SOTUS, Rule 19: Gear from the Head Hazer is important.

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 19: Gear from the Head Hazer is important.

“I agree that this is the case. Kong, Kong, Kongpop… Are you listening? ”

Kongpop called his mind back to conversation. He was now in a beachfront bungalow of a friend who had come together to think of a performance for the freshmen. Tonight he was called to come he was one of the actors preparing to rehearse the script that had been placed to understand and everyone was watching him waiting for an answer.

“Um, listen. We can use what May said. ”

Upon hearing the sentence, May concluded the meeting without realizing that the words were completely opposite to the truth, because Kongpop’s head was not in the performance at all if it was floating to the events that occurred when Afternoon, which affects both his feelings and someone

Phii Arthit is angry. He is not just angry but more intense every time.

He is not surprised to be like that. When he comes to compose, he also wants to punch himself strongly. It is a mad act and does not think very well. He just knows that he wants to punch himself. Extinguished his irritability, so he dived into the sea to make the mood light but it instead created panic for people


Another, especially the person who gave the order and was the same person who rushed to help him first

Both his hot-tempered voice and caring voices, as well as his frightened eyes, he could feel how serious it was.  but in the end, knowing that it was all due to his stupid reason, his wayward behavior would be like slapping his face, trimming his good intentions into a joke and possibly destroying the feelings of the responsible person as Head Hazer.

Kongpop wants to apologize… He doesn’t have anything to explain except just one word but even if he tries to search for Phii Arthit throughout the resort, he doesn’t see even the shadows even being drawn to the meeting about Therefore, I must stop, if in my heart I am still anxious with my conscience

Many people think unintentionally sighing and venting their frustration through the air.

Anyway, tonight after the show there will be a battle for the gear. At least Phii Arthit has to be the supervisor and he can easily guess that this battle will be more brutal than before, because it is a battle. Finally, in the proof of the freshmen but he is sure to do everything possible for the Phi to accept him as part of the department.

And above all, he hopes that Phii Arthit will accept that saying of


After the children had finished eating, having a full buffet of food, the freshmen were ordered to come to the meeting hall, which had a stage prepared for performances from all classes every year, from big to small.

Launched with a performance of the Fourth year, led by Phi Deer, with his friends carrying a guitar to sing softly as a warm up for the freshmen. The scream from the girls can be loud and followed and mixed with laughter that is louder than that

From comedy shows, parodies, TV dramas, commercials, take the creator mix of Phi, a second-year recreation group that crosses the third year because the third-year performance is not ready but when Year 2, the show is finished. Phi, Year 3 still gives signs that it’s not completed yet, so Freshmen has to perform first.

Kongpop walked backstage to play his role, which was nothing complicated because May’s story was the story that told the life of freshmen students of the Faculty of Engineering through meeting friends, receiving freshmen. Phi Counseling

He did not act as the protagonist, just as a student character in his first year as well. There was hardly any dialogue. Only two scenes had to wait on the side of the stage, giving him time to explore. All over the courtyard before stopping to see when Phi’s group of three years walked in from behind the younger row

… One of them is the person he was looking for throughout the day.

Kongpop is staring at Head Hazer, Phii Arthit, who stands with the hazer group, is looking directly at the stage performance, feeling relieved that the other party comes as expected, and this time he will not let that opportunity slip again.

The goals in his heart were set with determination but then he was startled when he heard the actors shouting.

“Do you see this gear? This gear is proud of the Faculty of Engineering. If we don’t give your gear to your model, what will you do?”

“Come and snatch it!”

Kongpop hurriedly turned back to look at the stage in shock… This dialogue was like his speech at the first cheer meeting, the concise sentence that caused him to be snatched from Head Hazer because of insulting the dignity of his generation. Phi entered. He didn’t know that it would suddenly appear on the show today, so anxious people quickly turned to ask the acting director who was standing beside.

“Why did you do that May?”

“Oh… Then we asked Kong if we could simulate this show for the play. Kong, you said OK, no?”

After hearing that, Kongpop went back to memories when he was agreeing to this but a distraction had caught him back then and he did not listen to the meeting of the freshmen who were preparing the drama show. Kongpop knew this would not come to pass if he did not agree before. But what is more worrying is that the interlocutor, who had been humiliated at that time, still had to come to see the performance as a repeated image.


