SOTUS, Rule 11: You have no rights to interfere with seniors’ affairs

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 11: You have no rights to interfere with seniors’ affairs


“Stop! It’s not working! How many squats I’ve had you do since the beginning of the faculty year and you still make shit up! This is bullshit! No progress. Start over, now!”

The freshmen had become insensitive to the command” re-do”, because the previous times they had almost done the required 50 but every time the Hazer would make excuses and criticize them at the last minute and then order them to do squats again. The yearlings were already physically and mentally exhausted but even so, they still could not satisfy the hazer.

…thought that everything would be okay after the freshmen activities, because they really did a great job, winning all the sports championships, Mr. and Miss Campus. That’s why the freshmen had some hope that the seniors would recognize the spirit they showed but at the end of the day, the seniors were still seniors, as tyrannical as ginger and in the eyes of the freshmen, they were like devils who loved power and were feared. Perhaps because there was only a week left before the final flag capture and the end of orientation training, they had to make a show of their own, or else they wouldn’t be who they were. But then, the freshmen would be in for a rough ride, with their heads bowed in defiance and the punishment of their fate.

Numbed to the point of giving up their struggle, the freshmen were ready for the endless squatting punishment. But this time, before they could begin, the door to the hall opened, as if a boy band had entered, in a completely different style than the fierce seniors standing inside. Although these five or six guys didn’t look familiar, judging from the way the seniors stood at attention as soon as they saw them, they were probably seniors.

“Sawadee khrap!”

The other nodded and walked straight to the front seat and the seniors hurriedly introduced themselves to the freshmen as they made their way to their seats.

“Freshmen, this is your senior, salute!”

The sound of the freshmen saluting to the fourth-year seniors resounded throughout the hall and the freshmen were finally ordered to sit down.

Usually the sophomores are in charge of entertainment and the juniors are in charge of training but the seniors usually don’t get involved, so we don’t know what their purpose is this time, the seniors are already so cruel, so wouldn’t the juniors be in heaven, if they get punished again, then the freshmen should just die.

“Freshmen, you did a great job at orientation and I’d like to commend you on that.”

…not to be scolded but to be praised.

The freshmen looked at each other with bewildered faces but they couldn’t believe that they were hearing praise. Most of the time, they were hurt but they had already gotten used to being numbed by the sarcastic or pressurized comments from their senior teachers. In most cases, they were hurt but they were also used to being insensitive to the pressure and sarcasm.” As they were seniors, they had the privilege of being seniors, so even if the freshmen had a problem with it, it wouldn’t help. By the same token, those who are in charge of the juniors must be their seniors. The fourth year seniors turned to face the third year’s seniors, who were silent at that moment.

“As for you juniors who you are still here punishing them, I’m not sure you can do it as well as they did their freshman year. Someone reported to me that you’re punishing your juniors and hazers in training in an inappropriate way, not only by making them run back and forth in formation several times, doing squats, head jumps and push-ups but also by making them run 54 laps of the playground.”

Kongpop raised his head as soon as he heard the last sentence, because he was the last one to be punished, for challenging the head hazer’s authority. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, not to mention the fact that he was punished for not having a name tag and doing double the punishment. But he wasn’t watched that hard, because after the hazer explained to him why and gave him advice, he never got up to be a hero again. So, the management turned a blind eye and let him return to the team and he didn’t have to be punished twice as much.

Even though all of the above had been done a long time ago, the orders that had been given could not be taken back as if they had been spilled and the freshmen would never forget who had given them.

“Who’s the head hazer?”

“It’s me!”

Phii Arthit took a step forward, standing straight and with a calm expression, without any fear, he was the head hazer. Then, the senior asked a serious question once again.

“Come on, why don’t you tell me why you’re punishing the freshmen?”

“The reason I punished them was to make them more disciplined.”

The answer was clear and it was a well-known reason but there were many questions as to why punishment had to be used as a form of discipline. The fact that they are never satisfied with their punishments, no matter how many times they are given them, gives rise to the idea that the head hazers are only trying to take it out on the freshmen and not to teach them the rules. So the issue under discussion was something that all the freshmen wanted to know and they were all eager to hear the rest of the conversation.

“In that case, since you’re the ones acting as the ones who teach them the rules that means all those punishments you’re ordering, you can do it yourselves, right?”


“Then please show us and the freshmen how it’s done.”

As soon as the words fell, the hazer immediately turned around and faced the crowd of friends who were waiting to hear his arrangement and the words that came out of the hazer’s mouth made everyone present eye-popping.

