Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 79: Do I scare you?

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 79: Do I scare you?

The Zheng Guozong who is eating noodles was Mu Yifan shocked, choked by the noodles and coughed for several times, waiting to breathe smoothly before wondering and said: “My son is called Zheng Jiaming. What’s wrong with that?”

Then, he thought of something and whispered, “We can’t let the people in the village know about this, otherwise, they will definitely drive us out of the village.”

Mu Yifan asked: “Doesn’t anyone in the village know that Jiaming is a runaway from the mental hospital? Don’t they even watch the news?”

Zheng Guozong angrily refuted and said: “My son is not a psychopath, it’s the news that’s talking nonsense.”

He was very lucky that the village people seldom paid attention to the news and that by the time the village people sat down after everything, the news time had passed and they had gone to sleep before the evening news came and besides, not every station broadcasted the same news, so it was not surprising that the village people did not know what was on the news.

Even if he had seen the news, he wouldn’t have known it was his son, because they had moved out a long time ago.

People can barely remember what his son looks like.

Mu Yifan nodded and said: “he just ran away from the National Academy.”

That’s right, Zheng Jiaming is one of the patients who ran away from the neurological hospital in H City as reported on the news and his real identity is an archaeologist.

No wonder Zheng Jiaming is so self-conscious so soon after the end of the world is about to come, this should be the reason why Zheng Jiaming wears a mask and sunglasses on his face, just because he is afraid of being caught by the people in the institute.

Of course, he was shocked that Zheng Guozong’s son was Zheng Jiaming and not only that.

In his novels, Zheng Jiaming is also the most trusted henchman of the zombie king.

If Zhuang Ziyue is the left arm of the zombie king, then Zheng Jiaming is the right arm of the zombie king and has a very high degree of trust in him, the two are called the black and white angels beside the zombie king.

Zheng Jiaming was willing to submit to the zombie king because the zombie king saved his father, Zheng Guozong.

But Zheng Guozong has to feel sorry for his son, thinking that the humans abandoned his son in the first place, so he can also abandon the humans, loyal to the zombie king’s side, working for the zombie king, in the eyes of the humans, he is the traitor of the humans.

Mu Yifan could not help but sigh, he did not find Zhuang Ziyue but he found Zheng Guozong and his son, what an unexpected result.

The chopsticks in Zheng Guozong’s hand suddenly fell on the table and he looked at Mu Yifan with a shocked face. “How do you know about this? Did you also come from the National Research Institute?”

Mu Yifan didn’t answer him, just said, “You don’t have to keep Jiaming muzzled either, now the state has no time for his whereabouts and won’t send anyone to arrest him back.”

Zheng Guozong was still not too worried and said: “But…”

No sooner had he finished speaking than there was a loud thumping sound from upstairs.

Zheng Guozong’s eyes darkened and said: “How long will it take for Jiaming to completely refrain from eating human flesh?”

Mu Yifan and said: “He’s hungry because he’s been hungry for too long and if he keeps this up, the people in the village will notice that something’s wrong here and if he’s hungry for too long, he’ll easily lose consciousness and then he won’t even know you and he’ll bite you.”

Zheng Guozong was worried and asked, “What…? What can we do about that?”

Mu Yifan remembered that the sashimi had a little effect last night and said, “You go buy two carp and make it into sashimi and I’ll send it to him.”

Zheng Guozong didn’t doubt him and got up to buy fish.

Ten minutes later, he came back with two fish and made a plate of sashimi for Mu Yifan to take upstairs.

When Mu Yifan arrived at the second floor, the thumping sound became louder and louder and the screams coming out of the room were like wild beasts, which made Zheng Guozong, who was quietly following behind, worried and distressed.

Zheng Jiaming, who was almost unconscious inside the room, smelled the scent of a living person coming from outside the door, suddenly rushed to the door and slapped the door hard, making a ’bang’ sound.

As soon as the door was opened, he rushed out but ran into Mu Yifan, who was serving sashimi and somehow, the person in front of him suddenly made him feel scared.

As Mu Yifan walked in step by step, Zheng Jiaming retreated back into the room step by step and fell back on the bed.

