SOTUS, Rule 7: Anyway, the head hazer is still the head hazer.

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 7: Anyway, the head hazer is still the head hazer.

“Ma’am, a plate of egg fried rice with basil leaves.”

Arthit didn’t even think twice before ordering the classic Thai national dish, because he had just finished training the freshmen and was feeling empty and didn’t want to waste his precious energy on anything. Besides, today’s training was in the playground, so Arthit had to run around the playground with the freshmen at twice the volume of his voice as he did indoors but on the other hand, he couldn’t blame anyone else, as he was the one who gave the order to punish them.

…To be honest, it’s not easy and fun to be an head hazer, not only yelling at the top of your lungs but also being so serious all the time that your facial muscles are going to die. And the plot and the people are all set up beforehand, even though it looks like the seniors are abusing their power for selfish reasons, they are the ones who take all the responsibility in the end, which is the same as the saying ‘if the juniors are tired, the seniors will be even more tired’…a truth that all seniors must unconditionally accept.

For this reason, Hazer Arthit’s first order of business after training the freshmen, was to find something to fill his stomach with to replenish his energy. He rushed straight back to the dormitory, put on a simple T-shirt and shorts and went downstairs to start foraging for food. But since it was almost seven o’clock, the prime time for students to eat, the crowd was overflowing, even the milk tea stall had a long queue, so Arthit had no choice but to wait at the owner’s place first and then get into the crowd to find a place to eat. Newspapers for waiting time.

…hehe hehehehe, it’s a good time to read the newspaper, I feel like I haven’t been paying much attention to international events lately, I go to class every morning when I wake up, I train the new students after faculty in the afternoon and then I have to think about the meeting in the middle of the night, life is so boring, even if a meteor hits America one day, Arthit might not even know about it.

Arthit opened the paper in all seriousness and began to update the database in his mind without any distractions, staring at the paper without stopping until he heard someone ask.

“May I sit with you, please?”

“No problem, you go ahead.”

Arthit agreed without looking up, because he was so focused on the gossips about the celebrity breakup and he had seen the crowd in the restaurant earlier, that it was okay to join a table with others, since he was alone. After agreeing, the other party sat down on the opposite seat and did not forget to thank him.

“Thank you, Phii Arthit.”

“Well, you’re welcome.”

Arthit replied without a care in the world, it’s only natural for a hazer to take care of his little brother…well, wait a minute, how did this kid know his name?

The confusion in his mind prompted Arthit to peek out from behind the newspaper but when he saw who was sitting across from him, he couldn’t help but stare in surprise.

Even though he was wearing the same T-shirt and shorts as him instead of the usual faculty or yard uniform and sweatpants, the status of both parties didn’t change because of the dress code. A prick who always likes to pick a fight.

…0062, Kongpop!

“What are you doing here?”

Arthit immediately became the head hazer, turned serious for a second and shouted at him. In his heart, he blamed himself for having been so careless. But the person who was asked the question was not surprised and answered with an innocent face.

“Aw…you just told me to sit down and now all the other seats are full too.”

The latter part of his words made Arthit immediately take a look at the restaurant, just like Kongpop said, every table was full of people. Arthit was about to kick him out but the restaurant keeper came to him first.

“I’m sorry kid, it’s crowded today, can you guys sit together?”

Maybe because she overheard the conversation between Arthit and Kongpop, or maybe because through Kongpop’s expression, she realized that there was some rejection in his heart and immediately came over to ease the embarrassment. With the help of God, Arthit couldn’t say anything else when he saw her apologetic face.

…he’s a regular here and the lady there treats him well, always giving him more than the others, so if he keeps on sticking around, it won’t look good.

Arthit had to sit still, though he didn’t like it. He kept a straight face and didn’t say anything, leaving the lady to ask the person opposite.

“Son, did you order?”

“Uh… not yet but I’ll have the pork egg over rice.”

