Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Seven Years After, Chapter 16: Why part when you’ve only met once?

   That bastard Tharn didn’t think I took Faires home, did he?

Pong! Pong! Pong!


   I don’t know, the guy’s so preoccupied with his thoughts, he probably suspects I’m having an affair with Faires right now.

Pong! Pong! Pong!


  Fu*ck him! I shouldn’t have called him and told him I was going home!

Pong! Pong! Pong! Bong! Bong!


But if I don’t call him, he’s going to wonder why I didn’t call him and it’s so frustrating that I’m the one who offered to take a break and then I’m the one who has to think about his feelings.

“Hey! You bastard!!!!! You deaf or something!!!”

“Aw, Dad, when did you get here, it’s a mess, be careful of tripping and breaking bones!”

Type was chopping down the branches of the trees that had fallen on the roof of the house when it was struck by lightning and because his mind was so preoccupied with someone in Bangkok that he didn’t even notice when the restless old man of his house came, the old father hobbled under the house with a cane and called out to him several times, before Type was pulled out of his thoughts.

“Annoying child, your father’s only made a mistake this time, are you going to be laughing at me until my grandchildren are born?”


As soon as the father’s voice was over, his son, Type, froze, for he couldn’t bear his father a grandson. It seems that Type’s father also realized that he had made a slip of the t-ongue and was lost for words. The only son of the family, Type sat down quickly and with his legs hanging over the eaves, he looked down at the head of the family below.

“Dad, go inside and sit down, if you move around too much you’ll get infected and then you’ll have to bother someone else.”

Type shook his head somewhat sadly, when he heard his mother on the phone about his father’s injury, it sounded very serious, he was shocked and later, after hearing the whole story, he actually felt that his “ungratefully” his father deserved it.”

He was so old and went out to cut down trees in the dark but he didn’t know how to do it, so he ended up breaking his leg and even though he was injured, he had the nerve to walk home, bleeding all over the place and told his mother that it was just a small wound. The older he gets, the more he looks like a kid, almost to the bone, so the villagers rushed him to the hospital. Look at this restless old man, lying quietly for less than two days and now he’s wandering around the house again.

“Oh, now that my son is back, why should I bother anyone else? You would carry me to the hospital if there was a problem.” Now that my son is back, the old man feels relieved but don’t cut your own leg on purpose to get him back, right?

Type shook his head heavily to deny this and after all he was at fault, he hadn’t been home for almost a year.

“It’s a good thing I resigned, otherwise, even if you had a broken leg, my heartless leader wouldn’t have granted me a leave of absence.” Type said resentfully, thinking about that dog of a leader, he regretted not punching him more before quitting.

Type’s dad laughed in delight, “Good, good, you’ll be living at home from now on.”

   Type was stunned, this is not the first time he heard his father say this, he had often asked him to come back to develop his career, this time when he heard that he quit his job, he was even more excited to ask him to come back to live here permanently.

Pong! Pong!

“After the Songkran festival… No, after you’re healed, I should return to Bangkok…”

“Because of that fake foreigner?”


   After a while, he continued chopping down the tree as if nothing had happened. Why do you keep thinking about him?

   At the airport, he had to call Tharn on the phone while wondering if his father would never walk again, or else Tharn would die of frustration from his imagination.

   I’ve done this for you and you think I’ve betrayed you, you bastard! You son of a bi*tch!!

   The more he thought about it, the stronger his hand became, the more he wanted to take out all his anger on the tree in front of me.

“I think you should come home, if the job in Bangkok isn’t good then come back and help me, if that fake foreigner misses you badly enough he’ll come to you.”

“He probably won’t come.”  Type said, not really picturing Tharn here on a permanent basis, the kind of guy who’s supposed to be in a skyscraper, not in the country.

“Then break up.”

Damn, it’s all about persuasion here too!

“I don’t like that kid anyway.” Papa Type continued.

“Dad, you’re the one who’s been trying to talk us out of it for three meals a day, I told you already, we can’t break up!”

“How dare you talk to your father like that!!!” Type’s dad pointed his stick at Type and yelled at him.

Type irritably raked his hair, “Mom!!!”

Type shouted to his mother inside the house and her face immediately appeared at the kitchen window.

“Mom, take your husband back inside, he’s wounded and still restless.”

“You ungrateful son!!!! How dare you snitch on me!!!”

Type’s ungrateful son didn’t mind but he was even gloating when his mother came out to scold his father. His father, who had just told him to break up with his boyfriend, went back to the house. Type felt exhausted and breathed a sigh of relief.

Every time he was told to break up, Type would laugh it off or even treat it as a joke but this time, not sure if it was because of his father’s constant chatter, he was suddenly shaken.

