Tharntype The Series; เกลียดนักมาเป็นที่รักกันซะดีๆ

Tharntype The Series, Seven Years After, Chapter 22: The Vow of Love

In the apartment belonging to the two young men, two bowls of porridge on a small table, two glasses full of water next to them and two chairs that had not been” blessed” for a month.

“What a familiar porridge.”

“Will you stop asking me?” Type doesn’t want to say more.

“I want to know.” Tharn is again the master of getting what he wants.

Type had to turn his face to avoid Tharn’s gaze,” I called to ask for Tar’s.”


Type hated to explain, no, he could explain, but if he had to say something nasty, it would be too hard for him to say, but looking at the face of the person who would fly to see him every week, he wanted to know. “Tar taught you to cook, didn’t he? But because of that Faires guy, I blew it. I wanted to do it for you this time, to surprise you and that’s all I wanted, so I called Tar and he taught me… Well, that’s it.”

   Sorry, Tharn’s mouth has gone crazy!

“What the hell are you laughing at?”

“Don’t you want to speak to me in monk-ish anymore?”

   Type lamented that if he kills now, will all the virtue he’s gained from being a monk be destroyed?

   Of course he doesn’t know how hard it is to force himself not to be ashamed when Tharn sees him after shaving, he’s not a man of modesty, even if he’s being ordained doesn’t mean he won’t be shy, of course he’s shy and there’s still a lot of things he can’t do well, luckily he’s not the only one there who’s in this predicament…

   Tharn’s gesture of paying tribute to the monk was so funny that Type himself couldn’t help but shiver with laughter.

   But if a man like Tharn, who had hardly ever been to a temple, could do it, then of course he could do it too. He tried to keep his mind at peace, to remind himself that he was a monk and had to be pampered, but he was also a man of the world, who said he didn’t need to be visited, didn’t want to be overworked, but in his heart he couldn’t stop waiting for Tharn to come.

   He didn’t know if this monkhood was a virtue or a sin!

   The first week as a monk, Type admitted that it was a tough time, adjusting himself to many things that he was not used to, one of which was missing… But he can’t blame anyone for this, he made this decision right after he reconciled with his husband.

   At that time, he really wanted to ask and know how they were doing, but he had to restrain himself because of his status, so when the Abbess told him the auspicious date for his reincarnation, he didn’t hesitate to choose the earliest date.

   If he had to wait two more weeks, he would have had a hard time.

   To be honest, Type wanted to come back as soon as he was reincarnated, but he still had things to tell his parents, so he would come back after he did his duty as a filial son.

   Who said that only Tharn was excited to see him? When he saw Tharn standing in the kitchen like that, he was thrilled beyond belief!

“Is that how the benefactor wants the poor monk to talk to you?” Type said, using the same way he had been talking for the past month at the temple.


“Are you the devil? You didn’t even know how I was depressed at the time. Don’t make me talk like that again, you know? During my ordination, I almost blurted out “you son of a bi-tch” a few times. And the problem of waking up early. I don’t talk about waking up with shit in my eyes, but I couldn’t stand waking up early like the monks. There wasn’t a single sitting session where I wasn’t in a meditative state. Because the monks didn’t eat after lunch, my stomach rumbled every day. I object to that, you know I have to eat a lot for dinner every day. Damn, it’s only a sin for me to spit… Hey, you! What are you smiling at, is your mouth paralyzed?”

Well, that’s progress, I’m spouting off and Tharn’s laughing, thinking he’s gonna yell at me for saying that.

“Because you’re shy.”

“F-ck you, I’m not!”

    I’m not mad at you!

“You’re shy, you’re really shy.”

“I said not shy!”  Type cranked up the volume.

Tharn shook his head and laughed: “Your face is so red right now and you talk a lot when you’re shy and you don’t have to touch your head all the time, it’s a new hairstyle now, little baldy…”

”Baldhead my left nut, my hair’s just short!”“ Type knew he was speaking out loud to hide his shyness, but his face burned when he was poked.

“I’m not saying anything about you. I’m just saying, you can be shy without fear…” Tharn smiled and said, Type looked up, the spooned hand was in front of him and he saw… his hand was trembling.

“Because I’m so happy to see you that I can’t stop shaking.”

   Tharn’s words were very direct, Type lowered his head disguisedly, looked at the cold porridge in the bowl and finally burst out laughing, the corners of his mouth turned upward and finally turned into a big smile.

   Seven years together, seven years, but only a short time apart and the atmosphere feels like we’re courting each other all over again.

   Tharn laughed too and their laughter echoed through the house, which had been quiet for a long, long time.

   The mood in the room was noticeably lighter and the two of them continued to gorge themselves on bowls of porridge as if they hadn’t had it before and although Type didn’t make it as good as Tar did, or any other professional chef for that matter, Tharn thought it was delicious… The best food he’d had in months!

“This is the bed I longed for.”

Type was the cook, so Tharn was in charge of the dishes, so he went to take a shower first, when he came out, he found that Tharn had already washed the dishes in the bathroom outside and was now working in front of his laptop, he went over and laid down on the soft bed.