“Okay, just a minute, I’ll make it for you later.”

The owner of the restaurant took the order and turned around to get ready. As soon as the lady left, someone got impatient and mocked her with a tone of utter disgust.

“Ah, egg fried rice, what a child’s food.”

With such a provocative tone at the beginning, Kongpop must have been trying to vent his frustration in this way. But as a freshman, you have no right to argue with the seniors’ questions.

“Because…I can’t really eat spicy food.”

“Huh? He’s so big, he can’t even eat spicy food, he’s such a p-ssy!”

Sharp words and sarcastic glances, no mercy, counted the other person out for nothing.

Well… sorry, can’t help you. If you want to sit at the table with me, you have to be able to fight me through this but it looks like you’re going to get beaten up by me for the whole meal. I’d like to see if you can eat or not and don’t forget who’s the head hazer at this table. From the order alone, it’s clear that the final glory must go to a man like Arthit and not to a chattering sparrow. Ahhh… I thought I was so strong but I was just a weak chicken, what a joy! Hahaha!

“Brother, your pink frozen milk is ready.”

…F-ck, I forgot about this.

The sister selling milk tea brought a girlishly colored, sweet tasting pink iced milk and handed it to the boy with sharp eyes but the boy’s face had turned white and he denied it.

“Hey! You got the wrong table, sis, I didn’t order it.”

“How can I not have some, it’s yours. I’m not mistaken, you… buy it every day and don’t think I’m fooled.”

Arthit was at his wit’s end, looking at the first-year student across from him with an embarrassed face and silently turned to take the frozen milk from the milk tea sister.

“Here’s your iced coffee.”

“Right, thanks.”

Kongpop put the iced coffee on the table, next to the pink milk tea. He takes one look at the pink milk drink and with a smile in his eyes, he says, playfully.

“I just found out, the seniors like to drink pink frozen milk.”


Arthit seemed to be petrified, his face gradually weathered and peeled off, falling all over the floor, his brain capacity was instantly overwhelmed and he couldn’t find any other curse words for a while, so he could only blurt that out.

And it’s really good, sweet, it’ll make you feel good, that’s why it’s a recipe to get rid of fatigue, that’s all. And the pink milk has a big fan following in the faculty too. Even though Arthit loves the pink milk, he has to say goodbye to his favorite milk for a while because he doesn’t want to be seen holding it in his hands by the freshmen but today was probably his water date, so whatever he was afraid of came up and the person who saw him drinking pink frozen milk was the last person he wanted to let in on the secret.

…sins of the world!!!

This resentful young man named Arthit, who was trying to make an end to his relationship with the pink frozen milk in his hand, was interrupted before he could do so.

“Fried egg over rice and fried egg over rice is ready.”

When the lady brought the hot food from the pot, Arthit reached for his basil and egg fried rice, when suddenly a strange thought flashed through his mind and he immediately stopped the conversation.

“Wait, don’t eat yet!”

Kongpop’s hand stopped in mid-air as he was about to pick up his spoon, coughing as he looked across the room at the speaker and then he put on his shelf.

“As your senior, I’ll teach you…do you know how hard it is to get every morsel of food we eat now?”


Kongpop nodded in reply, although he didn’t know what kind of drugs Arthit had bought but his intuition told him that he was up to something. Then Arthit’s words proved that Kongpop’s sixth sense was very accurate.

“To test your appreciation and gratitude for your food, will you recite a prayer to me before you start?”

“I can.”

Arthit laughed, then sentenced Kongpop to his fate.

“Then by all means use the highest volume of your gratitude for each grain of rice, I want to see how deep your gratitude goes.”

That’s punishment, Kongpop froze. But remember, they’re sitting in the middle of a restaurant full of guests and if one of them recites a prayer while they’re eating, it’ll be the center of attention, not to mention Kongpop being threatened to recite it out loud but even so, the man who gave the order didn’t care, he wasn’t ashamed of it but urged it in a loud voice.

