Tharntype The Series, Seven Years After, Chapter 9:  Surprise???

Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Seven Years After, Chapter 9:  Surprise???

It was already afternoon, the sun was still shining brightly and some young man who had been away from home for several days on business was standing at the door of his apartment, which had been given to him by his father, unlocking and unlocking the door. The young man looked tired but the first thing he did was to take out his cell phone and dial a number instead of resting.


“Are you okay?”

Tharn asked the person on the other end of the phone as he put his stuff on the couch, worrying that the other person’s voice was a bit hoarse.

   [Much better. Uh, why did you tell Tar when I told you not to tell anyone I was sick?]

Type sounded a little miffed and Tharn only replied, “I’m worried about you.”


Just one word of kindness was enough to calm the fiery Type down.

   [Well, I know you’re worried about me.. Thank you.] At Type’s husky reply, Tharn smiled.

“Why thank me, you’re my wife.”

   [You’re taking the easy way out.]

   For some reason, the image of Type rolling his eyes at him popped up in his mind and if Tharn wasn’t mistaken, Type was in a good mood right now, at least much better than when they fought a few days ago, probably because Type had already forgotten about the unpleasantness, so he should make it go away.

   Well, I won’t be angry this time, I won’t mess with him and if I wait for him to coax me, I’ll probably be close to breaking up.

   Tharn shook his head, not to think about the unpleasant things but to concentrate on the sick guy who was so unpleasant… That guy, he says he’s fine but every time he gets sick, he’s in a coma or in the hospital.

“That’s good. Where are you now? At the hospital?”

   [Well, I’m back at work. Luckily our boss isn’t here. I thought I’d be cussed again… By the way, when are you coming back?]


   [Several points to you!]

At this point, Tharn had a small moment of narcissism, he thought Type must be very happy at this moment and he even raised the volume a degree.

“I don’t know yet. It’ll be back late.” Tharn replied, coming back so early to surprise Type and see how he’d look if he came back early.

I want to see you laughing.

 [Do you want something to eat? I’ll get it for you when I get back.]

“No, I should eat before I go home and you’re still a sick man.” It’s not that I don’t want to eat Type’s food, it’s just that I feel sorry for him. Tharn admitted that, although he was a rough-around-the-edges person, he was very good at cooking, which was really impressive, he used to cook simple Thai food but he started to learn to cook Western food, because he knew he liked it, so he was willing to learn for him, even though he was always complaining.

“You just eat, you eat more butter, milk and cream and when you get old you’ll get fat and piggy!”

“Wouldn’t you love me if I was fat?”

“Hey, it’s good to be fat. Then no one will come on to you anymore. Shit! It used to be that your younger siblings, older siblings, even your friends would hit on you and now you have to add your co-workers, your boss, your clients! Seriously, do you use a scented body oil or soap in the shower? So charming!”

Tharn swore that he hadn’t had an affair with any of the people that Type had listed, that they were the ones that had come on to him and that he had said no every time, so now Type had gotten used to his boyfriend’s attractive nature and was no longer as jealous as he used to be, even though he was cussed a lot.

Tharn was just teasing Type: “No, I didn’t bathe in body oil… I took a bath in your water.”

That’s the day he got kicked out of bed by Type.

Here, Tharn, who was talking to Type on the phone, laughed softly and the person on the other end of the phone found his laughter strange.

   [Dude, what are you smiling at?]

“Missed you so much!”

Tharn answered in the negative, Type was silent, then sighed, Tharn heard the sigh and thumped his heart.

   [You know I’m at work, damn it… I missed you, too. Happy now!]

   When he heard this again, the person who was going to be sad immediately smiled, Type hung up the phone after saying that. Tharn knows he can’t keep teasing people over the phone, it’s unlikely that he will hear any sweet words but he will be cussed at his ancestors all over again.

   The man who knew his wife well could not help but smile again but soon the smile disappeared and he picked up his phone again and saw the message he had received from Tar last night.

     …Phii Type is feeling better, you should be able to go to work tomorrow but you’d better come back… But you better hurry back.

   The young man stared steadily at his phone screen, wondering if he was overreacting, he felt that there was a reminder in the words that Tar was sending. He called Tar back and asked him what was going on but he was told that nothing was wrong. Who was the name he’d heard on the phone.


