SOTUS, Rule 18:  Don’t cause trouble for the head hazer

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 18:  Don’t cause trouble for the head hazer.

“Nong Kongpop and Nong M are in the orange camp, get your name tags and get on bus number 3.”

At the Engineering Faculty parking lot, Kongpop and M reached out to receive a nametag from Miss Fang, where the freshmen were meeting, at 6 a.m but it was already 5:30 a.m. and already a lot of people were here, making it a very lively place. Part of the reason why they came so early was because they were threatened that they wouldn’t wait for anyone once the bus started and part of it was because they were excited about the 2 days and 1 night trip to the beach.

Especially since the freshmen didn’t have to pay a cent, the seniors paid for everything, they just had to carry their bags. Even so, we all know that… there’s no such thing as a free lunch and this trip to the beach will not be easy.

…you can be sure that this trip is not just about eating, drinking and having fun, there must be something more behind it.

“Phii Fang, will the orientation be that bad again?”

Kongpop heard M’s palpitatingly tentative question.

…that’s right, the focus of the trip to the beach, which was billed as” outdoor orientation,” but not even the headlines could wash it away. It’s no wonder that the freshmen were so scared, especially since they had a sacred battle ahead of them – the “Gear Battle” – to fight. As the senior sister involved in the planning of the event, Fang immediately dispelled M’s worries, holding a smile in her flirtatious tone.

“Baa…it’s not that cruel, actually seniors are just looking for an excuse to hang out after midterms, so don’t be so nervous, just think of it as relaxing.”

After listening to Fang’s explanation, M took a look around and it seemed like it was indeed the same thing, the assembly was quite casual, like everyone was going to a symposium together and it fit the banner” Rayong Eco-Tourism Industry” hanging in front of the bus, although all the freshmen thought it looked super fake.

Although it is not mandatory for everyone in the faculty to go, most of them come of their own accord, because it is a big event for industrial majors, with seniors from all years, graduates and teachers coming along to supervise.

So there were nearly 300 people on the trip and there were 5 buses, separated by grade but in order to take the freshmen to do activities, some of the seniors of the hazers in training were on the bus with the freshmen and there were 2 private cars of the seniors on the back of the bus, in case of an emergency.

At the appointed time, all the vehicles set off, heading east. But before they reached their destination, they had to visit the botanical gardens, in keeping with the theme of their eco-tour.

According to the arrangement, the students from the Faculty of Industrial Science sit down in groups according to the color of their nameplates and listen to the lecturer of the garden introduce the plants, after that it’s time for them to let themselves go and walk around the botanical garden. But most of them are still more interested in taking photos, not enough selfies but they have to take photos with other people. What is more, the hottest group of people in the group photo is the same group that made the freshmen scared.

“Phii Arthit! Can you take a picture with us?”


The hazer Arthit smiled at all the fans who came to ask for a group photo and showed off his charm… I don’t know if the girls came to ask for a group photo because of the senior himself, or because they were so impressed by the sudden change in the outfit of the head hazer, Inside take body-hugging sports vest, the lower body with big shorts, plus clip-on slippers but also with straw hat and tide brand sunglasses, beach atmosphere is very strong.

Not only that, everyone in the drill team was so happy and cheerful that they changed their robotic faces and then they suddenly became the most popular ones, while the boys from other grades were instantly overwhelmed and sorely disappointed.

“Hey! Look at those girls, they used to be scared to death of the head hazers but now they’ve lost their voices.”

“You’ll see, when we get to the beach, I’ll take off my shirt and show off my six-pack, so they can scream.”

“Ooh, six pieces or one, you’ve only got a stomach, hey! Kong, you show off, take off your shirt and dive into the sea to see the girls.”

Kongpop listened silently to the discussion of the orange campers and when he heard his name, he tore his eyes away from the team of head hazers who were posing for pictures not far away and shook his head in bland refusal.

“I’m sorry, I don’t really like going to the sea.”

He doesn’t like the sticky feeling on his body and the salty smell of the sea, so every time he goes to the beach, he just blows the sea breeze, enjoys the scenery and relaxes.

“Why, after all this time, I’m just going to go down to the sea for fun, to help get some points back from the drill team.”

There was a ripple of hope in the hearts of the boys in the orange camp, after all, Kongpop was Campus Moon and Star, there should be hope that he could get some points back from the girls, especially since there was such a shortage of girls in their major, it would be okay if all the seniors got away.

