Tharntype The Series, Seven Years After, Chapter 13: What one hears with one’s own ears

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Seven Years After, Chapter 13: What one hears with one’s own ears

For Tharn, he is a calm guy, sometimes he is called Ice Cube, because of his calm and collected personality, which gives people a feeling of an ice-cold detachment and he is usually aloof and quiet, he is open to everything, except when it comes to Type-related issues. To be honest, since the relationship with Type, Tharn felt that he was not as calm as he used to be, as if he was infected by Type, his personality also became explosive. Now, he’s got this little brat in front of him and he’s about to explode in his tracks.

“You make it clear to me!”

Tharn fiercely grabbed the boy’s collar and said fiercely, although the boy is not short but in terms of size, Tharn was far behind, just a little, Faires stumbled and fell towards him but the boy also looked like he was not afraid.

“Brother, don’t just use violence, I’ll scream for help, it’s not good if security comes.”

Faires is cheeky enough and Tharn’s temples are throbbing with anger at him.

“Tharn, calm down, don’t be so impulsive.” Tharn tried to take a deep breath, tried to calm down and told himself that the last time he was too impulsive, that’s why the consequences were so serious but,

“Gee, brother Tar, how are you? Why are you with this brother? Oh, did I misunderstand you? He doesn’t even like Type, he likes you? Wow, that’s great!”

Tharn didn’t look at Tar’s face, all he knew was that he was going to teach him a lesson, he grabbed him by the collar, Faires screamed, Tharn ignored the screaming, dragged him to the parking lot and


Whoever said Tharn was a cool guy, had a look at Tharn at this point… At this point, he’s pushing the teenager against the car door with all his might, not caring if the door is dented. He wanted to punch him to death, wanted to kick him over, snapping at him, “Don’t piss me off! Tell me where the Type is! Tell me where the Type is!!”

“Fu*ck you!”  Faires cursed as well, raising a hand to his chest, Tharn didn’t care if he was still hurt, even if he deserved it if he was never going to be an athlete again, he shouldn’t have interfered with his relationship with Type in the first place!!!

“I won’t tell you so, what you can do to me! Aren’t you two lovers? You don’t even know where Type is, so you might as well split up!!!!”


“Phii Tharn, calm down. This is a hospital! This is a hospital!” Just as Tharn raised his foot to shine a light on Faires’ lower body, Tar rushed to stop him, pushing him back by his shoulders, reminding him not to make trouble in the hospital.

Tharn wasn’t listening to Tar’s advice at all, Tar continued to reason, “You just dealt with Phii Type’s job, now you’re making a scene here, do you want to cause trouble for Phii Type again?”

Tharn finally stopped but his fist was shaking a little, he looked at the young man angrily and a long time later, he said in a cold tone, “Remember this, I will never break up with Type!!!”

“Bah! I just said that Phii Type was in my house and you believed it, big stupid cow!”

“F*ckin boy, you fu*cking dead!!!!”

“Phii, calm down Phii, I’m begging you, this isn’t the place to fight or things will get worse… He’s just trying to piss you off, you know that, right? You know that, right?!” The last sentence, Tar whispered in Tharn’s ear, in a serious but pleading tone but it was the following words that made Tharn calm down:

“I’ve done this before, remember? You two had a misunderstanding because of what I said.”

Tar’s words brought back a painful memory for Tharn, a painful memory that had finally stopped. He took the keys out of his trouser pocket, unlocked the door and turned around to look at the teenager who had ruined someone’s feelings before getting in the car.

“If Tar hadn’t stopped me, you wouldn’t have made it through the day and you won’t be bothering Type again!” Tharn threw down a threat and jumped in the car, ignoring the curses coming from behind him, as if the kid was shouting that he wouldn’t give up, what a face he had.

“I’ll haunt him, I’ll haunt him, I’ll haunt him, what can you do to me! What can you do to me!!!!

“If you don’t want Phii Type to hate you, have some self-respect!” Tar warned and Faires stood up straight, he was taller than Tar but Tar wasn’t afraid of him. For a man who is still angry, a warning is not heeded.