“What do you say, how will you snatch the gear from me!”

“I just make Phi my wife khrap! They say that what belongs to our lovers is like ours. If I make Phi my wife, then Phi’s gear is like mine!”

The sound of booing and mouth blowing around the courtyard sounded like the audience would be overwhelmed with the coolest sentences that were engraved on the model, except that the true owner of the scene in the scene helped to think of something.

From the beginning, he has always been the cause for Phii Arthit to be angry. If a normal person is hit by a loud voice in front of him this would be so angry that they may follow him in the back or not. Will be banned from the whole Phi version, faulted for being sour, not afraid of respect but Phii Arthit never did that, how hard did he punish him. Finally, after all that misunderstanding what he felt from Phii Arthit was kindness. It made him want to get closer and it also made him” have that possessive heart.

Every time Phii Arthit sees a friendly gesture with others, he feels frustrated like a jealous child of because he knows the past between him and Phii Arthit.

We never talked well once.

And if from today, would it be too late if he wanted to start again? He wanted to stop teasing Phi for being angry. He wanted to apologize for everything he had done to displease.

In case Phii Arthit will be open to him

For one day we will move closer to each other

If this time it would be too late, not only did the other party not understand but also caused anger for Head Hazer, who stepped straight onto the stage in the middle of the performance with a loud shout.

“Do you think this is funny? but I’m not laughing! If you dare to act like this, you don’t think you should get your gear right! You all get down from the stage to line up. I will punish you all!”

Actors on stage immediately follow the commands of terror so that people lose heart over who was May who was beginning to think the show because of the fact the story the younger generation inconsistent, they will understand why their Head Hazer through. Various events but before the climax was cut, the nemesis also fell into the whole generation of friends as well.

“Don’t look at me! Close your eyes. Now, let your face down! Now!”

The freshmen bent their heads until the chin almost barely blossomed red. Then the lights in the meeting hall went off until only darkness was the only thing around and this made the freshmen think of the fear of being denied the gears after all that cheer hard work. Or if Phi is to be true, it would have to go through. The brutal penalty is the same as the previous year for the group gear and flags.

In the midst of the silence, which had disappeared for several minutes, it was like adding pressure to the children. If that moment suddenly the sound of the cheer grew louder, not the cheer of the people in the courtyard but the people on the projector screen. On the stage

The screen shows the Third Year seniors rehearsal.

Hand – lined with animation at Phi. The Third Years were practicing hazing. Pictures of seniors recreation. Practicing singing… Nurse helping each other until late. The first day of admission… Picture of the Head Hazer. End of cheering. . Photos of the freshmen, practicing singing… Picture of the freshmen game competition…

Freshmen, cheering for the gear, the Faculty of stepping up to receive the model flags

Every scene, every episode, it is a memory that everyone shared through those days… friendship, sacrifice, spirit, and unity were broadcast in almost ten minutes, if it were filled with many feelings. And great instead of millions of words, which could not be described to describe the full impression

And then the screen stopped, before changing to the Head Hazer group animation in the background sitting on a marble table beside the faculty, with the screen capturing the head of the hazer Phii Arthit, who has a confused face, looks like she has to ask the camera man.

“Hey, it is still recording.”

“You are just saying that now.”

“Oh, then what should I say?”

“What do you want to say?”

The person who was thrown the burden of speaking still made a stupid expression that never disappeared but eventually turned to look at the camera, which clearly zoomed in to the Hazing Team’s image, then the person then coughed up and compiled the words.

“Ahem! Freshmen, you probably already know that all of the seniors of the Third Year performances. That was a three-month show for all of you to become one of us. Therefore, if there is anything I can do for you. If we upset you or made you feel low. We have to really apologize to you. And finally, every time there is something you had to ask for permission from me but there is one thing I want to ask for permission from all of you… ”

The look of Phii Arthit looked at the camera, as if looking at all the younger people who were paying attention to that word.

“May I give you permission to be your senior?”

An important sentence resulted in a stagnant whole of the park if it returned to the understanding of a first-year boy. That moment, the freshmen and the seniors, the grades were all equal and the friendship was not born out of coercion or just by a senior system but it arises from “accepting one another from both the seniors and the freshmen.”

