Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 83: Man to woman, not man to man

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 83: Man to woman, not man to man

 Mu Yifan was relieved to see that Zhan Beitian and the others were not coming after him.

 Strangely enough, Zhan Beitian shouldn’t have been in the supermarket with his team.

 Not only is this place farther away from the center, the supermarket is smaller than the one in the city center and it’s even farther away from the villa he lived in before, so why would he come to a supermarket on the outskirts of the city to look for supplies?

“Shouldn’t you be telling me what’s going on?” Zheng Guozong suddenly spoke out.

After passing through the supermarket, he found out that the man-eater listened to Mr. Mu and seemed to be afraid of his son.

If Mr. Mu and his son didn’t have some relationship with those who could eat people, he wouldn’t believe it.

On hearing this, Mu Yifan looked at Zheng Jiaming through the rearview mirror and nodded slightly, asking Zheng Jiaming to talk to Zheng Guozong.

Now that G City has become like this, it is not only no good to keep it a secret but it will make Zheng Guozong become very, very ignorant, not clear about the way to survive in the end times and not clear about his own position.

Zheng Jiaming told them that he and his colleagues were infected by the virus and that he had a lot to do with the current state of G City and said: “Dad, those people you see biting people are called zombies, just like the zombies you see in the movies. Mr. Mu is also one of the zombies.”

Zheng Guozong didn’t believe his son is the same as the zombies he saw in the supermarket and said: “But, you are different from them, not only do you have your own mind and consciousness but you can also talk and now you can refrain from eating people, just like a normal person, how can you be the zombies you are talking about.”

Mu Yifan explained and said: “We’re not like the zombies in the supermarket because we become conscious after becoming zombies by using our willpower to stay conscious during the process. The reason we look like normal people is that we haven’t been wounded but if we are, our wounds won’t heal, they’ll decay faster and we’ll become like the zombies in the supermarket, with rotting flesh.”

“This… It’s…” Zheng Guozong was a little shocked.

Mu Yifan quickly said, “Don’t worry, quack, when we reach a certain point, our bodies will have the same healing functions as humans.”

The zombies would heal incredibly fast, especially the king zombie, he can heal in seconds but of course, he couldn’t tell them much about what hadn’t happened yet.

Zheng Guozong still can’t accept that his son is called a ’zombie’ and said: “How come you can chase away those… The zombies?”

“All I can say is that in a zombie it’s like an army of ranks and the higher ranks can control the lower ranks.”

Zheng Guozong was both curious and nervous as he asked, “So what level are you at now? Will you be controlled by other zombies?”

“It’s barely intermediate now, wait…”

Mu Yifan paused at that point.

He originally wanted to say that they would be considered truly intermediate when they had mutant powers but he couldn’t tell them that, so he had to change his words and say, “When we encounter zombies that are more advanced than us, if the advanced zombies try to control us, our bodies won’t listen to us and we’ll be at their mercy of the senior zombie.”

Zheng Guozong looked worried and said: “How did this happen.”

“Mr. Mu, I think you know a lot of things, can you tell us your real identity, if you keep hiding it, it seems it’s not good for both of us to get along.” Zheng Jiaming said.

Of course Mu Yifan knows this but he can’t say how he knows these things, so he can only put the blame on Mu Yuecheng.

“My father is a general, so he knows a lot about things and you know about the Mu-shi Technology Group in G City, right? That’s my company, my name is Mu Yifan, from now on you can call me Yifan or Mumu, it’s strange to call me Mr. Mu.”

Zheng Guozong and Zheng Jiaming were startled when they heard his prominent identity, no wonder the man knew so much.

At this time, Mu Yifan saw a jade shop on the roadside with its doors open, and quickly stopped the car and said: “You wait in the car for a moment.

The Qingtian Pearl hasn’t absorbed any jade energy for a week, so, in the last two days, he’s been acting up at night. If he doesn’t find some jade stones to replenish his energy, he’s afraid he won’t be able to rest for a few days.

Mu Yifan found a bag in the jade shop and put the small pieces of good jade into the bag before carrying the large pieces of good jade to the car.

The Qingtian Pearl’s tummy was particularly excited and Mu Yifan was sucking up energy as he collected the jade.

