I wanted to kill him! I wanted to kill him! I wanted to kill him!” As Type clenched his fists, did the annoying kid think that k-issing him would make him feel better? That he’d want to sleep with him? That’s not the way to do it!

   Instead, he wants to kill him, he wants to kick him, he wants to beat him so badly he can’t take care of himself, so he can’t break up another couple anymore.

   This kid looks harmless but he’s so evil, he shouldn’t had been so kind to him!

   Type knew he was at fault but that was no reason for Tharn not to listen to him. If he had slept with the kid, Tharn could have been as angry as he wanted to be but he didn’t do anything. He didn’t cheat, he didn’t cheat, his body hadn’t betrayed Tharn since he was 18, until now he was 25, not once. He never did! From the beginning, he was all alone with Tharn!

“Eh, you calm down, calm down, the kid likes you?”

“I don’t know! Don’t let me see him again! Or he’s dead!” Type gritted his teeth, wanting to throw the dead kid into the sea and feed him to the sharks. He sighed, wiped his face and froze when he heard his friend’s question.

“What if he won’t stop?”


“Type, I just wonder, with the way he’s been chasing you, is he gonna give up that easily? I’ve seen people who’ve been involved in your relationship with Tharn and none of them are easy to let go sorta.” Type froze again, turned to his friend and narrowed his eyes.

Yeah and what if the kid won’t let go?

“And I think you… I don’t think you want to break up with Tharn, do you?”

“Want me to kick your a*ss again, do you? Of course I’m not breaking up with him! I don’t want to break up with him ever!” Type was a bit emotional and very determined, not to break up and he never wanted to break up, he was just angry, irritated, sad and all of this negativity didn’t mean anything about breaking up.

“But Tharn would have thought you wanted to break up.”

In the middle of their conversation, a voice suddenly cut in.

“Kla, what do you mean by that?” They both turned around and there was Kengkla leaning against the door, cell phone in hand.

“He was so drunk, he thought it was you when I called, he didn’t even laugh when I asked, he said everything.”

Type clenched his fists, resisting the urge to rush back to that drunkard.

Tharn is a heavy drinker and if he’s drunk, it means he’s unconscious.

“What else did he say?” No asked his little boyfriend, Kla glanced at him and said:

“Phii Tharn wants Phii Type to come home…”

Before Kla could finish his sentence, Type ruthlessly disproved him, “That’s what you said yourself, no need to find such a lame reason to kick me out, the more you want me to leave, the more I won’t leave, you’re so angry!!!!”

Kla hated it so much, he almost couldn’t manage his expression, he said in all seriousness, “Phii Type, I advise you to go back and clear it with Phii Tharn.”

“No, is your husband a stupid cow? What can I say when the other part of the discussion is dead drunk?” Type didn’t respond to Kla’s words but turned around and complained to his best friend, Techno just smiled, it was hard enough to be caught between her boyfriend and her best friend, seeing her boyfriend’s face getting longer and longer, No busily got up and pushed Kla’s shoulder.

“He’s angry with Type, don’t argue with him, go help me with my medicine, this guy just kicked me.” Ever the peacemaker No said as he pushed his boyfriend out the door, because he knew his best friend for so many years, it was clear that Type would not want to say anything at this time just want to be alone, before leaving he did not forget to ask: “You also calm down.”

No was done talking but the husband still looked upset and before disappearing in front of the house, he dropped a bombshell:

“Perhaps you’d like to know this… Phii Tharn is crying.”

Slam! The door was slammed shut and the loud bang hit Type’s stomach, he was suddenly nauseous, Kla said Tharn was crying and an overwhelming amount of sadness stirred his heart, in fact there was one thing he wanted to say to them.

“What about me… You think I don’t cry, don’t you? He’s sad. Did it ever occur to you that… I’m sad, too!”

