Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 77: I misunderstood you

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 77: I misunderstood you

After fleeing from the Mu-shi group, Mu Yifan drove around in his car until he came to a place where few cars and passers-by passed by and then stopped the car.

He breathed a huge sigh of relief, then, patting his stomach nonchalantly, “Tell me honestly, was it you who tipped off Zhan Beitian?”

Suddenly, the abdomen throbbed violently in protest and aggravation.

Mu Yifan was confused and said: “If not you, then who said so, how did Zhan Beitian know who I was and that I was in Mu-shi Tech Group?”

The abdomen is still beating, which means it doesn’t know.

Just then, Mu Yifan’s thoughts were pulled back by the familiar sound of music, the ringing of his cell phone.

He looked down next to the seat and couldn’t find his phone, then he felt in his pocket and it was in his pocket.

“Holy shit, this phone is doing things stealthy, is it?”

When he was on the rooftop of Mu-shi Technology Group, he had searched all over but he couldn’t find his phone.

Mu Yifan was full of doubts, see the phone’s caller ID is Mu Yuecheng, suddenly want to be angry Mu Yuecheng sent someone to the company to pick up his things, quickly pick up the phone and said: “Dad, I…”

Before he could finish, Mu Yuecheng laughed, “Yifan, Major General Zhan picked you up at the office.”

Mu Yifan was stunned and said: “Huh? Major General Zhan?”


 Or a Major General?

 Is it Zhan Beitian?

He prodded, “You mean Zhan Beitian?”

“Yeah, he told me he’d pick you up at the office and bring you to B City.”

Mu Yuecheng trusts Zhan Beitian very much, otherwise, the phone wouldn’t be back in Mu Yifan’s hands.

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes.

He could have taken a helicopter back to B City but I don’t understand why Mu Yuecheng suddenly changed his mind and asked Zhan Beitian to pick him up.

He wonders if Mu Yuecheng is protecting him. Or is he trying to get him to die quickly?

“He used to be your superior. You need to listen to him more, okay?”

Mu Yifan didn’t want to worry Mu Yuecheng who truly cared about him, and said: “I know.”

“That’s all for now, and if you have anything to say, we will talk when you come to B City.”


Mu Yifan hung up, put the phone back in his pocket and then continued to sit in the driver’s seat staring.

 He was in a hurry to go to B City because he was worried that Zhan Beitian would discover his identity and kill him but now that Zhan Beitian had discovered his identity, he was no longer in a hurry.

 The most important thing for him is to get rid of his hunger to eat human flesh, because he found that when he saw blood in the company, his consciousness would go into a trance and his desire to bite people would increase. So, he must stay in G City and look for opportunities to improve his zombie abilities.

 He remembered that a month after the end of the world, there would be a zombie body burnout all over the country and on that day, there would be a big mutation.

 The most important thing is that after the corpse is burned, it will form a big crystal core, the Zombie King Mu Yifan, is the one who absorbed the big crystal core to jump from a low-level zombie to a medium-level zombie level, which is only a step away from a high-level zombie.

 So as long as he absorbs the energy of this core, he’ll be able to advance to high level zombie and get rid of his hunger to eat living human flesh.

 But for now, he’ll have to find some partners and then, maybe, he’ll need their help.

 Mu Yifan thinks back to the zombie king’s helpers in the book, except for Zhuang Ziyue, the rest of them only know the name, not know what they look like, it’s not easy to find them, maybe you have to follow the story to meet them.

 But if he sticks to the story, he may not meet them at the big burn in a month.

 Mu Yifan thought it over and decided to go to Zhuang Ziyue’s house to check it out. He wondered if Zhuang Ziyue’s hand was hurt after he cut it last time and if Zhuang Ziyue has turned into a zombie now.

When he came back to his senses, he saw that his abdomen was still beating violently and raised his hand to stroke his stomach, “Sorry for misunderstanding you, I’ll take you to the sucker when I’m free.”

The Qingtian Pearl calmed down.

Mu Yifan drove to the villa in Tian Yuan, where Zhuang Ziyue was staying, based on his memory.

When he arrived at the villa, he felt a strange atmosphere. It was too quiet inside and there was no security guard at the entrance.