“All head hazers, you will do 500 squats, 500 push-ups, 500 head jumps and I, as the head hazer, will do 54 laps of the yard after all of the above. Let’s go!”


The resounding voice revealed the attitude of all the head hazers to obey absolutely any order, even punishment. All the hazers quickly hooked their shoulders and started to squat and there was a loud count. All the freshmen seemed to be frightened as they saw that the punishment was several times stronger than before.

Some people may feel relief when they see seniors being punished but most people can’t stand by and laugh at their punishment. It doesn’t matter how angry the person is, because in their heart of hearts, it’s like a mirrored image of what the reason for the punishment is, it’s just part of the

Sotus System. Whenever there’s a problem with a freshman, the seniors are always the first to help out and when it comes down to it, the seniors are the reason they succeed.

…which may sound a bit false but the fact must be acknowledged that “freshman pride comes from the seniors”.

As a result, many of the freshmen began to sit up and take notice of the punishment in front of them, causing them to have a negative physical reaction. Kongpop also wanted to raise his hand and ask to be punished in place of the seniors but was afraid that his action would cause more trouble than it already was, because with the seniors present, the situation could get worse if he stood up for the seniors himself.

All the freshmen have to sit there and watch the seniors get punished and they can’t be dismissed until the seniors have completed their punishment. Even though the seniors were well trained, the push-ups, squats and head jumps, they’re all half-crippled. But the seniors who finished all the events tried to hide their exhaustion but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t hide the waterfall of sweat and the sound of gasping for air.

Phii Arthit was no exception but as soon as he was done, he headed out of the assembly hall, because he had one more punishment to perform, which was to run 54 laps around the playground.

Kongpop was ready, he was ready to get up and run out as soon as they disbanded. His heart was already flying away with someone. But before he could get out of the venue, he was stopped by his best friend.

“Kong, where are you going?”

“Going to see Arthit run as a senior.”

“Hey, can he really run? You haven’t done enough laps yourself yet.”

M told the truth and that’s what Kongpop is thinking about.

…In fact, Kongpop didn’t run 54 laps at all but only 6 or 7 laps and as soon as the training was over, the medical team lady ordered him to take a rest, because if he did run 54 laps around the soccer field, he would have ended up being carried to the hospital to get an IV and drink porridge. Then the seniors will be investigated by the teachers, so the medical team lady will try to protect the freshmen so as not to make things worse. But even so, Kongpop had only run 6 or 7 laps and he still felt like his legs were broken in the morning. Arthit had just been punished with thousands of squats and push-ups, so he must have been even more useless than before, so Kongpop wasn’t sure if the guy who just went out for a run could do what he said he could do.

“Let’s go to dinner, we’ll be back later to write our report and we have a physics exam tomorrow.”

M’s reminder made Kongpop even more wavering, he looked at his watch, it was almost six o’clock now, it would take a lot of time to eat, write the report and read the book and even if he chased after Arthit now, he would just stand around and stare at him, unable to do anything.

Finally, Kongpop gave up and went to dinner with M and a few other friends, then drove back to the dormitory on his motorcycle and started writing his English report, which he saved and typed up at the printer downstairs but halfway through the study, the pings assaulted Kongpop’s phone like a hypnotic signal, Kongpop’s head went fishing and when he looked at his watch again it was almost nine o’clock. It would be nice to have a pot of coffee or two now, Kongpop thought. Then he overcame his lazy self, shook off his fatigue and prepared to get up to buy coffee. He happened to glance through the window in the direction of the balcony and noticed that it was raining in streaks outside, oh…when did this rain start, I guess I’ve forgotten my reading.

Kongpop grabbed his umbrella and took the elevator downstairs, he was going to buy some snacks at 711 convenience store near the dormitory, he walked in the rain with his umbrella, the more he walked, the heavier the rain became, Kongpop finally reached 711, he found the entrance full of people sheltering from the rain, before he could lift his foot to enter, he was forced to stop for a motorcycle which was speeding by. And two wet girls rushed to get out of the rain, complaining as they ran.

“Ho-ho-ho… what the hell, it’s going to rain if we don’t agree to it.”

“That’s right, it wasn’t raining that hard just now, just a little further and we’ll be at the dorm, so why don’t we try to get back out of the rain.”

“You’re crazy! No way, it’ll get smaller when it rains, that’s right! I was just riding my motorcycle past the faculty soccer field and I saw someone still running there.”

“Ha! You can’t see, how can anyone still run in the playground?”

“I don’t know, maybe not, it was so dark, I couldn’t see much.”