“Yeah, what’s it to you? Do you like that bastard? Do you want to work with me? I want Phii Type and you can have him.”

At the words, Tar frowned and then smirked, he was not a man who liked to cause trouble, he never offended me but today, this kid was an exception to his rule.

“You think Phii Type would want you?”


The young man was speechless but his eyes were glittering with the need to win.

“I’ve known Type for over seven years, he wouldn’t be interested in a kid like you, so give it up!” Tar swept the boy from head to toe with scorn.

The teenager clenched his fist, “Are you telling me that Type is interested in ass- bleep–holes like that in the car?!!!”  he said, pointing at the people in the car.

Tar laughed, “That’s right, Phii Tharn is the only person Phii Type likes, even if there are many Faires, they can’t beat one Phii Tharn…”

“But he got to break us up over a k-iss, I don’t believe I can’t beat him!”

Tar thinks, the boy doesn’t really like Phii Type, he’s just trying to be competitive, like those who would do anything to get what they want but I’m afraid he’s going to get his a*ss kicked.

“Yeah, it’s just a k-iss.” Tar suddenly smiled sarcastically, as if thinking of a wound he had once suffered.

In a moment, Tar said coldly, “I’ve slept with Phii Tharn and I’m still no match for his love for Type.”


Faires’ eyes widened in surprise, Tar’s face leaned towards him and said: “You asked me if I wanted Phii Tharn and I told you, yes, once I too wanted him and like you, I lost in the end. But with you, you lost before you even started, huh, k-iss? Did Type return your k-iss? Let me guess… Phii Type looked at you with disgust…”


The teenager’s face turned pale as he angrily denied it and Tar said he was right. He remembered that Phii Type hated gay but he was willing to be with Phii Tharn, just because he was Phii Tharn, even though he had been with a man for years but he was still sensitive to gay, so he asked him the right question.

   The moment he met his mouth, Type must have been either angry or disgusted.

“And you must be here because you can’t find Phii Type, at this moment, Phii Tharn is so angry that he can’t think of anything, after he calms down, he’ll realize that you can’t reach Phii Type too, let me guess again… Phii Type must have blocked you, right?”

“You shut up!!!”

   Tar was right again and at the same time, the other man grabbed him by the collar but he was not afraid, he raised his eyes slightly and he would not allow anyone to destroy the relationship between Phii Tharn and Phii Type in his lifetime, these two people were kind to him, he treated them like his own brother.

“Let go of Tar right now if you don’t want to die!”

At that moment, Tharn got out of the car and warned Faires fiercely, with a look in his eyes that was frightening. The teenager looked at the situation before him… Two against one might be a disadvantage, so he pushed Tar hard, who stumbled backwards a few steps.

“I’m gonna tell Type that you two are fu*cking behind his back!” Faires was fearlessly provocative, Tharn walked up to him.

“Go if you can, if you think he’ll believe you.” Probably because Tharn’s face was so scary, that the boy took a few wary steps back but still stared directly at Tharn.

“Remember, I didn’t lose, I didn’t lose to you, you son of a bi*tch! I didn’t lose to you!!!!

“You fu*cking…” Tharn, now with a face even Tar was afraid of, Tharn took another step closer to Faires, the pressure was so intense that Faires nearly fell over, turned and ran, cursing that he wouldn’t stop, probably because he was so embarrassed, so childish.


   Tar was startled by the sudden bang and turned around to see Tharn’s fist on the roof of the car, his face expressionless but somehow terrifying. Tar didn’t dare to ask, he just sneaked his hand into his pants pocket and held the phone.

   He had to tell Type about this… He had to let Type know that it was Faires who was making things worse.




“Intentional assault is a criminal case, you can hit someone by mistake in a fit of rage but you’re still on the wrong side of the…”

Type sighed irritably, thinking about what his friend had told him that intentionally hurting someone but only punching them wasn’t too serious and could be solved with some compensation but being labeled as the wrong party made him feel unhappy!