“And think about it, the average girl can’t go in the water with sex, can you just let these head hazers and seniors hunt in front of you and pretend to ignore it, it’s a personal operation when you go in the sea, oh hey…oh my god, ****ing great!”

This fanciful speech elicited a chorus of choruses and cheers but before Kongpop could reply, a voice came from behind.

“You guys look like you want to go to sea.”

When everyone turned around and saw a man in a blue shirt with a fierce look on his face, everyone was surprised, because not only was this shirt the representative of the senior head hazer but the person wearing this shirt was also the highest ranking senior head hazer.

They had no idea when Hazer Arthit senior was coming but they should have heard them jabbering behind their backs about the head hazers and the bragging they were doing.

“Don’t worry, I’ll personally arrange for your requests to be met.”

It sounded kind but the listeners were terrified, as if they had a plaque on their chests and were about to be pushed out to be starters. The hazer then turned around and walked away, leaving the boys with their heads bowed and swallowing, ready to accept their fate.

“It’s your fault, you’ve got a lousy mouth.”

M blamed his teammates, he might have to go into the sea as he wanted. Kongpop himself sighed and felt tired, because even though he didn’t want to go into the sea, it wasn’t up to him anymore. Although Kongpop had tried his best to release his frustration into the air with the exhaust fumes, there was still some bad feeling in his heart that was holding him back.

…but for no apparent reason and strangely enough, he can’t do anything about it.

Kongpop shook his head to get rid of the nonsense thoughts, he went back to his bus and started to continue the journey, the engineering faculty caravan needed a few more hours on the road, until the bus arrived at its destination, a quiet resort located on the beach, at exactly 12 noon.

Kongpop got out of the bus and gathered his luggage one by one with his friends, while scanning the resort, which was composed of small bungalows, event spaces, meeting rooms, shady trees, coconut palms, the sound of waves echoing softly in his ears and the smell of the ocean in the air.

Once everyone had been dropped off, the freshmen were called to a large open space at the resort to explain the rules of the camp, because it wasn’t like they could just go off and do whatever they wanted off campus.

…on the other hand, the seniors are several times more strict, especially when it comes to safety, always safety first.

After that, the keys to the rooms will be handed out and 20 people will live in each block. Each student will take their own luggage and put it away and then have lunch to save their energy for the afternoon activities. In the afternoon, we will start the orientation, where the freshmen will be divided into eight groups according to their colors and will take turns to participate in different activities at different locations.

To be honest, the activities set up by the seniors are not that hard, they are just basic activities, like touching the jar with blindfold, rubbing cosmetics, they don’t mean to force the freshmen to do anything, just like Fang said, they are mainly for fun.

Arthit, the leader of the group, looked very relaxed, sitting on a beach chair and humming along to Phii Nott’s guitar and as soon as he saw the new group of freshmen, he stood up to welcome them.

“Come and sit under the umbrella and listen to the seniors sing a children’s song.”

Hazer invited the girls to cool off under the umbrella in an extremely friendly tone, just as the girls wanted, so they didn’t have to stand in the sun. Then Hazer turned to the group that had been marked earlier this morning.

“And as for you, you want to go in the sea, well, I’ll let you have your fun in the sea so shirts off.”

The hazer is still the hazer, no matter how friendly he looks and his orders cannot be disobeyed. So all the boys took off their faculty camp uniforms and went out on the sand to show off their bodies to the screams of girls from all over the world and from some of the older girls who were secretly watching the freshmen do their activities.

What followed was the same brutal punishment as in Boy Scout training, squatting in the sea, then crawling on the sand, rolling, then crawling on the dog, getting covered in sand like a flour-covered pig ready to go into the frying pan, then going back to the sea to dip again and so on and so forth.

As for the head hazer, after giving the order he went back to singing with the girls, leaving them to continue making out with the sea and it was obvious at first glance that the freshmen were screwed and I’m sure everyone knew it.

“Shitty senior  tries to pick up girls on his own and then punishes us to help him with his p-ssy, a clear double standard dog!”

Kongpop hears his friends yell at him and the more he sees people who don’t have to suffer in the sun on the beach, the angrier he gets and that’s probably what makes him jump up and down.

“Permission to speak!”

Everyone turned to look at the owner of the voice, including Arthit, who was talking to his faculty girls, he wasn’t surprised to see the everyday hero but he was surprised that the everyday hero was different today, this time it was like he had exceeded his last patience level, that’s why his voice was so hoarse.