“Ow! What are you waiting for, carry it! Or is your gratitude for the grain just a mouthful!”

Arthit choked, throwing a provocative look, like you wouldn’t dare. Kongpop, after a few seconds of thought, took a deep breath and recited as instructed by the senior.

“A meal is worth every penny!

Shame on waste to erase!

The well-fed don’t know the hungry!

Innocent children pity the world!”

The whole restaurant was stunned at this person who was reciting prayers in the restaurant and some customers were confused, so they were eating their food and then he started singing about innocent children, sounding like he was cursing himself. So some people turned around and started whispering to their friends and occasionally sidelong glances at Kongpop to vent their frustration. Unbeknownst to these uninformed people, this is the reciter singing about the contribution of food to all mankind.

Arthit was the only one who was happy to see that his little scheme had worked. But it didn’t end that easily, as Arthit was quick enough to snatch the plate of fried egg rice from Kongpop’s face, just as Kongpop was about to scoop it up and eat it.

“Ah…wait don’t eat too fast…this is the plate for you.”

The fried egg over rice was forcibly replaced with a basil leaf ruffled egg over rice, Kongpop asked in a huff.

“Give it to me?… for what?”

“Because of your true love of food, I want you to eat more… this plate of rice with basil leaves and eggs, so that you can eat your fill, what is it… do you want to refuse my offer?”

Despite his strange feelings, Kongpop had no right to refuse this unexpected offer. He accepted the plate of forced basil fried rice and ate it without complaint.

…it didn’t matter, it didn’t matter if he didn’t eat the fried egg, he didn’t care what he ate anyway and there was so much basil in this plate that he couldn’t believe they were willing to trade and even more uncharacteristically, they took the liberty of talking to him, in a very friendly manner.

“Is it good?”


“Really but I think the owner’s food is on the light side, so let me re-season it for you.”

As soon as the volunteer said that, he immediately removed the lid of the fish sauce and ladled it into the plate without asking the person’s needs.

“Enjoy it.”

Ending with such a gentlemanly tone was rare for the head hazer. But for some reason, Kongpop thought it was even more frightening than his usual boss’s voice. Because he had just realized that he had been tricked and he looked down at his plate of chili peppers and he was afraid that this time it was a hundred thousand times harder than ever but all Kongpop could do now, was to bow to his doom.

Kongpop could not stand it, immediately grabbed the iced coffee and opened the lid and gulped it in, lips and tongue already numb, tears of agony kept on rolling on his eyes.

The other person sitting across the table was eating a fried egg over rice, sucking on a pink milk drink and happily munching on it while watching a live feed from the same table.

…right, Arthit admitted that he was deliberately trying to screw this freshman, despite the suspicion that he was abusing his power for revenge but as Arthit had said before, no matter what, the two of them remained the same, the same student who had been his enemy, who had the nerve to shout at him and who had the nerve to talk crazy. Just like the last time, when he asked himself why he liked playing tricks on him, what a load of nonsense! And now Arthit is going to make it clear to him that…

…and he’s only doing it for the joy of relief!


The vibration of the phone in his pocket interrupted Arthit’s train of thought, he took out the phone and saw his friend’s name on the screen and pressed the answer button.

“Hello… uh, what’s up… uh, just having dinner… huh? You want to come over now, uh-huh, yeah, yeah, in a minute.”

When he hung up the phone, Arthit ate the rest of his meal in three bites and when he stood up, he didn’t forget to turn around.

“I’m leaving and as for you, eat it all, leaving absolutely nothing left, remembering your gratitude for the grain.”

The hazer wiggled his eyebrows mischievously and in the end, with a bit of sarcasm, left Kongpop alone with his half-eaten plate of food. Kongpop breathed a sigh of relief when the other man left.