When Teng called him to tell him that his unlucky leader was going to warn him, he was furious and wanted to punch that bastard a few more times so that his life history wouldn’t be stained by intentional injury but on second thought, he thought about how to choose between making the situation worse and dealing with it sensibly.

When he’s in trouble, No isn’t the only friend who’s willing to be there for him, he’s got other friends.

Several of his friends in high school were law graduates, so he went to them for advice on what to do and got the above answer.

The answer was unpleasant to him.

Type left his mouth, took out his phone and saw… No called him a lot. Aren’t you afraid his husband will scold him? After all, Kla is the real jealous king of Southeast Asia.

But judging by this, Kla probably told No.

Type shrugged his shoulders, ready to put the phone in his pocket, when yes, it vibrated, Type sighed.


The caller’s name on the phone wasn’t who he thought it was.

“Hello, my little princess.”

   [Type, don’t call me princess, did you turn off your phone to avoid me?]

It’s Tharn’s sister, probably knows about them too but he doesn’t want to talk about it, not because he’s mad at his boyfriend’s sister but because he doesn’t want her to be unhappy.

“No, no, no, I just had something to do, that’s why I turned it off.”

   [No… Did you turn it off to avoid my brother?]

Type could well imagine the lost expression on that pretty mulatto’s face as she felt sad and he stopped in his tracks, unable to laugh.

“No, I didn’t turn my phone off to avoid him, I just… I just… wanted to think about things in peace.”

[You’re not breaking up with my brother, are you?]

The voice on the other end of the phone was trembling, as if he was about to cry, Type couldn’t help but smile a little… He understands that Tharn’s family treats him like a member of their family, they never hate him because he is a boy, on the contrary, his family cares him very much, Thorn treats him like a brother, Thanya treats him like a brother, all of them fully support the love between him and Tharn.

   Now, the youngest of the princesses is probably afraid of losing a brother like him.

“He told you he was breaking up with me?”

   [No! That’s impossible! My brother wouldn’t say something like that! But he said… You were the one who wanted…]

“Then you tell him he’ll never hear the word ‘break up’ from me!” “

   Type didn’t wait for Thanya to finish her sentence before interrupting her, so much so that the caller was startled.

   He once told Tharn that, in his whole life, he’d only broken up with him three times and those three breakups ran out in his freshman year, so he’d never have the chance to break up again. He just needed some time to cool down, clear his head before he went back to face Tharn.

   So… he can’t break up. He’ll never break up again.

   [Really? What you’re saying is true!] said Thanya excitedly.

Type sniffed and endured: “Of course it’s true, don’t you want me as your brother anymore?”

   [Phii Type! Do you know how much I love you, more than… Don’t tell me Thorn, more than Am, I was happy when I heard that my brother proposed to Am but I was also anxious when I heard that you and Tharn had a fight, this anxious feeling is much stronger than that happy feeling, it shows how much I love you.]

Type laughed out softly, the anger that was pent up in his chest was relieved by his sister’s concern.

“Don’t tell your fans, or I’ll get torn apart.”  Type said with a smile.

National Idol Mumble: [So when are you guys going to get back together?]


“I don’t know.” Type paused, remained silent.

   [If I were to beg you to coax my brother first… Is that too much to ask?]

“Didn’t he think to coax me first?”

There was a long silence on the other end of the line, as if trying to think of the right words.

   [My brother looks… But you know, he’s only acting like this because he’s jealous, the more jealous he is the more he loves you, he’s possessive of you, he never calms down when it comes to you, so you have to understand that.]

   Normally, he would have been very happy to see his sister working so hard to help them reconcile but this time he was silent, thinking of Tharn’s anger at the time.

   Is he really going to come clean this time? Will Tharn listen?

   Tharn’s a mad dog by now and he won’t listen to the Faires’ attempts to explain the whole thing, which is infuriating.

Type said sternly, “If he apologizes for calling me a cheater, then I’ll apologize for being too close to others… I’m hanging up now, Ya, I have a call coming in.”

