SOTUS, Rule 15: Breaking the seniors’ game levels

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 15: Breaking the seniors’ game levels

The Industrial Engineering Faculty of Industry Capture the Flag competition was held only… five days apart from the closing ceremony.

They’re still hurting from the last wave and their voices are just getting better, so they’re getting ready for another round of fighting. But no matter how tired they are, these freshmen will crawl their way to the top.

The rules and methods of capturing the flag vary from year to year depending on the head of the faculty, which means that the head of the faculty is in charge of how the game is played, so whether you run around the faculty singing the faculty song or climb five meters high and get up to the top of the flag, you’re in charge of the game. When you go for the flag on the greased pole, you have to play with a smile on your face.

So it’s not surprising that these kids are already lined up in the playground at 7am on a Saturday morning, waiting with great trepidation for the announcement of the questions they will be asked.

Even though there were those who risked their lives to get some useful information from the seniors, most of the seniors were uninformed people, only those within the faculty knew about it and there were also some gossips who didn’t know if it was to cheer up the freshmen or to make them squeamish.

…this capture of the flag promises to be… brutal!

As one of the members who released the news, Kongpop, who had a face-to-face fight with Hazer during the reunion, was sure that this flag capture was not easy and that he might be the reason for the escalation of the difficulty of this flag capture.

He knew that…perhaps he was too confident that he could win in front of the hazer and that triggered part of his anger, though not to the point of a fight but he would still feel a little uncomfortable.

He wanted to make Arthit understand that the words he spat out accidentally were not to provoke or antagonize him, he just wanted to show Arthit that he and his friends had worked hard, so he would bite his teeth and get through it, no matter what the road ahead was. Just to prove that they are the ones who have been recognized by the Faculty of Engineering.

So Kongpop waited steadfastly for the head hazer to show up and as soon as the line of head hazers appeared, Kongpop’s eyes locked on the person at the front of the line – the head hazer. With his face still expressionless, he walked to the front of the line and stopped to give his opening speech.

“All freshmen, listen up! Today is a very important day for you, you will prove to each and every one of us that you are qualified to be the new freshman of our faculty and to be recognized by us!”

Arthit scanned the neatly dressed freshmen on the playground, this time there seemed to be more of them than ever before.

“You all saw the session flag on the steps, didn’t you!”

For a moment, everyone looked up at the scarlet flag with the symbol of Cheer, the cogwheel and the name of the faculty written in white letters, which was waving in the wind. In addition, five steps down from the top of the staircase were decorated with five different colors of cloth.

“Your mission is to get it! But I’m not going to tell you how, you’re going to use what you’ve learned before to take it on your own, tonight at seven o’clock is the deadline and if you fail, all of you will be removed from the current session!”

This may sound like a few simple words but the content was very heavy, because it not only didn’t say what the topic was but also set a time limit of ten hours away, so there was definitely something going on but even if they were confused or had itchy mouths, they were already told not to ask any questions right at the beginning of that speech. So, the freshmen waited silently for the hazer to announce the start of the countdown.

“If you’re ready, you can start! Freshmen please come up for the flag!”

Afterwards, the seniors ducked out of the way, as if an avenue had been opened up for the freshmen to capture the flag and climb the ladder and the freshmen down below were all dumbfounded, looking at me, looking at you, all looking confused, because they hadn’t thought that the road to the flag would be covered with rose petals but if everyone was standing still and hesitating and no one was brave enough to move forward, then there was a very good chance that they would not be able to take the flag. Maybe it’ll be a total loss this session.

Therefore, a man at the front of the line, the first to be elected by the crowd as a dead man, walked inwardly towards the top step but no sooner had he stepped on it than the seniors formed a wall of men.

“Freshman, what are you doing up here!”

The person who was asked the question shuddered but pretended to be calm and answered truthfully.

“I…I’ll get the flag.”

“I disagree! Please go down.”