Overhearing the conversation, Kongpop was stunned and some of the information in it made him think of someone.

…running in the playground in the rain, could it be?

He ran back to the dormitory, grabbed his umbrella and rode his motorcycle to faculty without a word. I don’t know if the girl was really wrong, Kongpop just wanted to find out with his own eyes.

Kongpop parked his bus not far away from the stadium, then speedily walked to the stadium, the stadium was still a few lights, bright but because of the rain, the vision is very blurred, almost can not see anything, including the blurred figure running.

…could it be fake, that’s right, who would be running this late at night and it’s raining so heavily. I just thought what that girl said might be true, so I rushed right away, huh… I guess I’m really crazy, Kongpop!

The man who berated himself for his lack of brains sighed, he turned to go home but at this critical moment, a faint sound from afar stopped him in his tracks. The one you’ve come so far to find.

Kongpop ran towards the man without thinking but when he finally saw him with his own eyes, he couldn’t even breathe.

Arthit was drenched in rainwater, both in his jeans and in his head hazer’s black T-shirt, he looked as if he had just been pulled out of the water but that wasn’t the worst of it, the worst of it was his pale, tired face, which at first glance looked as if he had been running for a long, long time.

“Phii Arthit! It’s raining. Stop running!”

Kongpop immediately went forward to hold the umbrella for the man, while he was exposed to the pouring rain but Kongpop didn’t care, because the suffering was nothing compared to what Hazer had endured. Hazer swept Kongpop away with an afterglow and chased him away, panting.

“You…don’t need to worry about me…five laps to go.”

…with 5 laps to go? In other words, Arthit has been running since 6 pm to fulfill his promise and he hasn’t run enough yet? It’s unbelievable that he didn’t run 54 laps as a punishment… why did Phii Arthit try his best so foolishly… is it just for the sake of ‘teacher’s dignity’…?

“But you’re all wet, you’ll get sick later, go get some rest.”

He tries to convince but they don’t appreciate it, they just say no.

“Yes, if you really want to give me a break, then please leave me alone and don’t get in the way! I’m going to finish the run!”

“Then I’ll run with you.”

Kongpop made his own decision and slowly ran along with Hazer, not forgetting to hold his umbrella until he had to stop and yelled at the top of his voice.

“What are you doing?! Back off!”

He who is forbidden to give up? The clear, certain eyes looked fearlessly into the murderous eyes and then insisted.

“No, if you don’t get some rest, then I’ll keep on running.”


Arthit lost his patience and shouted Kongpop’s name, Kongpop knew that he had made the hazer angry but now he couldn’t leave Phii Arthit alone to run in the rain. In the midst of this tussle, a third man intervened.

“What is it, Arthit?”

Both of them turned around at the same time and saw one of the senior head hazers walking over with an umbrella. Arthit wasn’t surprised at the appearance of his companion but immediately complained to his friend with a disgusted look on his face.

“This freshman is minding his own business here. Help me get rid of him and I’ll keep running.”

On hearing this, Arthit’s friend immediately turned the tables on the intruder and said to him in the serious tone of a head hazer.

“What are you doing here as a freshman?”

“It’s raining so hard, why is Phii Arthit running? Can I run for him?”

Kongpop hoped that at least the head hazer would let Arthit rest as he was his friend and then he would run the remaining laps in Arthit’s stead, continuing Arthit’s spirit. But the result was contrary to Kongpop’s idea, the senior teacher not only didn’t take Kongpop’s suggestion but also simply explained that he didn’t know what to say.

“But it’s punishment for the head hazer, not for the freshman.”


“Don’t say it! I disagree! You go downstairs in that building and wait!”

…without even a chance to argue.

Kongpop knew that it would do him no good to continue arguing and that if he continued, he would be dragged away by the tall, fierce-looking senior who looked like a nightstalker in a temple.

Kongpop hesitantly looked at Phii Arthit but he didn’t respond, he didn’t wait for the rain to lighten up and rushed into the rain again, leaving Kongpop standing there alone, until the senior poked him and asked him to go back to the building not far away.

So Kongpop could only follow the head hazer but in his heart he was puzzled, a pang of anger that he kept hidden.

…why…why did the senior watch his brother run to his death and did nothing…why did he let Arthit run alone…why couldn’t he run instead of Arthit?

All the questions formed a big question mark in his heart. As soon as he arrived at the building downstairs not far away, he saw that it was filled with people from the engineering faculty, not only the head hazers, the seniors of the hazers in training were also there, plus there were people from the medical group, Fang greeted him as soon as she saw Kongpop.

