Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 82: Still as sinister as ever

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 82: Still as sinister as ever

“That’s a good question.” Mu Yifan wasn’t afraid to tell Zheng Jiaming about it, besides, this matter must be told to Zheng Jiaming and said: “You just saw, they all have real weapons in their hands, soldiers of the country, of course, that’s not the main reason why I’m afraid of them but, his captain! Know that I am…”

He looked next to Zheng Guozong and said: “Knowing that I’m the what, so, he could destroy me at any moment.”

Zheng Jiaming and said: “…”

Zheng Guozong spoke out, “If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t that your former boyfriend just now?”

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes in a huff and said: “What boyfriend? It should be a male friend. A male friend, you know, quack, do you know that one less word makes a big difference?”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

 Zheng Guozong won’t argue with him. They’ve separated anyway. Whether they’re boyfriends or male friends, it’s none of his business.

Mu Yifan continued and said: “By the way, he still recognizes Jiaming, Jiaming you must not be foolish enough to rush in front of him in the future, his ability is not something you can imagine or match.”

In the last life, the male protagonist had never seen Zheng Guozong but he had seen Zheng Jiaming.

 As the zombie king’s right-hand man, Zheng Jiaming, was also blacklisted by the male protagonist.

 Zheng Jiaming nodded simply because he thought Zhan Beitian had read the news about his escape from the mental hospital.

 At that moment, the phone beeped, indicating that the battery was 15 percent low.

Mu Yifan looked at his phone and said: “It’s about to run out of battery, let’s hurry and find something.”

He was the first to open the office door and chase the zombies away before letting the Zhengs out to look for something they could use on the third floor.

 Since the third floor hasn’t been cleaned, it’s well-stocked.

 In the clothing section, Mu Yifan grabbed some random oversized sportswear, as he felt that his clothes had shrunk recently, his pants were a bit tight and the clothes he was wearing now almost didn’t cover his stomach.

 When he was about to take it, the phone’s battery was low and he was forced to turn it off.

 Fortunately, they found the flashlight beforehand and packed up all the batteries and the torch.

 There are even more zombies on the fourth floor of the supermarket than on the third floor but with Mu Yifan and Zheng Jiaming there, the zombies don’t dare to approach and can only watch them from a distance.

 This also let Zheng Jiaming know that high level zombies have this kind of benefit.

“The fourth floor is full of bedding and there’s nothing we need, let’s go.” Zheng Guozong said.

Zheng Jiaming nodded his head.

 As they were trying to leave the fourth floor, Mu Yifan seemed to hear someone screaming for help, as if afraid of attracting the attention of the zombies outside, the sound was particularly low.

He stopped at speed, “Wait, I thought I heard someone calling for help.”

Zheng Guozong followed suit and stopped and said: “I heard it before but, I saw that none of you reacted and I thought I heard wrong.”

Mu Yifan asked: “Where did you hear that?”

Zheng Guozong took the flashlight in his hand and pointed it at a small door on the left 10 meters ahead, outside of which there were four or five zombies wandering around and said: “When we passed there just now, we heard voices coming from inside, not very loud, like the sound of mosquitoes.”

“Let’s check it out.” Mu Yifan took the flashlight back, went that way, drove away all the zombies, and asked, “Is there anyone in there?”

Immediately someone cried out anxiously in reply, “Yes, yes, yes, there are more than ten of us here, sir, and are there any of those man-eating monsters out there?”

“Yes but it’s far enough to get away.”

When the people inside heard this, they opened the door in a panic and when they saw Mu Yifan, they immediately cried out.

Mu Yifan couldn’t stand their cries, so he had to scare them and said: “If you keep crying, you’ll bring man-eating monsters to us.”

Sixteen supermarket salespeople and a female manager, who quickly suppressed their cries, didn’t dare to cry.

Zheng Jiaming said softly, “Let’s just get out of here first.”


 On the other hand, after Zhan Beitian and the others walked out of the supermarket, they immediately cleared the zombies in front of the supermarket and around the supermarket, then, they sent the two trucks with goods back first, leaving an empty truck and an SUV and twenty of their men waiting in front of the supermarket.

