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Tharntype The Series, Seven Years After, Chapter 8: Have doubts and suspicions

Yesterday was an unusually long day for Type, not only the headache exploded, his body got hot and cold very uncomfortable, a whole lot of distractions also haunting his mind, even turned into a nightmare tormenting him to go crazy, woke up and could not find the phone, really irritating, when he found the phone on the bedside table, even fell out of bed once to get the phone, the phone! I’ve got it… I can’t tell when it’s on mute!

In fact, he doesn’t even know when Faires left!

Type only remembers that Faires came to his house and he doesn’t know how the boy knew his room number. But the boy brought him food and medicine and his condition improved a little after he ate and took the medicine. When he woke up, he had already changed into dry pajamas, which means that the boy was very attentive and helped him to wash himself and change his clothes but he was unconscious because he had slept so deeply, which made him feel very unhappy.

   That’s why I lost my virginity to Tharn in the first place!

   If he hadn’t gotten sick, he wouldn’t have seen Tharn’s good side, maybe he wouldn’t have been so soft on him.

“Shit! Thinking about that unlucky husband again!”

Type shook his head weakly, sighed deeply, frowned with a headache and didn’t want to sleep anymore but he just couldn’t get up. Although Teng whispered to him on the phone that the management was very unhappy, he didn’t care anymore.

   If you don’t like it, then don’t like it, I’m not the one who wants to be sick.

   Type thought ruefully, even though he’d expected it… There was a lot of work waiting for him to do.

   Type picked up the phone and suddenly felt that being sick wasn’t so bad… Because Tharn contacted him!

   Type smirked at the message and shook his head.

   You don’t have to tell your family, it would make mom, dad, Thanya and the others worry but let’s all just get caught up in the excitement of Thorn’s proposal to his girlfriend in a couple of days.

   Type had a typewriter in his hand… With a smile on his lips.

   I don’t know if Tharn’s gone but I know he’s more worried than angry.

   “You’re so nice, you’re making me laugh.” Although Type was scolding, he was so happy that he could feel it, so happy that he kept texting Tharn back that he was fine but his heart longed   So excited to hear his voice!

   With this in mind, Type did not hesitate to exit the chat app, tapped into the dialing interface and a special grouping of numbers was displayed on the screen with a single keystroke.

   The top number in this particular group… Tharn.

   Tharn’s name is followed by his parents’ numbers, then Tharn’s parents’ numbers, then Tharn’s brother’s and sister’s numbers.

   Tharn was first in his life and an integral part of his life.

“I’m just sick and he’s going nuts about coming back.” Type smirked to himself again, pressed the dialing button, waited for the ringing to turn into a deep, s-xxy voice, the seconds ticked by and then   Ring, ring, ring, ring!!!!!

“What the hell is that noise!”  came the harsh ringing of the doorbell, making Type whisper a curse, when it was time   [Hello!]

When the phone was finally connected, Type was getting ready to get out of bed.

   [Are you okay!]

Tharn’s voice sounded anxious and if it wasn’t for the endless “bell bell bell!”  was still clamoring endlessly, Type would have laughed at Tharn’s voice.

Ring, ring, ring, ring!!!!!!

   [Who’s coming?]

“I don’t know, don’t hang up.” Type told Tharn not to hang up but he had a pretty good idea who was at the door.

“Why did you call me this morning? If it’s about my illness, I’m fine, I’m just sleepy from the pills I took and don’t tell your family that I’m sick, or else brother Thorn will cancel the proposal and everyone will come to see me, I can’t afford that, just let him go on with his bride conquest.” By the sound of Type’s voice, he seems to be in a good mood, just hearing his boyfriend’s voice has made him halfway better, the power of love is not to be underestimated.

At least, his headaches have subsided significantly.

Ring, ring, ring, ring!!!!!!

“Tharn, you wait… Damn it, Faires! Faires, stop ringing the doorbell, you’re really treating my doorbell like your phone!” Type cried out, frowning at the noise outside the door and yet… someone was frowning even harder than he was.

   [Who’s Faires?]

“A little brother I met at the hospital.” Type answered briefly, for he couldn’t find a more appropriate name for Tharn, who had only known Faires for a few days, when the guy came to his house with a nosy lookout, which he did not have to do, because he remembered exactly who had taken care of him yesterday.