He’s so tough on the outside but so fragile on the inside, so typical of a man with a sharp t-ongue and a heart of gold, that no one thought he could cry… because he was so weak on the inside. No one thinks he’d cry… at the hurtful words of a loved one.

Even though Tharn was already drunk, at the moment, he didn’t want to see him.




As far as Type was concerned, this morning was no different than the past week… The same shit and if he had to tell you what kind of shit, he could give you the list: Monday morning, he’s in a foul mood; Tuesday morning, he wakes up to a note from Tharn about his business trip; Wednesday morning, he wakes up with a hangover from Kong’s restaurant; Thursday morning, he finds himself sick; Friday morning, he’s finally not so fu*cked up and then this fu*cking afternoon, he’s not so fu*cked up. And the fu*ckery of things, the last few days don’t add up; today… It’s Saturday.

It’s the same Saturday but what the hell… He couldn’t sleep last night but those two in the next room were up all night, making him cranky.

Yes, last night No left for the reason that he asked his little husband to help him with the medicine, when he woke up in the night, he thought he heard the wall vibrating, no, not only the sound of the wall vibrating, he could hear No and Kla moaning shamelessly, the sound was so penetrating that it reached his ears through the wall, Type found it particularly harsh, he couldn’t help but glare to the ceiling all night.

That Kengkla brat is overdoing it to get rid of him!

Well, I want to leave as soon as possible and I don’t want to bother my best friend but if you do this to me, I’ll be the devil in the way of your s-xx life!

Type thought depressingly, of course, he wasn’t the kind of person who wanted to drag his friends along with him when he was in pain, he was happy that Techno was happy but the way Kla looked at him as if he was his enemy made him feel bad.

Have you ever heard of the idiom “love the house and its crow”? If you treat your wife’s friend as an enemy, then wait until his friend turns your happy little bed upside down! Type doubts that no one has ever taught Kla the idiom.

“Hey, do you have to go to work this morning, too?”


No, who had a conscience, finally greeted him when he was about to go out, Type nodded to him.

Techno said: “Are you okay? Oh, that’s not reprimanding you, I’m looking at your eyes and you look like a Chinese national panda, with blood in them, like a truck driver who’s been driving for three days and nights, you look haggard.”

Upon hearing this, Type raised his hand and wiped his face, he knew that his face must be greasy, with his lack of sleep, his eyebrows locked, his eyes clouded and his mouth pursed into a stubborn shape, in this state, no one would dare to approach him today.

Good, then the unlucky leader won’t come after me!

“Never mind, I’m going to work.”

“Do you want me to take you there on my motorcycle?”

Nowadays, our ex-captain of the soccer team has a government job, double time off, so of course he can give his best friend a ride on Saturdays, Type froze, then offered No a wave of a hand: “I’ll take the borrowed motorcycle.”

“Okay, what do you want for dinner? I’ll get you something.”

“Whatever, just get me a pack of instant noodles.” Type replied, looking at No, who had been giving him everything he wanted, he knew… how worried they were about him.

“Don’t worry about me, it’s just a fight, I’ll be back in two days.” Finally, Type patted his friend’s shoulder and No finally smiled, “Yeah, you’ll be home early today, I’ll cook instant noodles for you with eggs and fresh meat.”

No tried to make Type laugh, grimacing in a funny way, Type was in a better mood, he wanted to tell No that he had heard them moaning last night in the next room but he thought about it… I don’t think so.

Techno is a shy guy but Kengkla’s got a thick skin.

“Phii No, my dearest Phii No!” It was then, the voice of a certain big bad wolf suddenly sounded, Type shook his head unlovingly and punched his friend lightly on the shoulder.

“Go and see the boy and hear how he screams.” After that, Type turned and walked out of the door with a melancholy expression on his face and out of the door, he felt that the sky was melancholy today and perhaps because he was sad in his heart, he also felt that the sky was melancholy.

I don’t know if he’s sober yet,   “Why worry about him, if he can get drunk on his own, he can get sober on his own!”

