SOTUS, Rule 13: Getting recognition from the senior

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 13: Getting recognition from the senior

After a long wait, the day that all first-year industrial engineering students have been waiting for has finally arrived.

After two months of orientation, song practice, punishment and a lot of pressure from the seniors, it’s all coming to an end today, the day the orientation pep rally ends.

At this university, the orientation training in the engineering faculty is separated for each faculty in order to manage the freshmen better but the end time is the same for each faculty, so all the freshmen are gathered together at that time.

So, at six o’clock in the afternoon, the playground was full of freshmen in full faculty uniform, standing in line according to the faculty, nearly 800 people, in addition to the seniors of other years waiting to see the closing ceremony, to join the grand ceremony of the Faculty of Engineering.

“What’s up, Kong.”

Kongpop heard someone calling out to him, so he turned around and smiled and was about to greet him, when he realized it was an old friend from the chemistry faculty standing in the next row.

“Aw…Wad, I didn’t think you’d come.”

Kongpop asked because he knew that the other man, who hated the

SOTUS System and had never been to any freshman training, was suddenly in the playground, which was a bit strange but at Kongpop’s words, Wad crossed his arms over his chest and explained.

“Wasn’t planning on coming but I wanted the Gear to look cool, so I could show it off in front of my younger nongs later.”

Kongpop was caught off guard by such a childish answer and he burst out laughing, almost forgetting that today was the closing day in addition to the “gear”, the gear is the symbol of the Faculty of Engineering and there are two types of gears, One is the “faculty gear,” the other is the “faculty gear,” and in some faculties, the gear is turned into a ring, depending on the tradition of each faculty. A part of it.

Thus, the first step in testing a freshman’s pride is to take over the gears and after this round, the next step is to take over the faculties, each of which has different rules, difficulties and brutality.

The faculty, which is now making a name for itself, naturally cannot escape from the main faculty of the Faculty of Engineering, the “Industrial Faculty”, which is famous for its heroic deeds during the orientation training and the head hazer who punished himself for jogging in the rain caused a tornado in the Facebook world.” He became a popular girl on campus, so much so that all the students in other faculties thought it was a great honor for them to see the face of the head of the industrial faculty.

When it was time for the head hazers to descend the stairs to the playground, the hottest head of the group stood in the middle of the group and walked down the stairs with 30 other head hazers, all in their head hazers’ T-shirts, looking like a Mafia gang. After the landing, Arthit, who is the head of the faculty, gave a speech on behalf of the team and shook the field without the help of a microphone.

“Sawadee khrap, freshmen!”

“Sawasdee Khrap/Kha!”  (girls’ endings are ‘ra’, boys’ are ‘rap’)

Everyone’s answers were neat and unified but also collected in time to hear what Hazer had to say next. The head hazer scanned the circle of new students and then said.

“I understand that you have 791 people here today, more than the 750 we expected to ask for, so, at this point, I’d like to commend you for your spirit.”

Many people in the freshman team whispered about this rare event, because they never thought that such a fierce person like Arthit would be so kind and unexpected. The old man’s routine, touching your pubic hair, then smacking you on the head, is inhumane. And as expected, the next words out of the head hazer’s mouth immediately quelled all the gossip and everyone’s faces went white.

“But I’ve checked the autograph books you’ve turned in and many of you have fallen short of the thousand signatures I was promised and do you know what that means? Do you know what that means?”

Although each faculty has its own orientation program, there are some activities that all freshmen participate in, including” signature gathering,” where all freshmen are given a book at the beginning of the faculty year and are required to present it to the faculty and seniors one week before closing day.

In fact, a thousand signatures, it is reasonable that the students of the Faculty of Engineering did not collect all the signatures, after all, it is not an easy task, so many students did not complete the task and handed in the book, it is destined that this time they could not escape the eyes of the head hazers and seniors, so naturally this becomes a leverage in the hands of the seniors, which can threaten life.

“In the future, you may become engineers and engineers have to do what they say they will do but what you have shown me today tells me that you are not ready to be an engineer and I ask you, do you want to continue to be students in the engineering faculty?”


Even though they were attacked for their wrongdoings, the freshmen answered firmly and fearlessly, because even that was better than silence.

