Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 85: Deserved it

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 85: Deserved it

 Mu Yifan heard a voice similar to Lu Lin’s and two soldiers calling the people outside Major General and thought to himself that this was not Zhan Beitian again, was it?

 That’s strange, very strange since G City’s so big, how did we meet again so soon?

 Is it because of the Qingtian Pearl?

 Mu Yifan thinks about it but doesn’t hold it up like that.

Outside the door, Lu Lin saw the two men coming out of the box, stunned and said: “Yu He, Wu Jingheng, why are you guys here?”

Wu Jingheng said and said: “Major General sent us here to protect Miss Rong.”

On hearing this, Zhan Beitian remembered that he had sent Yu He, Wu Jingheng and two other soldiers to protect Rong Yan and her mother.

Then he looked down at what he was holding and frowned.

Lu Lin took one look and muttered to himself, the boss is looking at the tracker again. Who the hell is he tracking?

Zhan Beitian raised his eyes to the door of the box and asked quietly, “Is she okay?”

Yu He said, “Miss Rong, that’s good.”

Then, two figures rushed out, one of them running excitedly towards Zhan Beitian and said: “Mr. Zhan!”

Without even looking at Rong Xue, Zhan Beitian stared at the person running in the opposite direction on the other side and quickly took a step, chasing after the person who was trying to escape.

Yu He, who saw Rong Xue running, he quietly slipped out his right foot.

After Zhan Beitian passed and Rong Xue staggered past and tripped, she was suddenly pitted against herself, slammed to the ground and immediately, fell on her face.

Suddenly, it hurt so much that she couldn’t speak.

Wu Jingheng and Yu He looked at each other with a sneer on their lips.

They’ve been enduring Rong Xue ever since the day the zombies broke out.

At that time, they were sent to protect Rong Yan’s safety and wanted to take Rong Yan away from work but unexpectedly encountered the unreasonable Rong Xue, who tried hard to find a lot of excuses to make things difficult for Rong Yan, delayed Rong Yan to leave and finally, led them to be trapped in the hotel.

There’s nothing wrong with being stuck in a hotel but this Rong Xue treats them like servants and torments Rong Yan with all kinds of tricks.

Rong Yan feels guilty that she and her mother left her sister behind at her father and the mistress house and has been putting up with Rong Xue for a long time. However, Rong Xue is so aggressive that she almost lured a group of zombies into the box, killing everyone.

Fortunately, they had guns in their hands at that time and fortunately, Major General said early on that the weakness of zombies is their brains, otherwise, they would have turned into man-eating zombies.

However, after this incident, Rong Xue is still unrepentant and is making a lot of trouble and she was making a lot of noise because she wanted to leave. It’s really annoying.

So their patience with her, which had always been good, was at its limit.

Rong Xue crawled up and immediately screamed in fear when he saw the rotting corpse not far away.

Xia Xiaoxiao and Liu Shan, who followed out from behind, saw this scene and sneered at the corners of their lips and said: “Deserved it.”

In the past two days, they’ve had enough of this lady treating them like servants and Rong Xue doesn’t treat them like human beings, even though they’re treasures in the family.

Rong Yan, who came out last, didn’t want to help.

On the other side, it took Zhan Beitian only a dozen steps to catch up with Mu Yifan, who was running towards the safe passage and pressed him into the corner behind the door.

Mu Yifan looked at Zhan Beitian’s cold eyes and said depressedly, “I’m really wondering, G City is so big but why do I run into you no matter where I go, what do you think I should do to avoid you and never see you again, next time, I will definitely do that.”

On hearing this, Zhan Beitian suddenly clenched his fist against the wall and said in a mute voice, “Do you think you’ll get away with it this time?”

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes and said: “I could definitely run away if I didn’t have a huge freaking belly on top of me.”

 Ever since he left Zheng Guozong’s apartment complex, his stomach has been getting heavier and heavier, until now, it’s as if he’s stuffed with two large watermelons and it’s so heavy that he can’t straighten his back.

 When Zhan Beitian was reminded that Mu Yifan was still pregnant, he looked down and realized that his belly was indeed bigger than before.

 He used to be able to hide it with his clothes but now you can tell he’s got a belly in even the loosest of clothes.

 Zhan Beitian was slightly startled.

 My belly’s getting bigger again. I think I’m going into labor.

 He pulled up Mu Yifan’s clothes and touched his white, round belly.