   I’d better worry about myself. What’s going to happen to me today?




“Do you know how busy this week has been? Taking time off for no reason, without telling me in advance. You can’t spell the word  ‘responsibility’?”

Type is a direct person but direct doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to deal with the situation. As soon as he walked into the office, before he had a chance to greet his colleagues, the unlucky leader walked in and stood in front of him, then he started to yell at him.

If the leader just asked him to go out and criticize him, he would have no doubt but in front of so many people to criticize him, this is not called criticism, this is called public humiliation! This man doesn’t know how to think outside the box, he only knows how to shake faces and use chicken feathers as arrows. He didn’t come to work because he was sick and he’s already called in sick!

If I’d been sick, I’d have worked, I’d have come but I almost got sick! You’re inhuman!

“I’m sick.”

“Where’s the evidence of illness? Any proof of a doctor’s diagnosis?”

Who the fu*ck are you to ask for a medical certificate!

“I wasn’t feeling well and being alone, I couldn’t get to a doctor, so I didn’t have any diagnosis to prove it.”

Type is trying to restrain himself and answer calmly, because of the lack of sleep and mood swings, he can’t help but want to yell at the leader, he’s really going to explode if he’s pushed!

“So you’ve missed work and you don’t want to be responsible for it?!!”

I can’t take it anymore!

This was the second time the leader had cussed him for his lack of responsibility and Type’s patience was running out: “So, can you write the word “responsibility”?”

“What do you mean by that?”

Type smiled, his eyes were not very kind: “I was asking if my leadership would write the word “responsibility”, you as a leader but you have never been staying at a clinic, the paperwork you keep is also a mess and you blame others for your own work mistakes,  How many days off have you had this week? I heard yesterday that you didn’t come to the hospital because your child had diarrhea… How can you get a wife when you’re so grown up and worry about a child dirrhea?”


Type felt that his colleagues rushed up to him and grabbed his shoulders, telling him to calm down, thinking that his words were too harsh… It’s like digging your own grave for a leader to say something like that.

The leader was so furious that his face turned purple, he raised a trembling finger to Type, Type stalked his neck, not afraid at all, he felt that he was already suffering enough this week, to put up with this dog leader nagging, his mentality had already collapsed.

“Calm down, how can you talk like that?”

“I just told the truth.”

He thought he was usually very tolerant but this time, because of the Tharn affair, there was already a small fire burning in his heart and when the unlucky leader fanned the flames again, the flames bubbled up and no amount of water could put it out.


“Leader, this is not the right place to talk about such things!” Teng warned and motioned for him to take a look around, the leader looked around angrily, considering that making a fuss here would really affect his work and pointed at Type, meaning this wasn’t over.

Until the leader left, Sister Teng turned back to Type, sympathetic and worried look: “How can you be so impulsive? That’s our leader, you can gossip about him all you want but you just said those things in front of him, you don’t want to work here anymore? You’re going to be working here for a long time!”

A colleague’s reminder didn’t seem to help and Type snorted through his nostrils, “I won’t be here much longer.”

Anyway, now he doesn’t want to put up with it anymore, work doesn’t want to put up with it anymore, his boyfriend doesn’t want to put up with it anymore, third parties don’t want to put up with it anymore and all the other bulls and spirits he doesn’t want to put up with anymore!

   What did I do in my last life to deserve such a shitty thing!

   Type is always in control of his emotions, he is still doing his best at work and he wants to numb himself through work so that he can forget the mess, even if it’s just for a while. Tharn’s face is making his head spin.

   What do you need to do to be more calm!

   It’s not that he doesn’t want to reconcile but after a night of peace, his emotions have stabilized but the thought of Tharn calling him a cheater makes him so angry, he wants to explain to Tharn, wants Tharn to kneel down and beg for forgiveness but on second thought… He was also at fault.