“Ow…nong Kongpop, why are you following along, huh! You’re all wet, want a towel? Wait over there with your friends, I’ll get them for you.”


He looked in the direction of Fang sister’s finger, stunned at the scene in front of him, he saw nearly 40 freshmen are standing there chatting, some of them and he also put on their own lingerie but most of them are still wearing training clothes, it looks like they have not returned to the dormitory, including a girl wearing glasses, the girl just happened to see him, so they waved and greeted.


Kongpop was willing to take May’s place and give her his name tag because he couldn’t answer Hazer’s question and May’s name tag was torn off. Instructors and other groups of staff are standing here waiting together.

“Why are you allowed to come here, have you been here long?”

The newcomer asked with a puzzled look on his face and then listened to May’s full account of what had happened, which was beyond Kongpop’s imagination but at last he was able to make sense of it all.

“We’ve been here for almost an hour, we were passing the playground on our way back to the dormitory from the library and happened to see Phii Arthit still jogging, so we called all our friends over.”

May nodded to herself, then the other girl continued.

“Yes, yes, I just took a picture of Arthit’s senior running and posted it on Facebook, it’s getting a lot of retweets.” I just took a picture of Arthit running and posted it on Facebook.

Kongpop’s suspicions seemed to have increased after the girls’ additions but he finally managed to put together all the scattered pieces, which meant that he wasn’t the only one who knew all along that Phii Arthit was still running.


Suddenly the phone rings, scaring Kongpop so much that he almost forgets he has it on him. He reaches into the pocket of his soaked shorts and pulls out his phone but fortunately his pants are still thick enough that the water doesn’t get into the phone. He looks at the caller ID on his phone screen, it’s his best friend and answers.

“What’s wrong, M?”

“Kong! Urgent news, I just saw someone share a picture of the head hazer running in the playground!”

“Well, I know, now I’m right here by the playground.”

“F-ck! Really! So he’s really still running? But it’s still raining. Don’t tell me he’s running in the rain, right? He’s crazy!”

…or else they wouldn’t have done it but the most insane people are the ones who know that Phii Arthit is going crazy but no one is helping him, everyone is just standing around waiting for the hazer to cash in… Penalties.

Now he knew how much honor and dignity belonged to the head hazer and he also knew why Phii Arthit was placed in such an important position, because Phii Arthit would never try to win others’ understanding by force… and he would never accept his good intentions.

Kongpop watched the rain lighten outside and when it stopped, Arthit had finished his run.

The head hazers and nurses quickly ran out of the building and wrapped up the soaked man, who was already staggering and so weak that he was about to faint, in a towel. Kongpop, who had rushed out with the troops, asked about his condition.

“Phii Arthit, how are you holding up?”

Even though Arthit was so tired that he could hardly speak, he shouted with the last of his strength at the freshmen who came to watch.

“You, what are you freshmen doing here! You can go back now!…Not, take me back to the dormitory, I need to change my clothes.”

Arthit said this to the senior who looked like a nightcrawler who had dragged Kongpop away before and not the senior who was carrying the limp Arthit towards the bus that was standing by, everyone made way for the hazer, except Kongpop who introduced himself as he followed.

“I’ll go too.”

Arthit looked back at the heroic professional, his freshly wet clothes and hair were almost dry but his stubborn attempts to convince Arthit remained unchanged, undiminished and Arthit was irritated to have to repeat the question again.

“Why did you follow?”

“I want to see you off.”

“No need! A yearling can do what a yearling does and leave us alone.”

“Don’t freshmen have the right to worry about junior seniors?”

Kongpop’s last question was also shouted, resonating through the entire playground, everyone dared not speak and turned to look at these two men. And Kongpop was looking at Arthit with a hungry look in his eyes.

…he wanted to ask… to ask the head hazer to take a look, not just at him but at the many other freshmen who were worried about him, wanting to make sure he was okay but Arthit just avoided Kongpop’s eyes and spoke directly to his friend.

“Not we can go now… As for you, if you follow me again, I’ll punish all the freshmen tomorrow.”

After dropping the threat, Hazer turned around and joined the head hazers and nurses on the bus. Only the freshmen and the hazers in training were left on the playground and they all retreated, as the rain that had just stopped began to fall again.

“Kongpop, let’s go.”

May came over and poked the distraught man, he nodded and followed May back to the building. He looked down and watched as the rain fell to the ground and then slowly disappeared…

It’s probably the same as how you feel now, no matter how hard you try to convey your feelings, they just disappear in the end.

…that the other one will never receive them.


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