Tharntype The Series, Seven Years After, Chapter 15: The thing with husbands.

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Seven Years After, Chapter 15: The thing with husbands.

“Do you think Kla is mad at me?”

“Oh wow, am I deaf? The former captain of our soccer team, who terrorizes his younger siblings, is afraid that his husband will be angry! I could laugh about that for a year.”

It was getting late but the three of them who hadn’t gotten together for a long time weren’t going to sleep. Champ opened some beer and bought some food on the way back.

Normally, after not seeing each other for a long time, they should be having a good conversation but they didn’t… Since Techno decided to come back with them, he looked like he was still in love with someone, Champ could not help but pat No on the shoulder a few times to comfort him but No’s mood did not get better.

If you’re not me, you’ll never understand how stressful it is to have a husband who’s so handsome and charming everywhere.

“If you were worried about him getting angry, you shouldn’t have come back with us.”

“Damn Type, you made me do that, okay!” Techno complained weakly, looking at Type’s dead face and getting pissed off, while Type just sat there quietly drinking, no happy expression on his face.

Type is also thinking that he might have gone a little too far tonight but maybe he didn’t go far enough.

“I’m just giving you advice, you don’t have to trust me with everything.”

Techno was out of breath, listened to Type’s serious tone and then sighed heavily.

“I believe you because I think you’re doing it for my own good, that’s why I believe you.” No said it straight, Type smiled his trademark sarcastic smile.

“Don’t treat me like a good person, you know I have a grudge against your husband.”

“Hey, aah, aah. I want to know why. What the hell did you do, Kla’s looking at you like you’re his enemy, what’s the beef between you two?” Champ interjected curiously, Type shrugged his shoulders, as if to say he didn’t know why.

“No, you say it.”

“It’s nothing really.”

No, he doesn’t want to talk to Champ about his big, fat, little husband.

What can he say… That Kla tricked him and lured him into offering him a daisy? Techno is too stupid to tell others about the bad things Kla has done.

“But, your Kla’s top and I knew from the first glance that he was a smooth talker and a good liar.” Even if No hadn’t said so, Champ would have guessed eight or nine times.

No wanted to ask himself, how could he have believed Kla’s lies then? Oh no! It’s my fault for loving that little brat like a brother and I couldn’t help myself.

But if God gave him a second chance, he’d still love Kla.

“I would advise you not to trust him so unreservedly. Look at him, he looks like a god on earth and you and I are too embarrassed to talk about it…”

“Bast*rd, if you want to call me ugly and not good enough for him, just say so, don’t beat around the bush, it hurts!” Techno interrupted Champ and threw his fists in his face, Champ didn’t smile at all, he laughed really loud, No sighed in frustration.

Why did I encounter these people in my life, my students were disobedient, my classmates were cheap, my boyfriend was a pig’s hoof and I was stupid enough to believe him!

“I know I’m not good enough for him and I know it.”

That’s why I’m here, to get drunk! As you can see, Kla and that Faire look much better together than they do with me! Oh, my God!!

“No, I think you’re perfect for him.” Type interjected and No looked at him touched but why did he smile with such contempt?

“It’s in Kla’s nature to lie and you… It’s in your nature to be trusting.” You, on the other hand   “You might as well beat me up for saying that, because it wouldn’t hurt as much.” Techno muttered but he didn’t deny it, because he really fell in love with Kla, with his eyes, with his smile, with everything about him.

When Kla smiled at him with an innocent expression, her eyes full of weakness and helplessness and smiled at him with a dimple on her left cheek, he forgot to think, he was willing to give him anything he wanted, anything he had.

“I told you to get him but I didn’t tell you to be obedient. Tonight, I told him to bring the kid out but I didn’t tell him to use seduction. It was Kla’s idea… if I saw my husband’s brazenness, I would’ve shot him in the head… but you just stood there and watched the show and then you hurt yourself later… you’re a loser, I want to slap you!” Type said a lot of things in one breath.

No mumbled, “I…”

No had no confidence!

The last sentence was swallowed by No, Type shook his head: “Have some confidence in yourself, what did I teach you? You don’t have to be so strong on the surface but you have to have confidence in your heart, that Kla loves you, that he must have you, so remember that. I’ll remind you, if you keep obeying Kengkla, he might be more reckless… you know what they say about the favored one being fearless? Sometimes you have to show him that you are not to be trifled with and that you have a temper too, especially when it comes to relationships!”

I don’t know what Type was singing about tonight but he was talking to No about wifey schooling husbands religion and he was talking about it in a way that No couldn’t refute.

Type reached out and patted No’s back a few times and said: “Let me tell you, I don’t like how Kla is always playing all kinds of tricks to make you jealous and then you chase after him. Teach him to behave? Make him understand that it’s no fun playing with you and that there are serious consequences.”

