SOTUS, Rule 12: Senior can take care of himself

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 12: Senior can take care of himself


…cell phone rings, ears hear it, hands outstretched, the heart wants to answer but…legs…offline.

Arthit was in bed like a corpse and SOTUS, Rule 13: Getting recognition from the seniorthe only word to describe his condition was” useless”.

For what? Well, it’s because yesterday, in order to show the freshmen what it’s like to be brave, you had to endure 500 push-ups, 500 squats, 500 jumping jacks and most perversely of all, 54 laps around the soccer field and the rain, as if you’re afraid the runners won’t be tired enough, you had to raise the bar.

I’m not afraid to tell you that being tired is nothing, besides being tired, Arthit’s heart almost stopped beating. His body was in a critical condition when he was taken from the playground by his friends to the bus and his unconscious body was so hot that his friends immediately took first aid measures. Arthit didn’t want to make a big deal out of it but if this got out to the teachers, it would be a disaster again.

When Arthit reached the door of the dormitory, he had to be carried in by a friend, because his trembling feet made it difficult for him to walk. What was the emergency in Arthit room at night?

  He fell asleep, as if he had slept for a century and woke up near noon. Arthit opened his eyes and found that he had a low fever and a sore throat but the worst of all was the pain in his legs, as if they had been crushed by a heavy armored bus and the reason for this was the inflammation of his muscles. That’s why Arthit had to crawl to the toilet even his friends felt sorry for him, what a misery.


In the end, his buddies got fed up, skipped their afternoon class and forced him to go to the hospital, where he got an unsurprisingly harsh lecture from the doctor, a big bag of pills and a bandaged left ankle. That’s what you get for being a hero. After that his friends took him back to the hostel and Arthit lay on the bed feeling as stiff as a log and unable to move his legs. He couldn’t even answer the phone when it rang close at hand, so he had to ask the last buddy who was on duty today to get it for him, while the others had already changed shifts for dinner.

“Hey Prem, hold my phone.”

“Here, take this.”

Prem threw the phone in Arthit’s direction and then continued to watch TV and enjoy himself, while stuffing potato chips into his mouth, forgetting that his brother was as good as dead. Arthit managed to find his cell phone, picked it up and saw the name on it immediately pressed the answer key and quickly said hello.

“Sawadee khrap.”

“How’s it going, puppy boy, dying?”

A pompous opening speech but Arthit was used to it, because Arthit’s ears had gotten used to it on their own when he was in training during the holidays.

“Soon, Deer senior, I saw my grandfather waving at me yesterday and I almost ran my a-ss over to follow him.”

Arthit heard a maniacal laugh on the other end of the line and then the tone of his voice softened.

“It’s not a big deal, I heard Nott said he was taking you to the hospital, I was worried about you, who the hell did this to you, we agreed to only do 20 laps?”

…Yes, the person Arthit is talking to right now is Deer, the senior who parachuted in yesterday, last year’s “Hazer” and the one who made Arthit order his own punishment. But in fact, this is a show that the old coach and the new coach have been planning to put on in front of the freshmen to show them that” there are seniors before juniors” and now it seems to be a full-fledged routine.

Even though the seniors don’t usually care about orientation, the seniors are still the seniors and the juniors should have respect for the seniors. Therefore, the easiest way to build up prestige in front of the freshmen was to make a scapegoat out of a hazer whom the juniors found irresistibly annoying and then the whole faculty would be punished by default. Arthit ended the call by making fun of Phii Deer.

“I’m afraid that the freshmen won’t know that you’re ‘awesome’.”

“You’re the best now, you’re the best in the faculty, do you know that freshmen are spinning your jogging photos on Facebook and they’re tearing us down as seniors, saying we’re too inhumane and I’m the one who made a friendly appearance but in the end I’m being cussed at by the same year, it’s not good enough!”

The senior teased Arthit like he was wounded in heart and Arthit didn’t know how to take it.

…at first he didn’t think the freshmen would come to watch him run, because he thought the kids wouldn’t care much and wouldn’t dare to care about the head hazers but he was happy to see them get punished in public. And the 54 laps around the playground, it sounds unbelievable, I don’t think anyone can do it but a person like the head hazer, who does what he says he will do, no matter how hard it is, he will do his best to complete it, no matter how much pain his body has to suffer in the end.

