SOTUS, Rule 2: Every question from the seniors must be answered!

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 2: Every question from the seniors must be answered!

“Who told you to keep your heads up, get down?!”

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t military training, it’s just a senior’s deep concern and high hopes for his younger siblings that they’ll soak up a little more vitamins in the midday sun, which is good for their health.

…that’s it… At noon, in the middle of the big football field, the stubborn sun was hanging straight overhead and in the hot sunlight you could hear the sizzling sound of charcoal roasting pork. It’s just to deter the group of freshmen lying on the grass, just because…

“What time was the appointment with you guys?”

There was a murmur and everyone faltered, like bees calling, not knowing what to answer. This annoyed the hazer Arthit, who was in charge of the welcome party,” Answer loud and clear! What time were we supposed to meet! What time was it?” Like a lion’s roar, his voice echoed across the big football field.

“Twelve o’clock!”

…cough…it’s just a time, can’t you ask nicely, do you have to yell at yourself to make yourself feel comfortable? You think this stadium is as small as a football field, with its own reverberation effect. You don’t know what it’s like to be a soccer player and you don’t know what it’s like to be a soccer player and you don’t know what it’s like to be a soccer player. But even if your voices are cracked, your brothers won’t even use a microphone or a megaphone, so you can see what attitude is all about, you can lose your voice but your spirit must be high. That’s why it’s hardest for me, as the person in charge, to say anything. Well, these days, it’s hard to be the head hazer.

Arthit coughed twice to clear his throat and began to continue,” And do you know what time it is?”

The newcomers’ inaudible” ahhhhs” once again made the questioner so angry he didn’t want to waste his energy yelling at them.

“That’s enough, don’t answer! Let me tell you, it’s 12:18 minutes and 57 seconds Bangkok time, you’re late. Let me ask you, is it right for seniors to wait for you in the sun? Don’t you have any sense of responsibility, any sense of commitment! Or, has your sense of responsibility been eaten by dogs?!!”

Arthit looked around and all the freshmen were lying still after being scolded on their faces but you are kindly reminded that this is just a prelude to a whole set of magnificent melodies coming your way.

“It’s okay, it was your first mistake, I can give you another chance.”

The pardon was a huge relief to many of the freshmen but the fresh air hadn’t even entered their lungs yet and Hazer’s half-finished words once again made the kids’ nerves tense up.

“But, I’ll call one of you up at random to answer the question and if you can’t, then you’ll all be punished!”

The words were like a whip that snuffed out the freshmen’s candle of hope and then raised a wisp of smoke hovering in the air. It was like being severely beaten first and then kicked.

…The whole class is already furious just by answering the questions together but to put all our hopes on one person is dragging all of us to hell! Whoever is chosen, it’s really bad luck, not to mention carrying everyone’s hopes, if they can’t answer the Phii’s question and everyone is punished, then their ancestors will probably be greeted by everyone.

Arthit knew exactly what was going to happen and that’s why he had to make the rules. And the black sheep that Arthit had chosen and pushed into the limelight to be despised by all, he had only one person in mind. And that was…

“Code number 0062, front and center!”

0062 was instructed to stand up and move to the front row and although his buddies wanted to give him a sympathetic look, they couldn’t do anything other than stay on the ground. Arthit, who was standing opposite 0062, could clearly see that Kongpop looked much more nervous than yesterday.

Hehe… it’s never too late for a gentleman to take revenge… it’s only been a day, people like Arthit won’t forget how he was humiliated by this brat yesterday.

I was going to find a quiet place and beat the shit out of him but I thought it would be too barbaric. So Arthit asked hundreds of people to be his witnesses, to prove that we don’t need to use such a brutal method of physical assault, that we are civilized and polite and that we can not only make the freshmen look good but also avenge our past humiliation.

Arthit, smug with himself over this perfect plan of revenge, looked up and down at Kongpop who was ready to listen to the questions and then like a declarer asked in a resolute tone,” What I asked you yesterday, how many people are there in your session, do you remember!”

“I remember, there are 1,178 students in the Faculty of Engineering 56 (2013), of which 216 were in Industrial Engineering!”

Kongpop’s answer was so quick and clear that the questioner was left speechless. To be honest, Arthit didn’t even know how many freshmen there were in engineering faculty but there were 216 students in the industrial engineering major list, which means that he didn’t make it up.