No didn’t know why he believed his friend, maybe it was because Type was more experienced than him but most importantly… he believed that Type would do him no harm. He believed that Type was doing him good, not harm.

Even if there are times when Type’s advice is not at all sound.

Champ blurted out, “So you encouraged No to not come home, to not sleep with Kla?”

Techno almost forgot about Champ’s existence, when he saw the owner of the house who was drinking, he looked like a curious baby.

“If you think so.” fu*ck, Type has answered for him.

At that moment, Techno’s phone was vibrating because he had turned it off when he was acting with them, so he picked it up and saw the name of the caller.

“It’s that little husband of yours, isn’t it?”  Type looked like he knew.

Techno looked up at Type: “Now what do I do?”

“Stupid, think for yourself, I’m not in your head!” See, the old Type is back, talking so directly, No smiled apologetically and turned to Champ.

“I’m sorry, I’m not into gay s-xx, not in this lifetime anyway, so don’t ask me.” OK, since Champ’s answer was so simple and rude, he couldn’t ask any more questions but looking at these two friends, even though they didn’t tell him what to do, judging by the pressuring look in their eyes, the only thing he could do now was to hang up the phone immediately.

“Yeah, you’re doing great, you’re improving, No, this is the time to be with your friends, forget about your boyfriend, come on, let’s drink.” Champ couldn’t be happier to have friends to drink with. And Type… What’s he smiling like the devil for?

“That kid must be freaking out right now, huh…”

Once in a while, Techno wanted to ask Type if the advice he gave was for his own good? Or was it just a way to get back at Kla? But Type was right about one thing, he did indulge Kengkla too much, what he saw at the bar tonight made him realize that he doesn’t like… He really didn’t like seeing Kla get involved.

   Even if Kla was doing it to make him jealous, he really couldn’t laugh.

Finally, Techno said in his heart: “If he calls again, I’ll turn it off.

Sorry Kla, I’ll take Type tonight.




I hate Type, I hate him so much!

   Kengkla could only think of one word to vent his anger, he woke up early in the morning and drove to his wife and friend’s apartment, he could not wait to drive into the apartment, because he could not let his No to stay overnight. He had gone to a lot of trouble to get Type out of his and No’s love nest…!!!

   He’d planned it all out. When it was over, No was supposed to ride him last night, shake his a*ss and make love to him. What happened? What happened? And he’s left alone with a pillow in his lap!!!

   Kengkla hates it when he thinks about what happened last night. No need to ask him why No refused to go home with him. There is someone in the middle of all this and that person is fighting with Tharn and dragging him into it. Doesn’t your conscience hurt? Doesn’t it hurt?

   This guy blames Type for everything and has no remorse for making No jealous on purpose last night.

   Last night, Type only asked him to lure the kid out, with his 108 tricks, he could have come up with a better way. Suddenly, he wanted to provoke him!

   Whenever No was really jealous, he couldn’t help but bully him but last night… Maybe he went too far?

   It’s true that he hugged the kid and held his hand, just to provoke No to make him jealous but he never thought of k-issing someone just to make No sad. Maybe it’s because you can’t walk on the river without getting wet but sometimes you can get burned without even knowing it and last night was one of those times.

“No, if it weren’t for Phii Type, we’d all have made up last night!”

Yes, it’s that demon Type who’s ruining his happy life!

Some viewpoints are hard to get right when they are wrong, like Kengkla, who never took seriously Type’s advice that life is better when you get along with your wife’s friends.

At that moment, Kengkla was looking at his darling standing in front of the apartment, as if he knew that he would come to pick him up, Kla’s handsome face immediately had a big smile on it, he parked the car and got out of the car and walked towards No in a big stride.

“Phii No!”

“I want to sit in the back. I want to sleep. I’m sleepy.” Before Kengkla could reach him, No jumped into the back of the car and lay down. Kla wanted to run up to him and hug him but knew that the situation wouldn’t allow him to do that, so he hatched an evil plan.

Well, it’s been a long time since he has had car s-xx with No, so that has to be on the agenda.

“Didn’t you sleep well, No? Does your head hurt? I’ll buy you some medicine later?” It’s not a good idea to have car s-xx now, so let’s put this plan on hold for a while, it’s better to get in front of Phii No first.

Kengkla was thinking whilesneaking a glance at No, his eyes were glowing with greed… But at this moment No was lying with his back to him, so he couldn’t see the look in his eyes that the big bad wolf wanted to eat Red Riding Hood.

Kengkla withdrew his smile and his gaze but don’t underestimate the big bad wolf.

You can’t see it but it doesn’t mean you can’t hear it!

“Phii No, I was so worried about you last night, I called you and you didn’t pick up, I’ve been calling you all night!”