   He thought about it for a whole night and realized that he was angry because Tharn had said those hurtful things despite his feelings. Tharn used to be a calm person and knew his temper but the more time he spent with him, the more selfish he became but not anymore, a lot of things have changed.

   After all these years together, Tharn seems to have forgotten that Type can be sad.

   The more Type thinks about it, the more depressed he gets, he takes a deep breath, picks up the phone and hesitates for a moment.

   Didn’t you want to break up with Phii Tharn?

   Kla’s words popped into his head, saying that Tharn thought he was breaking up with him but he’d never thought of it that way, so he typed a message into his phone.

   I swear nothing happened between me and that kid and I never wanted to break up with you.

   He just wanted them to be apart to cool each other off, because sometimes being together makes things worse.

“That’s not good.” Type, who had just finished typing a paragraph, wanted to delete it and rewrite it but couldn’t think of anything better to say.

“Type, are you ready to go home from work, do you want to join us for dinner?”

“I’ve got a date with a friend… Don’t worry, I’m fine.” When a colleague came over and invited him to dinner, Type put down his phone and told them that he was fine, even though he felt terrible about it.

“Take tomorrow off and get some rest.”

“Yeah… But I think it should be more than just a break.”

Type suddenly blurted out such a meaningless sentence with a blank expression, glanced somewhere out of the corner of his eyes and saw someone walking towards him with a triumphant attitude and suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart. Teng also looked over at him and then he too looked like he had taken a bitter pill.

“What have you done now?”

“I don’t know what to do.” Type shrugged nonchalantly, not as nonchalantly as he appeared but rather, he felt nervous.

He’s had enough shit for one day. Don’t needdo it again!

“I really shouldn’t have hired you to come to our hospital!”


With just that one sentence, Type’s tense nerves broke and he looked angrily at the person who spoke.

“What’s wrong with me again?”

“Don’t you know it yet? This is a hospital, not the street and you’ve tarnished our hospital’s reputation by getting into a fight!”

Type raised his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes after hearing this, he was sure that the leader was taking this opportunity to fix him, only that the leader said with great concern, “Yesterday, someone told me that you were fighting in the hospital! You were fighting in your work uniform! Caused unnecessary trouble for other people, Is say don’t you have any brains when you go out!!” The leader acted like he was on top of the world and his eyes were shining brightly as he cussed Type in front of everyone.

“Because of you, our hospital’s reputation has been tarnished. I’m asking you if you can handle the responsibility… I can’t believe we have such an irresponsible employee in our hospital. You’re like a street urchin. Why don’t you go to hell!”

“Type, calm down! You calm down first!”

Type felt Teng’s voice coming from far away and a pair of hands holding his sleeve but for the blood rushing to his head   “I’m irresponsible, aren’t I?!”

“You just found out…”

Bang! BANG!!

“It’s over!”

Before the leader could finish his sentence, Type rushed forward and grabbed him by the collar and punched him, the words, “it’s over” came from Teng, she was completely shocked by Type’s action, he tried to stop him from throwing a second punch but it was only one punch, the leader was like a dead dog! Just as he fell to the ground.

“How dare you hit me?”

“Why not, you’re the one! I’ll beat you until you’re all over the floor!”

“Ah! Type, no!” Type wanted to go ahead and beat him up again but the petite Teng tried to stop him, he knew Teng didn’t want him to get into trouble but now he was in a rage, he didn’t listen to any advice, he escaped from his colleague’s grip and tried to beat up the leader but the leader ducked and crouched in a ball with his hands behind his head..

“Don’t… Don’t think this is over. You can’t stay in this hospital. I’ll fire you! I’m gonna fire you! I’m gonna fire you!!!”

“I don’t need you to fire me! I’m leaving on my own. I’ve had enough of your kind of leadership!!!!”