…Kongpop knew he was going to get screwed but he always took his chances. He also wanted to try to get the senior teeth kicked in but he never could. Maybe it’s because he’s the one who messed with the other guy in the first place, so it’s not surprising that the hazer wants to get back at him.

He looked down at the plate of chili pepper basil fried rice, although he could have ignored it now, because no matter what, the orderly wouldn’t really come back to check if he’d finished it or not. But in the end, he chose to keep his promise to the Phii and forced himself to finish the basil rice, which was so spicy that it drove him crazy. When it was finally finished, Kongpop went numb and his mouth turned into a sausage mouth because it was so spicy that he lost consciousness.

“Ma’am, the check.”

Kongpop called out to the lady who was passing by to pay for the other table but she looked completely bewildered.

“Aw…the guy you were sitting at the table with, he’s already paid.” Kongpop was surprised by the lady’s explanation.

…”the guy at the table” and” he’s already paid for it”?

There was only one person at the table with him and if that’s the case, that means…

Thinking of this, he immediately stood up and walked out of the restaurant, straight towards the milk tea restaurant not far away, he asked his sister who was making juice.

“Sister, how much is my iced coffee?”

“Oh, that’s okay, the brother who ordered the pink frozen milk just now paid for it.”

…the exact same answer, which helped Kongpop solve some of his doubts. Originally he was going to buy water for the spice but when he heard that, he thought of someone and changed his mind randomly.

“Then I’ll have a glass of pink frozen milk too.”

Kongpop waited a short time for the gorgeous drink to arrive, paid for it and began tasting the pink frozen milk.

…as expected, it didn’t help Kongpop’s spice but at least, it let Kongpop know why he couldn’t get mad at the guy.

That’s because… you can’t stand the sweetness of temptation.


10 Things which Changed Since Arthit Became a Hazer


  1. Alarm Clock

Arthit is a very good sleeper (very extremely good sleeper).

Usually, if there was no class in the morning, he could sleep till noon and if some unscrupulous master dared to wake him up and disturb his sleep, there was no doubt that he would have a wake-up call but when Arthit became the head hazer, he had to get up early every day for the morning training of the new students and the earlier the appointment was made with the new students, the earlier Arthit had to arrive. Thus, the alarm clock was bought as an indispensable tool for waking up. And in order to prevent himself from sleeping too much, Arthit set the alarm to go off every two minutes.

After hanging up the phone, Arthit was able to do the separation from the bed reluctantly but every time he still had the urge to get up.

So, don’t be surprised if you see the hazer staring three times as hard as usual in the morning.

…as long as you know, it’s the aftermath of a virtual alarm clock that doesn’t wake up a severe bedwetter like Arthit, that’s all.

  1. Pink frozen milk

Arthit likes pink frozen milk.

On the one hand, there’s the pink girl, the sweet, sweet drink that will make your heart happy and on the other hand, there’s the ruthless, cruel and cruel hazer. As a rule, the black coffee that is served to the prisoners in the prison should be more suitable for the Hazer.

He knew that it was a little strange that a tough guy would like to drink pink milk but no matter what, Arthit’s obsession with it was always the same. Whenever Arthit feels depleted, he likes to pair it with any kind of food and for him, it’s as good as Red Bull for rejuvenating his body.

So now, every time he goes to buy a drink, Arthit has to keep reminding himself not to accidentally order the pink iced milk again. The lady selling milk tea would always ask him, ‘Don’t you want to order the same thing as before?’ and Arthit would have to ask her to change the taste and order a glass of iced water instead.

Arthit made a vow to himself that as soon as the orientation was over, he would give up ice water and drink pink milk after every meal until he felt good, to make up for the time he had spent wronging himself and the time that had passed.

  1. Botan tablets

Arthit hates Botan.

Being a sweet tooth, he hated everything bitter, including Botan, which was used to relieve sore throats but as the head hazer, destined to shout every day, he could only protect his voice as much as possible, because he felt that to train new students with a hoarse voice was the greatest insult to the title of” head hazer”.

