SOTUS, Rule 22: Never look directly into the senior’s eyes

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 22: Never look directly into the senior’s eyes

Arthit said: “0062… 0062…”

 The person whose number was called didn’t answer. Arthit frowned, slammed his hand on someone’s back and shouted…

Arthit said: “Kongpop.”

Kongpop said: “Phii…” Painfully some absent-minded person startled, turned around with a puzzled face and asked the person who patted him.

Kongpop said: “What’s up, Phii Arthit?” See, how dare you say that! When Arthit came back from buying a wedding card, he saw someone walking silently, with a serious and thoughtful face. He called someone many times, even pushed them but they didn’t respond. He doesn’t know why, because of him or because of someone. But if this depressing atmosphere continues, he feels very uncomfortable, so he might as well part ways, so as not to waste the time of two people.

Arthit said: “If you’ve already done your job and want to go back, you don’t have to walk with me.”

Even though Arthit says that it has been over for a long time, he is still thinking a lot about it, feeling uncomfortable and confused. If Arthit is told the truth, though he won’t go away and won’t run away and refuse to listen, just like on the first occasion, he will be even angrier than before and things will get worse. He didn’t want to fight with Arthit again, so he decided to lie…

Kongpop said: “No, I don’t want to go back yet, I’m just… I’m just… I’m just hungry. Arthit glanced at his watch after hearing Kong’s answer. It’s already 12:30… he thought there was something, it seems 0062 was frowning just because he was hungry.  Arthit is no longer annoyed and instead asks….

Arthit said: “Ow! Why didn’t you tell me? What do you want to eat?”

Kongpop said: “Anything is fine, Arthit can eat whatever he wants.” After listening to Kong, Arthit scanned the restaurant area of the mall. Fast food is not good, not interesting and expensive, not good. The food in the restaurant area is not comparable to that of the restaurants on the street.  Arthit made a comparison and then gave his opinion.

Arthit said: “I know a very good noodle shop but I need to get there by car, right?

Kongpop said: “Go. Kong nodded his head yes without hesitation.” In fact, he can eat anywhere, because he’s not hungry. But since Arthit had introduced him, he agreed and he didn’t want to eat at the mall either. Kong put the gift Arthit had chosen for him in his backpack and followed Arthit out of the shop to wait for the bus. Soon the non-air-conditioned bus arrived. They get on the bus, get off after three stops. Then they went into an alley and came to the door of the noodle shop. If there were a lot of customers sitting or standing in the queue, it was proof that the shop was delicious, as Arthit said. Kong looked at the menu on the wall and saw that it was mostly noodles and rice noodles, in regular and special quantities and at a good price. Before the waiter came to write the order, Arthit had already decided what to order.

Arthit said: “I’ll have a pork soup noodle, what do you want?”

Kongpop said: “I’ll have the rice noodle soup with meatballs.” Kong didn’t know what he was ordering and no one was there to give him advice but he felt Arthit raise his eyebrows at his order, as if he was laughing inside. Finally, they ordered two glasses of water and the waiter placed their orders. After a short wait, the two bowls of rice noodles were served. Kong picked up his chopsticks and spoon, ready to taste the fragrant meatballs and rice noodles in broth, when the spoon was about to touch the soup, a quick sound from the other side stopped him.

Arthit said: “Ah, wait a minute, this bowl is yours.” Arthit said, then pulled the noodles with one hand to his side and with the other hand, he gave the rice noodles with pork soup soup to the other. It was only after that that Kong looked up sharply and protested.

Kongpop said: “Is Arthit going to play a trick on me again?” He is asking because something like this has happened before. Arthit teased him by changing his order of fried rice with pork neck and minced pork (which became fried rice with chicken and egg) and adding chillies on it like blood. After that, Arthit forced him to eat all the rice, to show him how hard it was to get food, until his mouth was swollen and sore. This time, he had a sneaking suspicion that it was normal and was afraid that history would repeat itself. Don’t tell him that Arthit was going to order him to recite the prayer in the noodle shop again before eating the noodles. But on the contrary, Arthit just made a face and hastily denied it.

Arthit said: “Who says I’m playing a trick on you, I just want you to try the tom yum soup and the pork, they’re very good, don’t you believe me?”

