Tharntype The Series, Seven Years After, Chapter 12: Where do you sober up tonight?

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Seven Years After, Chapter 12: Where do you sober up tonight?

Tharn is a good drinker, since he has been a musician in a pub since high school, he has to drink, so he has been able to drink without getting drunk and he has never gotten drunk before. Now, however, the hero wakes up with a hangover and a headache… He got himself drunk on purpose last night.

He wouldn’t get drunk on liquor alone, he wouldn’t get drunk on beer alone but the two together was like a powerful poison and Tharn was completely unconscious.

To drink… To forget the pain of “a little time apart”, as the one he loved most said.

Tharn opened his eyes, staring blankly at the ceiling, not wanting to get up to shower and wash his hair, not wanting to wake himself up.

He’s going over everything that happened last night.

It all happened so suddenly… So sudden that he still doesn’t know what’s going on.

Everything went through his mind like a movie and the only central idea he could grasp was that Type was k-issing another man and that a third person had interfered in their relationship. He saw nothing wrong with his jealousy, Type was his and only his and had no right to k-iss anyone else but him!

He’s jealous, he won’t let anyone touch him. Is he wrong? Why did Type separate from him? Why did Type separate from him?

Didn’t he say he was having second thoughts about him when he said he was separated?!

Although he said “a little time apart”, Tharn was so traumatized, so depressed, that he wanted to drink to his sorrows, make a lot of noise and smash the house to pieces.

Tharn may have been a quiet man but a rabbit bites in a hurry, a dog jumps over a wall and even the calmest man has his last patience.

“Yeah, Tharn, what do you expect? He’s already said he’s splitting up.”

Yes, Tharn picked up his phone, the screen was empty, no incoming calls, no incoming messages, just the picture of him and Type that he had set as his lock screen wallpaper.

   In the photo, he’s holding Type by the neck, smiling happily for the camera.

   Now, would you still smile like that at me?

   Tharn’s fingers gently rubbed the screen of his phone, looking at the picture of Type with the same happy smile. As he watched, Tharn looked away, memories of last night flooding back, the way Type looked at him with disappointment, the way he pushed his hands away mercilessly, shouldn’t he have done the same to Type?

   Who’s the one who should be disappointed?!

   Tharn’s sarcasm, a sarcastic grin on his face and if he hadn’t been so hopeful, he’d have dropped the phone by now.

   I think someone called me last night?

Tharn quickly unlocked to check the call logs, then frowned, “When did Kla call me?”

He couldn’t remember when No’s boyfriend had called him, no memory of that at all but even though he didn’t have a picture of it, his pent-up frustration had relaxed a little… If Kla had called him, that meant Type was at his house.

“At least he wasn’t at someone’s house.”

By rights, Tharn should have been relieved but he wasn’t. On the contrary, he was strangely nervous. He may have been impatient yesterday but the way the kid looked at his wife… The look in his eyes was full of want, possession, want to win.


Tharn cursed, sat up restlessly, rubbing his hands over his face, hoping the damn headache would go away.

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring

Tharn looked up, either because his brain had not yet returned to normal, or because he had other things on his mind and didn’t know how to react,

There’s no need to ring the doorbell.



“Ouch aah!”

However, when it became clear that the person standing in the doorway was not the one he wanted to see, the man who had been so hopeful a moment ago changed his expression to one of utter disappointment… The one who stood in the doorway and cried out in fear was none other than his dear sister.


“It’s me… Why do you reek of alcohol?”

The beautiful woman with long, flowing hair held her hand up to her nose and fanned her hand back and forth in front of her face, as if she was trying to swat away Tharn’s alcoholic breath.

Tharn shook his head, saying, “Nothing, just had a little drink.”

“That’s not so bad. Look at the state you’re in… Don’t tell me you had a fight with Type?”


Tharn: “Does my face look that obvious?”