   If I remember correctly, that’s what Type called the guy.

   Tharn tapped the phone against his palm, then sighed.

   They’d just gotten back together, not too badly but they didn’t want to get into a “Who’s Faires?” situation. Why did he come to our house?” He should be concerned about his lover, who’s recovering from a serious illness and his wife always comes first.

   Tharn told himself this, then got up, took out his bag, rummaged through the clothes in it and packed them up, after the work was done he rushed back to Bangkok without stopping, although he was very tired but after packing he did not rush to rest or take a shower but went into the kitchen, put on an apron and called some think tank for help.

“Tar, do you have a minute? I want to know the recipe for the soup, so it’ll be ready when Type gets back.”

   Tharn was asking questions and preparing the food according to Chef Tar’s instructions, he really wanted to surprise his boyfriend and prove to him that he cared about him too. When all the necessary ingredients were ready, the young man turned to turn on the music and to the soothing sound of the music, his hands, which usually held a drumstick, now held a knife and looked as if he was about to destroy the kitchen.

   Well, I don’t know if it’s good but it’s a soup he made with love.

“Type would probably call me a meathead.” Tharn smiled to himself and also glanced at the clock.

“What kind of face would he make if he saw me picking him up?”

He doesn’t care if he can’t live without his wife, he can’t live without Type, time is passing, his love for Type is beyond measure, he just wants to be exclusive, he wants to do everything for him, he wants to tell him how much he loves him.

Right now, he just wants the evening to hurry up.

“It’s been four days!”

For others, love may fade away with time but for Tharn, it’s the opposite. Once they were separated for a month because of the school holidays and at that time, they didn’t miss each other very much. But now, just a few days apart, he misses each other like crazy, he doesn’t have the heart to work at all, especially because of the lack of communication… Right now, he just wanted to hold Type in his arms, to k-iss him all over, to taste his chocolate skin, to watch him beg for mercy.

   Type, I’ve missed you so much!




Compared to a few days ago, Type felt much more refreshed today, no traffic jam on the way to work, not many passengers on the bus, no need to be squeezed into a meat pie, arrived at the hospital quickly, his colleagues also told him that the unfortunate leader was not here, although his colleagues also reminded him to be careful, after all, he did not call in sick or anything but he did not care about this, You can’t get sick before you get sick? He’s not 100% recovered but when he gets a call from someone, he feels better than before.

   He said he’d be back tonight!

   Type laughed at this and even put his coffee cup in front of his face to hide the smile, afraid that people would see him smiling alone and call him a fool.

   It’s awful to be alone in an empty room for days but the worst thing is to be alone when you’re sick.

   Now that Tharn is back, I’m going to exercise my rights as a patient.

   Since he is sick, Tharn has to take care of him, just like before when Tharn was sick, he did nothing but hold him in his lap, sometimes he wanted a hug, sometimes he wanted to lean on him and when he tried to get away because of the heat, Tharn said he was sick and needed a loving hug.

   The more Type thought about it, the more he smiled, looked at his watch and waited for his shift to end.

“Let’s go to the supermarket before we go home.”

   Tar did buy a lot of stuff to fill up their fridge but this morning, he opened it up and found that the meal he made for him last night was pretty much used up and if he remembered correctly, there was no pasta, there was no beef and if he wanted to make spaghetti, he was missing several ingredients.

   Well, there’s some chicken soup left over from last night, so there should be enough for two.

   Just think of a good idea to use her husband’s people are now preparing several kinds of recipes for each other in mind, if he eats later today, OK, later when you go to the mall to find something simple to pad your stomach.

   The young man nodded slowly, deciding what to eat tonight, trying not to show his joy so clearly.

   Even though Tharn said he didn’t have to cook, because not only did it make him tired but Tharn came home late, he was sure that Tharn, who had always said he didn’t have to cook, would be happy as a fool when he saw his favorite food in front of him.

“Oh, sick man, what are you smiling at? What’s so great about being sick?” Type turned around and saw his co-worker joking around with him, so he raised his eyebrows mischievously.