 Mao Yu and the others, so as not to disturb Zhan Beitian, who was leaning against the SUV, came under the truck and discussed in low voices.

“Boss, what is he doing, leaving so many people behind when he should be to go in and save the people, why just wait here and do nothing, doesn’t he know that this will easily attract zombies?” Sun Zihao said in a hurry.

Mao Yu raised an eyebrow, “Who knows what the boss is up to. Ever since he called us to G City, I’ve been unable to figure out what he wants to do next, everything he does is beyond my understanding. I think it’s because he knew this day would come, that he made us do all these things and some other weird things, which I won’t mention, as long as you know what you’re talking about.”

The other three agreed with him and Lu Lin said, “You say, the boss is getting more and more unpredictable, could it be because of Mumu? I wonder if Mumu is no longer alive and so, he has been so irritated that he has changed his whole personality, which is why he doesn’t even mention the word that sounds like Mumu.”

Xiang Guo then said and said: “I think it’s very likely that the boss is suffering from the shock of Mumu’s death, you don’t know, a few nights ago when I was on night watch, I saw the boss wet from the car, his face was dark and ugly, so I was wondering if he couldn’t think straight because of Mumu’s death and went to jump into the river but he was rescued….and then…”

Mao Yu interrupted him in a bad mood and said: “I’ll be damned, Xiang Guo, you’re really out of your mind, however, will the boss die for love.”

Xiang Guo dissatisfiedly refuted and said: “It’s not that I am out of my mind but the next few days, as soon as the boss has dinner, he will drive out and come back in the middle of the night and he doesn’t know what to do.”

Lu Lin quickly stopped them from fighting and said: “Okay, okay, don’t guess, anyway, we just need to know that no matter what the boss does, he won’t hurt us.”

Sun Zihao nodded, “That’s right, that’s right, hey guys look, someone’s coming out of the supermarket.”

 Xiang Guo and the others looked towards the entrance of the supermarket and a group of people ran out of the supermarket and the one in front of them looked very familiar to us.

“Holy shit, isn’t that Mu Yifan at the front of the group?” Sun Zihao.

Lu Lin raised an eyebrow and said: “Like, not quite like, different skin tone and temperament and a much cleaner face, a bit different from the Mu Yifan I know.”

Xiang Guo narrowed his eyes and said: “Something is indeed different, the last time I saw Mu Yifan, the complexion on his face was still bronzed, it’s only been half a month now, he can’t have become that white.”

Sun Zihao said, “Is he Mu Yifan’s sibling? The person we saw just now on the second floor, it should be him, right?”

Mao Yu raised his eyebrows and said: “Those women are wearing supermarket clothes, they should be supermarket salespersons trapped on the third or fourth floor, I never thought that they would be brought out so easily by just three people. I think only the other side is really Mu Yifan, only able to do this.”

At that moment, Mu Yifan came out of the supermarket and was shocked to see Zhan Beitian and the others still waiting outside.

Then, pointing to Zhan Beitian and the others standing nearby, he said to the salesgirls, “Look, those are the soldiers who have come to rescue you.”

As soon as the salesgirls heard this, they ran to Zhan Beitian and then, excitedly, jumped on him.

Probably because they were safe, they couldn’t care less and started to cry loudly, giving vent to their fear and terror of these days.

Sun Zihao is crying as he is being held by three women and is covered in tears and snot.

He gritted his teeth, “I’m pretty sure he’s Mu Yifan, because he’s as sinister as ever.”

Mu Yifan saw Zhan Beitian and the others being held up by the woman, threw their things in the trunk and drove off.

Zhan Beitian who watched the car leave and said: “…”

It wasn’t until he couldn’t see the car that he lowered his head and asked the few women who were holding him in a soft voice, “Ever been bitten by a zombie?”

The female manager wiped the tears from her face and sobbed, “No… no, I… No, I… We’ve been hiding in a small warehouse until just now… Those three men are yours? I’d like you to thank them for us.”

Zhan Beitian turned to look in the direction of Mu Yifan’s car again and a moment passed before he said, “Get in.”




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