SOTUS, Rule 20: Don’t make the senior think too much

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 20: Don’t make the senior think too much

There were five buses to take them back. Bus 3, the one meant for the younger one, had engine trouble, so it was parked on the side of the road.  Arthit’s bus 4 and Deer’s bus 5 stopped to check the situation. Bus 1 and 2 started before the bus 3, so they had to drive slowly and wait for the problem to be solved.

In the end, bus 3 could not continue, so the students on bus 3 had to board buses 4 and 5, sit for a while and then assign some people to bus 1 and 2 in front of them. (Each bus was not full, so many seats were reserved or vacant, so people from bus 3 could be assigned to other buses.)

The younger students got on the bus 4 where the seniors were. It was so crowded that they had to hold a lot of things in their hands and the chapter began. Arthit, as the head hazer, had to carry the equipment. He stood on the cart, holding the case with one hand, the other on the armrest. He heard someone sitting nearby say.

Kongpop said: “Let me help you with that.

Arthit looked to Kong who was sitting with his first-year friends. The first-year students had put their water backpacks on the floor, so their hands were empty. So, Arthit gave the box to Kong to hold. Not only that, Kong moved over to make room for Arthit…

Kongpop said: “Sit down, Arthit and I’ll move over.

Arthit said: “It’s okay, I can stand.

Arthit refused Kong’s offer, grabbed the armrest for balance and looked the other way. The bus started moving again. Because of the large number of people on the bus, the bus moved very slowly, as if crawling on the road and took longer than usual to reach the next stopping point. Many people stood for almost an hour, their legs stiff. When the bus stopped, many people got off and rested…

Arthit said: “We’ll park here. Some of the first years will be able to change buses but please remember to give me your names and the number of the bus you’re taking. Arthit explained the precautions before the first years got off the bus. M said: “Let’s change the bus? M said: “How about a different bus? You can see that bus number 2 is empty, we can go there.

Kong was distracted by what his friends were saying. If they sit in the other bus, they can sit with the other freshmen and the atmosphere will be more lively than with the seniors. But that was before Kong tried to answer, when someone standing next to him interrupted….

Arthit said: “You can take your stuff and go, just leave the case here.”

Head hazer Arthit gave the order, took the case from Kong’s lap to his hand and then walked to the seat on the other side of the aisle. So, Kong had no choice.

Kong had to pick up his bag and clothes and follow the group.  Arthit put his suitcase on the seat and sat on the window seat until almost all the first years were off the bus. He sighed wearily. Arthit had been standing for a long time, his legs were stiff but he wanted to sit down. He didn’t sleep last night, because he hadn’t seen the other graduates for a long time, they had been drinking and then he watched the sunrise with them.

It was great for him, he just wanted to take a nap in the bus and he didn’t want to see anyone near him. Someone who had let himself keep the gears that belonged to him and who was hiding something from him. The fact that he had it in his pocket now. He didn’t want to keep it for him but it was too soon to give it back and it’s too soon to change that. If they’d just pretended to leave and then come back, he’d have been pissed. But in the end, Kong just stood there quietly and got out of the bus with his friends. To avoid confrontation with Kong, he just avoided him. He wanted to give the gear back. Confused and irritated, Arthit had a headache, he wasn’t good at thinking about such things so he decided to close his eyes, take a nap and release his stress. But soon after a voice interrupted him…

Kongpop said: “Is Arthit asleep?”

Arthit said: “What are you doing back, forgetting something?”

Kongpop said: “No, I’m going in this car…”

Arthit said: “Where are your friends?”

Kongpop said: “They’re already in another car. The teacher said the number of cars should be even, so I came back. Can I sit next to Arthit?”

Since Arthit had a box with equipment on the seat next to him, Kong asked for it. But the head hazer doesn’t want to remove it. What should I do? Arthit has avoided not looking at him. Maybe he can leave Kong alone and go sit with his friends? At that moment, Not came over. Arthit was about to open his mouth to talk to Not but he spoke first.

Nott said: “Arthit, are you going to make the student stand all the way home? You put the suitcase on the ground so that others can come in instead of helping”

Arthit scolded Nott in his heart. The people standing near Kong were waiting for him to sit down. Finally, Arthit couldn’t refuse but reluctantly put the box on the floor in front of him.  Arthit looked out of the window and suddenly heard the man next door opening his bag.

Kongpop said: “Arthit, would you like a snack?”

Arthit turned around and saw Kong taking out xx, xx, xx snacks from his backpack and asked him to choose. To be honest, Arthit was a bit hungry but for the sake of the dignity of a third year, he had to force himself to refuse….

Arthit said: “I don’t need it.” But Kong didn’t give up and kept asking.

Kongpop said: “Can I get you a drink? I just saw this when I got off the bus, so I bought it for you. Arthit looked over again and his eyes widened when he saw what was in the other man’s hand. A cup of pink milk…”

Arthit said: “Did you deliberately buy this to tease me?”