Mu Yifan handed him the sashimi, “This is sashimi, it’s not as tasty as live human flesh but, at least it will keep you awake for a little while.”

Zheng Jiaming looked at him, then at the sashimi, quickly took the plate, grabbed the sashimi and stuffed it into his mouth. “Thanks.”

Mu Yifan was startled and said: “You… You can speak.”

Zheng Jiaming himself was stunned, never thought he could speak.

Zheng Guozong, who was hiding outside the room and peeking, cried tears of joy and ran in excitedly and said: “Jiaming, Jiaming you can talk.”

Zheng Jiaming looked at Zheng Guozong in the doorway and hastily called out, “Dad.”

Zheng Guozong responded excitedly and wanted to rush over to hug his son but Mu Yifan stopped him and said: “Quack, you’d better stay outside and watch from there.”

Zheng Guozong stopped and wiped his tears, nodding his head happily, “Good.”

He hadn’t been this happy for days since his wife died.

Zheng Jiaming looked at Mu Yifan, raised his eyebrows and strained to ask, “Just now, you… Just now, you… When you came… When you came in, you… You suddenly made me… I was so scared, I couldn’t… I couldn’t resist, why… Why did you do that?”

Mu Yifan’s eyes flashed with stupefaction and said: “I make you feel scared?”

Soon he figured out why this was so and said: “It should be because I’m higher in rank than you.”

If Zheng Jiaming hadn’t mentioned it, he would have forgotten about the fact that high level zombies can control low level zombies.

Zheng Jiaming looked confused and said: “Rank?”

Mu Yifan can’t go into too much detail either and said: “You’ll see later, you can’t go out yet, not until you’ve spoken well and can really control yourself in a few days.”

Zheng Jiaming nodded his head.

That evening, Zheng Guozong was so happy that he cooked a big meal to celebrate.

He didn’t care if Mu Yifan liked it or not, he just wanted him to have a few bites before he let him go.

Zheng Guozong found it particularly amusing when he saw Mu Yifan eating cooked vegetables as if they were shit, his whole face wrinkled up and he almost didn’t throw up.

Just at this time, there was a knock at the front door, followed by someone asking, “Uncle Zheng, can your TV get a signal?”

Zheng Guozong got up and walked out and opened the door, “I don’t have a TV, so I don’t know if I can get a signal, what’s wrong? You can’t watch TV at home?”

“Yeah, all of a sudden, the whole village TV went white.”

As soon as the man’s words fell, several families in the vicinity also ran out to ask if they could watch TV, some people just took out their mobile phones to call the TV station, no chat and no signal.

People in the village find it strange that even if there’s no signal on the TV, there’s no signal on the mobile phone.

Suddenly, the village was in an uproar.

Zheng Guozong went back to the lobby and talked to Mu Yifan about the lack of reception on TV and cell phones.

Mu Yifan knew it would happen sooner or later and was not surprised in any way.

Then, suddenly, the hall went dark.

The noise outside became louder and said: “What’s going on? Why is the power out too?”

Mu Yifan stood up, took out his mobile phone lighting and followed Zheng Guozong out the door to see what happened.

It was dark outside and there was a large group of people from the village standing in the middle of the road discussing it.

It’s not so bad when there’s no TV but it’s hard to get used to the sudden loss of electricity.

Zheng Guozong saw the chaos outside and whispered to Mu Yifan and said: “Mr. Mu, do you know why all of a sudden the TV and mobile phone signal is lost? Even the electricity went out?”

Mu Yifan chuckled and said: “Quack, you’re asking as if I know what’s going on inside.”

“I just thought you knew a lot, that’s why I asked if you knew anything about it.”

Mu Yifan opened his mouth and was about to say something when a dark shadow scampered over and shouted, “Uncle Zheng.”

Zheng Guozong recognized Zhang Le, the son of the village head Zhang and smilingly said, “Little Zhang, what’s wrong?”

Zhang Le took out a food container and handed it to Zheng Guozong and said: “A man asked me to give this to Mr. Mu, a guest who lives in your house.”

“For me?”

Mu Yifan was stunned, took the Tupperware from him and then, taking a look with his phone, he found that it was full of sashimi.

And there was a note on it that said, “Come to G City.




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