The Daredevil representative was embarrassed to be so cleanly beaten back but this also confirmed the thoughts of many, that the head hazers would not just let people waltz in and get the flag, they would have to go through a lot to get it but what everyone wanted to know now was, what method would be used.

“How are we going to get the flag?”

“That’s your business, not mine!”

That’s it, it’s over, it’s all over, what’s the point of thinking, the sad faces in the playground, now, everyone’s beginning to realize how vicious the thorns and barbs on the road to the flag are.

This test, no questions, no prompts and finally a satisfactory answer to the head hazers, who else could do it? The only thing I want to say about this flag race is.

…it’s f-cking hard!

Even Kongpop didn’t expect it to come to this, it wasn’t just a test of physical and mental strength, it was an endless darkness in which they had to grope their way to the finish line without a glimpse of what was to come.

Even though the end is nowhere to be found, these three cobblers can still stand up to Zhuge Liang, after all, these 200+ brains are much better than one, so the freshmen decided to get together for an emergency meeting, to brainstorm together. We all sat on the floor, gathered in a circle and seriously got straight to the point, the first one to speak was Tiw who had just been pushed up by everyone to capture the flag.

“Anyone come up with something?”

“Ooooh! Who’d know if you didn’t say anything, not even a hint.”

The first one to jump to his feet was a big boy with a name tag that read” Oak” on his chest and he vented his anger but his anger was unexpectedly met with understanding and approval, because the seniors didn’t really give any explanation, so a bunch of siblings just sat there and hollowed it out. Come on, men, they study engineering, not metaphysics, they think they can figure it out with their fingers or something.

“Not necessarily, Phii and the others may have already given us a clue, why don’t we try to think about it again?”

After May, the girl with the glasses, raised her hand to make a comment, the group started trying to remember if there was any information they had missed. After that, one of the girls with short hair sitting next to her brought up the strange phenomenon she had observed.

“Hmm, so that makes me wonder, why does the surface of each step have to be plastered in five different colors?”

The question reminded Kongpop and he quickly looked back at the stairs again, where Senior Nott was still stationed at the first step and then from the first step up to the last step in the order of yellow, blue, green, pink and red.

At first, he thought that the colorful cloth was for decoration, to show the nobility of the flag but now that he thought about it carefully, these five colors didn’t seem to have much connection with their system and if they did, only red could be involved, because red was the representative color of their system. So if that’s the case, then what’s the meaning behind the segmented color ladder? It seems to be…

“Game Levels.”

The person who has a clear understanding of Kongpop is M who sits next to him, M raised his hand and spoke, with his intuition and quick reaction as a veteran player, he immediately guessed the passage as soon as he saw the increasing stairs, not only that, he also analyzed everyone’s head.

“You see, the ladder is covered with different colored cloths as a symbol to tell us to go through the levels one by one, there are five different colors, which means the seniors have set five levels for us and we can only win if we pass these five levels but as to how we can pass them, I don’t know.”

It was only after M’s speech that the freshmen began to feel as if they had found a way, that they were getting somewhere but the key question now was what were the five hurdles to overcome and where did they start.

Kongpop’s frowning, sad face was no better than the serious faces of his friends. He tried to think back, trying to find the key clue to what was actionable, especially from the words of his particularly attentive boss.

…did Phii Arthit really not tell us anything, or is there something that he has left out.

‘You will apply what I have taught you before, as well as take this flag on your own merits. ‘

Everything the Phii teaches, everything the Phii emphasizes every time he attends training, so it could only be…


A word came out of Kongpop’s mouth but just loud enough to attract the attention of M, who was sitting next to him, who asked with a curious face.

“What are you talking about?”

“There’s a chance it might refer to ‘SOTUS’, something the seniors used to teach us.”

Kongpop replied in an uncertain tone but his words made M’s eyes glow, flicker, as if he had found the missing piece of a puzzle.

“Oh, yeah! If it’s ‘SOTUS’ that’s just right, the five different colored steps represent each of the five letters of the alphabet, which is the level we have to go through one by one.”