Arthit looks very angry with another person and suddenly buys a pink milk, did you deliberately embarrass him? Did you challenge yourself because you know your secret? The misunderstood man immediately shook his head and explained…

Kongpop said: “No, I just saw you were tired, so I bought you some snacks and a cold drink. But I didn’t know what kind of snacks you like, so I chose a little bit of everything. As for the pink frozen milk, I know you like it, so I got it for you. If you don’t want it, I’ve got green tea. Since it’s still a long way to school, I just wanted you to have something to eat in case you get sick on the way.”

 Kong’s reason made Arthit relax for a moment, looking at the other’s eyes and listening to his voice, he could feel that the other was not pretending to be serious but much more, he could feel his care and concern from his words.

The head hazer hesitated for a moment, looked at the other’s hand and took the pink milk. He turned his head, looked out of the window and the bus went on its way. The sweet taste of the pink milk drink, cheered Arthit up. However, the pink milk drink did not diminish his thoughts, on the contrary, more and more he was not sure, was it Kong’s personal habit to be a hero, to take care of others? He’s not sure, sometimes joking, sometimes serious, what Kong is trying to convey? Most of all, he wasn’t sure if Kong was like this with everyone, or just with him? He wanted to ignore Kong and not look at him but he noticed Kong’s eyes when he gave him advice, not only gentle but also sweet.

It made him think again about the meaning of the gear Kong gave him. He wasn’t stupid, never once knowing so clearly that Kong was hiding something. Kong liked to tease him and make him angry but in the end he’d always apologize to himself until this time and Arthit inevitably felt uncomfortable, wanting to ask him why.

But if he really brought up the subject, he felt strange again. Arthit shook his head, not thinking about what was giving him a headache.

He drank his pink milk, threw the glass in the trash and looked out of the window again.

The person next to him was sitting quietly, without saying a word but in his heart he had many questions to ask. Kong didn’t dare to ask if Arthit knew the meaning of the gears, because if Arthit knew, he would scold him loudly. But Arthit remained calm, with only some signs of discontent, which seemed less serious than usual.

He didn’t forget that Arthit was a boy and he was a boy too. He was afraid that if Arthit knew about his feelings for him, he would get very angry. It was bold enough for him to give the gear to Arthit, although at that time he didn’t know whether his real feelings were due to the nice atmosphere by the sea or to the first chat he had with Arthit, he made that decision.

But it was no use blaming the atmosphere. He liked looking at Arthit, he wanted to be close to Arthit, he wanted to take care of Arthit. Only this he was sure of but apart from this, he hadn’t found the real answer in his heart. While Kong hesitated, he felt the weight on his shoulder, because someone had fallen asleep and rested their head on him.  Arthit looked like he was sleeping comfortably. Kong smiled, knowing exactly what it felt like. Although Kong couldn’t say what he thought of Arthit, there was no doubt that Arthit was someone special to him, the only one.

Kongpop said: “Phii Arthit, Phii Arthit, wake up, it’s almost time to go to school.”

the person who wakes up looks still sleepy, the first thing he notices is the pillow his neck is resting on the seat. Arthit immediately moved his head away from the pillow and the person sitting next to him with his shoulder pressed against the pillow felt something leaving him.  Arthit was very angry with himself, because he was afraid that another person would see his indecent side. But the other man didn’t make fun of him. Arthit touched his eyes and acted as if nothing had happened, as usual.

The bus arrived at 6 p.m., two hours later than planned because the bus had broken down. Everyone wanted to go home and get some rest. Arthit picked up the box with the equipment and held it in his arms, then saw that there was also a bottle of water and two backpacks under the chair. He bent down and tried to get the packages out but he was unsuccessful.  Arthit had to take two more steps to get it out, when another person came to his aid.

Kongpop said: “Let me help you with that.”

Kong volunteered again and Arthit nodded. They got out of the bus and walked back to the South Building of the college together.

Kongpop said: “Phii Arthit, where do you want it?”

Arthit said: “Just put it next to the drum.”

Arthit pointed to where the drums were, Kong put the stuff down as instructed and left to find his friend in the other car. He hadn’t gone far when he heard someone calling him from behind.

Arthit said: “Uh, wait…,”

Kong turned back and said: “Hmm.”
Kong stopped and turned around, looking at Arthit. Kong En-Kong stopped and turned around, looking at Arthit… but the head hazer didn’t say anything…

Arthit said: “Well, that’s all right. Thanks for helping me.”

Kongpop said: “No, I’d love to do that.”

Kongpop said it with a smile, his eyes looked sincere and he left.

Arthit was still undecided whether to ask or not. Arthit wanted to ask if Kong had any thoughts about him?

He didn’t ask, not because he was afraid to hear the answer but because he wasn’t sure what he would say if he heard the answer.

If Kong answered” yes”, would he continue to pretend not to know?

If Kong answers” no”, he might just say,” Don’t ever do that to me again”.

But What if he said yes?


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