 Arthit’s words cleared some of Kong’s doubts and he looked down at the chili powder floating on the tom yum soup. He was sure that Arthit knew that he wouldn’t eat spicy food but wondered what fun Arthit would have again if he finally had to listen, that before each spoonful of tom yin soup, he would have to hold his breath to taste the spicy taste that was coming but surprisingly, the tongue tasted completely different. It didn’t taste as spicy as it looked, instead it tasted just right, without any toppings and there was a very large piece of pork in the bowl. The look of amazement revealed his inner thoughts and the person watching him asked him again for his opinion.

Arthit said: “So, isn’t it delicious?”

Kongpop said: “Yes, why didn’t the seniors tell me in the beginning?”

Arthit said: “Uh, I was just wondering what you usually order and then I saw that you ordered…meatballs and rice noodles in soup and what the hell you ordered was not good, hehehe.” Arthit was holding back his laugh, like he was mocking Kong, making Kong a little embarrassed… So, Arthit is not picking on him but to tease him to see how he reacts. On one hand, he ordered the noodle soup because he likes it but on the other hand, he also wanted to test whether the food in this restaurant is really that good, because whether the noodles in a noodle shop are good or not depends on the basic rice noodles. But if he explained so much, Kong didn’t know if the audience would understand, or if they would accuse him of being naive. In order to skip this problem, he put the noodles back on and said, somewhat listlessly….

Kongpop said: “Then the seniors can change the noodles back.”

Arthit said: “What, are you mad at me for that? No need, you eat. Arthit teased Kong and brought the noodles back to him, laughing as he said. Arthit’s smile rendered Kong speechless.

Arthit said: “And, my bowl was ordered for you.” After the conversation was over, Arthit ate the rice noodles quietly, without saying a word.

Kong looked at his bowl of rice noodles with pork in noodle soup… not just any amount but a special amount, so much pork that he could hardly see the noodles again and again, which Arthit liked to do. He understood that Arthit always had a sharp tongue and a soft heart. But he didn’t understand why Arthit always did it, especially to him. He always showed special feelings for Arthit, though it wasn’t obvious but wouldn’t Arthit suspect that Arthit was doing something, like giving hope to Kong?

What was more disturbing was that although Arthit’s silent concern made him feel good, he still felt bad because with each passing day he couldn’t help himself and sighed even thinking about it. Although he wanted progress in their relationship, he wanted to take things slowly (not too fast). But the walls of his heart were already starting to break down little by little and the feeling only increased with each passing day.

Arthit said: “…0062.0062”

Kong didn’t respond, until Arthit tapped Kong’s bowl with chopsticks.


Arthit said: “Hey Kongphop, you’re not there again, eat it,” Arthit said to Kong. Kong quickly ducked his head, picked up his noodles and ate them. The delicious spaghetti would make his confusion go away and reduce some of the heaviness inside him. After finishing the noodles, they both felt full, so they paid the bill and left the restaurant. It was just after noon but the sun was still fierce and not good for one’s skin.  Arthit squinted at the sun and heard the people who came with him asking for his opinion…

Phii Arthit, where else do you want to go?”

Arthit said: “It’s so hot now, can we go somewhere?”

Kongpop said: “Then let’s go to the movies, seated and air-conditioned.” Kong offered Arthit another option to decide. Although they had to take a bus three stops back, it was better than walking under the hot sun, so it for cooling off Arthit nodded and agreed.

Arthit said: “Uh, okay.” So the two of them crossed the street, took a bus back to the previous mall. This time they aimed for the cheap cinema that occupies almost half of the space on the top floor of the mall. First, they went to see the schedule of upcoming movies.

Kongpop said: “Which movie does Phii Arthit want to see?”

Arthit said: “I don’t know, I haven’t been following the film trend lately.” Arthit is telling the truth. Because he has been so busy with the orientation for the last while, he hasn’t had time to pay attention to other information. After freshers’ training he had to fight mid-term exams, so he had no time to relax until now. Personally, he seldom watched the popular movies of the time, he usually downloaded them from Bittorrent or borrowed them from his friends. Most of the time, he prefers reading comics, playing computer games or DOT (Destiny ofThrones). It’s not like the guy standing next to him. Kong gave Arthit clear and detailed information about the movie.