   Type didn’t listen to any more from our national idol, quickly hung up the phone, sighed and scratched his hair, irritated that Tharn didn’t listen to his explanation and felt even more irritated when he saw who was calling.

“Hey, Tar, what’s up? If this is another lobbyist, then…”

   [No, I have something I have to tell you, Phii Type!]Tar said excitedly on the other end of the phone, Type lowered his eyelids, waiting quietly for the teenage chef to continue, his eyes widening and his eyes becoming more and more terrifying the more he listened.

   Heard that the deadbeat Faires was haunting him, sabotaging his relationship with Tharn and a fire burned in his eyes.




“I’ll give you three days to find out everything you can about this kid’s history.”


Kengkla was relishing the football match, when a bunch of photos and documents were thrown on his lap and he turned to look at the person who threw something at him with a bemused look on his face and a sudden depression when he got a good look at his face.

This Type, not only is he interrupting his and his wife’s happiness but he’s got the nerve to ask for his help?!

“By what?” Our medical school yard moon shrugged its shoulders in disinterest, not even bothering to look at the photos.

“If you can help me with my investigation, I’ll leave your place right now.”


The wolf grinds his teeth at the man who smiles at him when he makes a deal.

Type threatened, “If you don’t help… I’ll stay here and be your light bulb and No can’t kick me out anyway.”

On hearing that, Kengkla gritted his teeth, “What information do you need!”

“His school, his circle of friends, his family, his hobbies, his favorite places… Anything you can get on him, get it for me.” The way Type was talking, he was treating Kla’s house like a private detective agency and Kla wanted to yell at him for it.

“Do you want No to know that you tricked on him to make him jealous?” At that time, Type saw through Kla’s trick but he didn’t say anything to No. He knew that Kla did it out of love for No. In Kla’s opinion, the only way to get No into bed was to make him jealous.

And so

“Give me two days.”

I’d die to get rid of Type, the God of Plague!

“Little brother, are you here alone? Come…”

“I’m not in the mood, so leave me alone!”

In a neon purple bar on a busy shopping street, with deafening music rattling the eardrums, Faires ruthlessly rejected a man and drained his glass, his face twisted and his brow furrowed in a frown that clearly said “Don’t come near me.” so irritable, that the man who approached me walked away in disgust.

   In all of Faires’ life, he’s never been so humiliated.

   He had never been rejected before, it had always been his turn to reject and disappoint others, how could he be rejected so simply by someone who was avoiding him, like this time!

   This time, he was determined to win Type, because this man was so fatally attraction to him, whether it was his looks, his body or his personality, he fell in love with Type at first sight, the first time he met him, he felt that his knee injury had become insignificant and he had to thank that injury, which made him meet such a heavenly dish.

   In the beginning, Type was very cold to him, so he provoked him on purpose, even more so when he found out that he had a boyfriend. He tries everything to get close to Type and even makes himself fall down, thinking that after all the sacrifices he has made, he will be good to him.

   No matter how hard he tries, Type doesn’t do anything about it. OK, he thinks that Type has a boyfriend and he’s not interested but if he’s trying so hard, at least he’ll get something in return. But he’s trying so hard and he’s still not getting it right.

   He was shocked when he found out that Type had quit his job and was furious when he found out that no matter how many phone calls he made, he was blocked and his line was not answered. He wanted to go to the apartment but he heard that her boyfriend was back, so he wasn’t stupid. But by the time he gets to the hospital… he’s still in the same boat.

   Faires admits that, when he saw Type’s boyfriend for the first time, he got anxious for no reason. So, his body is not as strong as Type’s boyfriend’s and he is not of western descent, so his appearance seems to be a bit inferior. But he’d always been confident of his own face value and within half an hour of entering the bar, six or seven people had already hit on him, so… What’s he got against the foreigner? What can’t he do better than the foreigner?

“The other guy was pissed off too!”

   Tar’s here with the gringo!

   That Tar scanned him from head to toe, his cold tone tinged with contempt, mocking what a kid like him could do?!!!