“Well then, lay your corpse down, I’ll leave you to rest, get well soon ha, lame little pup!”

At the end Deer gave his blessing, which sounded a bit owed but he could hear the senior’s concern for him and when Arthit hung up the phone, Prem on the other side said.

“You’ve done your best for your faculty and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Arthit shrugged his shoulders and replied with an understatement.

“No way, it’s all rules.”

…it was a rule that every head hazer had to follow, especially the one who was in charge of the hazing team, as long as they ordered the students to do something, they had to be able to do it, they didn’t do it because they wanted to show off or for selfish reasons, even though some of the punishments seemed a bit cruel and unkind, like before. He punished Kongpop by running 54 laps around the playground. Even though he knows Kongpop didn’t run those 54 laps, he’s the one who ordered the punishment to prove that it can be done, even if it costs him fainting or making others so worried about him.


The thought of that word reminded Arthit of the last words he had heard someone say before he fainted and what he couldn’t forget more than those words… was those eyes.

He couldn’t guess what message the other wanted to convey, because he could feel that it wasn’t anger but beyond that, Arthit could touch only fragments of emotions and from these fragments, Arthit read a pain, so deep that he didn’t have the courage to look at it, because it was as if the eyes were accusing him of a mistake.

I can’t blame him, he’s just being nosy, it’s not my fault!

Arthit got rid of all those nonsense thoughts in his head, in order to forcefully distract himself, so Arthit found a way, he started ordering that TV-chip-chip-chip-chip-chip-chip-chip-chip, in short, to do something.

“Prem, I’m hungry, go get me some porridge and a glass of pink milk.”

The man who was about to be commanded slowly averted his eyes from the TV screen but he was not surprised by his brother’s eating habits, after all the years he had been together, he had learned early on that the man in front of him, although he looked fierce, preferred the food of girls. Although Prem was understanding and accepting of Arthit’s unique fetish, Prem, for his own health reasons, seemed to be intolerant in this matter.

“You’re not feeling well and you’re drinking frozen milk.”

“Ho~ What do you know, frozen milk is my exclusive stimulant, 10,000 times better than those pills the doctor prescribed, drink it so my legs can heal faster.”

Prem didn’t like his friend’s sophistry if pink jelly can cure your legs, then what’s the point of buying just one cup like Arthit, you should buy a few liters of it and take a bath.

“Okay, okay, I’ll go down and get it for you later, sleep, you dead cripple!”

At the end, Prem made a point of highlighting Arthit’s latest pronouns, then went downstairs to buy food for the sick, disliking them as much as he did but remembering that he was here to take care of the bedridden boss.

It’s almost 7 pm, the time when students flock out for dinner and the dining hall next to Arthit’s room is crowded with people and the food is as if it’s free. Prem managed to get the porridge but when he saw the long queue in front of the smoothie stall, he felt like a deflated ball, what the hell, there were ten people around a small stall.

“A cup of pink frozen milk.”

Prem looked disgusted and said the name of the milk tea he ordered, startled the people behind him and hurriedly greeted Prem with a salute.

“Sawadee khrap, Phii Prem.”

When he heard his name, Prem turned around and saw that the person who greeted him was this year’s Campus Moon and Star, then nodded his head.

“Well, hello.”

Prem just wanted to praise this kid for his manners, even though he’s not from the same year, he still knows how to greet people when he meets them outside but before he could say that, Kongpop’s subsequent words completely shattered Prem’s image of good manners that he had just built up in his mind.

“Did the senior just order the pink frozen milk for himself?”

As soon as he said that, his face almost fell, forgetting that he had just ordered a drink that ruined his image as a straight man but thinking that it would take too much effort to really explain, Prem simply turned serious and asked back.

“Why do you ask?”


Kongpop immediately bowed his head in denial and also felt that he had interfered too much, so he quickly shut up, his mouth was kept shut but Kongpop’s mind was still filled with images of pink frozen milk over and over again.

…that reminds him of someone’s pink frozen milk.

Since the Arthit jogging incident happened yesterday, it immediately became the headline news in the whole faculty and spread to other faculties, centering on the freshmen in Kongpop’s faculty and then all kinds of voices appeared. Kongpop.