Tharn laughed to himself, sister shook her head, “Don’t underestimate a woman’s sixth sense, every time it comes to anything about Type, you’ll lose your mind and every time you get drunk, it’s either a big party or Type’s problem, you can’t fight like this.” When the sister started to talk, the brother wiped his face, just wanted to tell her to go home but she dragged him into the house.

“Holy shit, what’s wrong with your family?!!”

The house was indeed a mess, completely different from the last time she’d been here, Tharn sighed, walked over to the couch and plopped down, looking like he’d broken down, “Whatever, I’m the one living here now anyway.”

A surprised sister stared at her brother incredulously, couldn’t believe her ears: “No way, you and Phii Type can’t break up, I forbid you to break up!”

Normally, Tharn would have laughed at his sister’s capricious words but today he couldn’t, especially when he heard the word “break up”. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to talk to his sister, it was just that the word hurt him so much that he felt a wave of heat in his eyes.

“No, we’re just separated for a while.”

Thanya was speechless, he didn’t know how to comfort his brother and knew that he didn’t need any words of comfort.

“Ya, you go home first… And, don’t tell anyone at home.”

“Phii Type won’t break up with you, don’t worry!”


   The brother was startled but didn’t say anything back, in fact, deep inside he wanted to tell his sister that her dear Phii Type had k-issed someone else in front of him but he couldn’t, all his words were stuck in his throat, it was so hard.

   The sister continued confidently, “Type has told me before, he’s not gay but he’s willing to go down this bad road for you, just for you… So he won’t break up with you, absolutely not!”

   As her sister’s voice trembled with emotion, Tharn took the pillow away from her face and looked over at her sister, feeling a little distressed at the sight of her idol sister’s red eyes.

“You and Type are so in love, there’s no way you’ll break up!”  said his sister emphatically.

At the words, Tharn looked away: “But he’s got someone else.”

“There’s no one else but you, Type!”  the sister said confidently.

“Don’t I know what a charmer Type is? He always attracts the attention of passersby but he never looks away, he never lets anyone else take his eyes off him. Type has never thought of anyone else but after he followed you, wherever you went, his heart always followed you, so I’m sure, he won’t have any relationship with anyone else.” Tharn was speechless at his sister’s firmness. He wanted to ask her how she could be so sure but when he saw her eyes, he couldn’t say a word.

Why can’t he have the same confidence in his boyfriend as his sister? Why does the mere sight of him k-issing someone else make his heart tremble to the point of suffocation?

Because I love too much, I’m in trouble!

“You’re right,” he said.” Tharn said so and his sister was a little relieved at the news and Tharn’s mind was soothed and he seemed to be motivated again.

“That’s right, you have to believe that your love is indestructible, so, now my dear brother is going to take a bath and I’ll help you clean the house.” Seeing his sister’s enthusiasm, Tharn couldn’t resist. No matter how old she grew up, she would always be his little princess and had to be pampered.

When the hungover brother went into the bedroom, our starlet ran out to the balcony to call her other dear brother.

“Phii Type, pick up the phone, pick up the phone…”

“Phii Type!”

   [Uh, I’m not Type, I’m his friend… Aren’t you Tharn’s sister Thanya?]

“Yes, where’s my Phii Type?” Thanya tilted her head in confusion, wondering why someone else answered the phone.

Thanya says she wants to talk to Type but the caller is having a hard time: [He’s not available right now, because… he’s just resigned.]


The answer on the other end of the phone made Thanya’s eyes widen in surprise.





“What is it, Thanya?”

“Bro, that… That’s…”

The brother who was in the bathroom just now heard his sister’s surprised cries, he grabbed the towel, dried himself off and ran out, he asked his sister loudly and worriedly, then he saw her standing there on the balcony with her cell phone in her ear, he paled and said forcefully, “Ya, hang up the phone, he asked for a temporary separation.”

Of course he knew who his sister was in touch with, he pursed his lips, with a stubborn look on his face.

“Brother, don’t be ridiculous!”


Tharn was stunned, because since he was a kid, his sister had never talked to him in such a tone of voice, even if he was angry with his boyfriend, he felt aggrieved by his sister’s anger, so he turned around and walked into the house without saying a word. Talk nicely, he’s in trouble now.”

