Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 78: What a strange man.

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 78: What a strange man.

the man in black clothes nodded.

Mu Yifan looked at the man in black clothes and found that he did not smell like a living person and even had a kind of perception of him, which should be a zombie to zombie sensation.

He hadn’t noticed it before because his heart had been preoccupied with Zhuang Ziyue’s safety and he hadn’t had the heart to care about other issues.

Also, the zombies seem to be intermediate but they don’t seem to be talking yet, so they’re probably below him.

It’s strange, the end times are just beginning, why are there so many conscious zombies and why is this quack walking with zombies?

The man in black clothes also noticed this as he passed by Mu Yifan.

So, when he got in the car, he hesitated but seeing that Mu Yifan was more of a normal human than he was, he just got in the car with the body.

“Mr. Mu, thank you so much.” Zheng Guozong thanked Mu Yifan in the front driver’s seat.

“You’re welcome. Where are you going to bury your wife?” asked Mu Yifan, starting the car.

“I have a cemetery in my hometown of Shui village, fifty kilometers away from G City and I wonder if Mr. Mu would be willing to take us there.”

Mu Yifan’s eyes darkened when he heard “Shui village” and recalled when he first met Zhan Beitian in the book, then he smiled and said and said: “Convenient, I have nowhere to go anyway but I have to remind you, quack, that your wife cannot be buried directly, she must be cremated, otherwise the virus in her body will spread through the mud..”

Zheng Guozong was startled and said: “Putting it in a coffin can also infect the soil?”

“Well, you don’t want to underestimate this virus.”

“So am I going to the crematorium now?”

Mu Yifan shook his head and said: “There are too many bodies to be cremated at the crematorium nowadays, it’s not your turn to go there and also, the crematorium is dangerous nowadays, you’d better not go there, I suggest you go back and cremate her yourself.”

Zheng Guozong turned to look at the man in black clothes, the man in black clothes nodded and said: “Just listen to Mr. Mu.”

Mu Yifan first went to a gas station to get gas, then drove to Shui village, where he was stuck in traffic because of the zombies on the road and arrived at night.

The village was so peaceful that they seemed unaware of what was going on outside and still visited other people’s homes in harmony.

There were also some old people sitting under the trees, laughing and reminiscing about the past, the atmosphere was very peaceful.

When Zheng Guozong saw how peaceful the place was, he sighed, “I wish it could stay like this.”

Mu Yifan smiled and offered to help cremate Zheng Guozong’s wife.

After all that, it was three in the morning.

But Zheng Guozong is in a dilemma, he should have kept Zheng Guozong at home for a night but he is worried that he can’t watch the man in black clothes and hurt Mu Yifan, so he doesn’t know what to do.

Mu Yifan saw his dilemma and said: “Quack, don’t worry, he won’t bite me.”

If it was before, he wouldn’t have given Zheng Guozong a hard time and just walked away.

But, he has nowhere to go. Zhan Beitian is at the villa. He’ll be damned if he goes back.

Of course, he could have chosen to stay in a hotel but it was deserted and there wasn’t a soul to talk to, so he preferred to stay here.

“You…” Zheng Guozong looked at him with a shocked face and said: “How did you know that Jiaming would bite…”

Mu Yifan honestly and said: “Because I’m just like him.”

There’s no need to hide his condition. Even if he doesn’t tell, the man in black clothes will tell the quacks.

Zheng Guozong was even more surprised and said: “What, you too…”

Mu Yifan nodded.

Zheng Guozong anxiously said, “But, you don’t seem to be any different from normal people and why can you talk but my Jiaming can’t, do you know how to make Jiaming like you?”

The busy Zheng Jiaming, hearing Zheng Guozong’s question, stopped what he was doing and looked at Mu Yifan expectantly.

Mu Yifan reassured him and said: “Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll talk sooner or later.”

“Really?” Zheng Guozong’s eyes lit up.

“Of course it’s true, only if he wasn’t mute before, he’ll be able to talk afterwards.”

“Will he ever bite again?”

“It will take a while for that to happen and when the body changes to a certain degree and then he won’t be hungry for live human flesh.”

Zheng Guozong happily wiped away the tears from his eyes and said: “Great, really great, Jiaming can become normal again.”

Zheng Jiaming put his arm around his shoulder and patted him as a comfort.

Mu Yifan saw Zheng Guozong so happy and did not go to spoil his fun, he will find another opportunity to explain to him later, it is difficult for them to become normal again, unless the body virus is completely removed.

Zheng Guozong happily went up to the second floor to clean up Mu Yifan’s room.

Zheng Jiaming picked up the phone and typed a few words on it, then handed it to Mu Yifan and said: Please tell me honestly, can we really become normal again?

Mu Yifan shook his head and said: “Apparently no different from a normal human but there will still be a virus in the body and in the future, humans will still try to kill us.”

Zheng Jiaming again and said: So what are we now?

Mu Yifan looked at his masked face and uttered two words, “Walking Zombies.”

Zheng Jiaming’s cell phone fell to the ground, the man was unable to regain consciousness for a long time.

 And so, Mu Yifan stayed at Zheng Guozong’s house.

 Zheng Jiaming was not able to control his bite like Mu Yifan, so he was locked up on the second floor by Zheng Guozong for the next few days and only took him out for a walk when Zheng Guozong had time.

 But I don’t dare to take him to a crowded place, so they’ll just look out over the fields and see the scenery.