Kla knew that No was a soft person, so by acting sad and frustrated, he could guarantee that No would go easy on him and this worked every time.


   If No didn’t respond, it means that Type is working hard to drive a wedge between him and No but that doesn’t mean he can’t find a way out.

   Phii No was broken through to the point where he couldn’t get out of bed and walk (?). ) He’s done this kind of thing a lot!

“Phii No, are you really mad at me? Last night I didn’t think anything, not a single thought, about that kid, believe me, I did what I had to do to get Type to leave our house.” Thirty percent favoritism for passing the buck.

“I admit I went a little too far…” A further 10% for admitting fault.

“Phii No, I’m sorry.” A humiliating apology gets you 20%.

   Kengkla saw the crumpled, motionless man in the car’s rearview mirror and finally used his weapon.

“Phii No, don’t you love me anymore?”

All right, that’s the remaining 40%.

   No must have gone soft this time.

Kla was already starting to get a kick out of it and yet,

“What about you? Are you still in love with me?” This unexpected question stunned Kla, he frowned, it seems this incident was no joke. Kla stopped the car and turned around to see No sitting up straight, staring straight at him.

“Of course I do, you’re the only one I love.”

“If you love me, you know I don’t like to see you like that with other people.”


“Kla, listen to me, look at me, I’m not good looking, I’m not handsome, that’s why I’m not confident, I’ve never been confident that you won’t change your mind, it makes me sad when I see you with someone else. So, can I be angry this time… Just give me time to be angry, okay?”

Kengkla was lost for words, he didn’t think he’d upset No. He had no idea.

But in Kla’s eyes, his brother No is the cutest, the best looking and the most handsome guy in the whole world, a guy who is always full of positive energy and smiles at everyone.

“I’m… I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Eventually, Kla whispered an apology to No but No didn’t soften, he lay down again and then requested, “Go home, I want to go back to bed, I drank all last night with Champ.”

Techno showed no signs of letting up and Kla was upset.

Kengkla drove his wife home and when he got home   “Can I… May I sleep with you?”

“If you promise not to do anything to me, yes.”

Then kill me!

Kengkla almost got down on his knees, he had been putting up with it when Type was at their house, No had always avoided him when Type was away, he hadn’t slept with him for a week, he was hurting inside but now he just said “okay”…. What can I do?

   He could only compromise and stay put for now, someone like No could not throw him out of the house, he would just run away to his mother’s house!

   Hearing the weak promise behind him, No, who was lying with his back to him, wondered in his heart: did it work like Type said?

“Here’s the deal, if he lies to you again, you act with him, pretend to be cruel and don’t let him touch you tonight and a smart guy like him must figure out that you won’t let him fu*ck you because you’re mad at him for what happened last night.”

   Before he left Champ’s house, Type gave him some advice. As expected, Kla apologized in front of him and took all the blame for himself and acted as if he had fallen into Kla’s trap every time. So he followed Type’s advice, don’t move, don’t listen, don’t look, don’t talk, so as not to lose control of himself and go soft but it worked.

   So far, No’s respect for Type had increased and he didn’t know that Type was actually instigating him… To teach Kla a lesson, to make him the big bad wolf into a little puppy.

   So, it’s no surprise that Kengkla hates Type, because Type always beats him with ease.

   So, in this game of fufu tug-of-war, he lost a game, not because Techno was good but because he had a dog-headed warrior named Type!

   The matter of Kengkla’s husband has come to an end but the matter of Tharn’s husband has not come to an end yet.


   Tharn is still pissed off at some brainless kid who tried to be the third wheel in another family!

   In the beginning, Tharn wanted to talk to Type but he met Faires halfway and he was so angry with him that if he went to see Type again, it would only result in another fight. Because at that time he was completely dominated by jealousy and possessiveness, before the matter is settled and that guy told his wife is in his house, he really can’t guarantee that he will do anything irrevocable if he meets Type.

   So, for the past few days, he’s been wearing a face like he wants to kill someone. In the company, no one dares to go near this handsome guy who’s ready to kill at any moment.

   In addition to being upset about Faires, there was one other thing that was making him cranky… that no one was answering his calls!

   [Sorry, the number you have dialed cannot be reached at the moment, please try again later…]

“Hey, where are they all going!”

Kla, who kicked Type out of the house, didn’t pick up his calls, Kla, who called him earlier to tell him everything about Type and told them to make up, doesn’t pick up his calls; Techno, who is worried that he and Type might even kill each other, doesn’t pick up his calls either, as if everyone around Type has a agreement with him.

The key thing is,

“Where did he go?”

Tharn’s only hope is that Type won’t be at Faires’ house. If he is, then no matter how calm he was before, he’ll be a murderer this time.