“In that case, I’ll assume that each of you is ready to bring up the gear gear.”

Arthit turned and motioned to the junior standing at the rear to bring up two tall trays containing the cog gear, which, against the backdrop of the trays, appeared even more sacred and inviolable.

“The Gear is the equivalent of the heart of our Engineering Faculty, unique in this world and you will prove to me that you are the right people to receive it, otherwise they will all be dumped into the pool and you will lose your eligibility to be students in all faculties of the Faculty!”

The seniors’ threats made everyone gag, because they knew that such threats were not just words, like dumping all the gear gears into the faculty sink, the seniors would do what they said they would do, because there was a real case a long time ago when all the freshmen were disqualified from the next faculty’s own competition and begged to be corrected. It took several times but it took a year to get through.

So all the freshmen pricked up their ears, ready to hear the trial of their fate and cheered themselves in their hearts. Then the hazer said in an irrefutable tone.

“I’m going to check your singing of the faculty song, the yard song and your chanting of cheer activity and I want you to control your voices to match the actual number of you and I’m going to be on the roof of that building over there and if I can’t hear you from over there, then you’ve failed.

…that building…from the playground, it was the seven-story high technical faculty building and although it wasn’t very far away, if they were really on the top floor, they weren’t sure if the freshmen’s voices could be heard. A hammer.

“Remember, you only get one shot at this! You have to be the best. That’s all I ask of you. Can you do it? Can you do it?”


The voices were thicker and stronger than ever and it was the freshmen who were cheering themselves on, ready for this crucial battle for glory.

Hazer Arthit nodded and took away a number of head hazers, leaving a few others in charge of maintaining order in the playground but never stepping in to help, leaving the freshmen to fend for themselves.

Immediately from the team that came out to lead the field is responsible for the chairman of the Faculty of Civil Engineering students, his attitude serious, clear and resonant voice, without losing leadership style, under his leadership, all the freshmen give their all to sing, singing a song that is…

…a song they didn’t know before.

The two months of training since the beginning of the program have buried this extremely long song with an unfamiliar melody in the memories of all the freshmen, as if they could sing it at any time, anywhere, even though they were from different faculties and had not rehearsed in a group but they sang it neatly as if it was sung by one person.

…a voice from the hearts of the first-years, which I hope is heard by the seniors on the roof.

Arthit went to the technical faculty building, took the elevator up to the seventh floor and went to the corridor window, where some of the older students of the faculty were already taking their seats to watch the freshmen.

“Prem, how’s the picture?”

He says hello to his friend who is skillfully pointing a SLR canon at a freshman zooming in the right direction, a veteran driver by the look of him. The driver took his eyes off the lens and waved for him to come over.

“Come and see for yourself, the light is perfect, it’s very nice.”

Arthit went to Prem’s side and leaned down to look down into the playground, he could only faintly hear the singing but he could tell by the melody that they had reached the end of the faculty song. Then the freshmen gathered in a circle, ready to shout the cheer but there were too many people, so they could only form a few circles, it looked like a twisted circle, from above it looked like a kindergarten child’s drawing of a flower but against the orange sunset it looked so beautiful that Arthit couldn’t help looking at it.

…it’s over.

From today onwards, his status as a hazer will be gradually weakened until it fades away completely, he will no longer have to do physical training for orientation… no longer have to run to the wrap-up meeting after training the new students… no longer have to punish himself after punishing the freshmen until his legs break, no longer have to run until his legs break, no longer have to run until his legs break, no longer have to run until his legs break… no longer have to run until his legs break… no longer have to run until his legs break… no longer have to run until his legs break… no longer have to run until his legs break… no longer have to run until his legs break… no longer have to run until his legs break… no longer have to run until his legs break… no longer have to run until his legs break… no longer have to run until his legs break… no longer have to run until his legs break… no longer have to run until his legs break…

Even now, Arthit’s leg was still aching but he knew that the pain would soon fade away, just like the curtain was going down on the orientation camp. But for Arthit… he knew that he still had his own memories, memories of his sorrows and responsibilities as a head hazer and of his fellow students who had been fighting against him since the first day, forcing him to think of new tricks to fight him every day and each time. Explode.