Kongpop knew that it was the responsibility of the head hazer and it was the dignity of the head hazer that Phii Arthit would defend to the death but what he didn’t understand was… didn’t Phii Arthit know that many people were worried about him?

He tried so hard to remind him, tried so hard to help but in the end his heart was always rejected and thrown away, as if they didn’t want to understand, which made Kongpop very sad. The first thing he did when he got back to his dormitory was to open the door to his balcony to see what was going on across the street but he couldn’t see anything because the owner of the house across the street had closed the curtains.

Until now, Kongpop’s database has not updated any news about Arthit, even though he seemed to be fine, attending classes and activities as usual but when he met Prem, he realized that there was still a stone on his heart. I’m not worried.

…there’s someone who’s always worried about you.


A cell phone rings beside him and Kongpop, who is in a deep fantasy, is pulled back and he realizes that the owner of the ringing iPhone is a senior Prem and the senior answers the phone and the conversation ripples in Kongpop’s ears.

“Hello… what, a flash drive? Hey, hey! Oh no, I forgot! uh, I have it, excuse me excuse me… huh? Do you want it now? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll send it over to you.”

After the call is disconnected, Prem panics and starts looking to his right and left, not knowing what to do, when suddenly his panicked eyes snap, just in time to collide with Kongpop?

“Nong, you know Arthit, right?”


Kongpop nodded in response to this somewhat baffling question, for Prem should have known he was Phii Arthit’s direct junior but for Prem, he just wanted to make sure again, for he was about to hand over an extremely important and difficult task.

“Then please take him the porridge and cold milk, it’s not far from the seniors Dorms, room 618, I have to leave in a hurry, ah! Here’s the money and porridge.”

It happened so fast, before Kongpop had a chance to open his mouth to say anything, the money and porridge were already stuffed into his hand and the senior who was in a hurry had already disappeared, leaving Kongpop alone to sort out his messy thoughts.

…Wait a minute. So neither the porridge nor the frozen milk belong to Prem? If so, that means they were bought for…

Only one name came to Kongpop’s mind, a name that made the corners of his mouth curl up to his ears. Fate had blessed him with the opportunity to get close to the one person he always cared about. He immediately cancelled the iced coffee he had ordered and waited for the pink milk. After getting the frozen milk, Kongpop took the familiar path but instead of turning into his dormitory, he stopped at the next apartment building, where someone was coming and going, so he didn’t have to swipe his card to get in.

…the room he looked at every day from his balcony.

Kongpop stopped at the door, he was a little excited and nervous but then he started to worry about what he would do if he saw Arthit’s friends when the door opened, he might be sent back before he could ask Arthit how he was doing. but what the heck, at least he would have a chance! A glance at Phii Arthit is all well and good and at that, he musters up the courage to knock on the door.

Knock! Knock!

…silence…no response.

Kongpop knocked again but there was no sign of anyone opening the door voluntarily…was Phii Arthit sleeping…or was he in the wrong room and the hesitant man was about to knock a third time but was interrupted by an extremely impatient voice.

“Come in, it’s unlocked!”

There’s no mistaking it, it’s the voice he knows. The person who got permission to boldly open the door, he looked around, the room is about the same size as his room, simple and elegant style, a pile of things left and right, completely revealing the owner’s fetish and at this time, the owner of the room is sleeping alone on the bed holding anime books and reading with great relish, without looking at who is actually coming in and also Straight out of a tantrum, he complained.

“Did you know my leg was hurting so many times that you knocked on the door to irritate me, Prem, it’s been a century since you bought something, so are you going to buy it or sell it for him.”

“There just happened to be more people in line.”

Such a polite answer could not have come from his brother’s dog, Arthit noticed that something was wrong and immediately braced himself to see what it was and was stunned to realize that he was the one standing outside the door knocking.

“Kongpop! What are you doing here!”

Arthit screamed, shouted and pointed his finger at the intruder, as if he had seen a ghost, his brain began to panic from lack of oxygen and he repeated the same question incoherently over and over again.

…Ah… 0062… How did this brat get here?…Does he know he lives in this room?…and…why did he come looking for himself?

All of Arthit’s doubts are cleared up with this brief explanation.

“Phii Prem is in a hurry, so he asked me to bring you porridge and cold milk.”

