SOTUS, Rule 1:Don’t Even think of contradicting him

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 1:Don’t Even think of contradicting him

“Is that a mosquito whining, all of you? Speak up!”

If you were to hear this you would think we were in a prison camp. The only difference was that the “prisoners” weren’t in prison but were sitting listlessly in the welcome party. At this point, all the juniors in the engineering faculty are standing in front, eyeing the freshmen as if they’ve been with them forever.

Especially Arthit, the head of the welcoming party, Industrial Engineering major from the Faculty of Engineering, with his angular face but with his fierce eyes. He was the one who was yelling at the freshmen, saying that they were clapping too quietly but in reality, even if they were clapping like a concert, he would still say that he couldn’t hear them.

…what, you don’t like it, I told you, our mission is to pass on the spirit of the seniors without reservation. We’ve been through what you’re going through and this is just the beginning, there’s more to come.

The senior, with a cool face, once again asked the freshmen a question in a calm but resolute voice: “I ask you once again, how many people are there in your year?”

Just as Arthit had predicted, there was silence, no one dared to speak.

…But it’s understandable, after all it’s only been two days since faculty started, who would be so bored to remember how many people there are in the whole faculty, not to mention the engineering faculty is the biggest faculty, there are thousands of people at every turn, it’s easier to ask for an accurate number at once than to do calculus but that’s exactly what Arthit wants, to put some pressure on the freshmen.

We are the new generation of high-quality university students, we will only attract teachers if we let people succumb to our obscenity, this is not our style, our principle is to talk you down without swearing and then give you a gentle knife.

“The fact that no one answered means you don’t care about your classmates and that’s why none of you know how many there really are in this class!”

Phii Arthit started to pace around the group of new students, looking at them as he walked, like a majestic black cat showing off its supreme authority and contempt for everything in front of it, with its chest puffed out. Most of the freshmen were still silent and some of them were sobbing in fear. It seemed that Arthit’s method was working but in fact, Arthit wasn’t really that cruel and perverted, it was just his duty as the leader of the orientation. Especially when he sees a pretty girl crying, he can’t wait to give her a big bear hug but if he does that, his image as a tough senior will fall apart, so even if he can’t stand it, he has to die. But if you don’t try to be a hero, someone else will take over for you and when he saw the pretty girl crying, he took out a handkerchief and handed it over and the girl took it and her watery eyes were filled with gratitude.

I am standing here as a big man. He thinks I am dead, blatantly in front of my eyes to provoke girls but also provoke high face value girls. After the end of the meeting he will certainly go to get the phone, no, first to make him embarrassed.

Well, since you want to act tough, I’ll give you this chance to act tough in front of everyone!

“You there, nong please stand up!”

He shouted at the student who was handing him a handkerchief, which frightened the pretty girl next to him, who immediately looked at the boy who had been named and was very worried, although he didn’t seem to feel anything. As soon as the boy stood up straight, Arthit wanted to cry in the toilet, she thought her height of 178 was already enough to overwhelm many people but the boy in front of her was almost 10 cm taller than herself, not only that, he had thick eyebrows and big eyes, he had a star aura, it was like killing all the boys in the room.

Geez…if he didn’t get up, he would be yelled at but when he did, he got even more hateful and Arthit’s resentment towards this boy increased by two G’s.

…well, if I don’t do something about it, I’m not going to be the most handsome man in the world.

“Name, student number, say it louder!”

“My name is Kongpop, student number 0062.”

“You answer me, how many of your age are there?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why not!?”

“I didn’t count.”

Kongpop’s answer tightened Arthit’s brow, his body trembled and he saw the punch coming.

…to be a smart-ass, it looks like this guy’s trying to pick a fight.

If this had happened outside the faculty, Arthit would have found someone to take care of him, especially now that Arthit has been silently trampled on in front of these little assholes in public.

Arthit tried to control his anger and shouted fiercely,” Even if you haven’t counted, you should know! You’ll have to answer all the questions I ask, got it?!”


Arthit nodded in satisfaction, then pulled out a necklace with a brown gear tied to it from the pocket of his faculty trousers, he held it up to Kongpop’s face and asked,” Do you see this gear?”

“I see.” Kongpop replied.

“It’s a gear handed down by our seniors, it doesn’t belong to just one person, it’s the pride of our engineering faculty. If you can’t convince me that you’re good enough to take this gear, then get out of here, all of you and I can deny that you’re part of our engineering faculty.”

The last thing he said, he didn’t say to the boy standing there, he said to all the freshmen, just to scare them, because it was up to the seniors to get the gear or not.