Mu Yifan drove in and saw puddles of dried blood on the ground and in the haystack, indicating that there had been a major incident in the villa before, probably related to zombies.

But he didn’t see any bodies and he didn’t see any zombies moving around.

Mu Yifan was worried that something was wrong with Zhuang Ziyue and immediately sped up the car to the entrance of the villa where Zhuang Ziyue was staying.

The front door was open, so he parked and ran into the lobby.

The lobby was in disarray, as if there had been a world war and there was a lot of human blood on the walls and bloody palm prints and it was shocking.

Then, whimpering cries came from the kitchen.

Mu Yifan shouted evenly, “Zhuang Ziyue, are you there?”

As a result, a tall man came out of the kitchen, wearing a black leisure suit, with a black mask and sunglasses on his face, so that he could not see who the other party was but from the figure, it was definitely not Zhuang Ziyue.

And in the kitchen, there’s still crying, which means there’s someone there.

Mu Yifan’s eyes flashed with alarm, “Who are you? Why are you in my friend’s house?”

The man in black clothes didn’t say a word and stepped towards him, then a figure rushed out of the kitchen and clung to the man in black clothes’ waist in a death grip and said: “Don’t hurt anyone else, please.”

The man raised his head and yelled at Mu Yifan and said: “Sir, you should go, don’t stay here anymore, it’s dangerous.”

Mu Yifan’s eyes turned to the person yelling at him and suddenly felt that he looked familiar and said: “You…”

He fixed his eyes and recognized the doctor who told him he was pregnant at the hospital and said: “Holy shit, aren’t you that quack? Why are you at my friend’s house?”

When Zheng Guozong saw that the other party recognized him, he stopped crying and stared at him blankly and said: “Who are you?”

Mu Yifan didn’t have a good time saying, “I’m the man you diagnosed as pregnant.”

“Ah, it’s you!” asks Zheng Guozong, “Have you had an abortion?”

Mu Yifan was depressed and screamed and said: “Damn, you see clearly, I’m a man, you quack.”

When the man in black clothes heard him, he took another step forward.

Zheng Guozong quickly held the man in black clothes steady and said: “Mr. Mu, you have to go, if you don’t go, I won’t be able to stop him.”

Mu Yifan could see that Zheng Guozong seemed to be afraid of what the man in black clothes would do, so he retreated to a safer distance and asked: “You first answer me, why are you in my friend’s house? Where did my friend and his family go?”

Zheng Guozong quickly asked, “Who is your friend?”

“Zhuang Ziyue.”

“Mr. Zhuang, I don’t know. It was like this when I came here.”

Mu Yifan wondered and said: “Then why are you crying in the kitchen?”

Zheng Guozong cried again at the mention of heartbreak and said: “My wife was bitten to death.”

“Why was your wife at my friend’s house?”

“My wife sees that Mr. Zhuang pays a good monthly salary, so she comes here every day to help with the cooking and after dinner, she goes home to rest but I came back from the night shift this morning and didn’t see my wife, so I called her because I was worried but there was no answer.”

Zheng Guozong got sadder and sadder and finally, he cried out again.

“Didn’t you see my friend?”

“No, it was a mess when I got here and there was no one else outside the villa.”

Mu Yifan lowered to his knees and suddenly thought of calling Zhuang Ziyue but his phone was switched off.

He wasn’t going to just walk away. He turned around and went upstairs to see if anyone else was there.

After making sure that no one was really there, they went back to the hall and saw the man in black clothes coming out of the kitchen with a mangled female corpse in his arms.

“What are you…?”

Zheng Guozong explained and said: “I want to find a place to bury my wife.”

“Do you have a car?” Mu Yifan doesn’t remember seeing any cars outside when he came in.

“We came here by taxi, no car.”

“Then I’ll give you a ride.”

Zheng Guozong even refused and said: “No, no, we can just carry her on our backs.”

Mu Yifan looked at the dead woman’s body and said: “You’ll scare people if you carry them out like that and, you might get arrested by the police.”

Zheng Guozong, upon hearing this, showed hesitation, then, turning to the man in black clothes, whispered, “Can you endure it?”




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