 The tummy was very quiet, unlike before when the Qingtian Pearl would beat with activity whenever he touched it but now it seems to be in a deep sleep.

At that moment, Lu Lin walked in, “Boss, you…”

He saw the man who was pressed against the wall by Zhan Beitian and suddenly, his eyes widened, “Mu Yifan! F-ck, Mu Yifan, why are you here, are you thinking of tricks to harm the boss again?”

Mu Yifan gave Lu Lin a glance, “Who would want to hurt him, I am lucky he didn’t come to hurt me.”

When he saw that Zhan Beitian was still touching his belly, he raised his hand and slapped it off, “Are you done touching? I’m not going to give birth to a baby if I keep touching it.”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

Lu Lin: “…”

He’s also curious why the boss touched Mu Yifan’s belly.

Mu Yifan pulled down his shirt in a hurry, saw that Zhan Beitian on the other side did not stop him with his hand, quietly moved his right foot and as he tried to rush out, he was grabbed by Zhan Beitian’s hand by the collar.

“Lu Lin, let’s go.” Zhan Beitian is aloof.

Lu Lin came back to his senses and said: “Yes.”

He quickly called Wu Jingheng and the others.

Wu Jingheng and the others called out to Rong Yan and walked to the safe passage.

Xia Xiaoxiao and Liu Shan will catch up.

A wretched and frightened Rong Xue saw Rong Yan who was protected by Wu Jingheng and the others in front of her, her eyes filled with red threads surged with the color of crazy jealousy, bit her teeth and quickly got up to follow behind them.

“Captain Lu, who is that man Major General is carrying?” Yu He whispered.

Lu Lin snorted, mockingly wrinkling his lips and said: “He’s Mu Yifan.”

Yu He was stunned and said: “Mu Yifan?”

“He’s the one who used to sneak up on Major General during missions.” Wu Jingheng reminded him.

“So it’s him, huh?” Yu He snorted, “No wonder he was willing to save that selfish, jealous, lady-tempered woman because a hill of bears can only accommodate the same of the kind.”

Lu Lin glanced at them, “Where do you hear about these things?”

“On the private side, there are all these things.” Wu Jingheng said.

Lu Lin didn’t mean to blame either and smiled, “By the way, who are you protecting?”

Wu Jingheng looked to Rong Yan who was walking ahead of him and said: “That’s her.”

Lu Lin looked at Rong Yan, a smile welling up in her eyes and said: “She’s quite good-looking.”

Yu He whispered in Lu Lin’s ear, “Captain Lu, is she Major General’s girlfriend?”

Lu Lin was stunned and said: “Where do you hear about these things from?”

“Whoever said Major General had a girlfriend last time. Then, we wondered if Major General’s girlfriend was Miss Rong. Why else would we go to all this trouble to protect her?”

Lu Lin shook her head, “Not her, you’ll never talk about this again.”

It’ll be hard on them if they mention the boss’s sad story again.

Mu Yifan in front, because the stairs were deserted, so he could hear Lu Lin’s words, especially the six words ’The Major General’s girlfriend ‘ clearly.

“So you’re here to find a girlfriend.” Mu Yifan sulked.

He had forgotten that Zhan Beitian ended up with Rong Yan in the book but, for some reason, he suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Zhan Beitian saw him suddenly wilt, frowned and said indifferently, “I don’t have a girlfriend?”

Mu Yifan’s eyes lit up and said: “Really?”

Zhan Beitian nodded his head.

Mu Yifan laughed, “Great, so I still have a chance to go after Rong Yan.”

Zhan Beitian’s face went cold, and he moved, dragging the man down quickly.

Mu Yifan was tugged by his collar and was already uncomfortable but also listened to a heavy belly. He was even more unable to walk fast, he quickly called and said: “Slow, slow, eh, my stomach…”

Zhan Beitian turned his head and saw Mu Yifan holding his belly while supporting his waist. He let go of the hand on his collar and put his feet up.

He watched him walk down the stairs with great effort, pursed his lips and then he put his hand on his waist to support him.

Mu Yifan turned his body sideways and held the handrail as he walked down the stairs, “F-ck, I feel like I’m really pregnant, so big that it’s blocking my view of the stairs.”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

Lu Lin and others behind him: “…”

They also feel as if Mu Yifan is pregnant and the preceding image gives them a vivid sense of ‘a husband walking down the stairs with his pregnant wife on his arm’.




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