His father kept asking him, “Aren’t you going to come back and stay with us?

As the saying goes, when parents are around, they don’t travel far. The moment he heard his mother say that his father had an accident, he suddenly had the urge to go home and never leave again. He was afraid he was going to have to do some serious thinking.

   In his mind, his father had always been a man strong enough to fight a brown bear with his bare hands; however, even the bravest of heroes had a tendency to grow old and injured and his mother was growing old. Shouldn’t we come back and be with them, take care of them.

   And what about Tharn?

   Thinking about his parents’ problems, his boyfriend’s problems popped up again.

“Maybe this is a good time to break up…” But the other guy refuses to break up but is suspicious of his unfaithfulness and life together is always a variety of quarrels, although because of some trivial matters but the accumulation of days and months is still very depressing   “Fu*ck him!!!”

   Just the thought of breaking up, my heart can’t take it!

   In the end, Type could only curse and lie down on the trunk of a tree, looking at the blue sky and relaxing in the breeze, such a nice day for playing in the water but Type, who had not been to the beach for a year, was not in the mood at all.

   Type took out his cell phone and found that ever since he had come home, it had been as quiet as a maiden waiting for her, or as quiet as a chicken.

   Without me, you’ll probably be fine.

   Type put the phone in his pocket again, thinking that since Tharn can do without him, he can live without Tharn?

   That’s good! If you don’t call me, I’ll never call you back. Break up. Split it! It’s better if Break up it! Break up is better! Break up!




   Tharn was back in his Bangkok apartment at the end of the day, clutching his cell phone as if waiting for an important incoming call, waiting with anticipation, even though the phone had been a mere decoration for the past few days.

   Wait for the guy who said he’d be back to talk.

   Tharn kicked in the door, threw the key on the cupboard, turned on the light, looked around the house and suddenly realized, the house was empty. And by empty he didn’t mean that Type had moved everything out while he was at work, in fact, everything that belonged to Type was still in the same place, their pictures were still on the TV stand, everything was neatly arranged, the kitchen was in order and the whole house was back to its original state of cleanliness, as if it had never happened. We had a fight and we broke something.

   Thanya had the bellhop clean the house a few days ago and even made it a lot tidier than it was, not at all like the house the two boys lived in. Although Tharn loves cleanliness but not to the point of nitpicking and Type, as long as there are no cockroaches flying around, he can live in it.

   The room was cleaned, the scent of the affair diluted and the house made him feel… He was all alone, lonely.


One week on business, one week apart… Have they ever been apart for that long?

No, never.

Since they started working, they never seemed to be apart for such a long time, even when Type went on a family trip in the summer when he was in graduate school, he always went with him and he still remembers that Type laughed at him:

“Rich are we? Oh, it’s a trip abroad, I’m fine with that, as long as you pay for it.”

“Yeah, I was going to pay for it and I can’t take my wife out on the town yet?”

“If you think about it, won’t your parents scold you? We’re just lovers but we spend so much money for me.” We’re just lovers but we spend so much money for me.”

“My parents won’t think anything of it, they know you’re my wife and they’re asking me to keep you.”

Type tried to refuse but he finally gave in. Every time Type went back home, even if there was no holiday, Tharn would try to accompany him and sometimes he would let Type go first because he couldn’t and then he would chase after him two or three days later and then he would rush back to Bangkok.

“You and I have never been apart for so long.”

Tharn gripped the back of the couch, then took a deep breath.

   He’s only been home a few days, his father’s probably badly hurt and you can’t be so selfish as to try and get him back.

   Finally, Tharn put the phone down, turned on the TV at the same time, didn’t want the house to be so quiet, then went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator… There was nothing to eat.

   In the fridge, apart from the drinks we’d bought, there wasn’t even any mineral water, just wilted vegetables and the last egg.

“Oh, there’s instant noodles, Tharn.”

   Finally, luckily, there were instant noodles in the house. Tharn took out a bowl and cracked an egg, then opened the instant noodle bag and threw the noodles into the bowl, opened the seasoning packet and poured the seasoning into the bowl, then connected the tap water directly under the tap and put the bowl into the microwave… It should be ready in about 3 minutes, right?

   While waiting, Tharn walks over to the phone and picks it up, staring at the dialer. Wondered whether he should call or wait for the other party to call but if he did, the situation would be completely reversed.

“I just wanted you to be there to cheer me up and as you can see, I’m jealous because you’re bringing someone back.” And of course, Type said he’d talk about it when he got back, so Tharn threw the phone back at the couch. Hears the ding of the microwave, turns around, opens the door, puts on some gloves, takes the bowl out of the microwave and just as he’s about to put the bowl on the counter   Boom! Boo! Boo!