 On Mu Yifan’s fourth day in the Shui village, he found himself getting hungrier and hungrier and on several occasions almost jumped on Zheng Guozong, which would have been tragic if he hadn’t tried so hard to hold it in.

 He knew it was because he hadn’t eaten in so long but now he had no appetite for anything but living flesh but he had to eat something and if he didn’t, sooner or later he would bite a human.

 Mu Yifan thought that the only thing that could fill his stomach was raw animal flesh and the only raw animal flesh he could accept was fish.

 He used to eat sashimi all the time. It’s just that he can’t get fish to eat in the middle of the night.

 Mu Yifan did not want to disturb Zheng Guozong, who had fallen asleep but thought there was a fish pond on the other side of the field where he could go fishing and eat.

 He searched the house for something to fish with but only found a fine net. Then he made a coarse net, filled it with rice and left Zheng Guozong’s house to run to the pond a thousand meters away.

 He doesn’t know if it’s his illusion but ever since he left Zheng Guozong’s house, he felt that someone was watching him and he could smell the smell of a living human flesh.

 However, there are a few families living nearby, so it’s not strange to smell the living.

 Mu Yifan didn’t think much about it, took out a handful of rice and sprinkled it into the pond, then, took out the flashlight of his mobile phone and shone it on the fish pond, saw that there were fish swimming this way, quickly put away the mobile phone, picked up the homemade net and poised to throw the fish net down.

At that moment, a low, harsh voice came over and said: “Who’s there.”

 Mu Yifan was so shocked that he threw the net into the fish pond.

 Oh, f-ck me.

 It’s only his first time stealing fish and he’s already caught.

 Mu Yifan turned his head quickly and saw a tall figure walking towards him.

 In the darkness, he could only faintly see the other man wearing a tattered straw hat, a cool black vest, his pants rolled up to his knees and no shoes on his feet, walking barefoot like this.

“Brother, do you know how scary it is to be scared to death.”

The other was silent for a moment before saying, “You’re stealing fish?”

“No,” Mu Yifan immediately denied.” Mu Yifan immediately denied and said: “I just couldn’t sleep and came here for a walk.”

The man asked, “Why can’t you sleep?”

Mu Yifan rubbed his stomach and thought it would be nice to talk to someone, so he said honestly, “I’m so hungry I can’t sleep.”

“Don’t you have anything to eat at home?”

Mu Yifan sighed, “Those things, they’re not to my taste.”

“So what do you want to eat?”

Mu Yifan didn’t speak.

The man added, “Want me to catch a fish for you?”


Before Mu Yifan could react, he had already jumped into the water.

In less than half a minute, the man emerged from the water with a fish in each hand, then threw himself onto the shore, picked up the straw hat floating on the surface, put it back on and climbed onto the lake shore.

Mu Yifan quickly asked, “Brother, are you okay?”

The man waved his hand, “Do you want me to roast it for you and eat it?”

Mu Yifan was busy and said: “No, I’ll just eat like this.”

“Just eat it?”

“Well, I’m going to slice it up and eat him for sashimi, you know sashimi, right?”

“I know but doesn’t grilled fish taste better than raw, Jesus?”

Mu Yifan’s eyes darkened and said: “But I can only eat like this.”

The other man fell silent, said nothing and turned away from the pond.

Mu Yifan quickly said, “Brother, thank you for the fish, I live in…”


After living in a quack’s house for so many days, he doesn’t even know the quack’s name or surname. He’ll have to ask him tomorrow.

Mu Yifan continued to shout, “I am a guest staying at Jiaming’s house, Jiaming do you know him?”

The man didn’t answer, just walked farther and farther away, turned a corner and disappeared.

Mu Yifan looked into the pitch black distance and muttered, “What a strange man.”

Moreover, the smell of living flesh from that person made him feel so delicious, more delicious than anyone else, just as delicious as the smell of living flesh from Zhan Beitian’s body, that he had the urge to bite into it.

Mu Yifan picked up the jumping fish from the ground and went  back to Zheng Guozong’s house to make sashimi.

Just after he entered Zheng Guozong’s house, a wet figure came out from the corner to the front door and through the window, he saw Mu Yifan clumsily handling the two fish.

The figure turned to leave when he saw the two fish turn into a stack of sashimi.

Mu Yifan looked out the window.

He still thinks someone’s watching him.

Because the scent of living flesh was so close, it was like the scent of the older brother’s body, the one who gave him the fish.

Mu Yifan was worried about the sashimi. He took the sashimi out of the hall, went to the front door and looked to make sure no one was around before returning to the house to serve the sashimi.

After all, sashimi does not taste like human flesh, it doesn’t taste good but it more or less stops his hunger.

After eating, he finally got a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, Mu Yifan woke up and saw Zheng Guozong eating breakfast, so he said good morning to her.

Then he went to the side and stared, then remembered what happened last night and asked, “Quack, I still don’t know your last name, what is it?”

Zheng Guozong chuckled and said: “My name is Zheng Guozong, why do you suddenly want to ask me my name in anger? I thought you were used to calling me quack.”

Mu Yifan smiled and said: “Your name is Zheng Guozong, then your son’s name is Zheng Jiaming, right?”


Mu Yifan whispered several times to memorize the name and said: “Zheng Guozong,  Family Name Zheng… Zheng Jiaming…”

How did he find the name Zheng Jiaming so familiar, then, what came to his mind, jumped up abruptly and said: “F-ck, quack, your son’s name is Zheng Jiaming?”




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