Arthit couldn’t help but smile at the thought but in just a moment the joy that he had just felt was gone and in its place Arthit’s heart felt as if it had been hollowed out, because from now on everything was coming to an end step by step… step by step and in the end he would have to let go, in the end he would have to be at peace with his position and power as the head hazer. Saying goodbye, because these freshmen still had to make their own choices about their future, all he could do was stand at a distance and silently watch over them and that included a certain someone.


The sound of the shutter snapped Arthit back to reality who was still in a state of personal mourning, he turned around to see his friend aiming his camera at him and frowned as he asked.

What are you shooting for, Prem.”

“Shoot you, it feels just right.”

Wondering why he had turned into a star, Arthit wept for the camera but Prem kept on asking Arthit to pose for a picture, with a group of freshmen trying to chant cheer activity in the background and Prem didn’t have time to press the door when a familiar voice jammed in. But before Prem could press the door, a familiar voice shoved its way in.

“Come on Arthit, the building will be locked up soon.”

Not came to remind him and the others that it was time to take the elevator down in groups and since it was now getting dark, Arthit had to reluctantly leave the window overlooking the world and follow in the footsteps of the team of head hazers as they prepared for their final mission.

Despite the fact that the sun had set and the entire playground was illuminated by a spotlight, the cheer activity of the freshmen were still being chanted, because the freshmen were instructed to chant the cheer activity for the number of sessions in their grade, which was 35. This meant that they had to keep bending over, raising their heads and shouting until they were hoarse and so on until they had reached 35. Many freshmen could not hold on any longer and were dragged to the stairs to rest, while some did not want to give up and continued to hold on to the army, even though they were exhausted but in order to reach the goal, they still put their strength on the shoulders of their friends and shouted with all their might until the last second…

Arthit was ready to take the stage again but this time he was about to climb the top step, so that he could be seen by all the freshmen and announce the results loudly.

“I went up to the roof to hear you chanting and your voices are as low as mosquitoes! And your cheer formation is out of order! If that’s all you can do, you don’t deserve to be our juniors and seniors! Those of you who are standing on the stairs watching, you can go down now, you don’t have to listen to their cheer activity anymore, the meeting is adjourned!”

Arthit’s last words startled all the freshmen in the playground and the seniors who had been standing on the stairs from the very beginning and watching them chanting cheer activity really came down, as if they no longer considered them to be their juniors and seniors and all of a sudden, the hearts of the freshmen seemed to be weightless. Even though they tried their best, the final result was still so unsatisfactory.

“What are you waiting for, I said the meeting’s over! You can go back now!”

The hazer’s urging again, like a sharp knife stabbed the freshmen’s heart, many of them cried but still no one wanted to leave the group, all 791 of them stood in the middle of the field in the same circle as when they had just shouted the cheer, because they knew that they had done everything to get here and if they left now, then… they would not be able to leave the group…and all the hard work you’ve done will be for nothing.

There was no need to speak up, the hearts of the freshmen were now united, their thoughts had reached a high level of unanimity and this evolved into a force that inspired the year president to stand up and he immediately ran up to the hazer and shouted a request.

“Can we have one more chance to shout the cheer, please?”

At the request of the headmaster, the teachers, who had almost reached the end of the playground, stopped in their tracks, Arthit smiled obliquely, glanced at the playground and nodded with a scowl.

“Yes! If you ask, then I’ll grant you, but this is your last chance to shout the cheer!”

Just hearing the head hazer’s promise, the others were already flying with joy and although they only had one chance, they only wanted to do their best and the president of the year who got permission to do so immediately flew back to the line and started shouting cheer activity.

All the freshmen in the Faculty of Engineering were ignited, immediately hooking their shoulders, bowing their heads and bending their waists, all of a sudden they were united as one, united as one and unleashed their arrows, just like a volcano erupting, deafening, more than ever before. This was the most concerted effort of the freshmen ever seen, more so than ever before but for the head hazers, no matter how imposing it may seem, it may not be up to their standards. At the end of the last trumpet, the hazer Arthit once again climbed the top step, ready for the second trial.

