SOTUS, Rule 17: Don’t Be one-sided with your instructor

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 17: Don’t Be one-sided with your instructor

…there’s a sky beyond the sky….and a big event beyond the capture of the flag called” midterms”.

Midterm exams were only a week away and even though it didn’t seem like long ago for a freshman, everyone was still excited and curious about the new university life and they had just survived the toughest training camp and the flag race, they wanted to have some fun but in the end, they had to be dragged back by the boneheaded reality.

And not just any reality, because for some people that’s just…hell!

Especially for some freshmen, they are much more nervous than the old fogies in other grades, because they know that the university exams are not as easy as the high faculty exams, if they don’t get a grade, they will fail and if they fail too many subjects, they will be expelled from the faculty and then no matter who the teachers are, even if the king of heaven comes out, it won’t work.

This means that the following year you have to repeat the course with younger students and because of this, some of them become old men stationed in the classroom, seeing off the next generation of students.

As for the kids in the engineering faculty, among the killer subjects, the most inescapable is Calculus 1, the report card is lined with F’s, their teachers can be said to be famous for their ferocity, the questions are more than other faculties, so even just a low pass is already burning incense, if you can get an A, it is the ninth wonder of the world, So many students go to the temple to ask for protection from the holy relics and if they pass, they come back afterwards to pay their vows but in fact, they all know the truth that they have to rely on themselves and in the end, they have to rely on their own brains and hands to finish the exam, so they have to secretly ask some seniors or” senior people” to help them out! Revise, find out how the exam works.

In the end, there was no choice but to occupy the downstairs area of the engineering faculty building and let the students study on the floor. The senior came with a small whiteboard as a tutor and explained to everyone what he had done in the past. Exam Question but even with the Phii’s guidance, the content of the exam still hurt his brain, so it was only natural for Kongpop to hear M sighing as he solved a differential equation, all the while complaining.

“The entrance exam was traumatic enough and now I’m going to be tortured by this, so I might as well go back to kindergarten again.”

“Just bear with me a little longer and then you can go play after your exams.”

Tiw, sitting in front of them, turned his head to reassure them but the second half of his sentence caused those listening to it to frown and ask.

“Play what?”

“Aw…didn’t you know? After the exams, the seniors and the others will take the juniors and seniors out to welcome them.”

At this point Kongpop also looked up and then took his eyes off the book and listened.

…Speaking of going out to orientation, it’s an annual tradition for the industrial majors and all the seniors from all grades come to this event.

“So do you know where you’re going together?”

Kongpop also joined the discussion but Tiw shook his head.

“I don’t know for sure but the senior on my classmate’s ship told me to go somewhere where there’s a sea.”

When it comes to the nearest sea to the faculty, it’s only Rayong, Huahin and Rayong but Kongpop doesn’t object to going anywhere, because he hasn’t been to the beach for a long time, so it’s good to take a break while he’s there.

“Wait a minute… are you sure you’re really going to have fun? I say ah these seniors will be picking on us again by then and by the way, we haven’t got the gear yet we, don’t you forget it!”

…well… that’s true, they’re certified but they don’t have the faculty gears left and the next orientation will be for the freshmen to take them and there’s no telling how hard that will be, since the last time they took the flag for certification, they almost got killed. If he gets caught up, there’s no telling what he’ll do next and everything depends on the key person who makes the decision and that’s the “senior head hazer”.

It’s as if it’s the same person who pops into my head from time to time.

Suddenly there came the sound of playfulness, a group of seniors who had just finished faculty in the evening passed in front of the freshmen, laughing and joking, causing all the younger siblings to stop and pay respect to them, although the composition of the group of seniors in front of them was a bit complicated, there were not only the senior teacher, Arthit but also some of the more unattractive seniors. Hazer stopped and greeted those who were writing on the whiteboard.

“What are you doing, Eaon.”

“Helping the younger students with their calculus, eh… Yeah, since the seniors are here, let’s give these freshmen some of your exam questions from that year.”

The Second Year spectacle boy who was helping with the tutoring seized the opportunity to extend the invitation graciously but the other boy immediately pulled up his face and responded carelessly.

“It’s been two years, who remembers, uh. but one thing is, only five of us got A’s this year and almost half of us got F’s.”