   The more I think about it, the more depressed I get, the more I want to win, the more I want those people to stop laughing!

   He felt no remorse for lying about Type’s presence in his house but rather, he was happy that it was better to let them have another fight, better to break up where they left off. Even if Type rejects him, even if the foreigner treats him badly, he doesn’t wish him well.

   I hope they break up right away!!!

   So, Faires took another swig of beer and was in no mood to stay, because after observing for so long that no one in the bar could attract him like Type, he went home and slept.

“Little brother, are you free at this table?”

It’s the same old routine,

Faires snorted inwardly at the sound of such a deep voice inserted into the music, which was so irritating that it made him roll his eyes. Feeling a body leaning towards him, Faires said perfunctorily: “You can use this table, I’m leaving.”

The lightning and the fire

If he hadn’t raised his head then, he’d have said, “Go away! Leave me alone!” , the moment he lifted his head, what caught his eye was the dimple on his left cheek…

The dimple in the man’s smile filled him with charm and although the dim light in the bar did not allow a clear view of the man’s features, the man’s profile and Faires’ own instincts told him that the man must be very, very handsome, both in stature and height and in his evil smile and Faires felt himself falling defenselessly into that charming smile, Watching the man lose his grip on him.

“If it’s inconvenient for Phii to share a table with you, then I won’t bother, perhaps because you want to drink alone.” The man smiled at him again and was about to turn and leave   “You can stay, I’ve suddenly changed my mind.”

The lost look in the man’s eyes made Faires call out to him and he stopped, raised his eyebrows and said it was all right.

“In a bad mood, looking for someone to talk to.” Besides, it seems that Faires made the right decision in keeping him… He finally got a good look at that man’s infinitely attractive smile.

“Really? You’re not lying to me, are you?”

“Yeah?” Faires raised his eyebrows.

The man propped up against the table, taking advantage of the loud music, leaned in close to Faires’ ear: “A handsome little guy like you, I can’t believe you’re drinking here alone…”..

The man’s voice was so soft, his breath sprayed Faires’ ears, which made him feel numb and itchy.

The man’s voice was deep and s-xxy: “So that means… I have a chance?”

   With such an ambiguous tone, Faires’ initial irritation turned into excitement, the eyes of both sides glowed like tigers and the evil smile attracted Faires, who couldn’t help wanting to go up and embrace him.

   Perhaps, misfortune always comes with good fortune.

   Although the man in front of him wasn’t as strong as Type but he looked taller than Type, judging from the bulging tendons under his short-sleeved shirt, his body should be as good as Type’s, although he didn’t have the wild bodybuilding like Type but with his charming eyes and charming smile… It’s hot.

If you want to change your bad mood, this is the type of guy you should look for.

“Don’t get your hopes up, then.” Faires said with a smile, as if he’d said it before but inside he was already thinking about it.

“Oh, what’s your name, brother?” The man smiled wickedly… That’s very much to Faires’ liking.

“Faires… My name is Faires.”

“That’s a nice name… It’s not like my name, which sucks.”

When he said that, it made Faires curious.

“So what’s the little brother’s name?”

“Do you want to guess?”

“Ooh, I wouldn’t have guessed.”

By this time, the other side had already sent a hint of affection to this side and the other side was also not weakly flirting and the tone became sticky and the little brother smiled even more and looked at me like he was going to eat me.

“My name’s Keng.” With that look of desire in his eyes, Faires held still, only to have the other man lean in and whisper in his ear.

“And… I have the same power as my name.”

(“Keng” means “powerful” in Thai.)

   This double entendre made Faires’ whole body stir and he looked at the man standing next to him, their shoulders almost pressed together. To be honest, Faires could tell at first glance that the man in front of him must be a flirt and a scoundrel but he was charming and knew how to seduce. Feeling lucky tonight, Faires felt that he could use something else to take his mind off his depression, so he replied: “I can’t wait to see if your little brother is as good as your name.”


The man smiled and didn’t say a word, with that “you’ll see” look on his face and it was really intriguing.






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