“Sister Teng, when you’re sick, you can tell your partner. Oh but I don’t think you’ll know, because you’re still single.”

“Fu*ck you Type!”

“What’s wrong?”

“You’re a pain in the ass, you were so pale when you came to work this morning, I was worried about you but now I don’t think there’s any need, with that mouth of yours, it’s so easy!”

Type laughed at that.

“Sorry sis, because I’m in a really good mood, especially since that unlucky one isn’t here…”

“Shh! Type! Type! Why are you shouting? A leader has so many spies, what if his henchmen report to him?” The female colleague put her hand on her lips to keep quiet and looked around nervously, Type, who was never afraid of anything, especially not those troublemakers, just shrugged her shoulders and looked indifferent.

“Anyway, you’d better behave yourself this time, just listen to what the leaders say… Oh forget it, let’s change the subject, did you just say I can’t find a husband?!”

“I’m just saying you’re a single fated dog.” Type changed the subject after his colleague, who wrinkled his nose at the idea.

“What’s the difference between the two sentences?”

“The tone of the sentence is different.” Teng bared her teeth in exasperation and threw her head back proudly.

“It’s not that I don’t want to but I just can’t find one. Well, if I could get a face like Faires’… Little brother, come and get her!” Type looked like a freak, she’s daydreaming.

“Sis, I’m almost a round younger than you.”

“I’ll kill you if you don’t believe me! I’m only eight years older than that brother, okay!”

“Okay, okay, eight is eight.” To be honest, he really wanted to laugh but eight isn’t a big difference, right? But Teng doesn’t seem to care about the age difference.

“They say that sleeping with fresh meat will keep you young forever, the fresher and better looking the better the effect, so eight years old is a piece of cake.”

Type can’t tell you the truth because it’s someone else’s private life, so he can’t interfere and he doesn’t need to tell anyone.

Type opened the list of patients who have already made an appointment and is immediately piqued by someone’s name.

“Does it have to be this fun?”

“Huh? What did you say?” The daydreamer turned back to Type, who just shook his head, his eyes still on the last name in the list… Faires.

“Yeah, I’m done, you go home and you don’t have to come tomorrow either, oh, I have to go to work.”

He remembered giving Faires his word yesterday and he promised him but he followed him to the hospital.

   Sick though he was, Type wasn’t so sick that he couldn’t remember that he hadn’t lined up the Faires for rehab today and he could only sigh in frustration, while Tar’s reminder intruded into his mind.

   If the boy was just visiting him as his younger brother, then he could accept it but the boy has shown that he doesn’t just want to be his brother these days… Type thinks he should really talk to him about this.




“Phii Type, Phii Type, you will get off work when I finish rehab, right?”

“What if I said I wasn’t able to leave work yet?”

“Then I’ll wait for you.”


Type sighed, looking at the boy, who had already completed his rehabilitation and was happily waiting for him to leave work, he wasn’t going to go easy on him today.

“Don’t wait for me, I’m busy today.”

“I’ll give you a lift, you’re just sick…”

“Stop it! You don’t have to be so high and mighty, I’m not going with you.” Type was determined not to let the boy go, he didn’t want to curse in the hospital, the boy’s smile disappeared when he heard him say that.

“I’m not available today.”

“Some other time then…”

“No time then either!” Type sighed again, he told himself to calm down, the teenager was six years younger than him, it was very unkind of him to chase a child away like that.

“Faires, I already have a boyfriend.”


Type looked straight at the teenager, then emphasized, “You’d better go after someone else.”

   I’m not stupid, I’m not blind. Can’t i see what you are trying to do by coming to take care of me when I’m sick? Even if he says he’s just showing concern for me as a friend, what kind of a friend comes to see me every day? He even bought food and brought it to me. I admit that I owe him a favor, otherwise I would still be sick but I think telling him not to waste his time on me would be a nice way to repay him.

   You’d better go play with your peers.

Type looked at the boy who was still pursing his lips and keeping silent, the boy just looked down at his hand, Type patted the boy’s shoulder gently and said, “Sorry.”

   I’m sorry, too.

   Type thought this would be the end of it.

   It’s over, my a*ss!