   The bed at home was fine, but he was guessing that he was so used to the softness and comfort of it that I can’t help but get sleepy when I lie down on it.

“Is it that comfortable?”

“Well, you can’t understand my back pain if you’ve only slept in this bed.” Type rolled over onto his back and opened his eyes to look at Tharn, who had already shifted his attention from the computer to him.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh, you mean this, the online music store, I told you about this afternoon,”

   During the meal, Tharn did say that he had some free time last month, so he started to find spare time to do something and he is studying music, so he knows many people in this area. He consulted the older sister about opening an online shop, also gained a lot of useful advice and suggestions, it seems to be serious.

“Are you free now?”

“Tharn… Let’s make an oath.”


Type knew that Tharn would not be prepared for this. Seeing the dumbfounded expression on his face, Type had no choice but to continue his explanation, “I have discussed this with my parents, I have decided to live in Bangkok permanently, because you are here. My parents also respect my decision, because it’s the life I’ve chosen, so I want to tell you, I’m going to stay here with you and if you remember to take your vows… I don’t really know what you’ll decide, but I’ll give you my word.”

Type blushed and scratched his head, then sat down on the bed with his body propped up, gazing at Tharn who was still stunned.

“Didn’t your parents tell you about the B&B?”

   Well, actually this is something that Type had agreed with his parents before he went back to Bangkok.

“They said they’d sell it or give it to me as an inheritance if it ever got out of hand and they fail to manage it and I could do whatever I wanted with it, so I asked them… Well, I didn’t ask your opinion on the matter, I asked them if they would like to come and live with us in Bangkok. I’m unemployed now, but I’ll try to find a new job and I’ll try to buy a house and I’ll bring the two of them to live here.”

Tharn listened attentively and shook his head after Type’s words. Type shouted,” Come on, yeah, it’s my fault for not asking your opinion first, but…”

“No, no, I’m not shaking my head because you invited your parents to live with us, which I agree with a hundred percent, you’re an only child, if they wanted to come to live with us, I wouldn’t say a word against it, I’m shaking my head because you said you wanted to work hard and earn money alone… This has to be our family’s issue!” Tharn got up and took Type’s hand and held it tightly, his eyes and his face serious.

“I’ll try myself… We’ll work on it together!”

“…” Tharn had no words.

“Your answer to…”

Tharn smiled in return and after a long time said,” Well, my answer is, your future is my future too… Let’s do it together.”

Why? Why did Tharn’s words sound so much more beautiful than the ”I love you” he’s been saying a million times? Maybe it’s because it’s not just about love, it’s not just about feelings, it’s about action, about creating a real future together, a future that they can build together.

   Damn it! I never thought I’d hear someone say something like that to me!

   He and Tharn met as teenagers when they were freshmen in college. They fell in love, but never talked about what they wanted to do or be in the future, until today.

   He has parents to support and Tharn is willing to share that responsibility with him.

   For the last seven years, he never thought two people would talk about the future so solemnly.

“Tharn.” He took Tharn’s hand back, his voice trembling and looked up at the other man, seeing that his normally calm eyes were now firm and serious.

   Now Tharn has accepted everything about him and he…

“You listen to me…” Type had made his decision, he took a deep breath and made the most important vow of his life to Tharn.

“I, Type, hereby vow that you and you alone, in pain or in pleasure, for richer or for poorer, will be with you all the days of your life.”

   Type didn’t know what it was like to swear in the name of love, he just wanted to tell Tharn what was in his heart, Tharn had a stunned expression on his face, his grip on his hand increased and he took a deep breath.

“I, Tharn, hereby vow that no matter what happens, no matter what we go through together, I will always be by Type’s side… For richer or poorer, in pain or in happiness, you will be my one and only.”

   Tharn’s voice trembled so much, Type could feel it even through the contact, their hands firmly clasped together. Type’s smile grew wider and wider and although their vows had no witnesses, no officiant and were not as formal as others’ weddings, the vows were made from their hearts.

   They didn’t need any witnesses, as long as they found the right person, the man who once wanted to tell the world about his relationship with Type had the same idea as Type at the moment, he leaned over and hugged Type and Type hugged him back.

   They didn’t say anything else, they just held each other tightly, not wanting to let go for a moment.

“What are we doing here?” After a long time, Type chortled, suddenly feeling his breath quicken.

Tharn chuckled as well,” We’ll go buy the ring some other time.”

“Well, each one does half the work.”

   At the end of the sentence, Type was silent, Tharn was silent too and the quiet atmosphere was not awkward, but just quiet and enjoyed the silence.

   There may be arguments, anger and even separation in their future, but the promise they make today is not just words, it is a promise sealed in their hearts, a promise that lets them know that no matter what happens, they will support each other for the rest of their lives.

   At this moment, Type’s inner world was cheering: Although my lover is a man, I am the luckiest man.

“I love you!”

Type spoke the words as his heart moved and the next thing he heard was Tharn’s response.

“I love you too!”

~The Actual End~

T/N 1: I want to extend my thanks to all reader and a certain someone who get me the novel you are appreciated and I wish the best ever for you





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