As if excited to finally find the threads in a tangled ball of yarn, M rushed to continue what Kongpop had said and raised his hand to ask for an explanation to the others. There was no guarantee that he was right but it was better to take a chance than to waste time staring at it. So all the freshmen returned their attention to the first letter of the first flight of stairs.

‘Seniority, respect for seniors. ‘

“And what are we going to do to get past this, are we going to stand on the side of the road and salute every one of our seniors?”

There was a questioning voice from the group.

…since it means ‘respecting seniors’, the easiest and most direct way to show it is by bowing in unison. And all freshmen are required to bow to all seniors, as a symbol of respect for etiquette and tradition. But if the two hundred freshmen in the playground were to fold their hands in obeisance to the head hazers, it wouldn’t look that way and it’s unlikely that the head hazers would let them through so easily, there must be some other clear way to show the head hazers that they respect their seniors from the bottom of their hearts…

“More senior than the juniors are the seniors and you remember, the last time the seniors came, the head hazers immediately wimped out.”

Oak’s sudden comment brought us all back to the time when the seniors were punishing the junior head hazer in the activity room. If we could get the seniors to help us this time, then we might have something to look forward to, because after all, it’s the seniors who carry the banner in the faculty.

“Who has the numbers of the seniors? Bring in the senior year seniors, the sophomores and juniors and bring in the seniors.”

So the team was yelling for the phone numbers of all the seniors and other grades, just in case. Because no matter what grade they are in, they are all seniors to the freshman.

In order to invite the president of the year, all the big guys called the seniors from their own classmates to help them but most of them refused, because it was only after eight in the morning and it was Saturday. So the volunteer team had to drive their scooters to the door and provide pick-up service. Some of the seniors also came to the playground to watch their younger siblings capture the flag.

In the end, it all started with the appearance of Phii Deer, the one who punished the senior teacher last time, the former head of the faculty, Phii Deer. I saw Phii Deer getting out of his bus with a question mark on his face but when he asked his juniors about the situation, he suddenly smiled and added,” This year, the head hazers really know how to play, we are in for a treat.”

Once all the key players have arrived, it’s time for the freshmen to show their respect for seniority and it won’t be as simple as worshipping together but from the results of the previous discussions and literary analysis, ‘respect for seniors’! Part of it is to give respect to the seniors who have more life experience and experience than they do and to be ‘humble’ enough to be recognized. Therefore, the last thing the freshmen did was to join together in a loud petition.

“Seniors, is it okay if we ask to be your younger siblings?”

“Yeah, I’ve got a total no problem with that. What about the rest of you, what do you think?”

Deer nodded his head with a smiling smile and easily gave his approval, as well as the approval of the Second and Third year presidents.

“What about the head hazers up there who gave it a pass?”

They had spent more than an hour on this, if they got it wrong then everything would be overturned, so they could only pray that he got the point of Phii Arthit’s speech right. I was so nervous about the answer I was about to give, that time seemed to freeze.

Then, I saw Phii Nott move slowly, making way and saying.


As soon as the words were out of their mouths, the crowd of freshmen erupted into cheers of excitement, celebrating the fact that they had passed this test. Kongpop and M high-fived and laughed, even though they hadn’t won the flag yet, at least it proved that they were on the right track and that the right direction was the best motivation for the freshmen to keep going.

The second level of the ladder is guarded by another head hazer after Phii Nott and this level is the second letter of SOTUS.

‘Order, start order. ‘

They were all wearing clean faculty uniforms, already following faculty rules but that alone wasn’t enough to make the head hazers nod and give in, it had to be more formal than that, it had to be what the head hazers were repeating every time they entered the activity room, it had to be punishing them for practicing all the time…

“Run in formation.”

The answer that they came up with in the end made a lot of freshmen cringe and even though they didn’t want to face it, they all had to agree that it was the easiest and quickest way, because they still had a lot of hurdles to go before they reached the 7:00 deadline.