The door opened and a handsome young man appeared in the doorway, standing there smiling brightly and holding up the porridge in his hand to show the young man.

“Phii Type, hello! How are you doing?” The boy’s voice sounded warm, which made Type sigh as he was talking to someone on the phone, because… It’s really hard to kick someone out.

“That’s better, thanks for yesterday.”

“Don’t mention it, brother, if there’s anything I can do to help, I’m here for you.” The boy in front of me was still smiling brightly but his eyes darted towards the phone in Type’s hand and the person on the other end of the line was curious as to who it was and his tone became tense.

 [Who the hell is that? Type.]

“My little brother was just visiting me.”

   [How come I don’t know him?]

“You haven’t seen him.”

Type just answered like that and the boy in front of him also asked, “Brother, is he your boyfriend?”

Type nodded in the affirmative without hesitation, Faires’ smile faded when he heard the answer and then he smiled at Type again.

“Phii Type, can I come into your house today?”

   Now that you are here, am I going to chase you away like Phii Thorn chased me away, without a conscience?

“Come in, come in… Tharn, I’ll call you back later, gotta go.” Type hung up before Tharn could answer and turned to see his visitor striding briskly into his home.

“Thanks to you yesterday, I don’t know when I fell asleep.”

“You’re welcome, brother. Have you eaten yet? I’ll put some porridge in your bowl.” After brushing his teeth and washing his face, he finally washed away the decadence of the day, completely unaware that the teenager was peeking at his cell phone behind his back. He’s in the middle of a crisis.

Tharn wondered, he’d been away from home for only a few days and all of a sudden a little brat with a strange name that Type had never told him before had appeared in his house!!!!!!!

“Type, did you put all these clothes in the washing machine?”

“Eh, no, no, I’ll do it myself.”

“But you’re sick, let me help you, I’ve got the whole day free anyway, come on brother.”

“All right, all right, just the clothes in the blue laundry basket, leave the T-shirts alone, I don’t want a fight.”

“All right!”

Seeing the boy’s big smile and happy look, Type sighed and thought to himself that he was happy just because he agreed to help him with the laundry. On the other hand, I was sick and hadn’t washed my clothes for a few days but now that I have help, I feel much better.

“Are you sure you will?”

“Yes, I will, brother, just put in the laundry detergent and fabric softener, press start and it’s ok!”

The teenager was talking about the steps of the laundry while throwing the clothes into the washing machine, Type was still feeling sore from his illness, he sighed and threw himself on the couch, he was drowsy again, even though he had rested for the whole day, he was still feeling sleepy, now he just wanted someone to help him, at least he didn’t have to get up to find food.

“Even if Tharn were here, he wouldn’t cook anyway.”

With Tharn’s skills, he can cook porridge, thank God, or go downstairs to buy food, if he had to cook anything else, he would have been poisoned before he died of illness.

   Thinking of his boyfriend again, Type admitted that when he was weak, his heart softened and his handsome half-breed boyfriend was his source of strength, right now, his boyfriend was probably busy with work and he was sure that Tharn was worried about him, worried sick.

“Type, I closed the lid of the washing machine and pressed start.”

“Yeah, go ahead.” Type turned to the customer who had come to be his temp and the good-looking teenager smiled at him, then turned back and pressed the start button and came running back in high spirits and those who wanted to send the teenager home felt bad about seeing him like this.” I have.

To be honest, the only reason he didn’t die in his room yesterday was because the boy took care of him.

“What time do you want to go back?” As blunt as Type, he asked the question anyway and the young man’s face fell.

“I just got here and you’re kicking me out, so let me help you out a bit here, you had a high fever yesterday, so let me stay with you a bit longer, just in case anything goes wrong.”

“Are you scolding me?”

“I’m not scolding you, Phii Type! I’m really concerned about you!”  The youth, whose face looked a little sad and whose health was obviously in much better shape than yesterday, smiled slightly, then just waved his hand, saying, “Uh-huh, I know, don’t give me that look.”

He looks like someone who’s always smiling… Someone who likes to put on an indifferent face and smile but if you look into his eyes, you can tell he’s suffering.

“I’ll do the dishes, have you had enough?” Some boy who wanted to be a maid crawled up the pole, almost carved the words “I’m useful” on his face and rushed over to the sink with a shout, picking up the dishes as if he was afraid someone would take them from him. Type didn’t have the time to stop the boy, so he just let him go.