The yelled at person was quick to show the porridge and frozen milk as evidence and seeing what was in Kongpop’s hand, Arthit wanted to get his leg over right now and give the man who sold him out a nice roundhouse kick.

…s*** a friend betrayed me.

What is so important to the country that he can abandon me like this and who to send things to but the person he doesn’t want to see the most? So what was the purpose of pretending to be strong in front of that kid yesterday? If that same kid sees him lying here like a wilted cabbage, the tough man image that they traded their lives for yesterday will be gone… Oh hey, I’m going crazy!

Arthit, who had been humiliated, wanted to get under the door. He wanted to get up and barricade the door to keep out the intruder but it was too late, for he had already come forward and opened his mouth to ask.

“How are you doing, Phii?”

“I’m fine!”

Although this answer was light-years away from his real situation, he was just trying to save face for his boss, who was such a tough guy that even Superman and Spider-Man were inferior to him. But the way Arthit was lying on his bed, it still made the viewer suspicious.

“Really? Then why does the Phii need to put his feet up?”

…ow shit, I forgot again.

The man who had been caught in the grip hurriedly pulled out the blanket, then frantically covered his legs, then hastily covered up before he could think.

“Uh… just… just a pad to play with.”

Just because he didn’t have time to think, he lied like one does to someone on the level of a kindergarten student, are you sure you can fool a freshman in faculty? But Kongpop did not want to continue the interrogation but instead walked towards the direction of the bed, causing the person lying on the bed to scream again.

“What are you doing!”

Kongpop’s answer came in the form of action. He put his hand directly under the blanket and at the mere touch of his fingers on Arthit’s leg, he heard Arthit scream.


“That really hurts. Shouldn’t be able to walk, right?”

At the word ‘diagnosis’, Arthit’s eyes turned green…huh! You don’t have to say it again! Who gave you permission to stab me, without even asking about my health.

“It’s my business, you can go back now.”

“How can I go back, you’re so sick, I’ll make you some porridge.”

Arthit’s eviction order was not only ignored but also skillfully fetched bowls and spoons and set up the bed table for Arthit’s dinner service, which consisted of a bowl of fried rice with eggs and a glass of pink milk drink. With the food in place, Kongpop sat in the chair on the other side of the desk and watched Arthit eat. Arthit’s mind was a little bewildered at the thought of being offered such thoughtful service but even so, you couldn’t get a thank you out of the hazer’s mouth, as long as the troublesome thing hadn’t left the room.

“Why don’t you leave?”

“Waiting for the dishes, I don’t think Phii can get up and do the dishes, right?”

I don’t know if the person who spoke was sincere in wanting to squeeze the other person or what but it really hit Arthit right in the spine and he could not wait to get up and give this yearling a slap in the face… and this brat is making a fool of himself while his legs hurt! But now if Arthit really wanted to argue, it would be useless, after all he really didn’t have the strength to stand up and push this big, strong man out.

Arthit could only keep this in mind, sipping his porridge, letting Kongpop’s eyes scan every corner of the room, finally stopping at the sliding glass door, which was covered by a curtain but not too tightly, through which Kongpop could see the balcony outside.

…the balcony across the street where he likes to sneak a peek.

Kongpop had imagined many times what the person who lived across the street was doing in the house right now but now that he was there, he felt even further away from his own room. It’s time to see.

Kongpop thought as he stared at the clothes drying on the balcony, suddenly remembering that he’d seen them drying there since last night.

“Phii Arthit, the clothes are dry, do you want me to take them back, they will get wet again if it rains again.”

Arthit had just put a spoonful of porridge in his mouth, so he swallowed quickly to refuse and was in a hurry but unfortunately he didn’t make it in time, because the speaker had already pushed the door open, collected all the clothes that were drying outside and came back and asked.

“Phii Arthit, where’s the iron? I want to borrow it, to iron your clothes.”

“You don’t have to iron them, just pile them up over there.”

This time the owner of the house finally managed to refuse but it didn’t do any good, because the man just spread his clothes out on the chair and talked back.

“Are you going to put your clothes here to collect dust? Let me iron it for you.”

His mother’s lessons to Kongpop as a child came to life on paper, so graciously that the arguer was forced to shut up and watch as Kongpop found an iron and a low ironing rack on a shelf under the mobile phone and then thoughtfully gave the remote control next to his hand to the man drinking porridge on the bed.