So the freshmen line up as fast as they can and give themselves orders, time themselves and try to be as fast as possible. The boys were at the end of the line to escort the girls and those who couldn’t stand any longer left the line to rest. It was not until midday that they finally heard the answer from heaven: ”Pass“.

Everyone was exhausted and limped to the side of the playground to rest, when the logistics team had already prepared a box lunch waiting for everyone.

“And the third ‘Tradition, Tradition’, what to do, I don’t even know what tradition this faculty has.”

Kongpop heard M asked while chewing his food but at this time Kongpop was already too exhausted to answer M’s question, because after all, everyone is just fresh meat, so the people who can answer this question must be those who have been promoted to the older generation, so the first person to be locked is the one who has been here since morning to watch the capture of the flag and never left. Phii Deer but what they didn’t expect, the answer they got from Phii Deer was no.

“Haven’t seen any traditions.”

“Not at all?”

The prettiest girl of the year, Maprang, still didn’t give up and kept asking questions but it seemed to remind the Deer seniors of something and the seniors looked like they were thinking hard and then said uncertainty.

“Well… I’m not sure if there’s a connection between the two but if there is one that’s been passed down from year to year, it’s New Year’s. Every New Year’s, the faculty holds a friendly soccer match, invites the seniors back and after the match, everyone helps clean up the field and then goes to a dinner party.”

Everyone was looking at me and Deer… it’s definitely not a football game now and the dinner is even further away, so all that’s left to do is clean up but it’s not fun to have 200 people cleaning up a field, so if we’re going to do it, let’s do it big time and just clean up the whole faculty. , so that the head hazers can see it clearly.

So the freshmen spent nearly an afternoon picking up trash in sections and cleaning up the entire campus. They didn’t know if they had chosen the right tradition or not but at least they were doing something that was good for their faculty and that’s probably why, with the sympathy of the female teachers, they were able to pass the test easily, even though it didn’t take them long.

Looking down at the clock, the hand is approaching the number ‘4’, so the next fourth levels will have to be faster. Unite it.

…the drums are in place, the voices are ready and the sense of unity, which is more important than the heavens, is in the bones of the freshmen.

They started to sing with all their might, after singing the faculty song, the faculty song and the faculty song, they sang all the songs that they had been taught by the hazers in training in their sophomore year, dancing and shouting.

It was not until the night had fallen, after they had sung the faculty song one last time, that the fourth level was successfully cleared and the freshmen were almost exhausted, after all they had been through since early in the morning but now there was still the most important and final level left.

‘Spirit, Spirit’.

The head hazer of this level has the absolute power to control everyone’s life and death, so everyone has to step aside except for the hazer, Phii Arthit. The last step of the red stairs was taken by Arthit and above him was the flag and now there was only one hour left for the freshmen to capture the flag.

“What am I going to do, it’s so f-cking hard. Well, I’ll be clear, if I have to run laps around the playground again, you’ll kill me and I won’t have the energy to run.”

   M was grumbling and Kongpop, sitting next to him, admitted that he didn’t have much energy left to sing song after song and if he had to run laps to prove his spirit, he would have died and the deadline was closing in on them.

Many of  them are anxious about what to do to get through the last level.

Kongpop looked to someone who was now waiting on the steps with his hands behind his back, his back straight.

The look in his face and the look in his eyes didn’t allow for a single concession, it was the same old Kongpop, the same old Kongpop who insisted on running in the pouring rain on the playground, alas… wait a minute…

For a moment, something seemed to flash through Kongpop’s mind and he grabbed it, hurriedly formed it and gathered everyone together.

“Everyone, listen to me!”

Everyone turned their attention to the speaker who stood up in the line.

…although he wasn’t sure, it might be the only thing that would allow him to defeat Master Arthit and take the flag.

Kongpop took a deep breath, turned his attention once more to the hazer, Arthit, standing on the steps and laid it out succinctly too.

“We have plans…”


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