Tharn screamed and took several steps back but it was too late, the hot noodle soup, instant noodles and broken eggs all splashed on him, the egg at the bottom of the bowl exploded, scaring Tharn off his hands, the bowl fell to the floor with a banging sound, accompanied by his curses, the silent house suddenly became crowded.

Wow, wow, wow, wow. Oh, my God

“What a loser, fu*cking idiot, can’t even cook a bag of ramen!!!” Tharn rushed into the bathroom, opened the shower head, stood underneath and let the cold water wash over his body, in the sound of the splashing water, Tharn closed his eyes tightly and endured the burning pain, after that… He hit his head against the wall.

“You really deserve it! Why can’t you do this, even to make instant noodles!” The anger that had been building up for a long time came out, the coldness of the cold water and the heat of his body and reason was reminding him that… Later he’ll have to go out and clean up the mess.

   Tharn quickly rinsed off his body, not caring about the redness of his burned skin, because of his western blood, Tharn’s complexion was unusually fair, so the redness of the marks looked shocking… Because of his complexion, Type teased him every time he wore foundation.

   Showered and dressed, Tharn’s mood was calmer but he clenched his fists at the sight of an egg that had caused a puddle of roots on the floor. He knew that Type would have called him clumsy for not being able to do this and that he wouldn’t be able to live without him.

“Why can’t I live without you?!” Tharn whispered, then took a garbage shovel and swept away the remains of the bowl, then wrapped the soaked noodles in a rag and put them in a garbage bag.


Tharn’s finger was pricked by a fragment of a dish that hadn’t been cleaned up and the cut immediately bled profusely, causing Tharn to hiss in pain and his eyes to turn red.

   It wasn’t that he was afraid of the wound and the blood but he was tired, he was stressed out by his work, he was anxious about waiting for deadlines, he was tired of all the big and small things in his life, which might not seem like much to others but to him, after a week of obsession, he was just too tired.


Tharn slammed his rag against the wall and looked around the house, which should be a place of comfort but was not at all like a home with only one person in it.

“Type, if you want to know if I can do without you, well, I admit it, I can’t do without you, I’m not a human being without you, I’m a walking corpse, I can’t even feed myself, are you satisfied? Are you satisfied?! I’m not a human being without you.!”

Tharn shouted angrily, as the sound of pain and the TV echoed in the empty room. Tharn couldn’t stand the silence any longer, so he grabbed his bag, cell phone, house keys and car keys and quickly left the empty house.

   He couldn’t stay any longer and everything in the house was irritating him, driving him to rock bottom.

   Could Tharn have survived without Type? The answer is… No, Tharn will never be able to live alone again.




“So, you’ve been abandoned by your wife and you’ve come home in disgrace?”

“Hey, even if you were my sister, I wouldn’t put up with you!”

“Oh, Tharn, I’m just kidding, Type said he’d never break up with you.”

   In a mansion, there is a superbly crafted fish pond in the cloister, the koi in the pond is the father’s favorite, while the second son of the family is sitting helplessly, sighing and sighing, the only daughter of the family from time to time to sneak a look at his second brother, probably couldn’t stand it any longer, so he grabbed his brother’s shoulder and faced himself, asking him what happened.

   Tharn replied that he couldn’t stand to be alone in the house and so the above scene of the sister joking with her brother took place.

   But as a brother, Tharn is not in the mood to joke with his sister, nor can he laugh.

“But he’s hiding at his parents’ house.”

“Type’s got parents to take care of too and as you said, Type’s dad hurt his leg, so it’s not right for you to get emotional about it.”

“I have no emotions.”

“Piss off, you’re a sore thumb.”

Tharn sighed again, before turning to look at his sister, whose side this sister of his was on it couldn’t have been more obvious, he asked somewhat angrily, “Whose sister are you anyway?”

“For both of you, you are my favorite second brother and Type is my favorite second husband.” Thanya smiled very sweetly and answered with a skillful reply, not forgetting to blow rainbow farts on her brothers, before adding, “So, you two need to get back together and be my favorite brothers like before.”

At first his sister was as worried as he was, not knowing what Type had said to her but then she looked relieved, confident, not knowing where she got the confidence that he and Type would not break up. You know, Type’s words about taking a break are still hovering in his mind.

“I love him, I just don’t know if he still loves me…”

“Brother! Don’t you say that!”

“Alas! Now that everyone is on his side, it’s all my fault.” Tharn himself knew it was unreasonable to take it out on his sister but what he said was true, everyone said he was too impulsive and asked him to apologize. Why doesn’t anyone understand how he felt when he saw that image? Why doesn’t anyone understand how he felt when he saw that?

