The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 21: The Senior has the right to choose

Kong thinks about this meeting every day. Kong was wearing a light-colored T-shirt over a dark, cross-striped jacket, black jeans and canvas shoes, with his ankles rolled up. He was also wearing a bit of Armani Acqua Di Gio, because he liked the smell of it. That’s it, no particular reason at all. Well, he admits, he’s not his usual self today. Because he felt more cautious than usual, not only on the outside but also inside. He waited at the store for the person he was supposed to meet, even though the only purpose of the meeting was to buy something with him.

Kong shook his head and tried not to be so crazy. He acted too excited as if he was going on a date. But this was the first time that he and Arthit were alone and he didn’t want to upset Arthit with his recklessness. Unfortunately, his plan didn’t work (too early to meet, the senior complained). Shortly after, someone he was supposed to meet showed up on time, saw Kong standing there waiting for him and hurried over with a frown and a complaint.

Arthit said: “Sorry to keep you waiting. It’s too f-cked up to call it morning. It’s eleven o’clock, you can’t call it morning.”

 Kong tried to explain but when he saw that Arthit was dressed completely different from him, he didn’t say anything. Arthit was wearing a T-shirt with a Che Guevara on it, a bag slung over his shoulder, jeans and canvas shoes. The whole look was different but Kong somehow thought it fit Arthit’s natural, casual personality. Kong accidentally looked at someone for a long time, until someone said…

Arthit said: “What are you buying? Kong can only pull back his attention and say what he is buying at the same time…

Kongpop said: “- a small gift, I would like Arthit to help me choose.” Kongpop said and smiled, as if he was hiding a secret and walked slowly to the front.  Arthit crooked his lips and followed unhappily, partly because he wasn’t happy with Kong’s hidden attitude and partly because today 0062 was shining more than ever, he knew Kong was handsome and he was dressed like a magazine model, just in case no one noticed.

Standing across from him wasn’t enough, shit, today he was like a servant who followed him around and helped him get his stuff. Although somewhat annoyed, Arthit knew that having good looks was a gift from God, people good looks could not be controlled. He reluctantly walked forward, following Kong, into the mall.

The two of them took the escalator upstairs until they came to an area full of toys and cool, exotic-looking items that could be used as gifts. Kong wasn’t interested but went straight to the shelf of figurines, picked up a teddy bear in pink lace and a white teddy bear in a blue lace top and showed them to Arthit, while asking.

Kongpop said: “Phii Arthit, which one do you think is cuter? I don’t know which one is better.” Arthit blinked, puzzled as he watched Kong holding two teddy bears, a strange thought came to his mind. He tried to organize his words with friendly feelings but couldn’t restrain himself from mumbling…

Arthit said: “I just realized that you like this type,” being so outrageously misunderstood people look shocked, he quickly shakes his head and explains the matter first.

Kongpop said: “No, tomorrow is my niece’s birthday, I’m buying her a gift for a very clear reason, Arthit nodded his head to show that he understands.

Arthit said: “How old is your niece?”

Kongpop said: “3 years old, my own sister’s kid.”

Arthit said: “Do you have a sister?”

Kongpop said: “Yeah, there’s two of them, about 10 years older than me. I’m an unexpected child. (That means the parents didn’t plan to have kids but they were unexpectedly born.) Kongpop said: “What about Phii Arthit? Do you have brothers and sisters?”

Arthit said: “No, I’m an only child.”

Since Arthit is an only child, he is used to taking care of everything by himself, which may be different from Kong who is the youngest child. Arthit realized that Kong had a much older sister and that being well taken care of in a noisy environment made Kong a stubborn and silent person.

Sometimes Kong would do things that only interested him, like this time when he was asked to help pick out a gift for a little girl, without looking at the soft, cuddly dolls he didn’t fit in with. Arthit sighed softly, while looking at the other areas where he had put some new toys and wanted to give Kong some advice.

Arthit said: “Are you really going to buy a doll for your niece? I think there are other fun things that can enhance thinking and development, like the plastic Lego toys I saw on the Internet, which are very realistic. My younger days are so now, it’s probably just laser guns for us. Unlike your age, a lot of things have evolved.”

 Arthit is 21 years old and he’s whining like an old man, reminiscing about his old times. Since the new generation was different from his, they see things differently. He was often frustrated by the ideas of today’s youth but the rebuttals of his listeners made him stop thinking.