“His only problem is that he doesn’t want to be with me.”

“Brother!!!” Thanya snapped at her brother, then turned back to the phone and spoke to him: “Little brother, don’t hang up yet, talk to my brother.” After saying that, she turned her head and stared at her brother.

“Brother, don’t you want to know that Phii Type has resigned?”

“What did you say?!” Tharn turned his head sharply, his face, which had just been cold, had now turned to one of shock, he knew that Type was having problems with his leader but to his disbelief, Type had suddenly left.

He said he’d do it for a year but it’s not a year!

“It’s true, brother. Type’s friend told me. You can tell him yourself.” Thanya handed the phone to her brother but Tharn hesitated, he looked down at the phone screen and saw that his sister was calling her boyfriend directly, he was afraid… Afraid that the person on the other end of the line is someone he doesn’t know.

Type’s friend… Who’s that?

“Brother, you tell me, you tell me.” Thanya urged, with a worried look on her face but finally Tharn took the phone and put it to his ear.


[Tharn, oh my, you finally answered the phone, it’s me, Techno.]

Tharn breathed a sigh of relief when he found out who was on the other end of the phone but it wasn’t someone he didn’t know. Techno on the other end of the line didn’t wait for him to ask a question before he started to talk.

   [Type quit, I don’t know the details, he came back and asked me to stay with him because he lost his job, I asked him and he didn’t want to talk about it, he just said he didn’t want to talk about it but he accidentally said that because he had a fight with you at the hospital yesterday, so the leader used it to pressure him, he even yelled at him in public, he couldn’t take it anymore and he beat up the leadership. I have a headache, why is he so impulsive? I thought he was much calmer than yesterday, it’s just a day apart from you and he gives me this shit, why is he so inconsiderate!]

Tharn is speechless too, the memory of yesterday’s events is stuck in his throat.

“Yesterday, he and I got into a fight in the hospital parking lot.”

   [Well, because of that, he beat up his leader and said he would have punched him two or three more times if he hadn’t been stopped and that this kid, who doesn’t think about his own future, had the nerve to cause such a mess!]

Tharn quietly listened to No, he was worried about Type, who had just lost his job.

He knew that Type had been putting up with this department leaders for a long time but he didn’t expect Type to explode like this and he was partly to blame for this but the biggest responsibility lay with that teenager, who rushed to the hospital to do such a nasty thing.

   The more I think about it, the more I get angry and the more I clench my fists.

“So he’s… OK?”

Although still angry, still frustrated, still with a headache, he was still worried about Type.

   [I don’t feel good, he says he’s fine but he must feel bad, I think he’s hiding in his room but luckily he left his bag outside, so I can answer the phone.]]

Techno gave him a general overview of the situation, Tharn listened, his grip on the phone tightened and suddenly a question came into his mind.

Type and Techno were so close that they knew everything about each other and Tharn thought that Techno should know about it: “No, do you know about him and that kid?”

   [The kid… Who’s that? Who is it? Oh…]

The caller sounded embarrassed and was silent for a long time.

   [I got a general idea from Type and he said… What are you doing with my phone? What are you doing with my phone?!!!!]

That last growl certainly hadn’t come from Techno, it was a voice he knew best and Tharn was startled.

   [Who are you talking to on the phone? Who are you talking to on the phone?!]

   [Uh… Well, I heard your phone ringing…]

   [Who are you talking to on the phone!]

   [Uh… Tharn.]

   [Didn’t I tell you not to tell him?!!!!!]

Tharn, a half-breed, didn’t say a word but when he heard the voice of someone he had just had an argument with, he suddenly fell silent.

“Bro, what’s up, what’s up, what did Type say?”

“He resigned… That’s all.” He returned the phone to his sister, then turned and walked into the bathroom without saying a word, Type’s words hovering in his mind.

Don’t tell him… Why can’t you tell me? Shouldn’t I be the first to know about something this important? I don’t know!