Not only did he not help but he also scared the younger students and not only that, the head hazer, Nott, immediately made up for it.

“I also remember, there was still time left, so I wrote at the end begging the teacher to have mercy on me and in the end I got a C. I guess that did the trick.”

This important Tip  immediately caught the ears of the freshmen but one of the juniors with a single eyelid and small eyes expressed displeasure and immediately began to choke.

“Ooh… you’re no match for me, I drew the teacher’s face on it, so he’d know I went to all his classes and his face was imprinted on my mind.”

It looks as if he is a bit more powerful than that one, so Arthit couldn’t help but ask.

“So what did you get?”

“…f chanting, *** wants to die, teachers don’t even have sympathy for me, I’m so sincere in painting his portrait, it’s much harder than you all, *** is not fair.”

This complaint drew merciless laughter from all the juniors and you could clearly see the eyes and expressions of some of the freshmen dimmed instantly but some still bought the senior’s story, holding back a laugh.

After he left his friends, he rode his motorbike back to the apartment but before that, he should stop by to get something for his stomach, he should be reviewing what the seniors taught him late tonight but instead of going to the food hut, he stopped at the 711 near the apartment, he was going to buy some canned coffee to stock up on and he was going to find something that could be reheated and eaten easily. Box lunch.

Kongpop passed through the sensor door and walked straight towards the cooler where the drinks are placed but was surprised to meet a person standing in front of the cooler door wondering which brand of green tea to choose.

“No more pink milk today, Phii Arthit.”

The hand that was holding the tea paused and then immediately looked up to see who the pheasant was that dared to ask such a question and when he saw who it was, Arthit immediately turned black but answered dryly.

“The store is closed.”

Kongpop nodded, he was silent for a few seconds, then changed the subject and asked.

“And does anyone else know that one senior likes pink frozen milk?”

That almost scared the tea out of Arthit’s hand and he turned and yelled angrily at Kongpop.

“Why do you ask? Are you going to tell those friends of yours about this?”

Kongpop explained as he shook his head.

“No, I was just wondering, so you haven’t told anyone else that you like pink frozen milk, right?”


Hazer turned up the volume to set the record straight, although his friends knew all along but who would just go out into the street and grab a dog or cat and tell him that hey Ai Arthit likes to drink pink frozen milk and collapse his own character! 0062 why does this kid want to know, is he trying to catch this point to blackmail me?!

And it looks like Arthit’s deduction is pretty much spot on, because the other guy keeps going on and on.

“And does anyone else know that there is this one senior who secretly hid and cried after hearing a cheer we shouted?”

The question brought back the memory of that shameful scene in Arthit’s mind and he brushed his face red but then immediately defended himself aloud.

“No ah hello!”

“And does anyone know your nickname is Ooun?”

…ooh-ooh!!!!! So he’s trying to throw me off!

“Kongpop! If you tell your friends, you’ll be in for it!”

The lion’s roar of warning caught the attention of everyone in the 711, Kongpop didn’t react, stared at each other and hastened to promise.

“I won’t tell anyone.”

Kongpop wasn’t sure if his promise would make the person go away, because the person didn’t say anything, grabbed a bottle of green tea and rushed to the counter to pay for it, not paying attention to him. The ignored person, on the other hand, could only follow, as if he felt it was his fault and should not have asked all those questions in one go.

“Phii Arthit, that…”

“When are you taking calculus?”

Before he could apologize, he unexpectedly asked.

“Next Wednesday.”

He answered according to the exam schedule, saw Phii Arthit silent for a while, thought he would be poured cold water again like in the afternoon but the result was quite the opposite.

“The teacher likes to ask questions about finding the area of a curve, so just go back and chew on that one piece of knowledge.”

…not name-calling, not sarcasm but surprising exam strategies.


Kongpop’s response was brief and when he heard only that, Phii Arthit turned around and walked out of 711, he tried to pull him but there seemed to be some confusion in his mind.

It seemed empty but it was filled with questions to ask the man, questions that he could only keep quiet, unspoken, even though he wanted to know so badly…

…did anyone know that Phii Arthit is” cute”?

…did anyone know that Phii Arthit was “kind”?

…does anyone else know? Besides me.

Would it be too much, if I wanted to tell Arthit said: “I don’t want anyone to know… at all.”



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