If these freshmen behave well, respect their teachers and participate in group activities, they can easily get this gear, which symbolizes the spirit of the Engineering Faculty. But if they don’t, then they’ll be re-trained for their entire age but this time they’ll be even more brutal than the first time and if they don’t behave properly the second time, then they’ll get a gear and it’ll be, in two words,” No way” and you’ll become the disgrace in the history of Engineering Faculty.

Arthit did what he said he would do, he had already done it a few times before and the freshmen knew about it, so the warning had a good effect, many freshmen were scared white, which made Arthit, who was holding the banner, very satisfied and mocked silently. The kid who just dared to challenge his authority.

“Now tell me, Mr. Kongpop, if I don’t give this gear to your grade, what are you going to do about it?”

Arthit was already looking down on the other side as if he was a victor and was guessing that the next answer from the arrogant boy would be ‘I don’t know’. If Arthit is as expected, then don’t blame him for killing the chicken.

Well, let’s show him who’s in charge here. Fight with my brother, boy, you’re still young!

Arthit, who thought he was carrying the flag of victory, didn’t intend to listen to Kongpop’s answer, he turned around to go back to the front row to announce the punishment but before he could even take a step, the voice behind him almost made Arthit spit out his blood.

“Then I will just take it.”

As soon as Kongpop’s words came out, everyone in the audience looked at him with a frightened expression, not believing what they had just heard.

…what the hell? Did I just get an earwax in my ear? Can you do a playback?

“What did you say?”

Arthit asked again in disbelief and the person standing opposite him at this time, did not blush and did not jump in heart, did not have the slightest appearance of fear, on the contrary, his eyes were sharp and light and he said the answer he just gave again more clearly.

“If the Phii don’t give me the gear, I’ll have to take it from you myself.”

The words that came out of Kongpop’s mouth were quite shocking, all the people present were scared silly, even Arthit who was carrying the banner seemed to freeze, his eyes as big as bronze bells. How can this be tolerated, to be insulted by a little brat in front of a group of juniors, this is just like being smacked with a shoe plucker in front of a crowd of people! For a moment, Arthit’s anger was like a river bursting its banks, he couldn’t contain it any longer, regardless of the rules and regulations, civilized and polite, Arthit stepped forward with an arrow, grabbed this brat by the collar and roared loudly like a lion: “Do you have the guts to say that again? I want to see how you’re going to take the gear away!?”


“How are you going to take it?!”

“I just need to make you my wife.”


…uh, silence, embarrassment.

At that moment, Kongpop’s big hand grabbed the hand that was holding his collar tightly and his deep eyes flickered as he gazed at the silent man in front of him and he continued in a perverse manner.

“Because everyone says there’s no distinction between things owned by lovers and if you become my wife, then your gear, naturally, becomes mine.”


Arthit went and grabbed Kongpop shirt and he immediately let go of Kongpop’s hand, greeted his whole family in his heart but as soon as he opened his mouth, his voice was covered by the sound of whistles and applause. This also included his friends, the identity of the same junior training freshmen old bird, it seems, not only did not feel angry at all but also very much looking forward to the show, it is not easy to have a fearless younger brother dared to confront the head of the orientation, they naturally find it novel, anyway, watching the fun is not too big a deal. Suddenly, they heard a roar that ripped through the air.

“All of you, be quiet!”

The hazer’s words were an edict and everyone immediately fell silent, focusing once again on the pair standing in the middle of the room. Arthit managed to gather his scattered consciousness and stared at the hairless brat in front of him with his eyes.

…and I don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not, because no matter what, this kid doesn’t look like a p-ssy or if he is gay but don’t think I’m gonna give up, if this kid wants to take me down, then go ahead, I’m Head hazer, so if anyone wants to try, I’m game. But right now, I’m gonna settle some scores with this kid.

“Fine, I’ll see if you can do it or not. But for now I still have the gear, I’m still your senior and you all have to do what I say!”

The powers that be have a cunning look on their face, ready to call for the death penalty.

“Kongpop, class number 0062, head squat 200, start immediately!”


The person who was punished did not feel frustrated, on the contrary, he was smiling happily, answering as if he had deliberately accepted the punishment. Kongpop walked to the front of the venue and began to do head squats in front of his companions, while Arthit was watching him silently.

Well, first-grader, if you want me to be a loser, dream on, how dare you call me a loser? Well, we’ll see who gets who in the end!

…a bossy senior or a freshman??


SOTUS: The First Year and the Evil Senior

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