Kongpop said: “But you and I are only 2 years apart.” When Arthit heard this fact, he realized that two years of development can make a big difference, making Kong look ten years younger than him.  Arthit felt frustrated but he tried not to be angry.

Arthit said: “So what? I was born before you, so I’m your senior. Or do you want to fight with me?

Kongpop said: “No contest.”

 Kong raises his hand to give up but his eyes twinkle with laughter, as if he’s teasing Arthit.  Arthit didn’t like that and yelled to change the subject…

Arthit said: “Which one do you want, bring the doll over here.”

 Arthit walks over and grabs the two teddy bears. Kong willingly stepped aside and peeked at Arthit’s face as he carefully picked out the white and brown teddy bears in his hand. Although Arthit didn’t seem to be satisfied with the image of the toy, for some reason he found it cute and weird instead.

He never knew Arthit’s thoughts.

He wanted to hear Arthit’s innermost thoughts, to see how he often laughed at some bright idea. Even though Arthit was older than him, was it strange? Just like he had never thought of Arthit as a senior but only as an individual, so he often did something by accident, forgetting the fact that Arthit was his senior. Although he reminded himself many times, because he was afraid that Arthit would get angry with him… he knew deep down that it was no use. Kong’s thoughts were interrupted by the teddy bears.  Arthit handed Kong two bears and asked his opinion.

Arthit said: “I think the brown one is better but the white one gets dirty easily, don’t you think?

Kongpop said: “I guess that’s what you’re talking about, Arthit. Kong’s unconcerned answer made Arthit a little unhappy.

Arthit said: “Why did you choose what I said? It’s a gift for your niece, choose carefully!” Arthit’s testy reply silenced Kong. The teddy bear, in fact, was Kong’s excuse to go out with Arthit. But Arthit tried hard to help him choose for a long time, he had to change his mind and think seriously about it…

Arthit nodded at Kong’s explanation, because at the end of the day it’s the other person who has the choice. Anyway, Kong is the uncle…

Kongpop said: “I’ll go pay first. Kong takes a teddy bear, walks straight to the checkout counter and has it wrapped by an employee.”

At this time, Arthit had enough time to look at some other things, most of them were some cool or some small gifts related to holidays. He also saw a shelf of greeting cards, including birthday, graduation and wedding cards. Yes, Arthit is going to attend the wedding of Tum and Fon next week and he hasn’t prepared any gift for Tum yet. Tum has been taking good care of him in his studies and everything else. The gift money seemed so commonplace but he didn’t know what to buy. Arthit-walking around, squatting, looking up, still can’t decide what to buy. Kong finishes the check, comes back with a gift-wrapped box and asks.

Kongpop said: “What’s Phii Arthit looking at?”

Arthit said: “Tum’s wedding gift, I want to buy something for him.”

Arthit – while explaining to Kong – picked up a wedding photo frame. He thinks there will be a lot of pictures at the wedding, so if he buys a frame, he can use it, or maybe an album for him? Seeing that Arthit doesn’t know what to buy, Kong makes a suggestion.

Kongpop said: “I think sending greeting cards is fine.

Arthit said: “Isn’t this gift too easy?” Arthit sarcastically talks about someone who just had an idea, teasing him like he did with the doll. But Kong shakes his head and denies it.

Kongpop said: “No. Because the gift is not just a card, it also contains the blessing in the card. If Arthit wrote a blessing for Tum, I’m sure he’d be very happy and it would look very romantic too. The first reason was quite good but the next one was unbelievable to Arthit. He shouted at Kong…

Arthit said: “I’m just sending a wedding card to senior Tum, what’s the need for romance? It’s not like I’m writing a love letter!”

Kongpop said: “Then you can write it as a gift for me.” It sounds like a joke but as if by magic, it silenced Arthit. Is this a joke that men usually say to each other? He doesn’t know… But he’s sure, boys don’t sparkle and look at you expectantly when they’re together and once again he wanted to ask him a question but couldn’t, just like when he came back from the beach.

He wants to ask, does Kong have feelings for him? Maybe now’s the time to say it. He wanted to know the answer as soon as possible, even if he didn’t know how to answer him but it was better than to keep making him uncomfortable, making him worry, making him think about someone else all the time. Arthit took a deep breath and was about to ask the question when a sweet voice interrupted him

Namtarn said: “Ooun, is that you? Ooun Ooun.”

The person whose name was called turned to look at the greeting person and was surprised to see a familiar person and called her name.