So throat lozenges became the common choice of all the prefects for emergencies but Arthit himself tried to avoid the bitter stuff as much as he could and he asked the staff to prepare honey lemonade as a special treat for himself but making honey lemonade is so complicated and so time-consuming, that no one wants to do it for him all the time.

In the end, Arthit had to force himself to take Botan. Every time he took Botan for his voice after a training session it was so painful that Arthit had to eat a super sweet candy right after it to cover the bitterness. That’s why he always carries a few candies in his pants pocket, just in case he needs them.

Even though he knows that the hazer shouldn’t carry sweets with him, Arthit couldn’t care less, as long as he doesn’t take out any sweets in front of the freshmen, there shouldn’t be any problem.

  1. Sports

Arthit’s not the athletic type.

In his spare time, he prefers to stay at home with a fan and read comics rather than play football on the court. Although Arthit can win almost every sport, he usually chooses indoor sports, for example, basketball.

He was not the kind of person who would” die of exposure” to the sun, he just thought that the Thai sun could cook a live chicken every day and he didn’t want to be a chicken that had been plucked out of its feathers and was running around a field in 40 degree heat and find himself a roasted chicken but since Arthit became the head hazer, he had to undergo almost the same training as a soldier about to go to war.

Running in the middle of the afternoon when the umbrellas were high was a normal thing to do, because all the punishments given to the boys and girls had been tried and tested by the head hazers to make sure that they could withstand them, whether it was squats, elephant nose circles or head jumps, they had all of them in training. In addition, they are trained to swim in order to increase their lung capacity so that they have enough air to shout when they train later.

…The result of this round of training was that Arthit’s weight dropped by 5kg and he gained muscle tone, even his friends couldn’t help but envy Arthit’s now slimmer and more toned body.

He admits that there are benefits to exercise but if he had the choice… he’d stick with his non-athletic nature for the rest of his life.

  1. Beard

Arthit doesn’t like to grow a beard.

Arthit does not like the roughness of the stubble on his chin when he touches his face. And the stubble makes his face look very inharmonious as a whole but all his friends unanimously asked him to grow a moustache, because it made Arthit look mature and a clean-shaven Arthit was too young and gave the freshmen the illusion that Arthit was their friend and not a senior.

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Dingle Beans

Barkeep 11.

Of course, that includes his long, neck-length, wild-looking hair. But I’m not going to lie, it was so hot that Arthit wanted to shave it all off. But if he had done so, his friends would have jumped in and said, it’s not in keeping with discipline.

So, in the dormitory, Arthit had to tie up his long hair with a rubber band, as if he was on fire. Besides, the razor had to be hidden away, otherwise Arthit would shave off his beard when he got up to take a bath in the morning.

  1. Classrooms

Arthit is neither a bully nor a scum.

He’s the middle child, the kind who goes to class when he needs to work hard and cuts class when he’s lazy. It’s all about following human nature.

So, their faculty has this important rule for the head teachers: it’s okay to have activities but no missing classes. Because they don’t have time to make up for the classes they missed. Anyone who doesn’t do it, will be watched by the teachers and will be removed from the event.

That’s why Arthit had to drag his tired body to the class because of his heavy responsibility as the head hazer. No matter how late Arthit had been training the freshmen the day before, he had to get up early the next day, at least until he had to quit but don’t think he’s studying, he’s just sitting there, because he’s already mastered the art of sleeping while listening to the lectures and he’s a great student. That’s why Arthit had to take extra lessons with his friends to pass the exam.

After every test, if someone asks him what he learned, he’ll say one thing… forget it.

  1. Bicycles

Arthit has a bike.

It wasn’t just any bike but a classic black vintage bike, which in Arthit’s eyes, was cool as hell.

Usually he liked to ride his bicycle from the dormitory to class, because his faculty was very big, the roads were wide and there were trees and shade everywhere.