   When he walked out of the department office, Type was so irritated that he saw a handsome young man sitting outside the door waiting for him and as soon as the young man saw him coming out, he gave him a pitiful look like a puppy.

“I think I’ve made myself perfectly clear.”

“I… I’m…” Before the boy could say anything, Type got straight to the point and finally the boy grew silent, biting his lip in frustration.

“Can’t even be your junior brother?”

Type looked at the boy’s pitiful face and thought sadly, he is too easy to be soft-hearted nowadays, especially when he is younger than himself, probably because of the influence of his college days. It’s like seeing a former student   “Faires, I think we should have a heart-to-heart talk.”

   Whatever it takes, I want to get it out of the way before Tharn comes back and I don’t want to get in trouble with Tharn.

   The teenager looked hesitant but nodded to Type.

“Let’s talk in your car and I’ll give you a ride to the nearest mall.” This is where he works and he’s not going to sit here and talk to a teenager. The teenager nodded and stood up, then walked ahead to the hospital parking lot.

At the same time, Type was thinking about what he was going to say later and how he was going to say it without hurting the boy’s feelings but he hadn’t gotten to the boy’s car yet   Bang!


“Hey, Faires!” Type snaps out of his own thoughts, rushed to help the kid, who’s walking in front of him, stupid enough to walk into a trash can and hits it pretty hard, with a loud thud. I don’t know if he hit his knee but the way he was sitting on the ground with his knee in his hands, he knew it.

   Type crouched at the boy’s side, touched his knee and asked nervously, “Where does it hurt…!!!”

   However, before Type could finish his question, he just looked up… and Faires’s mouth collided with his lips.

   Yes, the injured teenager took the opportunity to quickly lean in and k-iss Type hard, almost with a bump, Type was knocked off his feet, he stared at him, surprised and angry.

   Very angry!

   Who the hell makes jokes about getting hurt!!!

Type clenched his fists, wanting to go for the collar of the man who pretended to be injured but   “What the fu*ck are you doing!!!”

Before he could do anything, all of a sudden some guy comes up and grabbed him by the arm and he looks up, “Tharn! Tharn!!”

   Type stared at the man who said he would be back late and called out Tharn’s name in surprise.

   Tharn’s whole face was twisted in anger, his eyes like fire and he frowned as he squeezed Type’s arm too hard but he knew it wasn’t the right time to protest, because Tharn seemed to pull him up with enough force to keep him away from the brat who was k-issing him, so much so that he fell to the ground on the other side.

“What are you doing here?”

This question, Type wanted to slap himself, because it was not the right thing to say as the first explanation for what had happened and it succeeded in turning the faint fire in his eyes into a raging fire, making him look as terrifying as a Rakshasa.

“If I didn’t come how would I know what you’ve done behind my back!!!!!!”

Type was a hot-tempered man and although he had tempered it down a bit later, he had done nothing to see his loved ones accuse him of being unfaithful to him. A nameless fire rushed into his chest, Type stood up to face Tharn and squeezed out a few words from his teeth, “I did nothing!”

“And what did I just see? I saw it clearly with both my eyes, you were k-issing him and this is in a hospital, didn’t you say you didn’t like doing that in a hospital? Or maybe it wasn’t me, so you can go back on your word…”


“Tharn, you bastard!”

Type pushed his opponent’s chest, Tharn was pushed back a few steps but his eyes never left Type.

“What? I told you the truth and you’re afraid to admit it? You’ve been seducing people while I’ve been away!”

Pow! Pah!!


   Type punched Tharn hard in the face, the world seemed to be quiet but Type’s anger didn’t diminish, on the contrary, he was so angry that he was about to explode, angry that he was accused of seducing someone else. He had never been with anyone since he was with Tharn. He knew Tharn, he slept with Tharn and now the one person he loved most was insulting him.

   How could he say such a thing!

Tharn turned his head, raised the back of his hand to wipe the corner of his mouth, his eyes were still on Type, then…” You said you were sick, you said you weren’t feeling well, you know how worried I was? I was so worried that I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t work, I wanted to fly back to you to take care of you and all I see is you’re feeling great, you’re fine and you’re k-issing someone else and I asked you Type, what do you want? And I ask you, Type, what do you want me to think? What do you want me to think!”