“Shit! How long are you going to keep imagining things!”  Finally, Tharn threw the phone onto the couch with a curse, raised his hand and scratched his hair, feeling extremely agitated, while remembering what Tar had once reminded him.

“Phii Tharn, you’re the one who knows Type the best, do you really think Type has someone else in his heart?”

   In fact he was in total denial, Type couldn’t have done such a despicable thing, although he had slept with him and then pursued other girls but things were different then. Since Type said that he loved him and only him, he never did anything like that again. Seven years, enough to prove that Type couldn’t have cheated.

   fu*ck that! Whoever saw that image would be pissed!

   If Type was not at home, he wouldn’t bring anyone home alone, not even Tar, because he wanted to make his lover feel comfortable, to make them believe that he was always clean and discreet. But Type is the one who doesn’t know how attractive he is, how many people want to steal him away from him. That’s why he was angry… That’s why he’s angry… at Type for not feeling the same way.

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring   At that time, Tharn’s phone rang abruptly, seeing the name of the caller, he picked up, “No, is Type with you…”

   [Hey, you calm down Tharn, you calm down.]]

“Excuse me…”

   [I’m sorry I didn’t get your call but Kla turned my phone off, probably because he was afraid Type would call and harass us.]

On hearing this, Tharn frowned, “So you’re saying… It’s Type who’s not with you?”

   [Yeah! I forgot to tell you.]

Tharn’s frown tightened, his premonition told him that Type might not be where he felt at ease and once again the unpleasant Faires intruded on his mind.

   [Here’s the thing, now that Type and Champ are staying together, do you remember Champ?]

“Remember, how did Type end up staying with him?”

   [Just… Didn’t you promise me you wouldn’t take any calls on your day off? This time, you belong to me!]

No sooner had they finished talking than the voice of some troll came on the phone, accompanied by “Hey, no, let go of me Kla, wait, I haven’t forgiven you yet…”

Tharn sighed: “Okay, thank you, I’ll leave you guys alone.”

Tharn also felt he was bothering these two too much, so he knew better than to hang up.

   [Hey, wait a minute. I’ll share the location of Champ’s house with you. You go get Type yourself. Kla, if you don’t let go of me, I’m going back to my mother’s house!]

Tharn didn’t care what the two of them were going to do next, just stared at the disconnected phone, his eyes full of tension, until No sent him a location on the Line.

   Will he want to see you? Didn’t he say he was taking a break?

   Tharn hesitated, hands gripping the phone tightly but he also knew that he and Type had to talk, get it all out of the way and that this couldn’t be delayed any longer.

   Thinking this, Tharn immediately got up to get the car keys and drove straight to his destination, however, to his disappointment, Type was not there.

“Type? He’s long gone, didn’t he call you to tell you he’s going home to Surat Thani? He’s probably at Don Mueang Airport by now.”


Stunned, Tharn stood numbly in front of Champ, as Champ continued, “His mother called him at about four o’clock in the morning, saying that his father had accidentally broke his leg while cutting down a tree, so he immediately booked a flight home.”

“He didn’t talk to me.” Yes, not a single call, not a single line.

Tharn picked up the phone and looked at it again, ready to call the other side, when it was   Ding, ding, ding.

Tharn’s phone vibrated first, seeing the name displayed on the screen, Tharn even picked it up and put it to his ear, “Type, where are you?”

   [Langman Airport, I’m going home.]]

“I’m with you…”

  [Don’t be crazy! You don’t have to come with me, I can go by myself, you have to work, I’m just calling to let you know.]

“Why didn’t you call me in the morning? Didn’t your mother call at four o’clock to let you know?”

   [Who told you that? Never mind, I don’t have time to talk to you, I’m getting ready to board, I’m just calling to say, wait till I get back, I have a lot to tell you, okay, I’m hanging up. Bye.]

He always hangs up first. Tharn, still in a fog, holds up the phone but when he returns, it’s off. Tharn looked back at Champ leaning against the door, Champ clutching his stomach like he’s still trying to stay awake.

“Did he say how long he was going back?”

“No, by the way, I heard him talking to his mother about going back to help out at the resort, his father is getting old and he’s quit his job in Bangkok, so he’s probably going to stay there for a long time.” Champ didn’t even think about it when he said all that, Tharn’s face went white at the sound of it, he’d almost forgotten.

   He’s got parents to take care of, too. What if he takes this opportunity to go home for good?

   In the past, Type never said why he stayed in Bangkok but he knew that if it wasn’t for him, Type wouldn’t have chosen to live and work in Bangkok and now… He probably has no reason to stay.

   This reality almost crushes Tharn!

   Type, how long do you want me to wait? A week? A month? Or… An indefinite period of time?






~ TharnType The Series~


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