SOTUS, Rule 14: Honors to be defended by seniors

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 14: Honors to be defended by seniors

“…tonight? I’m free…yes, that’s fine…see you tonight.”

“Who’s the girl you’re talking to, Kong, you are talking so sweet.”

He was going to put the rice noodles in his mouth but at first glance, it was clear that this guy’s mind is not on the rice noodles, his ears are turned on the radar intended to pick up every word the person who is talking on the phone, the same concern about the “development” and the lunch friends together… No, it’s just that there’s a line of girls chasing after Campus Moon and Star and there’s no shortage of quality, rich girls and if Campus Moon and Star doesn’t want them, then everyone’s waiting for Kongpop to finish his call and Kongpop, he hangs up, eats his fried rice and answers.

“Well, the senior from the same code called for a code meeting.”

Hopes all at once dashed, a pile of lives lost to the plate in front of them.

…Fate plays tricks on people, some people are born with good skin but don’t know how to use it. Ever since Kongpop was crowned Mr. Faculty, the flies and bees have been all around Kongpop, not only girls but faggots and transvestites as well. But Kongpop, on the other hand, is unfazed.

Kongpop seems to have built a wall in his heart, separating himself from others, the Kongpop you meet is only the most obvious version of him, Kongpop has always lived in his own world, although on the surface it seems like Kongpop is easy-going and has many friends but in reality, not many people can really reach his heart. Man. Just hear M. whine with regret.

“It’s a pity for you that you don’t know how to make the most of what you have.”

“I don’t have time, it’s just classes and activities, the whole day passes and this Saturday is the faculty’s flag day.”

Kongpop was telling the truth, not that he didn’t like women but he wanted to focus on something else for now and although the camp was over, there was still a trainload of events to come and they were all going to be a hard-fought events.

“Um, speaking of flag capture day, I’m really f-cking curious what the seniors are doing and since you’re going to a sorority tonight, just stop by and ask around with the seniors.”

M smiled wickedly and patted Kongpop’s shoulder, entrusting him with this difficult task. He waved his head no and tried to excuse himself by saying he was just going for a meal but in the end, his friends and friends pulled out their” it’s for the whole grade” hats. He, Kongpop, reluctantly agreed.

This place is one of the most popular places to hang out, because not only the prices are beautiful but also the food is delicious and convenient, so the big tables are usually reserved in advance by the students. Kongpop entered the restaurant and took a look around and soon saw his classmate sitting at the back of the restaurant.

“Sawadee khrap, Phii Ple.”

He bowed to her. Ple’s face was very Chinese looking, her upturned eyes were very seductive and just like the last time she came to give him books and desserts, she was still very sexy and voluptuous. But this time, Ple was accompanied by a small, sweet-looking girl and a tall boy whom Kongpop had never seen before.

“Nong Kongpop, I’d like you to meet fellow senior ‘Noomnim’ and fellow senior ‘Park’.”“

“Sawadee khrap, sorry I’m late, have the seniors been waiting long?”

As soon as he heard that the seniors were the same as himself, he hurriedly bowed and said he was sorry. It was a bit rude for him to keep them waiting on the first day of the reunion as he is a junior. But Noomnim said kindly, shaking her head.

“No it’s not too late, we’ve just arrived, there are more people so we’re just taking seats first, if we’re late, there won’t be any seats for those who come after us.”

“Is there anyone else coming?”

Kongpop thought that all the students with the same number as himself are here, so he frowned a bit, could it be that some of the seniors who have already graduated are coming back? Later on, Noomnim’s surprised question confirmed that Kongpop was half right.

“Aw…Ple, you haven’t told him yet? I’ll tell you… it’s like this, nong Kongpop, we have a girl named ‘Fon’ who just graduated last year and her boyfriend is a senior in the same year named ‘Tum’, They are going to get married at the end of next month and in our faculty, there is a tradition that when two seniors get married, they will naturally form a pair, so we invited Tum and his classmates to join the reunion as well.”

People nod their heads, it’s the first time they’ve heard of such a faculty code tradition but it’s kind of cute and it’s a great way for people with different names to get to know each other.

“And what’s the other faculty number?”

“0206, just rearranged our numbers, isn’t it amazing, people say that Tum and Fon are a perfect match.”

Noomnim explained as if she was a young girl but at that moment, a senior student on the other side deliberately made fun of Noomnim and called her a *** and got a beating for it.

“Ow… just in time.”

It seems that the 0206 students gathered outside before coming in, otherwise a large group of people would have come in and the younger ones wouldn’t have had time to worship their elders. Especially the most senior among them, Tum, who has the standard Chinese style small eyes and single eyelid, even with glasses doesn’t enlarge his eyes much but on the contrary, the deep and charming eyes of his fellow student Fon, who is of the same grade, attracts many people to sneak a peek at them. But Miss Fon didn’t even look at them, she just walked straight towards someone.