Kongpop said: “How about this one? It racked over 100 million dollars, has been number one at the US box office for two weeks and has a very good reputation online.” Arthit saw Kong pointing to an action movie that’s currently in theaters. To be honest, Arthit didn’t know how famous the movie was and had never heard of it. But seeing the enthusiastic person next to him, he accepted…

Arthit said: “Whatever you say.”

Kongpop said: “So, Arthit wait here for a while, I’ll go buy the tickets.”

Kong offered to buy the tickets, he went to the queue to buy the tickets and asked Arthit to wait nearby.  Arthit- while waiting, he looked around, most of the people appeared in pairs, holding hands, whispering, exuding the sweetness of love.  Arthit secretly admired the fact that he too wanted to be in love but on second thought, the reality that he and Kong were watching a movie together wasn’t so bad.

At first he thought Kong would tease him with a bet but then he thought that just shopping, eating and watching a movie, he’d be doing the same thing as a date. Hey, where’s he going with this? He’s just fulfilling his promise to his friend to come shopping with him, not that kind of date. Arthit shook his head, refusing to think like that. It’s Kong’s behavior, that’s why he has to think so much. Till now, he hasn’t dared to ask, what his relationship with Kong is.

Judging from their past, although Kong teased him a lot to make him angry but in general, he was very responsible among people of that age. Phii Deer also came to talk to him about the future Head hazer(freshman year) and wanted Kong to be the next head hazer (freshman year).

Arthit could see Kong’s potential and also thought about not being so confrontational but trying to talk to his younger brother. Maybe that’s what Kong wanted. But when he talked to Kong more, he realized that he wasn’t behaving the way he thought he would, that he was hiding a lot of different feelings that he wanted more than just a relationship with his older brother. Many times he wanted to ask questions but gave up in the middle, letting things slide as if nothing had happened.

He knew that some things take time. If anything goes too fast or too slow, it can hurt the relationship. Arthit stopped thinking about the relationship when he saw Kong coming with a movie ticket. The two hurried to the cinema where the movie was taking place. Two and a half hours passed by in a hurry. It was fun to watch and after all, the film was very interesting. Even as they walked out of the cinema, Arthit was talking about some scene of the movie.

Arthit said: “The explosion scene was so exciting. You think so? But in the last scene, I don’t know if the man is really dead? I’m confused.”

Kongpop said: “I don’t think he’s dead.  Phii Arthit, pay attention to the very first scene where the answer is right there. This director likes to keep the storyline in the very beginning of the film. I heard he’s making a second one, so this one ends on a cliffhanger. Although the explosion scene is really beautiful, I prefer the film’s soundtrack, which fits the theme of the film and I think it’s Oscar-worthy.” Kong’s expansive commentary surprised Arthit, who was entertained without digging deeper into the analysis and I have to give him credit…

Arthit said: “You have a better understanding of cinema…’

Kongpop said: “I like to watch movies.  Arthit, is there anything you like in particular?’

Arthit said: “Uh, no.” Arthit shook his head, thinking about his lifestyle. Arthit shook his head, thinking about his lifestyle he was an ordinary man, an ordinary looking man and the more he looked at himself in the shop mirror, the more unacceptable he looked compared to another man in the same shop. It was obvious that he would look unkempt in appearance, dwarfed by the radiant, relaxed and calm school star. Hey, since when did he stop taking care of himself, making himself look so bad?

Arthit said: “Are you going back? Arthit’s words brought Kong back to his senses and asked back a little fearfully.”

Kongpop said: “What’s up? Yes, Arthit, are you going back?”

Arthit said: “No, I need a haircut. You can go ahead, don’t wait for me.”

Kong sighed under his breath but for good reason. He thought Arthit was bored with him and wanted to go home. In fact, he wanted to spend more time with Arthit and talk to him more. It’s not even four o’clock yet, if Arthit has to go for a haircut, it will take him about an hour….

Kongpop said: “I can wait, Arthit is cutting it right here at the mall.”

Kong’s suggestion made Arthit hesitate. First of all, the barber shop in the mall is much more expensive than the one outside but he doesn’t want to waste time looking for another one. Besides, he felt that the meeting with Kong should have ended here. But Tum’s wedding was next Saturday and he had to make himself look good so as not to embarrass Tum.