Type shrugged off his colleague’s hand, some colleague came to stop him, some colleague helped the leader, although the leader was still in a state of shock, he didn’t forget to threaten Type, “I feel so sorry for you, your career as a doctor has come to an end, I will make all the hospitals dare not hire you! I will make all the hospitals dare not hire you!!!”

“Go ahead, I’ve been out of the business for a long time anyway! I’d rather go back home and farm if I’m going to be in the same boat as someone like you!”

Type doesn’t care how big this thing is anymore, he just knows he’s had enough of this dog’s leadership, he may be inconsiderate at this point but he’s going to explode one day if he stays here any longer, so screw his future, he’d rather have an easy job like No, which doesn’t pay much, than a high paying job that gives you high blood pressure.

After that, Type turned back and grabbed his bag and put it on his shoulder, he took a look at the dog leader who had been bullying him for a year.

“Type, Type, you wait.”

“I’m sorry Teng, don’t get involved in this, or I’ll get mad again.” After saying that, Type took a step to leave, Teng asked, worried and embarrassed, “Are you sure it’s okay to do that?”


   At least I don’t have to live my life so low!

   Type walked out, knowing that he would face a series of problems next but whether the dog leader wanted to call the police, or to sue him for assault, let him be, he was ready to face the battle, although he looked like a reckless man, not very approachable and his eyes looked fierce but he still asked himself:

   Why do things always turn out so badly? Did I step on a god’s foot in a previous life? I don’t know.

   However, the loss of his job is nothing compared to his boyfriend’s problems and I don’t know what’s going on with him but Tharn’s words always make him feel better.

   You are so important to me. You are the most important thing in my life. Why would you say something like that? Why, Tharn!

   It’s a tough question, Type with his head on the handlebars, the keys in his hand and at the moment… He’s vulnerable.

   Tharn… I really don’t know what to do next!






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  1. Gosh I’m such a wreck reading all this. Type really needs to learn how to control his rage and anger. The series isn’t out and I already HATE the kid…

  2. @ChiChi B Reality talk: To be able to control the rage and anger at times when it seemed like everything is taking a toll on you when you did nothing but have just been innocent of whatever the people were accusing behind you, always trying to control your temper in order to avoid trouble, that’s easier said than done. Just try to imagine yourself that someone so important to you accused of you taking their money, not believing any of your reasons, and the character you’ve been into is of Type who never knew how to express his emotion, always saying everything’s okay even though he’s into too deep of emotional wreck already, that kind of reactions he projected from this novel is just a logical reactions. He’s hurt and insulted. He never committed anything that he’s been accused with and yet no one wanted to believe him. And the worst of the worst thing to happen, the person whom he wants to depend at times when he’s down is one of those accusing him unreasonably. Though, in Tharn’s defense, he only acted like that because he saw the unwanted act with his own two eyes. What I just wanted to point out is, every reaction of the character in this novel is reasonable enough. They are supposed to be human so that’s how they react.

    1. Arian, I completely agree.

      Tharn, too, while I want to kick his arse for being such a moron, I can understand his trust issues. Remember he spent most of his teenage being dumped or cheated on (thanks to Lhong’s mastermind). No matter how many years pass, some scars can still hurt. When he “saw with his own eyes” that Type n Faires was kissing, I think Tharn just lost his mind (just like how Type lost his mind when he “saw with his own eyes” Tharn and San kissing in Book 1). Plus Tharn was also going thru other issues here, the biggest being he wanted a long term commitment from Type and Type unwilling to give that to him. So I can somewhat get on board with the fact that he is such an arsehole here to Type. I don’t condone it, but can understand it.

      And I completely agree about Type’s response is very human. This book/show is all about how flawed humans are. I think that’s why a lot of viewers tend to hate it. They hate any reminder that humans are flawed, I think they want to watch only cute, uncomplicated BL shows as a happy pill. Not that there is anything wrong with cute shows, but I think there should also be a place for complicated, nuanced shows like TharnType to throw lite on all aspects of human relationships.

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