   Tharn wanted to ask Type a good question but now he couldn’t even pick up the phone.

   Just by listening to Type’s words, he knew that he wasn’t ready to talk to him yet and in fact, he wasn’t ready to talk to him either.

   Tharn closed his eyes and let the cold water from the shower head pour down on his head, chilling his body but not his restless heart.

   Why? Why? Even though Type said to leave him alone, he’s still worried about him, he’s well aware that even someone like Type can be vulnerable, he doesn’t know how he’s doing.

   Tharn also had a secret feeling of guilt that he was responsible for Type’s resigning and he wondered if he’d hurt Type, if what he’d said was… Was it too harsh?

   Bang! Tharn punched the wall, closing his eyes tightly.

“But you have no right to bring a concubine into this house!” (SCREAMS)!!!!!

Type has no right to bring anyone into the house but he shouldn’t have said Type was having an affair.

“I’m… I’m sorry…”

   Tharn wanted to apologize to Type, he wanted to take the initiative to resolve the conflict, like he had done in every other fight. But this time he couldn’t, the image of Type k-issing someone else was engraved in his mind and he still had a lot of doubts, he needed to hear more, he needed Type to tell him who the child was… Why did he let him interfere in his relationship with Type?!




“Tar, I need you to tell me exactly what you saw.”

“Phii Tharn, it’s nothing.”

   The day after the hangover, Tharn spent the rest of the day at home recuperating and then spent the rest of the day clearing his head. Today, he came to see Tharn, because Tharn might know the whole story and since Type wouldn’t talk, he had to find out the truth himself. From the person who sent him the message, Tar, of course.

   It was Tar who told him to hurry back to Bangkok and at the moment, Tar was smiling unnaturally at him.

“You were there the other day when that kid came to my house, weren’t you?”

It seemed that Tar knew something but he didn’t want to talk about it, so it was obvious that he didn’t want there to be any disagreement between him and Type, so he had to ask again and again: “Tar, just tell me, now that he and I are at a critical point in our relationship.”

Tar’s eyes widened, whirling his hands up to cover his face, rubbing them furiously, “I told you that kid was something else, something that was bound to cause trouble.”

Tharn: “What do you mean?”

The young chef sighed heavily, looked up at the person who had found him at work and said, “I did see that boy at your house… I didn’t tell you because he didn’t talk to him and he wouldn’t have cheated on me. I didn’t want to see you two fighting, so I didn’t tell you, I thought Type had taken care of everything.”

Tharn lowered his face and showed his displeasure, Type didn’t handle it right, that’s why they’re fighting and that’s why they’re arguing so much but the most important thing is: “He… He didn’t mean that to the kid, did he?”

“Yeah, Type didn’t like the kid and kept kicking him out.” Tharn breathed a sigh of relief at Tar’s affirmative answer and raised a hand to wipe his face.

So, the k-issing in the parking lot was staged for him to see?

“Phii Tharn, I don’t want you and Type to fight, you’ve been through so much, it’s not easy, it’s not worth it if you get hurt because of a third person.” Speaking of which, Tar feels bad, because there is no third party…

“As an outsider, I can only say… Please have faith in Type.”

   At that, Tharn froze… How many people have said that to him?

   His sister, Tar, they all made him trust Type and if he had to call and ask No, they would have made him trust him too. Tharn was a little more settled, his fear of Type’s infidelity a little less and he suddenly felt remorse for his harsh words to Type, for being so unreasonable and naughty. But then again, anyone would have thought that   Tharn asked himself, when did he start to distrust each other so much?

   No, if it hadn’t happened, he certainly wouldn’t have thought so much of it. But the truth is, he was always afraid… Fear that Type would abandon him, fear that Type would get tired of him and not like him, fear that Type would meet someone better than him, the seeds of this fear were probably already planted in his mind and this incident simply catalyzed his fear to take root and grow bigger.

Tharn rubbed his face hard, then put his hands in his hair and raked them hard.

“Thank you for telling me that, I’m going.” Tharn stood up sharply and said to Tar, then turned to go outside.