In the end, Arthit chose to follow Kong’s advice and wandered around the mall. He chose a barber shop with a lot of customers, which seemed reliable. As soon as they entered the shop they were welcomed by the staff and sat down to wait in line. The employee of the barber shop picked out a few hair style samples for Arthit to choose from. He gets them and asks…

Arthit said: “How do you think I should cut it? How about a flat haircut? My hair is too long and I’m bored, I want it short, very short.”

Kong froze for a moment, turning to look at someone who was concentrating on his needs. He wanted to ask. Does he want to go bald? Because it didn’t look long at all out of character for Arthit. But before he could ask, an employee of the shop came over and asked the employee: “Who wants a haircut? This way please.”

Arthit said: “You can walk around the neighborhood, you don’t have to sit here and wait for me.” Arthit said and followed the clerk to the back to wash his hair. But Kong didn’t listen to him and stayed where he was. Since he had already bought a gift for his niece in the morning, he didn’t know what else to buy. Now Kong found a magazine from the shop and opened it, killing time while he waited for Arthit to get a haircut! After waiting for less than an hour, he heard someone softly calling him from the side….

Arthit said: “Okay Kong…”

Arthit didn’t call him by his student number 0062 this time. He looked up at his caller and his eyes froze and for a minute his breath stopped. The hair on his forehead had been trimmed from his eyebrows to his ears, which made them even more defined. The iconic beard, which had been growing straight, is now missing, giving a smoother face. The overall coherence of the outfit makes Arthit look much younger than his age and not at all like his senior. If someone is not confident about his new look, he keeps pulling his hair out by hand and asks for advice.

Arthit said: “Do you think the hair will be too long? I wanted to cut it shorter than this but my sister said it wouldn’t be right. Arthit nodded at the shemale hairdresser who was wearing a sexy dress. The sister came and gave Arthit the change and scolded him loudly: “Oops…Don’t touch your hair! I made it look so good for you, it’s the most popular Korean style, it’s good like this. If you don’t believe me, ask your boyfriend how your hair looks.” The first sentence sounded good but the next sentence was so shocking that the listener had to explain the misunderstanding out loud…

Arthit said: “Hey, you’re making a mistake. He is my junior.”

Naen said: “Wow! I am sorry! I thought he was your boyfriend. I saw him sitting there waiting for so long and then he looked at you with his sweet eyes.” The apology didn’t help but put Aht in a more awkward situation.  Arthit turned to look at Kong, who was avoiding his eyes. Before Arthit could say anything, the shop assistant’s voice rang out.

Clerk A: “Naen, there’s a queue of customers waiting here.”

Naen said: “Yes. Then you go ahead. Take care of this membership card and don’t forget to ask your sister to serve you from now on, no matter who comes. Wow, you’re so handsome, this kind of haircut is very popular among the sisters.”

 Naen handed over the membership card to Arthit and threw a meaningful look at him. Before they left, the next customers came in. So, the two of them walked out of the shop.  Arthit was still in a state of flux, clutching his hair uneasily. In fact, he was so confident that he was still handsome no matter what haircut he had. However, he thought it was a bit too long. He had told his sister that he wanted to flatten his hair but she refused and gave him a shave. Since he was planning to shave recently, he didn’t mind. It’s just that this hairstyle, he’s not very happy with it.

Arthit said: “I still think that my hair is too long, don’t you think?”

Kongpop said: “I think the hair looks great…”

Arthit said: “Really? Don’t flatter me, I want to hear the truth.” Arthit stopped, turned around and asked seriously. Kong stopped too and looked carefully at the man next to him. He sighed deeply and gently spoke the truth…

Kongpop said: “I feel awful…”

Arthit said: “Does the haircut look that bad?
The man who heard it was taken aback and a little scared to ask. Despite his own dislike, he didn’t think the haircut looked that bad. But Kong quickly shakes his head no and starts to explain. Kongpop said while staring directly at someone with fascinated shining eyes….

Kongpop said: “No… it’s just that I feel like crap.”

For a second, Arthit understood how Kong looked at him, as Naen had just told him. Arthit quickly turned and fled, not daring to ask any more questions about his hairstyle. He could only bow his head hurriedly, feeling a strange heat on his face, only voices echoing in his heart that he knew there were things to say, that these were dangerous signs for their relationship. But now he knew. Just the mere sight of the other person, was dangerous to his heart.


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