Type looked at the teenager’s back and asked, “Don’t you have class today?”

“No class today.”

“Oh, that’s good, no classes.”

“Hey, I cut class yesterday, Type. But today there’s really no class.”  The teenager’s tone was playful and he turned back to Type with a big grin on his face, in a good mood because Type was talking to him.

Seeing the cute side of the boy, Type also has a crush on him.

   Before he thought the teenager was annoying but from what he saw, well, the kid was actually a good kid.

   Type felt that way and was gradually willing to talk to the boy, if it wasn’t for

  Ring, ring, ring, ring!!!!!

“Who is it again!”

Type frowned, turning his head to look at the door, glancing at the clock, realizing that it was already afternoon, which was not the right time to visit people and that most of his friends were at work at this hour.

His worrying husband must have told his own mother about his illness!

Though his mind was still dizzy, he walked towards the door with his two long legs three steps at a time, fearing that some disobedient fellow might have complained to the elders about his illness and then the elders might be worried about him and come to see him.

Bastard Tharn, I told you not to tell mom!

“Coming, coming, coming… Aw, Tar it’s you.”

However, when he opened the door, the person who appeared at the door was even more suspicious. The person who was standing at the door with a pile of bags in her hand was not Tharn’s mother but a slender and handsome young man, his eyes were full of worry.

“I heard you were sick. How are you? Are you feeling better? Have you eaten? I bought some food, let me use your kitchen, I’ll make you something to eat.” Type didn’t know how the young chef found time out of his busy schedule to come to him but he held up two bags full of ingredients in front of him.

Type blinked in surprise, saying, “Ehhh, wait, how did you know I was sick?”

“Just Phii Tharn…”

“Phii Type, who’s there?”

   Before Tar could finish his sentence, another guest in the house spoke from behind Type, Type looked back at the teenager and at the same time, he side-stepped his body to give way to Tar, Tar frowned when he saw the teenager, he turned his head to look at the owner of the house, his eyes full of questions.

“Phii Type, who’s this?”

Why do I feel like I’ve been caught cheating?

The thought made Type immediately shake his head, then reply succinctly, “Faires, this is Tar; Tar, this is Faires.”

Type said these two brief introductions and without further ado, he let Tar into the room. Tar was still staring intently at the handsome young man, Type, seeing this, had to go on to explain: “He’s a younger brother I met at the hospital.”


Shit, don’t look at me so suspiciously, okay?

   Even if Type didn’t ask Tar how he knew he was sick, a smart guy like him would know without guessing… He made it clear that he doesn’t want Tharn to tell his family to come and see him, so Tharn must have called all his close friends and asked them to come and see him, so, Techno must have known he was sick, Tar must have been called and asked to come and take care of him but here he is, why does it feel like a wife being caught in bed with her husband? What’s going on?

“Tar, why are you asking me in that tone of voice?”

“No, Phii Type, then I took it into the kitchen, so have you eaten anything or not?”

“Phii Type has eaten, I bought him porridge.”

Tar looked back at the boy again, narrowed his eyes, as if he was grasping at straws and if Type hadn’t been so self-centered, the two visitors were now engaged in eye contact.

   Of course, he knew that Tar wouldn’t think about Faires but was on the same side as Tharn. Just let them go.

“Don’t you have to work?”

“It’s my day off, so I came as soon as I heard you were sick.” Tar replied, not caring anymore about the other boy, raised his hand to Type’s forehead and then touched his own forehead to check the temperature. It was a natural gesture, Tar did not have any side thoughts, neither did Type but in the boy’s eyes… The mind could have written a novel.

   Type also saw the difference in the boy but he didn’t care, people can think what they want.

“And its a low fever, has he taken his medicine?”


“Yeah take a break then, is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Hey! Type already has my help!” Before Type could answer, Faires answered first, in a hostile tone and Tar’s eyes turned to bump into the teenager’s, who a few years ago had been a crybaby with a sneer.

   Oh, now I know why Tum’s afraid of the kid.

“Now that I’m here, little brother, you can go home too and I’ll take care of Phii Type.”

“But I was here first.”

“It’s not about being here first, it’s about the reason for being here.”

Type knew that Tar was here as Tharn’s eyes and ears, although Tar didn’t say so. When Tar said that Faires didn’t bother to argue, he just shook his head and walked to the bedroom.