“Freshmen, remember this! This is the last cheer you’ll ever chant as students of our faculty. From now on, you’re no longer qualified to chant as students of our faculty!”

…disqualified from chanting cheer activity, which is equivalent to being automatically removed from the grade.

Even Kongpop felt a pang of frustration in his chest and wanted to raise his hand for another chance, even though he knew it was a long shot. What, so their hope is zero. Just then, the hazer spoke again and all heads looked up.

“…because, from today onwards, you are not just students of the faculty, each and every one of you is still part of the Industrial Engineering Faculty and the next time you chant a cheer, you will be representing our Engineering Faculty!”

The meaning of Hazer’s later words changed dramatically and the reversal was so sudden that the children on the playground were all confused, they gradually understood what had happened but when the word came out of the senior’s mouth, everyone’s heart still stopped beating half a beat.

“All freshmen, listen up! For this test, I’m giving you… a pass!”

The last word,” pass”, caused an explosion of joy and screams and suddenly the excitement swept over the whole playground, many jumped up and hugged each other, some picked each other up and spun around with their feet off the ground but some, on the contrary, cried more and more, like pigs but it was… Tears of joy, tears of relief after the collapse of so long. At last…they have become a proud part of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering.

“Please join the seniors in shouting cheer activity to welcome our newest member!”

Arthit summoned the seniors who had just come down the stairs but they didn’t really go far before, they came down and spread out around the freshmen and were ready to chant cheer activity in a circle with the freshmen as the center and the cheer activity were as loud as the freshmen, because from now on, these freshmen were part of the the faculty of Engineering family, only the freshmen were left. Each faculty has their own final round of examinations and if they pass, they’re all cleared.

After the seniors shouted welcome to the new members, they went to the tray to get their gear gears and distributed them to the new students by faculty.

“Nong Kongpop, congratulations.”


Kongpop received the well-wrapped gear in a transparent paper bag after bowing to Fang and immediately unwrapped it, eager to admire the symbol of Cheer that he had worked so hard to obtain.

The gear was cast in brass in the shape of a gear, with the name of the faculty and the 35th year engraved on it. He had heard that the cog was chosen as the symbol of Cheer because it represented” unity,” and that only when each pinion gear meshes with the other in an orderly fashion can power be transferred and that without one of the gears, the operation cannot continue. Therefore, the success in earning the gear was the result of all the freshmen working together, not because of one person’s heroic act, as someone once said.

Now he could clearly understand the good intentions of Phii Arthit’s actions, even though the way they were done seemed a bit simple and brutal, everything had its own reason in retrospect… It was a pity that from now on, he would never have the chance to experience such a simple and brutal teaching again but at least, this” step” brought Kongpop a little closer to someone.


A strange voice instantly broke Kongpop’s imagination, he turned his head to follow the voice and immediately saluted when he saw the person who was examining the photo with his head down.

“Hello, Phii Prem, you’re here too.”

“Well, I’ve come to film you chanting cheer activity and then I’m going to go back to filming someone else.”

A man was like the wind, coming and going as fast as he did, Kongpop looked like a monk but Prem couldn’t care less, because he had to shoot someone else’s photo, or he’d miss the perfect shot and then he’d be damned.

The cameraman raises his cannon to get a few panoramic shots but the weapon in his hand turns to remind him that the memory is low.

I’m out of memory, probably because the freshman was just chanting his cheer when he recorded the video, so the memory was eaten up and I forgot to get a spare memory card.

Prem could only put down the camera and started to look through the photos he had taken, trying to pick out the ones that were too fuzzy so he can delete but after looking through them, Prem was so distracted by some of the photos he had taken that he couldn’t get out of the way looking at them and after staring at them for a long time, he couldn’t take his eyes off the camera’s display.

…not really to brag about his own photographic prowess but these one or two pictures, he really felt in his heart of hearts that their beauty was different from other pictures, not from their composition or color but from the look of the person.

…the pride on his face, the look in his eyes as if he were thinking of someone and the slight upward curl of his mouth, which makes the picture seem natural and warm at the same time. In his opinion, this photo is the most beautiful moment of the closing ceremony today, capturing the moment between the “giver” and the “taker”.

Between   “senior head hazer” and” freshman”.


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