Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 86: You’re just imagining things.

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 86: You’re just imagining things.

The further they went on the lower floor, the more corpses decomposed on the ground, scaring the cowardly women into screaming. On the first floor, there were so many corpses, there was barely room to stand.

“Xia Xiaoxiao, Liu Shan, come over here and help me over.” When she reached the door of the passage leading to the hall, Rong Xue, who was wearing seven-inch high heels, saw all the corpses on the floor and, suppressing her fear, stopped at the door and shouted in a commanding tone.

As if Xia Xiaoxiao and Liu Shan hadn’t heard her scream, they held each other up and stepped on the corpse and walked down the hall.

Rong Xue saw the two of them ignoring her and got so angry that her whole pretty face was crooked and said: “Two sluts.”

Xia Xiaoxiao and Liu Shan immediately stared back at her and continued walking.

Rong Yan raised an eyebrow and tried to turn back to help her sister but Wu Jingheng stopped her and said: “Miss Rong, do you realize that you are not helping her by going over there like this, you are condoning her.”

Rong Yan felt that this is very reasonable and did not pay any attention to the red-eyed Rong Xue, along with Lu Lin and the others to the hall.

Before arriving in the hall, Zhan Beitian let go of Mu Yifan and, lowering his voice, said coldly, “If you run, I’ll shoot you in the head.”

Mu Yifan: “…”

How did the man know he’d run.

 When they got to the lobby, they saw five SUVs parked in the middle of the hall, each with a man in the driver’s seat and the rest of them guarding the door to see if any other zombies were coming this way.

The soldier in the last car saw Zhan Beitian coming out and immediately said to the others, “Boss, they’re coming down.”

As soon as the people guarding the door heard this, they turned around and smiled happily when they saw Zhan Beitian and Lu Lin and said: “Boss.”

Sun Zihao came forward and said, “Boss, you and Lu Lin have been up there for so long, I thought something had happened. I almost sent someone up to look for you.”

He swept behind Zhan Beitian and saw that in addition to Lu Lin, he was followed by four women and two men, as well as a man who had been following Zhan Beitian without showing his face.

Sun Zihao raised an eyebrow, “There’s a survivor up there? Hey, aren’t those two people Wu Jingheng and Yu He? Why are they in this hotel?”

Lu Lin smiled and stepped forward, “That’s them, they are trapped here because they have a mission, they didn’t expect to be met by us, these two boys are lucky.”

At that moment, Mao Yu stepped forward and said, “Boss, it’s not advisable to stay here for long.”

Zhan Beitian nodded and said: “Get in the car.”

Lu Lin pointed to the last car and said, “You four women are in the last car.”

As soon as Rong Xue heard this, he got into the passenger seat.

Xia Xiaoxiao and the others don’t care and they don’t want to sit with her.

Rong Yan looked at Rong Xue, sighed and shook his head and walked to the car.

“Where are you going?” Zhan Beitian blurted out.

Rong Yan froze, stopped and pointed to the last car, “Don’t they want all the women to ride in the last car?”

Zhan Beitian blandly said, “I wasn’t talking about you.”

With one turn, he picked up Mu Yifan who also wanted to squeeze into a car with Rong Yan and said: “Where are you going?”

Mu Yifan pointed at Rong Yan and said: “I want to be in the same car as her.”

Lu Lin smirked and said: “You lost your mind.”

Zhan Beitian’s face chilled and he carried the man to the fancy car Mu Yifan had been driving.

Sun Zihao looked at the person being carried away by the boss and opened his eyes wide, “Oh shit, isn’t that Mu Yifan?”

Before, this person was standing behind the boss, so he didn’t notice that the person standing behind him would be Mu Yifan.

Lu Lin raised his lips, “No, he isn’t. By the way, where is Xiang Guo? Didn’t Xiang Guo say that next time he sees Mu Yifan, he will beat him up? Why hasn’t he done it yet?”

Mao Yu and said: “Today, it’s Xiang Guo’s turn to be responsible for the safety of the villa, so, this time, did not follow, okay, if you have anything to say, go back first, Mu Yifan now has a boss to watch, I believe he cannot escape.”

Mu Yifan really couldn’t get away, because as soon as Zhan Beitian got into the car he said, “Zheng Guozong has been invited by me to be a guest at the villa you used to live in.”