“Tar, feel free to do whatever you want, I’m going to bed.”

   Type had not been in the bedroom when Faires was in his house but when Tar came, he could go to bed without hesitation, because it was a headache to see two people arguing here and his head was full of noise, so let them argue if they want to. Just want to get some sleep.

   Type, finally able to sleep, had no idea… The two men outside had been at each other’s throats for the last 300 rounds, like two rivals for a man’s attention.

   One of them really wants Type and the other is just a messenger of the Husband. Tar saw that the Phii Type’s little brother is not simple.

   How do we tell Phii Tharn about this?




“Little brother, have you and Type known each other long?”


“When did you meet?”


Even Tar, who had been through a lot, who was polite and thought more of others than of himself, was disgusted when he heard his younger brother ask several questions and not in a polite manner at all.

Yes, Tar was confused about how Type knew this boy but he still had basic manners, so he didn’t ask too many questions, just be a good ambassador for Tharn.

“Tar, I know you’re busy too but could you please go see Type sometime? He likes to say he’s fine but he’s always so sick.”

Phii Tharn called him late and asked him for help but he had a day off today, because he was asked to help out at a party last week, someone he respects called him for help and he sounded very anxious, so of course he agreed and he respects Type too.

A few years ago, if it wasn’t for Type, there wouldn’t be a Chef Tar today, if there was anything he could do for the two seniors, of course he would do it but at the moment, he was a bit tired of dealing with Type’s brother.

He asks so many questions Tar can’t help but sigh.

Because of that, a calm Tar gazed at the questioner, then said very directly, “How long have I known Phii Type and what does it have to do with you?”

Tar was reminding the other man that it’s rude to ask questions like that without regard to the person or the situation and Faires just came right back with, “I’m just wondering, you and Phii Type look like you’re pretty close.”

Tar could see that Faires wanted to gossip more and though he didn’t want to say much, he answered the question: “About seven years.”

After saying that, Tar turned to the pile of ingredients, in order to cook for one of the patients, he already had several simple, easy to swallow and good for the patient recipes in mind, put some in the refrigerator and some on the kitchen counter with a quick movement of his hands and then observed what ingredients were left in the house of the two seniors.

“Little brother, you like Phii Type?”


   Little brother, aren’t you meddling too much?

   He admitted that the boy was very good looking but such a good looking face didn’t please him at all, especially the boy’s eyes, he could see that the other party was treating him as a… A rival.

“You know that Phii Type has a boyfriend, right?”

This stunned the teenager for a moment then retorted, “You know Type already had a boyfriend and you still come to his house!”

   Faires thinks he likes Phii Type?

   Type was also stunned, knowing that the boy had misunderstood him, thinking that he too wanted to take advantage of Type’s illness but his liking for Type wasn’t the same as the boy’s liking for Type but he didn’t need to explain that to the boy.

“If you ask me if I like Phii Type, then I can answer you, yes, I like Phii Type.” Tar didn’t know how Tharn would deal with this kid in his presence but he would do his best to stop the teenager, so he tried to dispel the notion that he liked Phii Type with this answer and the teenager just stared at him.

“Is that what you want to know?”  Tar asked rhetorically, then turned back to his own business.

I’ll make chicken soup tonight, it’s easy to swallow

“I like Phii Type too!”


Tar froze again, he looked back at the teenager, the teenager spoke loudly, a look of defiance on his face.

Ugh! This kid’s a pain in the ass.

“Phii Type has a boyfriend.” Tar repeated.

“So what? You yourself know that Phii Type has a boyfriend and you’re still pestering him when his boyfriend isn’t around and you want to take advantage of Phii Type’s illness, you and I have the same idea…”

“Not the same!”  interrupted Tar before the teen could finish, feeling a little on fire   “I’m not here to break up the relationship between Phii Type and his boyfriend, I’m here to take care of him as a concerned junior, that’s all.”


   The teenager looked fixedly at Tar, then shook his head, “I don’t believe it!”

   In the meantime, looking at the boy’s expression, Tar realized that he doesn’t get along at all with this kind of guy, who likes to pester people who are already dating.

   Once upon a time, he may have tried to steal Tharn from Type but he was threatened and it was actually more painful than anyone else’s. However, the boy in front of him didn’t see anything wrong with destroying someone’s feelings, so Tar didn’t care how young he was, he was a few years younger than the boy at the time of the accident and he didn’t want to destroy someone’s feelings but the boy didn’t seem to be responsible at all.