“If you follow me out to the beach, we are waiting for you.”

The final message with the screen shutdown ended the Third Year seniors performance. Certainly, every freshmen didn’t reject the request, they quickly got up and walked to the beach a short distance away and was surprised by the atmosphere was transformed from a bright, beautiful, light candles in small glass placed end to end with their Phi of all ages stood around waiting for them by the only person to stand outpace MS. He took

Head hazer Phii Arthit stands by at a somewhat steady sweep these freshmen then utters commands with the sound of water seriously.

“Freshmen! On my back if you follow me there are your gears, I will do my final duty by sending you to get it!”

At the end of the SOTUS hazing team line, Phii Arthit collapsed and sat on the beach with the hazing group, including the seniors. All of the recreations was waiting before everyone held their hands together like a bridge.

It is the “Stars Bridge” for you to step on as a base to send to be truly proud of the generation.

The singing of the faculty cheer song began to ring throughout the ceremony, adding to the atmosphere, holiness and warmth, as every year, one step on the Bridge, where Phi used their arms for only five meters apart. The weight on the seniors’ arms couldn’t be helped but they knew this would be a substitute for accepting the hardship from the seniors who will don do everything for the younger, especially with the first person who is the base to support. Hundreds of younger people had to take more difficult roles than others.

“Sorry, khrap Phii Arthit”

Kongpop muttered softly to the Head Hazer. He saw Phii Arthit looking at him for a short time before ignoring his eyes, not letting his apology disappear into the air. He admitted that it hurt in his heart even though he wanted to clear it. But now is probably not the time

The tall figure decided to step on the star bridge, with the senior holding the hand holding the two sides while stepping over and sent to the end of the destination that stretches to the person who is waiting for the gear, which is the eldest hazer, the Head hazer of Year Four seniors

Phii Deer stood holding the silver sector gear, the gear engraved with the name of the department and the model number. When glance at the person who came to pick up the last one, the person spoke back and asked before sending the gear.

“What is your name?”

“Kongpop khrap”

“I heard that you were the planets to cheer for Arthit at the time when you had to win  the flags, right?”

Although confused at the other side of the matter raised to speak, he nods to accept the truth.


“Hmm, the idea seems good but do you want to try being a Head Hazer?”

The second issue not only causes dizziness if it is still frightening until he has to hurry back and ask repeatedly.


“Yeah, you can think about it first but I have already reserved you for it.”

Phii Deer spoke in a comfortable voice with a friendly smile, as opposed to Kongpop, who still didn’t understand why he invited him to take the head of the hazer but not before.

Asked the interlocutor to hand over the transmission gear to him

“Ah, take the gear and treat it well. Err… actually, this gear has many meanings. ”

He calmly listened to Phi Deer, telling the meaning of the gear intently, like a commendation from the senior to the younger, then raised his hand to pay respect before fleeing the scene and waiting in line for others to pick up the gear.

Until freshmen all got the gear. The seniors and juniors were all embracing the cheer, ending the ceremony for the gear and ending the three-month “Recruiting“ to a completion

And at the end of the impressive ceremony, it was celebrated to welcome a new member of the faculty with alcohol and a party for the unity of Phi.

Kongpop was also dragged by a friend into a drinking circle but he tried to get out because he had an important business to set straight, which was to clear things with someone except just that he couldn’t find that person.

Looking for him and not finding him, Kongpop even went to the table of the hazing team  and he couldn’t find the man. He therefore had to walk and search for the man along the beach but after looking for a long time did not see the person he was looking for until he was starting to feel anxious.

Isn’t it just inconvenient that he doesn’t have a Phii Arthit phone number? If so, he would probably be able to easily find him, or should he go back and ask for it from a Third Year?

Kongpop decided to turn back but for a moment his eyes caught a glimpse of a person’s body walking along the beach from the bungalow. The closer the person gets, the more familiar he was if there are some anomalies which he observes and they let him know he found the person he was looking for

The left arm of Phii Arthit was wrapped in a single bandage.