“Okay! But that wasn’t the question I was going to ask, I just wanted you to review it, now, please count the number of students present, one by one, out loud and let me hear you.”

Kongpop was ordered to turn around and start counting out loud” 1,2,3,4…” while Arthit looked on idly. Arthit knew at a glance that no one was there but he asked Kongpop to count one by one, playing with everyone’s heartbeat, especially when Kongpop counted to the last person, everyone’s heart felt like it stopped beating a beat.

“So, how many people are missing?”

“54 people.”

Boy, you’re fast at adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, as expected from an engineering faculty. Arthit nodded and got back to the point.

“If that’s the case, then you’ll have to answer the next question I ask.”

He smiled wryly at Kongpop, who was still calmly waiting to answer the question. The rest of the freshmen seemed to have lost their ability to beat their hearts, like lambs to the slaughter, waiting for the snap of the executioner’s knife.

“What I’m asking is, where are the 54 of you who didn’t show up?”


…no answer… normal, because even if you had the IQ of Einstein, you wouldn’t know where the 54 people who didn’t show up went.

It’s not an official rule that all new students have to attend the orientation but if you don’t, you’ll automatically be isolated from your classmates, so if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life alone, then please do come to orientation.

It was because Arthit knew all about welcoming customs that he was able to lead the ungrateful brat into his final pit and what’s more exciting is that hundreds of people were present to witness this historic moment showdown with the Head Hazer Arthit. And all the while, the lamb to the slaughter was silent.

You don’t know me very well, so this time, get ready to be drowned by everyone because you’re the one who got everyone into this mess.

Arthit was secretly proud that he had carried the banner of victory but it wasn’t enough, so he turned around and gave an order to all the freshmen lying on their backs: “Heads up, all of you, look up at this student who can’t answer the question, I will punish you…”

“They aren’t absent.”

Arthit’s punishment was interrupted before he could finish and he immediately turned toward the vocalization, retorting in disbelief,” What, you say that again?”

“Those 54 of my classmates weren’t absent!”

Kongpop’s serious nonsense stunned everyone and they couldn’t believe what gave Kongpop the courage to do it.

I’ll show you what I’m capable of.

“Open your doggy eyes and see where your friends are! And you have the nerve to say they’re not absent!”

Arthit angrily shot back while pointing at the freshmen who were still lying on the scorching ground but then Kongpop gave an explanation that made everyone’s face look like a complete idiot.

“Truly they were not absent, for they were always with us in our hearts, though their flesh was not there.”

…WTF? What the f-ck is he talking about? What’s the part about “The heart is  here not in the flesh”?

Oh-ho! ~I’m sick to my stomach, he’s been watching too many dramas and thinks he’s the long-legged Korean Oprah who can save the world! I can tell he’s making it up just by listening.

“Well, there’s a lot of love between you two, so their hearts in the field should give you enough strength to run the 54 laps around the course with all of you.” Arthit will play it by ear.

“No, they’ve left their hearts in my hands alone.” Kongpop takes over.

“Ask them why they should give you their hearts alone!”

“Because it just happens to fill the place of the heart I gave you!”




The whole place is honey-awkward.

The battlefield that was once filled with smoke was instantly taken over by a little shyster who was a mixture of girlie pink and romantic purple. The freshman orientation director was molested in front of the public and his words were so vulgar that it would make you throw up your breakfast three days ago. But at this point, Mr. Arthit was too disgusted to feel sick to his stomach, his anger level was close to exploding,” Kongpop!” he shouted at the name.


“Run 54 laps around the field and you’re done!”


The punishments were easily answered and the order was carried out. In the hot air, on the big field, the rest of the freshmen were worried about the student who had stepped forward to protect them.

“No looking back! You’ll be punished too. Do 54 squats and count out loud. If you don’t do it in unison, you will start over. Begin!”

Arthit turned and walked back to his seat after giving the order, not caring about the hateful way the freshmen looked at him but on the contrary, Kongpop’s eyes were glowing with love and admiration. Arthit’s revenge plan made him the enemy of the freshmen.

…and instead of taking revenge, I got in trouble!! Don’t get caught. Just remember this, Kongpop!

Battle of the Gears, Hazer vs. Freshman, seniors lose! 0:1.


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