In the car, Zheng Guozong and Zheng Jiaming watched as Mu Yifan finished moving piece after piece of jade stone onto the passenger seat, Zheng Guozong looked from the corner of his eye and sneered and said: “You’re not going to take advantage of the world’s chaos and want to make a fortune, are you?”

Mu Yifan explained and said: “No, I have another use for it.”

When he saw that the passenger seat was full, he drove off.

Zheng Jiaming touched the jade stone and said: “At this time of the year, I guess food is more precious, right?”

“Of course, by the way, where is your house?”

Zheng Guozong immediately gave an address of an apartment.

Mu Yifan accelerates to the Zheng family’s apartment complex, where the compound has turned into a zombie zone.

There were hordes of zombies wandering around the compound, smelling the scent of live flesh and speeding towards them but fearing Mu Yifan, they stayed away from the car.

Zheng Guozong was saddened to see all the familiar faces of the zombies in the compound and said: “How many people are still alive in this world today?”

Mu Yifan looked at him in the rearview mirror.

Remember at the end of his novel, after the zombies are gone, the population is less than a tenth of the world’s population…

He parked the car in front of the D building’s door, “Jiaming, let’s take your father up first, then come down and move the stuff.”

Zheng Jiaming nodded his head.

He was grateful for Mu Yifan’s care and for putting his father’s safety before everything else.

Mu Yifan and Zheng Jiaming sent him back to his house to make sure there were no zombies in the house before they moved their things downstairs.

When he finished moving his things, Mu Yifan said, “I’ll be living with you guys from now on, is that okay?”

He helped the Zheng family so much, of course they won’t mind and if Mu Yifan stays, it’s a way to take care of each other.

Zheng Jiaming said, “Although we have three rooms in our house but one of them is a study room, let’s do this, Yifan, you will sleep with me at night.”

“No.” Zheng Guozong stood up abruptly and objected and, moreover, reacted a bit too much.

Zheng Jiaming was confused and said: “Why not?”

Zheng Guozong held his tongue for a long time before saying, “Men and men don’t get along.”

What if Mu Yifan has an affair with his son?

He didn’t think he could take it, so he couldn’t let them sleep together.

Zheng Jiaming and said: “…”

He found himself a little out of his father’s depth lately.

Mu Yifan doesn’t know what Zheng Guozong is thinking, only that he can’t be in the same room as Zheng Jiaming, because the Qingtian Pearl can’t be seen by anyone when it’s sucking up the jade energy.

“I just need a place to sleep, a floor in the study. It doesn’t matter.”

The Zheng family father and son have no intention to let the guests make the floor in the study and finally, they decided to make the floor in the study by Zheng Jiaming and let Mu Yifan sleep in Zheng Jiaming’s room.

Mu Yifan didn’t argue with them and after he told them he couldn’t use the tap water, he went to hide in his room to feed his ancestor.

He didn’t come out of his room until the next morning.

He first went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face and when he came out, he saw Zheng Guozong cooking noodles in the kitchen.

“Good morning, quack.”

Zheng Guozong looked back at him and smiled, “Mumu, good morning.”

Mu Yifan went to the couch and got a newspaper and read it.

Zheng Guozong cooked breakfast and came out and asked, “Mumu, I want to ask you, now that no one is giving you sashimi anymore and we don’t have any live fish to make sashimi, will Jiaming still be able to restrain himself from biting people next?”

Mu Yifan said honestly and said: “He won’t be hungry for a while, he won’t want to bite and if he does, just try to restrain it, as long as he gets through this month, he won’t be hungry again.”

When Zheng Jiaming possesses the mutant power, he will be able to act like a normal person.

Zheng Guozong relieved and said: “That’s good.”

Mu Yifan put down the newspaper and said: “Quack, I’m going out later to go back to my friend, I may not be back until tonight.”

Zheng Guozong asked, “Is it to find Mr. Zhuang?”

Mu Yifan nodded.

Zheng Guozong laughed and said: “You’re not bad with your friends.”

Mu Yifan laughed, stood up, stretched his waist, the clothes on his body with his movements, followed by up to receive above the abdomen, immediately, revealing the round belly.

 Zheng Guozong, who was eating his noodles, saw his abdomen and his eyes popped open and his chopsticks fell off the table without him noticing.

He jumped up and pointed at Mu Yifan’s stomach, shocked, “Mumu, what happened to your stomach?”




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