It is not strange if the arm was repeatedly stepped on and hurt until the man had to apply the treatment. Nonetheless, the injured person has never shown any pain. He was still maintaining a calm expression, walking past him without thinking of anything. Kongpop looked until he had to hurry to walk up to stand in front of the trap

“Phii Arthit, I need to talk to you”.

Arthit had to stop, without giving any response. Kong had to speak again, to get to the point.

“Phii Arthit, I want to apologize to you.”

Kongpop said gravely the only thing he could say, hoping in his heart that Arthit would know and give him another chance. Kong looked at Arthit with hope but the other man spoke in a cold tone.

Arthit said: “Why the apology?”

Kongpop said: “All the things I’ve done to make you angry”

Arthit said: “If you knew I would get angry, why did you do what you did?”

It’s just a simple conversation but it’s one that hits the heart of the listener.

Kong was stuck and he couldn’t find a reason to answer that question, because he couldn’t answer why he did it either.

It’s not that he hasn’t thought about it, he’s asked himself many times why he wants to catch it.

Why did he make Arthit mad at him? In the end, he had to worry about how to apologize to Arthit.

Kongpop said: “I…”

Kong clumsily tried to organize the language but the listener was impatient.

Arthit said: “That’s enough, I don’t want to argue with you anymore.”

Arthit interrupts the conversation and leaves the table, leaving Kong standing alone on the beach.

Kong’s heart was broken.

It’s over. Arthit won’t give him another chance.

He deserves it. He pissed off Arthit more than once and after so many times, one would think…

Like Arthit is tired of him and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.

He didn’t think that someone he’d only known for three months, would have that much of an effect on him. But everything about them, he remembered clearly. Who became his motivation to do something. Who made him happy over the slightest thing.

Who made him want to know more, to be closer.

Phii Arthit was the first to make him feel that way but from now on, he can’t touch him anymore. To make Arthit feel comfortable if he doesn’t want to bother Arthit anymore, he needs to disappear. Kong collects all his thoughts, turns around, and prepares to walk back but someone else suddenly touches Kong’s neck with something cold and he is startled. He looks over, his eyes widen and it’s the guy who just ignored him. Arthit says to him with a can of beer.

Arthit said: “Would you like a drink?”

Kong took the cold beer can with his hand, thinking that Arthit never wanted to see him again.

Kongpop said: “I thought you didn’t want to talk to me.

Arthit said: “I told you I’m not going to bother arguing with you but if you want to talk to me, just sit down and talk, or don’t you want to talk?”

Kongpop said: “Yeah…”

Kong sees a chance to answer right away. He sits down on the beach and next to him is Arthit. He doesn’t know what Arthit is thinking but from the way he’s acting, it’s obvious that he’s still angry. But he took the beer anyway, Arthit had been so nice to him.

Kong opened his beer can, took a sip and admired the night sea. Looking up at the sky, the bright crescent moon and twinkling stars looked like any other night. A cool breeze gently blows in and the waves continue to crash on the beach. The atmosphere on the shore was good, until someone wanted to break the ice and start a conversation and he asked the other person a question with curiosity.

Kongpop said: “Why did Arthit become a freshman head hazer?”

Arthit said: “I was picked.” A short and simple answer.

Arthit continued his story.

Arthit said: “Phii Tum’s number is also 0206 and when I was a freshman, he was the hazer of my freshmen year. He forced me to follow after him.”

Tum is getting married to Fon, who is also a 0062. Two weeks ago, they had a barbecue together but he didn’t know that Tum was Arthit’s freshman hazer.

Arthit said: “To be honest, I don’t really want to be a hazer either. It’s hard to be the head hazer, it’s a big responsibility, it’s not my personality. I am impatient. The first time I pulled your shirt at the first meeting, I almost got kicked out of the hazing team. I violated the hazing code by swearing and touching you. My friends in the team asked to be expelled as well, because no one was there to stop the mistake, everyone was paying for the same mistake I did. This was the first time Phii Deer saw this, so he punished me by running 20 laps around the playground instead.”

Kong had never heard of it before. It was the first time he felt able to reason.

To understand Arthit’s feelings. From that moment on in the meeting, Arthit stopped talking and acting violently and started explaining to him why he was doing that. Everything that made Arthit angry was because of him.

Kong regrets what he said to Arthit.