“Ehh! You’re that Kongpop student who won Campus Moon and Star, I saw your picture on the website when you guys entered the contest and geez…you’re much more handsome in person than in pictures.”

Kongpop smiled awkwardly at his sister’s compliment, because he felt himself surrounded by the jealousy of the groom’s light waves. Phii Tum faked a cough to get someone’s attention.

“Come! Let me introduce you all. This is 0206 freshman ‘Lin’, over there is sophomore ‘Tad’ and senior ‘Pead’, as for the seniors, they’ve been held up. Be late.”

Lin is a short-haired girl who looks a bit manly and the sophomore and senior boys, they all look like jokers. The people on the other side of 0062 also hurriedly introduced themselves, in order to close the distance between them, because from now on, these two students are officially a pair of students.

The advantage of this traditional Thai barbecue is that whoever wants to eat anything can go and get it themselves, no need to feel embarrassed. Since there were too many of them, they were divided into two pots, one for the seniors and one for the juniors and they all ate and chatted in a harmonious atmosphere. But the happy atmosphere was suddenly stopped by Tum, who was sitting at the front table, standing up and waving to someone outside the barbecue.

“Hey! Ooun, here.”

Kongpop thought it must be the junior who was late for something, with such a cute name, it must be a girl, he turned around to look for the owner of the name but he never expected to see a familiar figure in a head hazer’s uniform, Kongpop’s eyes were as big as bronze bells.

“Sawadee khrap, brother, I have told you not to call me ‘Ooun’ but ‘Arthit’.”

The look on Hazer’s face was very serious, as if this was more important than life. Tum, on the other hand, gave a very interesting answer.

“Ow! Who called you by your nickname ‘Ooun’, from freshman year until now, I’m used to it.”

“But I’m a junior now and I’m still the head coach na, brother.”

Arthit boldly emphasized” Chief Instructor”, the more the occasion, the more you have to pay attention to your image. If someone knew that he had such a girly nickname like Ooun Ooun, then the head hazer would lose his face, especially if it was someone else. And that person, Arthit just caught a glimpse of sitting at the end table and Arthit could see not only confusion but also mockery in his eyes.

…he knew he was going to meet the freshman with student number 0062 but he knew it all along. I was hoping to make a cool opening, to shake off the identity of my senior partner, to deter that trouble-making kid, to make him respect himself a little more. But it didn’t work out that way. He had to go to lab, so he got out of class late and even though he was in a hurry to get here, he was late and not only that, he got called by a nickname and he got screwed on the first sentence.

The careless one looks like he’s got nothing left to lose but the other one seems to get it but no, the world already knows.

“Uh, I forgot you were the head hazer, um but isn’t your cheer camp closed?”

“Yes but there’s still ‘capture the flag’ and ‘the gear part’ left.”

Because of these two tough battles, Arthit had to be careful to maintain the image of the head hazers, even though there were thousands of s***s screaming inside that wanted to shave, cut their hair and remove the mask that pretended to be tough but he still had to restrain himself, otherwise no one would listen to the orders, no one would be afraid.

“And have you thought about how you want them to capture the flag?”

Kongpop immediately becomes a spy and listens attentively, trying to gather information to inform his companions but unfortunately someone sees through it and cuts off the idea.

“I can’t reveal this but I promise it will be even more brutal than your session.”

Arthit’s words completely blocked Kongpop’s way of escape, not to mention the obvious threat. It seems that in front of Arthit, Kongpop’s little fairy was a few levels behind, the little plot that was conceived in his heart was already dead before she was born. Kongpop looked at Arthit with a smirk on his face but it didn’t last long as Arthit’s face turned white after he said his next words.

“Well, in our year we had you little assholes running around the faculty singing the cheer song and I remember when we had you singing at 4:00 in the morning in front of the girls’ dormitory building at the top of your lungs, only to have the housemother throw a basin at your head and have you run away like rats from the streets, hahahaha.”

…awesome word brother, you’re so good, my brother is on his knees, please, can’t you see what’s going on here, the freshmen are all laughing their heads off?

Arthit was very uncomfortable and impressed by his classmate’s brother’s performance, he was trying to save the head hazers’ face but he never thought that the style of painting would suddenly turn into a funny style and he couldn’t even save them, this shock came so suddenly that it was completely out of Arthit’s control. Arthit had run out of epithets to hide his embarrassment and had to find an excuse to get out of this toxic conversation.

“I’ll go get the food then.”