“Tharn, wait. Where are you going?” Tar called out to Tharn, worry written all over his lovely face, knowing Tharn wouldn’t be going straight home.

“I’m going to Type’s hospital to talk to his leader.”

It’s his fault, he got into a fight with Type at his hospital, so he’s going to tell the hospital that he took the initiative and it’s his fault. He will try to plead for leniency, at least he won’t go to the police for Type’s anger.

The good thing is that Thais always like to solve problems and don’t like to make a big deal out of it and don’t like to take it to the police or the court, so if you talk nicely and plead well, things will be much easier.

Even though they were still fighting, Tharn knew that he had a duty to protect Type and even though he was angry and fighting, he still worried about Type.

“I’m going with you.”


“Phii Tharn, even though I’m a fool, I’m worried about you guys. I’ll go with you, just in case.”

   Tharn wanted to turn Tar down but saw the seriousness, no, the willingness to risk his life for his friend, the way Type had risked his own to save Tar. He thought maybe he should let Tharn help.

   Tar’s right, at least if there’s a conflict, he’ll have someone to hold him back, to keep the situation from getting worse.

   One day apart and he’s lost his mind and it’s a different person.

   It’s only been one day apart… He’s already madly in love.




   Regarding the confrontation between Type and his leader, Tharn insisted during the negotiation with the leader that the whole incident was his fault and that he was the one who picked on Type in the first place and he also made it clear that if the leader had asked for clarification instead of unilaterally blaming Type, he would have put all the blame on Type,  Maybe it wouldn’t have been irrevocable.

   Of course, Tharn didn’t point out the problem directly but rather, politely explained the problem and the leader was stunned and when the leader showed signs of softening, he immediately followed up with an offer of compensation.

   Just say what you want and if you call the police, you won’t get a word of proof.

   At least he solved one problem in the end, as far as getting Type back to the hospital… He thought with his temper, it would be quicker to kill himself than to bring him back to work with the leader.

   Except to help Type out… He didn’t say sorry to Type.

   If he went to apologize to Type, Type might have gotten angry and fought with him, because Type still insisted that he wasn’t at fault. So, Tharn didn’t bother to apologize to Type, because he didn’t think he was at fault either. Why is it that he can trust Type in other areas without fear but when it comes to third party involvement, it’s a different story?

“Thank you, Tar, I should get back to Type later… To talk.”

“That’s good, Phii Tharn, you’d better go and talk to Phii Type.”

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring   As they were about to split up, Tharn’s cell phone suddenly rang, Tharn sighed a little and when he saw the name of the caller, he answered it.

“No, what is it?”

   [Tharn, it’s over, Type’s going to his boss!]

“What do you mean?”

   [His co-worker called him and said his boss was calling the cops, Type stormed out after hearing that, I think he went to settle the score with his boss!]

Tharn frowned, then looked around to make sure, “I don’t think he’s here, I’m at the hospital, how long has he been out?”

   [It’s been a long time. I just found out from Kla. He won’t tell me anything!]

   [Ooh, Phii No, are you talking about your husband?]]

Tharn ignored his husband and wife’s show of affection on the phone, he looked around once again, no sign of Type and decided to go back to the head office.

It’s not Type, it’s Tharn who rushed forward with an arrow and tugged at the man’s arm: “Where’s Type!”

Yeah, that’s the kid who k-issed his wife the other day!

The teenager looked startled, narrowed his eyes, looked at Tharn, then at Tar and asked without answering, “Aw, how strange, don’t you know where Phii Type is?”

With such a yelling tone, Tharn wanted to beat him up to vent his anger, sinking his voice, “Don’t give me the slip!”

The teenager burst out laughing and Tharn realized he’d been tricked… Wouldn’t that mean he and Type were fighting? And he didn’t even know where his boyfriend was.

Faires laughed in triumph, then said back something that made Tharn angry.

“If you ask me where Type is and I say he’s… Is he at my house?”


   Tharn was stunned, furious at the man who smiled at him with the air of a victor.






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