Kongpop said: “I’m sorry.”

Arthit said: “Forget about it, it’s in the past and I’ve punished you too.”

Arthit lifted his beer, looking like he had stopped thinking about it. He looks at the sea and then he hears someone ask a new question.

Kongpop said: “Phii Arthit, remember the bet we made before the Campus Moon and Star contest?”

The question brought back memories that Arthit had almost forgotten. But Arthit was the kind of man who would do what he said he would do, so he nodded and replied.

Arthit said: “I remember, I remember you wanting something from me.”

Kongpop said: “Yes, is Phii busy next Saturday?”

Arthit said: “Well, i should be free.”

Kongpop said: “I want to go shopping, can you accompany me?

Arthit said: “That’s it? Kong”

Arthit looked at the requestor with confusion, he thought that Kong’s request to stay for 2 months, would be a big request, or a plan to make him lose face. But how could the request be so simple?

Arthit said: “Well, yes.”

Kong laughed when he heard it.

Phii Arthit, can you give me your cell phone number? I’ll call you then.

Arthit watched as Kong hurriedly took the phone out of his pocket and then pressed the 10 digits at his word. That’s when, he noticed something.

Arthit said: “When are you going to take that knot off?”

Kong stiffened and took his eyes off the phone.

He saw Arthit looking at his left wrist where he was holding the phone.

The wrist with the sacred knot.

What’s wrong? I think it’s fine, I’m not taking it off.

Kong smiled and looked Arthit straight in the eye, shining brightly. Arthit didn’t know what it meant, he had to avoid someone’s gaze. Just as he wanted to continue the conversation, he heard someone calling him from a distance behind.

“Arthit, where are you? Get over here!”

One of the hazers scolded him, telling him to get back to the table. Arthit stood up, ready to leave the beach and walk back.

Arthit said: “I’ll go first.

Kongpop said: “Phii Arthit, wait a minute.”

Before Arthit could leave, Kong was quickly on his feet.

Kongpop said: “I have something for Phii.”

Arthit said: “What?”

Kongpop said: “Hold out your hand.”

Arthit was asked to hold out his hand, which made him anxious but he didn’t forget to put the beer down. His action made Kong come over quickly and put something in his palm. It was something silver that had just been handed out to hundreds of yearlings. Gears.

Arthit said: “Why did you give this back to me?”

Arthit exploded, shouting at Kong. He thought they had just had a friendly chat, not just to learn his story and then continue to antagonize him. But the act of returning the gears, was clearly an insult to the hazer.

Someone who’s already been convicted was quick to explain.

Kongpop said: “I just wanted to leave it to you to keep.”

Arthit said: “Why should I keep it?

Instead of answering the question Kong asked in surprise.

Kongpop said: “Phii Arthit doesn’t know? I thought you knew the meaning of gears. You can ask Mr. Deer what it means.”

Fortunately, one of them knew what he wanted to know.

Arthit said: “Phii Deer, what is the meaning of gears?

The hazer of the fourth year looked at the younger one, then came and sat at the table.

Deer: “What’s with the weirdest question? I’m a little drunk, let me think. The gear, which symbolizes solidarity, because it’s hard to get at it, is very important to our engineering.”

The more Arthit listened, the more confused he became, he thought 0062 was saying something else, to make him angry. Very well, he must solve this confusion.

Arthit opened a can of beer, to ease his anger. Deer continued his explanation.

Deer: “Well, because it’s so important and we work hard for it, it’s like the heart for engineering. So there’s a saying in engineering faculty, The gears are the heart, the heart is the gears. Where the gears are, the heart of the owner is.”

Beer was spewing out of Arthit’s mouth and he was coughing from the choking. Deer, who was sitting next door, patted him on the shoulder to help him relax.

Deer: “Take your time with this beer, you’re choking on it. Is that a bottle of wine we’re drinking?”

Phii Deer was joking but Arthit wasn’t amused, he didn’t argue just nodded his head.

Arthit said: “Yes, I am a bit drunk.”

Yes, because he was drunk. In his heart, a strange feeling touched him. His face felt hot, not because the wind, the sky, the sea and the beer were a little drunk but because he was warm when he had taken a gear from someone’s hand.


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