Leaving this word Arthit immediately went to the place where the food was, away from the noise and the clamor, not caring what they would say about him behind his back, for it was better to swallow his anger than to face the ridicule of his brothers and sisters.

To be honest, he’s not even mad at Tum at all. His relationship with Tum should be more accurately described as” lovebirds”, because Tum is.  . He was a joker but sometimes he didn’t know what to do. Since Arthit’s duty as a teacher is not over yet, if he is allowed to joke around with everyone while the freshmen are staring at him with big, blinking eyes, Arthit’s inner voice will say, “Teacher can’t do it.”

Ho-ho!…Why does that kid always show up on occasions when he’s not supposed to! but if he couldn’t find any other way to vent his anger, he had to turn it into an appetite. Arthit saw that the pork on his plate was already piled up into a small hill and was on the verge of a landslide, so he glanced at the vegetables next to him and took another plate full of them, Arthit had an outrageous amount of food in his hands and while he was trying to figure out how to hold three large plates of food in two hands, one of the plates had already been taken away and someone kindly volunteered to help.

“Let me help you.”

It was none other than the one who shouldn’t be here at this moment and not only that, he smiled at him with a sunny face and continued.

“I just found out, Phii’s nickname is ‘Ooun’.”

“Who gave you permission to call me that name!”

Arthit immediately turned on him. He knew it was going to be a joke but he didn’t expect it to happen here, not even three minutes ago and this guy just walked up to me and made fun of me.

…the truth is, not many people knew the soft nickname except for Arthit’s very doggy friends and those who did were more used to calling him “Arthit”, giving the reason, saying that the word ”Ooun.” Make them feel like retards for saying that name and it’s easy to be called” spawn” by people who can’t tell” n” from ”l”, so… , Arthit also refused to be called that by his friends and besides, it was too soft a name, not at all in keeping with his temperament. But as if someone didn’t agree with this, Kongpop argued innocently.

“Why, I just thought ‘Ooun’ sounded good.”

“If you scream one more time, you’ll be doing push-ups in the middle of the store… and don’t tell anyone!”

Arthit immediately became the head hazer, giving orders with a serious face and a firm voice. Kongpop, after being scolded, looked happy and accepted the order.

“Yes, Phii Arthit.”

The owner of the name, nodded his head in satisfaction… let him know who’s the senior and who’s the junior, don’t be too aggressive, he walked ahead with the plate and as he walked he heard a voice from behind.

“That…does your leg still hurt?”

“Well, it’s getting okay,”

“That’s great, then I don’t have to worry so much.”

He saw that Kongpop still had a sunflower-like smile on his face but this smile was different from the one that made people angry, it is like the smile of someone who had been relieved of a burden. The picture of myself, because the smile is the same…

…whether it’s a smile or a look in his eyes, he can truly feel 100% heartfelt from this person.

The head azer didn’t say a word, turned around, walked back towards the table, sat down next to Tum and in full view of the audience, Tum started a new conversation.” Tum is doing it again.

“Gee, I wonder why you two freshmen want to major in engineering.”

“Because it’s closest to my house.”

Lin’s answer took everyone by surprise, the person who started the conversation frowned in disbelief but Lin insisted on her answer, causing everyone to laugh, it was an easy choice. Then Tum took aim at the remaining person.

“And you, I don’t think you’ll answer closer to home.”

Kongpop immediately shook his head and said an answer that made everyone even more silent than before but the point of silence was different for each of them.

“No, actually, I wanted to study finance but my mom wanted me to major in engineering, so I applied here.”

The eyes of everyone at the table brushed against the speaker, even Arthit, who was holding his chopsticks to the roast, stopped in mid-air. Until Fon was the first to break the silence.

“Aw, well why not pick what you like to study then, four years of forcing yourself to study something you don’t like, that’s too painful and a waste of that opportunity, I think you should go talk to your mother again, after all the future is yours.”

“Someone once said that to me too.”

Kongpop admits that he’s had a lot of second thoughts. He likes to study stocks and economic data, which he wants to do in the future but he doesn’t want to go against his mother’s wishes, so he’s sometimes conflicted and even now, he’s still reluctant to give up on his dream.

“Well, if you don’t want to study engineering, you can just drop out and take the test again next year but this year I’ve got you as our student code number, don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

Mr. Tum cheered Kongpop on, Kongpop smiled and accepted the support and encouragement from the seniors, which made him feel proud to study in a faculty with such good seniors.

…a harmonious and beautiful faculty, where seniors and juniors love each other.

The Thai barbecue party continued under the smoke of the barbecue and laughter, until the clock pointed to eight o’clock, everyone reluctantly prepared to leave, everyone thanked the old folks of the proprietor’s family and sent wedding wishes to the couple, everyone promised to go to the wedding soon, to have a Chinese banquet together.