Arthit said: “Namtarn.”

Namtarn smiled, rushed over and looked at her friend at the same time.

Namtarn said: “Ooun Ooun, it’s really you! You have a long moustache, I thought I’ve mistaken you for someone else. Ooun, what are you doing here?”

Arthit said: “I’m shopping with a friend. And this is my friend, this is Namtarn, who is studying in science college.”

Kong saluted Namtarn, who was smiling in return. Namtarn looked not so pretty but cute. She looked friendly, smiling all the time, the dimple on her face adding to her charm. The younger one let the two friends talk, while she stood and listened.

Arthit said: “What are you doing?”

Namtarn said: “I’m here to find out if there’s a suitable anniversary gift for Jay…

Arthit said: “It’s been 3 years together, I’m really envious. Namtarn said: “Don’t make fun of me, it’s you Ooun who doesn’t want to open your heart to accept others… Arthit.”

Arthit said: “That’s because I haven’t given up on you yet. Namtarn said: “Wow, you are still the same as usual, a joker. Call me when you’re free, I haven’t been able to chat with you for a while.”

Arthit said: “No, when Jay comes, he’ll probably beat me up Namtarn said: “Are you nuts? We are friends. If he beats you up, I’ll explain to him…”

Arthit said: “How do you explain it?”

Namtarn said: “Oh, I don’t want to talk to you, you always make fun of me every chance you get. I’ll leave you to go shopping with your younger brother. I’m going to see a movie with Jay. I’m afraid that he will wait… I don’t want him to wait…”

Kongpop said: “Is Arthit a friend of yours?”

Arthit said: “Yes, we were classmates in high school. Arthit: I was a classmate from high school. Arthit: “Yes, we are classmates from high school.”

Kongpop said: “You guys have known each other for a long time, right?”

Arthit said: “Well, I’ve known Namtarn for 7 or 8 years.”

Kongpop said: “The smile on her face is so nice and cute….”

Arthit said: “Well, that’s true…””

Kongpop said: “Arthit stopped picking the card and saw Kong’s eyes waiting for an answer. I don’t know if it’s because Kong saw him joking with Namtarn and wanted to ask something, or because of some other reason. It made him hesitate for a moment but in the end he admitted the truth.

Arthit said: “Yes.”

A short answer but like a long rope pulling on the listener’s heart, made Kong’s heart beat as fast as possible, Kong was devastated, watching Arthit sigh softly and then explain in detail.

Arthit said: “It ended a long time ago, actually. My friend courted her before me. I cursed them to break up but after three years they were still together,” and the storyteller laughed about the past, the one he knew well with Namtarn, Jay, his only good friend. They studied, ate together and copied homework together. However, he didn’t know at the time that Jay was secretly courting Namtarn until he saw them sitting together holding hands at the graduation ceremony. Later, when they were still studying at the same university, he was often seen around him, which hurt him even more.

Arthit said: “But, actually I can’t blame my friends, because I never confessed to Namtarn and I don’t know why I hid my feelings at that time.” Arthit seems to be saying it carelessly. The feelings were like the feelings of a young man in the throes of love. Ever since they went to school together, he used to get a kick out of teasing Namtarn. Until people made fun of him and thought he’d become a habit, no one realized there was any truth in it. He chickened out, choosing to let it end as a friend. Or was he too young to realize it? He didn’t realize it.

Kongpop said: “I understand. The speaker next door implies that he has something more to say, Arthit turns around, frowns at the other in confusion and asks rhetorically.

Arthit said: “Understand what?”

Kongpop said: “I understand why Phii was afraid to say it.” Kong didn’t say it clearly but for Arthit, it was clear enough that the other man wanted to express something to him. That surprising answer made Arthit feel embarrassed. Although he had said the same thing to another person, it wasn’t the same because he wasn’t the one who spoke first….

Arthit said: “Hmmm…”

Arthit decided to end the conversation without listening to the conversation, picked a wedding card and quickly went to the counter to pay for it. Kong was standing there, watching Arthit’s back and sighed softly.

The more he looks at the card with the bride and groom cartoons on it, the more he is convinced not to answer. Yes, he did. He understood everything. He knew why Arthit didn’t dare to take another step forward to deepen the relationship, for the same reason he didn’t dare to take a step closer to Arthit. Afraid that if he didn’t hide everything, he’d lose him.



SOTUS: The First Year and the Evil Senior


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