“Phii Tharn…”

“Thanya, aren’t you going to the shoot today? Don’t be late.” As my sister tried to say something else, her mother’s voice rang out from behind her and our national idol looked back at her, wanting to comfort her brother but worried that she’d be late, she finally had to stop.

Type also said, “Go ahead, Phii Thorn has already started the car and is waiting for you.”

“Yeah, don’t think too much… Phii Type really loves you.” In the end, the younger sister whispered a comforting message.

Tharn smiled at her, raised his hand and ruffled her hair tenderly, saying, “Yeah, go on.”

When Thanya left the house, the smile on Tharn’s face disappeared and his long body lay down on a bench in the cloister.

Tharn has been home for 2-3 days, every time he was asked what happened, he only replied that Type went back to his hometown, no one cooked for him so he came back to this house to scrounge for food, he was teased by everyone that he can’t live without his boyfriend, he can’t even cook food. Only Thanya’s sister knew that he and Type had been fighting since half a month ago.

He didn’t want his family to know that, since Thorn had just proposed and his parents were worried about their eldest son’s marriage, so Tharn didn’t want the whole family to have to worry about him.

If his elder brother knew about it, he would definitely hit him on the head and scold him, telling him not to think too much, as he was also one of the family. As the second child in the family, he may have to sacrifice more than the eldest and the youngest child but Tharn doesn’t feel that there is anything wrong with being the second child. He has never wanted to gain the attention of his family, except to be the first one to someone…

Type is the only one who wants to be the most important person to him.


“Son, did you have a falling out with Type?”

As he sighed once more, his mother’s voice rang out from behind him and Tharn, startled, turned around… and saw his mother’s loving smile. Tharn turned around… and saw his mother’s loving smile.

“Did your sister tell you that?”

“Oh, I don’t need Ya to tell me, you’re my son and your daddy knows it too, he just doesn’t say it.”

To his mother, Tharn could only force a smile on his face. He got up and sat up straight, watched his mother come and sit down beside him and went straight to the point: “What is it? What is it?”

“It’s nothing.”

“If it’s all right, you won’t come back to live here.”


Like mother, like son, Tharn smiled apologetically. As his mother said, he comes back often with Type but never sleeps here, every time she asks them to sleep over, they refuse and go back to their apartment, so they don’t bother to ask them to sleep over anymore. This time he came back for an unprecedented number of days and no one would believe him if he said all was okay.

“Sounds like I’ve been a really bad son.”

“Who said that? My son’s the best and don’t tell me that you and Type here are thinking of nothing but nonsense.”

Tharn paused, then laughed softly and said, “You are so predictable.”

Tharn turned his head and looked away, which he thought was the best answer he could give his mother, who said he was the most stubborn of her three children, the one who seemed to be easy with everyone but was stubborn to the core.

“I don’t know what the problem is with you and Type but I’m telling you as someone who’s been married for 30 years… Two people have to communicate and if they don’t, even if they love each other, even if they love each other to death, they’re all going to loose each other in the end.”

Tharn was stunned for a while, then finally said, “I saw Type…. with another man…..”

Tharn couldn’t say the “k-iss” and didn’t want to make a fuss about his wife.

“And did you ask, who that man was?”

“He said it was his patient.”

“But you don’t believe it?”


Tharn was silent for a long time, he didn’t want to say that he not only didn’t believe it but he had other ideas.

Tharn’s mother laughed softly and said, “You’re like me too, I misunderstood your daddy many times too.

“Do you also want me to take the initiative in coaxing Type?” Tharn interrupted his mother before she could finish her sentence.

Tharn’s mother smiled and stood up slowly, placing her hand on her son’s shoulder in a reassuring manner, “You’re stubbornly not listening to anyone’s advice right now but I want you to remember…” At this point, Tharn’s mother paused. Tharn looked up at his mother and saw her expression of unusual concern.

After that, Tharn’s mother continued, “Son, how can hating each other make things any better?”


After that, Tharn’s mother said to him again: “You are still young, there is still time to hate each other but don’t hurt each other and I am sure you are not the only one who is grieving now.”

   Type is sad too… Is it?

“By the way, I’ve marinated the beef and I’m going to grill the steak, just the way you like it.” After that, Tharn’s mother came into the house. Tharn knew that she was comforting him. He was the least spoiled child in front of his parents. It was the food that made him feel appreciated… He liked to eat differently than his siblings, so every time his parents would grill a steak for him, he would feel loved.

   However, right now his attention was not so much on the food but on someone back home in the South.

   Does the other man miss him as much as he misses him?

“If I apologize to you, will you change your mind?”

Tharn asked himself, laying down again, taking out his cell phone and looking at the picture of the two laughing together on the wallpaper, asking himself if he could let go of his petty hatred.






~ TharnType The Series~


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