After saying goodbye, everyone dispersed, those who didn’t have a bus were going to hitch a ride with Phii Tum and Kongpop didn’t get on Phii Tum’s bus because he drove his own motorcycle. So, only Arthit was left standing in front of the barbecue restaurant, Kongpop couldn’t help but ask.

“Phii Arthit, how will you get back?”

“It’s my business, not yours.”  but this time, Kongpop felt that Phii Arthit’s tone of voice was different from his usual serious attitude, this time there was a smell of gunpowder in his tone, as if there was something strange and Kongpop could feel that Phii Arthit’s strange tone might have something to do with himself.

“Is the Phii mad at me?”

The probing question caused the other man to immediately look up and stare, his eyes full of shit, oh no, fire.

“Why should I be angry with you! What’s your relationship with me, you haven’t even qualified to be my junior and it’s not even clear if you’re interested in studying in this faculty.”

Kongpop was confused by the acidic remark but still tried very hard to argue with it.

“But now I’m a part of the Faculty of Engineering.”

“Heh, are you sure you really want to be part of the faculty? If you didn’t want to study this course in the first place, why did you come here and occupy this cesspool? Don’t you know how many people have been trying to get into our faculty? You come in for a few days and then you run away. How selfish!”

With these last words, full of contempt, Kongpop froze in place, feeling numb and unable to move his limbs, his mind full of question marks, wondering why Phii Arthit had belittled his heart so much.

“I have my own reasons and I’m not just playing around, I’ve been to all the events in the Industrial Faculty and I’m going to do my best to snag the certification.”  but that didn’t do any good at all and the other guy still looked like he was disgusted.

“Don’t be a wise-ass, it’s not that easy to capture the flag!”

“I’ll make it.”

Kongpop made a solemn promise and looked at Arthit with a look of defiance. This made Arthit, who was the head hazer, want to discipline the younger brother to protect his dignity.

…It’s not that he didn’t know that this person in front of him had participated in all the activities of Engineering Faculty and because of that, he believed that this person really wanted to major in industrial engineering but in the end, he was arrogantly assuring him that he would definitely win the flag, a person who didn’t have any love for Engineering Faculty but he dared to make such a confident vow. Dignity in your eyes!

Arthit was about to yell at them but before he could say anything, he heard the sound of a motorcycle approaching them and finally stopped in front of the barbecue restaurant.

“Where did you come from, slow as a turtle, I rushed you so long, you can go now!”

“Aw…how is he going to get back to the nong?”

Nott sees Kongpop greeting himself and asks kindly but the other man mercilessly and forcibly cuts off Nott’s care.

“Ew! You’re a big boy, you’ll get home on your own, you go!”

Pushed to drive, Not was confused but did it anyway and left the nong behind and Not got no further explanation but it was obvious to all that the two of them were at odds over something, as Arthit’s last words, full of spite, showed.

“You call a meeting tomorrow, I’ll change the plan to capture the flag and I’ll massacre them!”

“What did the yearling do to upset you again?”

Nott asked in annoyance… to make Arthit so angry, Nott thought that something terrible had happened but it was the same person again, always the same person and the rest of the story was told to him by an angry voice in the wind.

“Huh! You know, that 0062 said he wanted to study finance and he got into engineering because of his mother.”

“So what?”

“He’s the one who said he was going to drop out!”

“Ow! Well, he did the right thing, the younger one didn’t like it and dropped out, you remember Vin? He dropped out of faculty and went to study communications.”

Nott’s words not only reminded Arthit of a freshman year buddy but also brought back Arthit’s sanity down the line.

…Yeah, a lot of his friends dropped out too, some because they didn’t like engineering, some because they couldn’t keep up and some because they couldn’t adapt. At that time, he didn’t get angry about it, on the contrary, he accepted the reasons very calmly and those people were also his close friends.

“So what the hell are you so mad about? Don’t tell me it’s just a little thing.”

There was no answer from Arthit, because even he couldn’t find a reasonable explanation for his anger. Yes, some freshman was dropping out, so why did he have to go on such a rampage? Why go looking for trouble and argue with someone else?

There is one reason for Arthit to be angry, that is, he has to maintain the honor of being the head hazer, it is hard to make the younger brothers and sisters have a deep love for Cheer but the freshman student does not. The reason for losing control, sometimes he just…

“…no, I just don’t think the roasted meat was good.”

Arthit replied in a low voice, half as angry as before but as if something had stuck in his heart.

…yeah, another reason to be angry, he thought the roast had been off since he heard what someone said.

…the indefinite” leave”.


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