“Well…Arthit, do you want to watch TV? I put the remote here, in case you want to change the channel.”

Arthit never heard such questions from his friends, because when Prem was here, he had the remote control all to himself, never asked him what he wanted to watch and the other friends who came to guard him, never bothered to feed him.

Except for this one man, who had prepared everything for him without him saying a word, who had come to visit, who had collected the clothes, who had ironed them, who had remained here without changing his face even when Arthit had thrown him out and who had done this for what Arthit didn’t know.

…as Kongpop did so, it reminded him once again of the last thing he’d said after his run and the look in Kongpop’s eyes as they locked eyes.

Arthit felt that he was drinking porridge more and more slowly, because his eyes were too busy switching between the TV screen and the person ironing and he had no idea what was playing on the news. Kongpop managed to finish his porridge and Kongpop’s clothes were ironed and hung up in the cupboard. Then he came back to collect the dishes, wash them and take out the frozen milk cups. When he was finished, Kongpop caught a glimpse of something on Arthit’s bedside table.

“Oh, right, do you have any more pills to take, Phii? I forgot to ask you while we were eating, if there’s anything you want to take before dinner.”

Kongpop was kicking himself for not remembering until now and after he read the instructions on the outside of the bag, he realized there was really a pill to be taken before meals.

“…see, one less pill to take, why didn’t you remind me Phii, when will your leg get better in this condition, don’t forget next time ha.”

At this part of the story, Arthit turned into a child and this deeply hurt the glassy heart of a junior faculty head, so he accidentally lost control and started to lash out at the man who lived by the sea.

“Ho ho ho!!!!! Don’t worry about me! I’m not a kid anymore, I’m your senior!”

When Arthit yelled, the atmosphere in the room turned silent, so awkward… and this awkward silence made Arthit realize that he had gone too far.

I understand that he really wants what’s best for me but I have to maintain my dignity as a “senior”, so how can I let him treat me like a child who can’t survive on his own?

Even then, Kongpop didn’t show any signs of anger and he just sighed and said,” I’ve never been so angry with you and you’re my first love. He just sighed softly and sat down on the bedside of the sick and wounded and said in a very gentle voice.

“I know you’re my senior but you should know that you’re sick and when you’re sick, someone should take care of you. When you’re cured, then you can punish me but for now, just help me out and do as I say…okay?”

Kongpop’s tone didn’t sound forced but more like a plea, accompanied by an eye roll.

…the same eyes, the same man, Arthit was defeated again and again.

He dodged but reluctantly reached out his hand to receive the medicine and took it with water. Then Kongpop ran off to wash the cups. At the same time Not, who was in charge of Arthit last night, came by.

“Hey, Arthit, I just ran into Phii Deer at lunch and he asked about you…”

He had not yet finished his sentence, for the one who spoke to him found a strange face in his brother’s room and when he saw who it was, he bowed down to him as a sign of respect.

“Sawadee khrap, Phii Nott.”

“Well, go pay your respects to the monk.”

Not also raised his hand in return but it was not difficult to see by the question mark on his face that he was puzzled by the situation before him but without giving him a chance to find out the truth, the man who had just greeted him was about to leave and seeing that Arthit was being attended to, he did not disturb him further, Kongpop turned to take leave of the man who was lying on the bed.

“I’ll be off then, goodbye Phii Arthit.”

Kongpop left without looking at the man who was bowing, still holding his stand. As for Nott, he still doesn’t know what’s going on.

“What’s a First Year old doing here?”

“Came iron.”

“Huh? To iron?”

The more you listen, the more confused you get but the person answering the question doesn’t want to continue the conversation, so they just cut it off.

“Well, I’m sleepy and I’m going to bed.”

Arthit immediately turned around and pretended to sleep to end the conversation.

Now he didn’t want to answer any questions, he felt himself burning up again, his face was hot, his head was dizzy and that’s why he’d given in and let the man in to take care of him.

And most of all, that haunting look in his eyes, that haunts him, that he can’t forget, no matter what, as if it’s rooted in his memory.

Because Arthit had made sure that the emotion Kongpop’s eyes were trying to convey wasn’t anger, or sadness, the look was trying to convey a request.

…asking him to “think” of the people who worry about him.


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