“I didn’t do anything! I didn’t betray you!”

“But what I see is not what you say it is!!!!”

He didn’t listen to any of Type’s explanations, his expression was only anguish and hurt, Type wanted to grab him by the neck and shake him to make him stop this kind of fabrication!

“Don’t tell me, every time I’m not home, you’re like this!”

Before Type could explain, Tharn’s voice resounded again and Tharn’s words finally ripped the fuse off the bomb in Type’s head.


The handsome half-breed was once again pushed hard by Type, so hard that Tharn’s back slammed into a parking lot pillar and Type yelled in a tone of unprecedented anger, “Bastard! You don’t believe my feelings for you!!!”

   How could he say such hurtful things? How could he say that Type had seduced someone while he was away, as if he’d never trusted him all these years.

   Tharn, how the fu*ck can you doubt my loyalty to you!

   Type’s eyes were red with anger, swollen to the point of tears but no tears, he just felt his eyes burning, he raised his hand to punch Tharn in the face, to vent his anger, he looked at the man in front of him with a hurt expression, did he know how much his words hurt?

   All this time, haven’t I been obvious to you? Can’t you see how much I love you!

   If Type didn’t love him, didn’t care about him, he wouldn’t have run off like a lunatic to explain to some teenager that he had a boyfriend, not because he cared about him? Not because he cared about his feelings? But why did he say such hurtful things? His words made all the good things he had built up to fall apart at this moment and the heart that had been so strong all along became fragile and brittle because of his words.

   You don’t trust me!

The two of them just stared at each other silently, their eyes filled with anger and they were about to have a big fight, if it wasn’t for the,   “Hey, aah, you guys, stop, what are you doing!!!!!”

A security guard came running this way shouting, followed by the pale culprit, Faires but the arrival did not calm the two men who were on fire.

“Little brother, you work here, right, you can’t cause any trouble here.”

If the guard hadn’t called him, Type wouldn’t have remembered that he was still wearing his lab coat, gradually lowered his raised hand, loosened Tharn’s collar and said, “We’ll talk at home.”

Type pushed his boyfriend away again, then turned around and walked outside, ignoring everyone there, including his boyfriend who didn’t reply and that brat who caused the trouble. Now he needed to get his head on straight, he needed to calm down in order to solve the problem properly.

   But how long would it take for him to really calm down enough to face Tharn’s words… He didn’t believe him.

“Eh! Are you okay?”

Meanwhile, Tharn was sitting on the ground, his hands clutching his hair, ignoring the security guard’s question, because all he could think of was his boyfriend k-issing someone else.

“Surprise! What a fu*cking surprise!”

This is the biggest surprise he’s had today… It’s a surprise to the point of tears.






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  1. What a piece of trash of a boyfriend Tharn is in this chapter! Wow! He didn’t just doubted Type but also accussed him. Zero trust. And to think that at some point this is going to happen in the series..

    1. Sadly it’s just a way that Type grew up. When he was r*ped by the man, he was defenseless, he couldn’t defend himself. But because he puts himself in a higher position and has the opportunity to defend himself… he does. You would think that after 7 years, he would get less aggressive, but old habits die hard…

    1. That’s bcos they both are abuse survivors (seduced at 14 is also abuse) and probably never recieved consistent therapy to address their issues, so they had no way of recognising their own problem zones and correcting them. Sure they both healed each other when they got together but as flawed charactars, they can only do so much. I wish authors/show producers make therapy or at least the mention of it canon in these kind of shows, so that viewers can understand why charactars like Tharn n Type act the way they do.

  2. Jason C, Type was never r*ped. He was molested. It’s very clearly in Book 1 of this series.

    I don’t mean to say that Type’s experience was any less terrible just bcos he was not penetrative r*ped, but I just wanted to clarify it here.

  3. Joan, it’s sad to see I agree but often in the lives of abuse survivors (I am one too), they usually have great difficulty conquering their violent responses when they are extremely agitated… unless, they are on medication or getting regular therapy. Here in this tale Type doesn’t seem to be getting any kind of therapy, so we can assume that he often regresses back to his base instincts when put under extreme stress or presssure (this is something I say to console myself to justify what Type later does to Faires, sigh).

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