Riding a bicycle and feeling the gentle breeze on his face, Arthit admires the flowers, plants, trees and birds on the roadside, which is a good way to relax his body and soul. But if the freshmen see Arthit riding a bicycle, their image will be greatly diminished.

So every time he went to faculty or somewhere, he had to ask his friends to give him a ride on a motorcycle, until some of his friends wanted to help him raise money for a motorcycle so that he wouldn’t be a nuisance to others. Arthit himself is very happy to do it for free but even if he gets the money, he won’t buy a motorbike, he will buy a classic black bike with the money… What can you do?

  1. Tears in girls’ eyes

Arthit won’t let a girl cry.

Arthit had no resistance to any kind of girl’s tears. There were times when he sternly and loudly scolded his younger sister and made others cry, in fact leaden guilt made his heart drop to his ankles and he wanted to go and appease her but he still had to pretend to be aloof and unconcerned, still responding with a fierce glare.

Although after the training, Arthit would always ask himself if he had gone too far, because he was afraid that even after the orientation, the girls would still be afraid to get close to him.

He had heard that those who were in charge of the faculty were generally very popular and although they were a bit scary to his younger brothers and sisters, they were still considered public figures on campus and usually had sisters who would send him a secret flirtation but what Arthit had felt so far, was the exact opposite of that, not only were there no faculty girls who liked him but those faculty girls were as far away from him as possible, like monsters.

So, Arthit wasn’t quite sure if it was true that he would have 3,000 beauties in his harem after becoming the head hazer and he was even beginning to wonder if he had been deceived by the seniors.

  1. Friends

Arthit has a lot of friends.

Because he was an easy-going, fun-loving, social prince, he would go anywhere anyone asked him to go, so he had a lot of friends, not only from this house but also from other houses. But little did he know that when he became the head of the house, having so many friends… would also become a serious problem.

Because in front of his younger brothers and sisters, Arthit had to be serious all the time, never as unrestrained and playful as he was when he was with his friends.

His friends, even though they were aware of this, still chose to make Arthit laugh by doing something funny when he passed in front of the freshmen. To see him fail, Arthit had to act like you are all retarded in front of people and then laugh out loud when there were no people around, you know, holding back a laugh can cause internal injuries.

Arthit has mentioned this to his friends several times and even called them to scold them but for some reason, they didn’t think of Arthit at all. Poor Arthit, he not only had to fight with the freshmen but also had to watch out for his friends who attacked him.

10.0062 Kongpop

Arthit wants to be a good hazer.

He knew that being the head hazer would have a lot of negative effects on him but he still tried to do his job as well as he could, reasoning with the new students, controlling his emotions and making plans to inspire them in the right way.

Although those plans had been completely thrown out of whack since a younger brother he never expected to see coming.

…0062 Kongpop!

As a student who had been fighting against him since the first training session and who had a tendency to make sarcastic remarks, Arthit was often so angry that he forgot that he was a teacher.

He didn’t like that this kid was always playing the hero in front of his friends, although Arthit would kill the chicken and punish Kongpop severely every time but Kongpop didn’t seem to have the slightest bit of pain, so every time Arthit not only couldn’t relieve his anger but also got more and more gnashed his teeth.

…because it seems he’s being defeated little by little by the insistence of his younger brother.

What he didn’t like the most was the way Kongpop looked at him…that twinkle in his eye that hid something, Arthit didn’t know what it was but he didn’t want to think about it, because he was convinced that as long as he had the right to pass on the gear, one day he would defeat Kongpop.

Every time Arthit trained, he would focus on tasks that required patience but he would inadvertently look for someone standing in line and be prepared in case he got winded and stood up again to contradict himself.

For this reason, as much as he hated to admit it, Arthit couldn’t deny that, during his head coaching career, he was most concerned and impressed by the freshman, It’s…Kongpop.


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