When Mu Yifan heard this, he asked anxiously, “Where is Jiaming? Did you do anything to Jiaming?”

 Zhan Beitian looked at him askance, didn’t answer him, started the car, followed the caravan and left the hotel.

 They didn’t say a word the whole trip, which made the car particularly quiet.

Mu Yifan couldn’t help but sneak a glance at Zhan Beitian’s indifferent face and then, he started to stare.

 The plot has gone off the rails and there’s no telling what’s going to happen next.

Not to mention he doesn’t know what the male protagonist would do to him but with the male protagonist’s hatred for the original owner, Mu Yifan, the male protagonist wouldn’t just shoot him in the head and let him die.

 In other words, like in the book, he’ll be tortured slowly, bit by bit.

 So, he was glad he had no pain feeling at all now, no matter what the male protagonist did to him, unless he shot him in the head or waited until he was an advanced zombie to torture him.

 An hour later, the car arrived at the gate of Mu Yifan’s former villa and everyone had to get out of the car to be checked.

 The person in charge of the inspection was already a Zhan Beitian, so naturally, he didn’t have any trouble making sure that no one was injured or infected before letting them in.

 The gardens in the villa area remained unchanged as before and there were many soldiers patrolling around the gardens in groups to protect the security of the villa area.

 When they saw Zhan Beitian’s convoy coming back, they immediately stopped, saluted the people in the car and stepped aside to make way for the convoy.

Then, from far away, they heard happy voices shouting, “Major General is back, it’s Major General they’re back.”

Many people ran out of the villa to meet them.

 Mu Yifan immediately saw Zheng Guozong standing at the door and when the car stopped, he immediately got out of the car and ran to Zheng Guozong.

Zheng Guozong also saw Mu Yifan’s car and rushed over to hug him and said: “Mumu, it’s good to see you’re okay.”

Mu Yifan asked anxiously, “Quack, where is Jiaming, is Jiaming alright?”

He was worried that Jiaming would be attacked by Zhan Beitian because of him.

Zheng Guozong smiled with satisfaction when he saw that Mu Yifan was so anxious for his son’s safety and comforted him and said: “Don’t worry, Jiaming is fine.”

Mu Yifan was relieved and said: “Good, then, where is Jiaming now?”

Zheng Guozong looked around, saw too many people and whispered, “This is not the place to talk, you come with me.”

He took Mu Yifan into the villa where Mu Yifan used to live.

 Mu Yifan looked at the decorations in the hall, his mood was very complicated, it was surprising that after more than half a month, the place was still the same as before, no changes.

Zheng Guozong took him up to the second-floor guest room and said: “This is the room Major General Zhan arranged for me.”

Mu Yifan looked at the guest room where Zhan Beitian was staying and said in surprise, “He let you have a separate room?”

In the current situation, the room should be very compact, why would they give up a room for Zheng Guozong to live alone and the hospitality he receives is even better than Lu Lin and the others.

Remember what he wrote in his book, that because of the compactness of the safety zone, there were five or six people in the same room.

The male protagonist is the only one who has a strong ability or a higher status in the team that has the opportunity to have two people in the same room, like Zheng Guozong who has a room of his own.

Zheng Guozong closed the door and sat him down on the bed before saying, “Yes, I’m the only one who lives here. I don’t know why but the person who sent me here was very kind to me and gave me a room as soon as I arrived.”

“So how did you get caught and did Jiaming come along for the ride?”

Zheng Guozong sighed and said: “Not long after you left, Major General Zhan came to my house with a group of people, I was afraid that they would hurt Jiaming and voluntarily followed them here.”

“Which means Jiaming’s okay?”

“It should be fine, before I left, Major General Zhan assured me that no harm would come to Jiaming during my stay here.”

Mu Yifan was relieved to hear this and said: “Then you can also rest assured that Zhan Beitian, having given you his word, will do it and will never go back on his word.”

Zheng Guozong snorted in a bad mood and said: “You do seem to believe in your man’s character.”

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes and said: “What is this about my man, don’t just use random words okay, I’m telling you right now I’m just an enemy to him.”

“I don’t believe it.”

“Believe it or not.”

“If he thinks you’re his enemy, will he still bring me here to look after…?”

 Zheng Guozong didn’t finish his sentence before someone knocked on his door.




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