   If you want something, you have to get it… I don’t like people like that.

“Believe it or not but I’m telling you, you can’t get in the middle of a relationship between two seniors.” With that Tar left the teenager alone and went back to his own business, making it clear that he was not going to answer any more questions, just then the washing machine beeped and the teenager went over to the machine.

“Ugh!” Tar’s heart was a bit heavy and it got even heavier when he picked up his phone and saw the message from Phii Tharn.

     …how’s he doing?

What was he going to tell Phii Tharn, not to worry about Phii Type’s condition but to worry about another person who came to pester Phii Type while he wasn’t around.

He couldn’t say it but mumbled, “Phii Tharn, come back soon.”




The aroma of the chicken and vegetables in the hot pot was so enticing that it spread throughout the apartment and next to it was a big bowl of tender hibiscus eggs.

“Type, can you eat? Is it too bland?”

“You’re not even confident as a chef?”

“Mine and the appetite of the sick is not the same as that of the not-sick.”

“And I’ll tell you from my patient’s appetite, it’s good, if I’m sick and someone can make good food, I think I’m worth living for.” Type had a sense of humor but that’s exactly what he thought, he took a sip of the hot soup, his whole body warmed up, he felt better, it’s amazing, if it wasn’t for the strange and awkward atmosphere, he would have felt better.

Type slept through the afternoon but he woke up when Tar came to call him. Tar asked if he wanted anything else to eat but he noticed another teenager present.

“You’re not going home yet?” Faires was still at his house.

It’s no surprise that Tar’s still here, since Tharn called him but what’s the deal with the other one?

“Gee, Type, you’re driving me away again!” The boy’s petulant tone made Type roll his eyes.

“No but it’s getting late, so you can go home, or your family be worried about you.”  said Type and the tenacious boy laughed.

“I want to make sure you’re okay before I go.”

“Yeah, I’m done, you go home and you don’t have to come back tomorrow, I have to go to work.” The boy nodded his head often but his eyes were on the other intruder.

“Tar will go back later and his brother will come and pick him up when he gets off work.” Type said these words to Tar, sighed softly, not wanting to answer any more questions from the boy. Faires was more balanced and smiled when he saw that he and Tar were both being chased away, he lifted his hand and saluted Type, he was not so stubborn anymore.

“Yeah, I’m off then, Type, I’ll see you next time… Bye, Tar.”

Type saw that the two people in front of him were no longer at odds with each other and waited quietly for the stubborn boy to leave his house. Tar went over to make sure the door was closed before he came back.


“Don’t ask, I have nothing to do with him, the kid wanted to come to my house.” Type said before he scraped the hibiscus egg out of the bowl and put it in his mouth, which silenced the boy who tried to warn him.

“I know you’ve figured out that the kid likes you.”

“But I don’t like him.”  Type replied, looking at the man who worried him, in a serious tone, knowing that Tar didn’t like the ambiguity and he didn’t either.

“I would never betray Tharn, I have never thought of the boy in any other way and he’ll come to his senses after a while.”

“I’m afraid he won’t let it go so easily.”

Type looked at Tar quietly for a moment, then couldn’t help but smile, “I can’t believe you’re the same person as the one who used to cry at me all day, grown up and actually worried about me.”

“I’m not that much younger than you… Oh! It seems like all I used to do was cry and I couldn’t do anything right but now that I’ve grown up, I want to help you too.” Of course, Type wasn’t ashamed to accept the boy’s kindness to him.

“Don’t worry, I won’t betray your Phii Tharn, if he asks you anything, just say so.”

Type once again showed his loyalty to Tharn and saw that Tar’s face looked much better.

“I won’t exaggerate, I’m just here to watch over you.” Type smiled at the boy, then handed him the empty bowl.

“Thank you, I’ll have another bowl, a full one, I’m starving.”

Tar laughed out loud, stood up and went to give Type a hot iron, after watching Tar walk out, Type sighed.

   In the old days, he might have been careful to avoid suspicion but with everything that had been going on lately, he had no energy to stop the boy from getting close to him, so he should probably be more careful and if he wanted to make things better before Tharn came back, he should find a good time to talk to Faires.

   Hopefully, I won’t have to fight with you over this again, Tharn.



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