“What can I do for you?”

“I don’t think it’s fair that you sit here and sing, while we sunbathe and dip in the sea.”

After hearing this accusation, Arthit’s eyes glazed over… although the damn 0062 had choked him a few times before, this time his displeasure was clearly written on his face and in his voice.

“If you can’t put up with this little thing, what else are you going to do!”

“I can do anything! Seniors organize some activities that I admit are good but this one I don’t think will help us in any way, so I don’t think it’s fair to us!”

…it’s like getting smacked in the face with a piece of wood and that’s what finally made the senior angry.

“Then if you could do anything, I would order you now to go alone to the sea to calm your mind, is that reason enough!”

The whole beach fell silent and everyone looked at the man who had been ordered – first to stand still and then to turn around and do so.

Kongpop went deeper into the sea but each step was so heavy, not for his body but for his heart…

He didn’t know in his heart why he had dared to contradict Phii Arthit like that, for no reason at all but he was unbearably angry when his friends complained about it and even though his friends complained about it every day when they were punished by the head hazer and he heard his ears calloused, this time he was even more emotional than every other time combined and then accidentally he even lost his head. It’s not like you’re just going to dislike them.

…and the end result is the same as every time.

He pisses off Arthit, he gets punished and so on and so forth. To tell you the truth, he wanted to try and talk to Arthit like he did with his friends but he didn’t get the chance and he couldn’t blame anyone for that, because he was always the one who wanted to make trouble.

…so in that case, will Phii Arthit hate him for it?

This question made Kongpop suddenly stop and freeze, he was staring at the waves that were already spreading over his chest and he didn’t panic because he knew how to swim.

Kongpop decided to dive in with his eyes closed and let the cool water chase away his inner anxiety, the air he exhaled turned into a series of small bubbles bursting to the surface, the bubbles were almost gone. Yanking himself upward, screaming as he did so.

“Kongpop! Stay awake, don’t let anything happen to you!”

The first thing he saw when he came out of the water was the look of panic in Phii Arthit’s eyes, even though he didn’t know how this guy got here, he was about to ask but he didn’t start to get dragged forcibly towards the shore, so he got a big gulp of seawater but the other side didn’t stop and they dragged him to the beach, pulling and pulling him and then they stopped. He was suffering from hypoxia from the water and when he got to shore he was floating, which made Arthit, who was holding his head, even more confused.

“Kongpop, what’s wrong with you! Can you breathe? Is it a leg cramp or a jellyfish sting, nurse! Where’s the nurse? Get the medical team here now!”

The hazer hissed at the medical team but then a faint sound startled him instead.

“Uh… Phii, I’m fine.”

The interlocutor then sat up like nothing happened but Arthit retorted.

“How can it be okay, I just saw you drowning!”

“I dove in on my own.”

“Ha!? What are you doing down there!”

“Because you told me to clear my head and I dove in.”

…and the whole beach went silent after hearing that explanation.

Arthit kept blinking his eyes and finally got it all sorted out… So he said he went down to save him and he’s the one making a fuss about it? Yes…he said he would go down to the sea to cool his head but who would have thought that he wouldn’t even see anyone down there.

…he’s out of his mind! How could he really just go down like that!

The previous worry instantly turned to anger, shaking with rage and the hazer clenched his fist and yelled at him.

“You’re crazy! Would you really die if I told you to, just think for yourself!”

All kinds of emotions followed the voice but one thing was clear, it was an anger that Kongpop had never seen in Arthit before and then the scene was broken by the medical team led by Fang who arrived in a hurry.

“Where is it, who is it?”

“No more! That’s enough! The event is over!”

Arthit announces a halt to everything and then exasperatedly walks out through the crowd, leaving the crowd dumbfounded and Kongpop still sitting on the beach, until M comes to give him a hand, pulling him up while asking worried questions.

“OMG, how are you doing, okay?”

“Well, ok.”

“You know, I was scared to death just now, I thought you were drowning but if the good Phii Arthit hadn’t jumped up and been the first to rush into the sea, I wouldn’t have known that you’d disappeared under the sea.”

This unexpected recurrence made Kongpop’s heart suddenly realize something.

…yes, he didn’t know what had happened before that, he didn’t know how much Phii Arthit was worried about him but what was certain was that… at least, he could feel it in Phii Arthit’s actions, his tone… and his eyes.



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